Adding to the Stable

by Parallax

Copyright© 2010 by Parallax

Sex Story: A neighborhood alpha shows a cockteas just what happens when she teases the wrong man.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   MaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

She was my neighbor, she was small, blond, and an extreme tease to half the neighborhood. Today she was going to learn that teasing probably isn't the best thing to do ... particularly around an Alpha. She was coming over to ask me in her cute little baby doll voice for some milk, I watched her walking along the sidewalk, a short skirt that constantly flashed her white panties, a top that barely covered her chest, and obviously bra-less as her nipples stood visibly out.

My doorbell rang and I waited, letting her stew outside before finally coming to the door, I was wearing a pair of jeans and that's it, my physique isn't stunning but it's good enough for what I needed.

"Shall we get the milk?" She said, her baby doll voice (she always used that with men unless they surprised her) making my erection shutter within my pants.

I stood aside, "Sure, come on it's in the kitchen." She sashayed into the house, her ass swaying in front of me as her teasing continued. I closed the door and followed her, giving her one last chance to get herself out of her unknown predicament.

"You know, if you keep doing that somebody is liable to take you up on what you're offering" I said surveying most of the room. I'd been smart enough to hide the dangerous objects in the house for this.

She turned to me, putting on a little pout while one of her hands gripped her skirt pulling it up just enough that you could see the white underside of her panties "But ... I'm not doing anything!" she lied, sealing her fate as one of my mates. I walked to the fridge and pulled out the milk, turning back around to find myself staring down at the top of her head with a perfect shot between her breasts.

"Oh Ja-" she tried to say, as my hand reached forward and grabbed the front of her shirt, ripping it off her body. She stared at her bare torso for all of a second before realizing that she'd teased just a tiny bit to long and she started trying to get away. She ran out of the kitchen with me right on her heels, her shirt flapping as she ran and those perfect C cups bouncing just a bit as she struggled to stay ahead of me and find a way out. Through the house we went, knocking over furniture and leaving bits of her clothing in a trail, a bit of shirt here, a half her skirt there, soon she was topless and her skirt was basically nonexistant around her tight ass. Finally she made her mistake by turning into a blind hallway and finding herself having nowhere to obvious to run. She stopped for a half second but that was all I needed to catch her and push her down to the floor, her face to the carpet. I've found when breaking a new mare in, that holding them like this that first time is always the easiest, sure it removes their tits from your mouth and attentions, but it makes it easier for you to get between their legs.

As she lay beneath me she struggled a bit, not much due to positioning of me on her, one hand on her neck, my legs holding hers down and her arms trapped under her body. My free hand was slowly undoing the catch on her skirt. She soon slowed her struggles at least in her upper body, as her nipples started to pick up rugburn. I was getting frustrated with the skirt so I just took a fistfull of her panties and tore the cotton from her ass and pussy, leaving her totally exposed down below. As I unbuttoned my pants she started lubricating, and getting aroused, she'd been wanting this, hell she'd probably been planning on getting herself raped by the neighborhood stud since one of my other mates blabbed about it to her without my knowledge. She was still "fighting" as best she could but I could tell she was getting more and more aroused, and as soon as my cock was free and held between her ass cheeks she put a little more life into the struggle, but her gasps were becoming audible and when I looked at her cheeks I could see she had her eyes closed.

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