Dickgirls of Faeruhn: 01 Misty’s Humiliation

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2010 by Honey Moon

Fantasy Sex Story: Based on "The Dickgirls of Faeruhn" series by Lightswitch. On planet Faeruhn the dominant life form is a hermaphroditic species consisting of 4 clone races. Each race has the aspect of a beautiful busty woman with a large impressive cock. The 4 races live in harmony, except in Rutting Season. Every 3 months, society breaks down, and it's every herm for herself. Each and every one will try her best to foist their child onto of one of the other races, and force her to unwilling bare a clone child!

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Rape   Hermaphrodite   Fiction   Science Fiction   Horror   Light Bond   Snuff   Interracial   Oral Sex   Fisting   Pregnancy   Size   .

Misty woke up with an erection, and sobbed. Rutting season was here again! It was almost a certainty that she would be hunted down, and once again impregnated! Pale white skin, blue eyes, and long golden hair identified Misty as a Snowflake. At puberty, she had been five foot five inches in height, with firm full F-cup breasts. She had been so proud of her cock back then too. The proud shaft was twenty inches of firm hard flesh on the morning of her very first Rutting season. She couldn't wait to pounce on an Ebon, or a Golden. Misty craved nothing more then to force her offspring onto one of her two favorite of the four Faeruhnite archetypical hermaphrodite races.

It was not to be though! "It's just bad luck!" she justified, as she carefully peered out of her sleeping place in an old discarded jar. Stretching her body, and flexing her wings, the sprite sighed. "I wanted to be a teacher, too!" After her first mating, that dream ended when she was forced to give birth to a healthy Ebon child. That was just the start of her bad luck.

Try as she might, plan as she would, it never failed. She would be bested in any form of battle, and spend the next nine weary months dealing with yet another unwanted pregnancy! That wasn't the worst of it. With each pregnancy came the corresponding reduction in size as her honey reserve was depleted. After giving birth to fourteen Ebons, four Coppers, and two Goldens, she had reduced to her current stature of exactly one inch high!

"It's not fair!" she cried in her tiny piping voice. "I'm thirty-eight, and never felt the thrill of plunging my shaft into another's belly!" Misty clapped a hand over her mouth. She had to keep quiet! There were worse things then being inseminated! She flitted silently to a treetop and settled on a branch.

The sprite watched in horror as the day's hunt began. An adult beautifully tanned 'Copper' working her way slowly through the long grass. Her heart thumped as she watched the giant's breasts bounce and cock sway with each step. Misty saw a silvery flash of wings as a Ebon sprite burst from the long grass and tried to make it to freedom. The raven haired Copper's arm shot out, and snatched the sprite out of the air!

Horror filled Misty's heart. She knew full well what was going to happen! "You'll do just fine, for a start!" the Copper laughed as she lifted the struggling sprite towards her face.

"No, please don't!" the sprite squealed when her captor opened her mouth wide. Despite the horror and loathing she felt, Misty's huge (compared to her body size) cock gave a throb, and a clear droplet of shimmering fluid dripped from the head. The Copper slipped the frantic sprite between her lips, and began to work her tongue over the entire body of the struggling body in her mouth.

Misty was tempted to stroke her cock while she watched the swiftly approaching end of her fellow sprite. Although she never had the chance to impregnate anyone yet, she didn't dare waste this season's one and only charge of genetic material in self stimulation! Who knows? Maybe by some miracle she would manage it this time! Keeping her hands firmly at her sides, she just watched. While she couldn't see directly, she knew exactly what was happening! The tongue was slathering all over the Ebon's beautiful body. No Faeruhnite ever born could resist that intense stimulation of a giant's tongue against her erect cock! Once the sprite climaxed, and wasted her genetic material in the mouth of her captor, it would soon be over.

After a few minutes of careful tongue play, the Copper closed her eyes and moaned throatily. Misty couldn't help a sigh of her own in response. The sprite must have just ejaculated! She watched the giant's cheeks go concave, as the Copper began to eagerly suck! This was it! The sprite couldn't withstand that reduction in pressure! Her honeypot was draining! Even now, the Ebon's orifices were spasming open! The honeypot, that special gland located in each Faeruhnite's brain, was draining out through the orifices in the back of the throat, and the base of the skull! Precious fluid would be oozing and spewing out as ejaculate from the struggling sprite's gaping mouth! The Copper would gain strength and stature from this gift of life giving energy, while the Ebon would grow weaker and smaller. Not that it mattered much now! Misty couldn't help a little squeal when the Copper swallowed with a mighty gulp! The Ebon only had a few terrible moments left to live, as she slid down the esophagus and into the corrosive bath of the Copper's waiting stomach!

Misty finally managed to avert her eyes, but it was all over. The Copper continued on her way, looking for more sprites, and of course another hermaphrodite to claim and impregnate! When she turned, her eyes opened wide. Was her luck finally changing? There, not ten body lengths away, was another sprite! Misty grinned. The sprite had not spotted her yet. She was till intent on watching the progress of the giant Copper! The little fool was even stroking her cock after witnessing the deadly eroticism of a sprite harvest!

Misty crawled slowly along the branch, holding her breath in fearful excitement as she closed in on her intended victim. Lashing out with her right hand, Misty finally won! It seemed that the dainty almond eyed Golden had worse luck then she had ever known! The proud Snowflake held the Godden's wings firmly between thumb and forefinger. "How old are you?" she asked the beautiful tiny creature.

"Wait! Let me go!" the sprite screamed, while struggling uselessly. Scale wise, she was as tiny compared to Misty, as Misty was compared to the giant Copper down in the meadow below! "You can't do this! Please, let me go!"

"I asked you a question, Golden! How old are you? How many Rutting seasons have you been the victim?"

"My name's Electra, and I, I'm sixty-eight years old today!" the lovely sprite wailed. Age did not matter much on Faeruhn. All the hermaphrodites on the planet were capable of inseminating, or becoming pregnant to term, well into their eighties, while retaining the beauty of their distinct genotypes their entire natural lives. "I, I lost count years ago of how many children I've been forced to have! Please, let me go! I have to find a sprite small enough for me to impregnate! This may be my last chance! If I go through one more pregnancy, I may be in danger of just vanishing away! I have to impregnate someone and ravage her honeypot!"

Misty chuckled, nearly drunk with power as she held the struggling sprite. "Wrong, tiny one, you already missed your last chance!" She raised the Golden slowly upwards, and slipped her tongue out from between her lips. The long organ gently caressed the sprite's body. "This is MY chance!" Misty laughed. "My luck has finally changed! It may take a long time, but I'm on my way back!"

Electra screamed as the tongue slathered over her throbbing cock. The sensations brought ecstasy, but her mind whirled in panic. "Please!" she begged, as the giant mouth opened to receive her. "Oh no, please don't do this! You're a sprite too! Please think about what you're doing! This could easily be you!"

"I am thinking about it!" Misty lisped around her extended tongue. "I'm thinking that if I catch more sprites like you, I can build up my strength and go on to impregnate someone my own size, or maybe even bigger! I'm on my way back! My luck has changed! I bet I can be a teacher before I turn fifty!"

The miniscule sprite writhed in terror as she slipped into the wide gaping mouth. "Please. Take my fluids, but don't swallow me!" she managed to cry before that vicious mouth closed.

Misty sat quietly, thrilling at the feel of someone so tiny wriggling on her tongue. Now what was the best way of doing this? Oh, that's it! The Snowflake trapped Electra against the roof of her mouth, and began just scrubbing her tongue back and forth over the writhing Golden.

She felt tiny gentle blows against her tongue. Misty supposed that the Golden was pounding her fists, but it didn't amount to anything! The movements against her tongue grew more frantic as the minutes passed. The tiny sprite must be getting close to release now! The Snowflake redoubled her efforts. Her tongue moved with gentle firmness over the Golden's body, easing the trapped sprite towards release.

Misty's eyes opened wide when it happened. There was a sudden feeling of warmth, and she could taste salty muskiness against her moving tongue. The Golden was cumming! It didn't matter that she was facing certain death; the body's autonomic response to stimulation caused her to climax and ejaculate mightily against the tongue that was tormenting her! Misty sucked hard, with lips pursed tightly together. The musky taste had been sort of nice, but now she shivered in pure delight! Electra was parting with her last gift! An almost indescribable glorious taste filled Misty's mouth, as the trapped Golden's honeypot oozed its contents for the sprite to spew out of her mouth onto Misty's waiting tongue.

Not being able to help herself, Misty sucked some air into her mouth, and waited a moment for Electra to come to her senses enough to begin struggling anew. She could actually hear the sprite's faint muffled cries of terror. "No, please no! Spit me out! I beg of you! You have drained me! I am useless for this season! You can't fuck me, that's impossible, but please, masturbate your cock on me! Your genetic material will enter my body! Please, just let me live to deliver your Snowflake clone! I don't want to die, not like this! I'm begging you, please don't..."

Misty swallowed! She almost gagged as the sprite fought desperately to hang on and lodged in her throat! The second gulp did it! She felt Electra writhe and squirm wildly on the way down, and laughed joyfully! "I feel stronger already! I bet I'll be almost ten inches tall by the end of this Rutting season!" As she flew onward with more strength then she had known in years, she wondered fleetingly just how long Electra would live. She couldn't hear the sprite any more, but that didn't mean anything. No matter! She would put all that protein and energy to very good use!

Confidence soaring, Misty went on the hunt for the first time in years. No longer would she hide from all those that intended to impregnate her, or worse! Her luck had changed! Misty was sure she would lose her insemination virginity this very day!

Her luck held! Misty spotted an Ebon, just about her own size. The silly fool had managed to ensnare herself in a spinner's web! The Snowflake landed nearby, and laughed at the other's plight. "I guess you're lucky spinners are night creatures." She called up to the struggling form. "Still, maybe I'll just hang about here, and watch the feasting come nightfall."

"I'll be loose long before then, Snowflake!"

"True, maybe you will." Misty picked up a jagged piece of rock, that would appear to be nothing more then a speck of sand to her former five foot five self, and sprang into the air.

"I said I'd free myself!" The Ebon cried, as Misty slashed at the gossamer webbing. "No! I know what you're thinking! I'll fight you! I won't let a mere Snowflake best me! No Snowflake has ever mounted me!"

Misty worked harder, freeing the dark skinned beauty from the deadly trap. "There's a first time for everything, pretty one! Today is my lucky day!"

The Ebon dropped from the web, wings still befouled by the clinging sticky strands. "No, let me go!" she cried, as Misty fluttered her wings to bring them to a safe landing. "I will not permit it!" Regaining her feet, the Ebon struck a fighting stance.

Misty knew from past rutting seasons that she was no fighter. That didn't matter now though! She struck the dark skinned lovely on the temple with her bit of rock. It was far from a lethal blow, but it did stun the Ebon sprite for several seconds. This was Misty's chance! She shoved the victim down, and straddled her body! "You have no choice!" she said excitedly, as she grasped her turgid member. "I'm going to pump you full of my genetic material! Your belly is going to host a Snowflake clone!"

The Ebon tried to shake Misty off. Gorgeous dark brown skin alternated with pale creamy white as the sprites rolled around in their fight. Each was desperate to be the one to lodge her penis deep into the other. Misty remembered a basic factor of anatomy first, and it turned the tide to her favor! Risking all, she released her grip on the Ebon's arms and snaked her right hand down between them.

"No, not that!" The beautiful dark sprite wailed, but it was too late! Three long slender white fingers rammed deep into warm wet tightness!

Simple biology took over. Faeruhnite's all share one special weakness. The act of penetration causes near complete paralysis and ecstasy! Misty laughed as the Ebon began to climax uncontrollably. It was almost hypnotic to watch her beautiful huge breasts heave as she panted and moaned! "I own you!" the Snowflake cried as she moved over the trembling body of her victim. "You are my breed mare!"

Grasping her throbbing cock with one hand, Misty made ready to fulfill her years old dream! She pulled her fingers free of that wonderful tightness, and pressed the swollen head of her cock against that delightful opening! She rammed herself in! Heat enveloped her, as she claimed her prize. Faeruhnite anatomy is very elastic. Misty had no trouble seating her nearly arm length organ deep within her victim!

"This is better then I ever dreamed!" she cried as she began sawing herself in and out of the still climaxing Ebon. She lay completely on the other sprite, thrilling at the feel of firm breasts tight against her own. "I've won!" she moaned, as she thrust herself into the lovely dark skinned breeder. "You're going to bring another Snowflake into the world!" She felt the Ebon's massive cock bump against her chin. "You're going to waste your genetic material, spurting it in both of our faces!"

The time for talking was over! Misty craved another taste of that wondrous fluid! Grabbing the tight curls of the Ebon's hair, she pulled her head upward. Anger burned in her victim's eyes, but that didn't keep the aroused Ebon from being instinctually compelled into sensually parting her lips in preparation! Mashing their breasts tighter together, Misty leaned her head lower and pressed her lips against those of the moaning whimpering Ebon. It was wonderful! The taste and sensation caused her tongue to grow thin and extrude. The victorious sprite finally was able to push her tongue into the other's mouth! Deeper and deeper her darting tube like tongue probed. It slipped past the opening of the Ebon's throat, and found an orifice! In it went, upward into the Ebon's brain! Misty shuddered at the delightful taste as she penetrated into the glory of her victim's honeypot! The tiny opening in the tip of her tongue dilated. Misty began to sip at the fluid stored in the gland, using her tongue much like a straw to get every drop of the energy rich serum.

Drinking the essence of life, while thrusting her cock into her very own breed mare was almost too much for Misty to take! Her body shuddered! Others had forced her to ejaculate, wasting her genetic material down an eager mouth or onto the ground, but nothing compared to the feeling of pumping your seed deep into the belly of a receptive victim! Wave after wave of muscular contractions forced more and more ejaculate to pump into the waiting fertile womb. As with all Faeruhnite life forms, the Ebon was pregnant as soon as the first sticky wad of goo blasted into her body!

The Ebon shuddered in response. Her own cock began to ejaculate! Her season's supply of genetic material went to glorious waste, as the chins and breasts of both sprites were coated with the warm slimy fluid!

Dazed and nearly paralyzed from her efforts, Misty rolled off of the sobbing dark skinned beauty. She stood on wobbly legs, and let out a little cheer. "I'm taller already!" she looked down as the Ebon whimpered. "You're shorter! Once your womb produces a Snowflake clone, you'll be even smaller!" She laughed. "I'm going to keep an eye out for you, little broodmare! In not too many more rutting seasons, I bet you'll be small enough for me to swallow!"

Misty managed to take off, trusting that the Ebon's honey would soon renew her energy. Happy and distracted by her sexual conquest, the Snowflake flew just a tiny bit too close to a certain plant. Wildlife on Faeruhn had adapted in strange ways. Among the many varied forms, was one that fell somewhere between plant and animal. Over the ages, it had adapted to catching one particular life form above all others. A thin tendril shot out lightening fast, and wrapped tightly around the careless sprite's ankles.

A ball of ice seemed to form in Misty's heart as her legs were pinned painfully together. "No!" she wailed. "No, no, no! Not this! I can't be captured by a stupid Hunter plant!" She flew for all she was worth! Bobbing through the air like a kite on a string, she could not escape the tether that held her. "No, my luck changed!" she screamed as she desperately tried to break the grip of the sturdy cord around her legs. As she flew, she bent double, reaching down to try and break the fantastically strong fibers that had ensnared her. It was no use! The plant was far too strong! She would need something sharp to cut through the tough springy fibers! Why hadn't she held on to that rock?

Frantic, Misty dove for the ground. There was only one thing she could do. Wrapping her arms around the stalk of another plant, she clamped her right hand over left wrist and held on for dear life! "Help me!" she screamed, as her legs were pulled out from under her. "Somebody, please help!" she shrieked as she slid down the stalk and ended up laying face down in the dirt. "My luck is better! Please, somebody help!"

Slowly, the cord pulled. While able to launch its cord with deadly speed and accuracy, the Hunter plant could only reel it back in quite slowly. The pull was steady and strong, but Misty managed to hold on. She didn't dare let go! "I became an inseminator today! I finally lost my penile virginity! I must hold out!"

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