William, NIS

by sagacious

Copyright© 2010 by sagacious

Fantasy Story: My entry into the NIS Universe. As per usual for me, it is a little different.

Caution: This Fantasy Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   School   .

Thanks to Karen Wagner and the Naked In School universe. This is my contribution to that cause. Be warned that there may be sexual themes and situations in this story, and it may not be what you are expecting.


This was going to be my last year at school. I had moved my mother and I to this town early in the summer. I intended to keep a low profile as I built up my little empire. Mom was never going to want for anything again. After my accident and the ensuing law suit my dad had left us, he said he couldn't stand to look at me. I guess that I could understand, after all I didn't look like the normal teenager. I was only 5'6" and weighed 180 lbs. My face was round and smooth, I didn't need to shave. My body was also rounded and smooth. I almost looked feminine, but that is what happens when you are emasculated before puberty steps in.

That is what happened to me. I was walking to school when I was 11 and the dog on the corner was finally able to dig a way out of his pen. He was always barking and growling and jumping at his fence trying to get at the neighborhood kids. I was the unlucky one he caught. While sirens sounded for the police coming to the rescue the son-of-a-bitch knocked me down, bit both my hands and my right calf, and then ate my nut sack while I screamed.

The police shot the dog at the scene, but my testicles were history. The doctors at the hospital said that they could put fake testies in a sack to make me look more natural; but mom said that by the time anyone saw that part of my anatomy they wouldn't care how natural it looked. I tend to agree with her. This event shaped the rest of my life. I was a eunuch.

Never having had a sexual thought, I didn't miss it, and from the way it affected all my school mates I considered myself lucky. I was able to concentrate in a way none of the other kids could and I was able to take the law suit money and build it into a substantial sum. It helped that the school didn't know what to do with me. After several altercations over the years they were just ready to be through with me. When the opportunity to purchase a couple of struggling companies in a small town in east Texas presented itself, I jumped at it. I studied these companies and I knew that I could make them profitable. The only problem was that I would have to move myself and my mother to this little town.

Now here I was entering my senior year in a new school. I was concerned that this school district had adopted the Program; The Naked In School Program. Some say that it is for self confidence and maturity, I doubted that those ideals were likely to occur, not if my classmates of last year were any example. I knew that this experiment was likely to fail before I ever saw it the first time. This school had done it last year and all I heard was how much fun the guys had feeling up all the naked girls. I understood that there had even been a couple of rapes that had been artfully buried. I wasn't looking forward to seeing it in action. Naked boys and girls meant nothing to me and I had a doctor's paper which would keep me out of having to participate.

I was confirmed in my belief the first week of school. They had determined that participation in the program was required for graduation and since they had so many students who hadn't been in the program they were having to do multiples. The first week they had four couples from the senior class, three from the junior and two from the sophomore class. That made 16 naked kids wandering the halls of Madison High school. What I didn't see was very many teachers in the halls. This program was completely unsupervised and showed it. The male students of the school were waiting and stalking the halls. Most of the girls in the program were late getting to class because the boys would mob them and maul them all the way down the hall. The other girls were just trying to act like it wasn't happening and the boys not participating were doing the same. All of the naked girls were in tears by the end of the day, but the principal, Mr. Hutton, told them as they dressed to go home that if they did not return tomorrow they would be expelled.

I gave my exemption paperwork to the office during lunch Monday so I figured that this would all be academic to me. I felt sorry for the girls, but it wasn't my problem. I spent the rest of the week trying to ignore the antics of my fellow students and getting myself set up for the year's classes. I didn't try to make friends because I had never had any and didn't see a need for any. I had gotten where I was by not wasting time with extraneous activities, including friends.

On Monday morning my plans ran into a barrier. I was called to the office during home room. It was obvious what I was there for when I saw five girls and three boys in the principal's office getting undressed.

"What am I doing here Principal Hutton? I submitted my exemption paperwork to the office last week. I should not be participating in the program."

"Your exemption has been disapproved, you will participate or you will be expelled."

"You have got to be kidding me. There is no valid reason to include me in your freak show. That's it isn't it? You want to show the freak to every one?"

"This is a valid program for self confidence. You will participate even with the scars of a dog attack on your body. No one will think less of you because of that. Look at Johnson over there, he had extensive surgery on his leg from a football injury and he doesn't mind showing it. You will also have an extra responsibility, since there are more girls than boys in the senior class you will have to partner with two girls this week. You are responsible for their welfare and safety."

Hutton pointed over at two crying girls. One was taller than I was by at least 4 inches and the other was my height. The tall girl was in my home room and at least two other classes, the short one was in one of those classes as well as two others. The tall girl had dirty blonde hair cut short, small conical breasts and a furry mound. She was thin but athletic and could be considered attractive. The short one had dark Hispanic features and full slightly saggy breasts. Her crotch was hidden by black curly pubic hair. She was pudgy but not fat.

By this time the other students had left to a crowd outside, the girls were already having problems and their partners were either ignoring it or standing off to the side jacking off.

"Have you been watching what has been going on in your halls Hutton? You have been letting your charges get molested each and every day. If I do this I'm going to do it right and you are going to back me up. The first young barbarian that makes a grab for one of these two is going to get hurt; the next one will be going to the hospital. You will make an announcement to the effect that reasonable request is going back into force. The person wishing to see or touch the program participant will have to request such access. If the participant does not wish to be touched by the requestor, then they will not touch them. Any one who acts with courtesy will be treated the same way."

"Why should I do such a thing? There is no problem with the program here and I will not be dictated to by a short teenager."

"If you wish to keep your job you will do as I say. If I tell the district supervisor what is going on, with pictures, he will have your head. In my own self defense I will have to clean up your mess. Now make the announcement so we can leave and I can take out the first idiot."

"If you don't get undressed and out into the hall this minute I will have you expelled and anything you say to the superintendent will be construed as sour grapes."

I really hadn't wanted to get to this point so soon in the year. I expected to have to sooner or later, but I was hoping on later.

"Could I have a moment of your time sir, in private? It would be to your benefit."

I could see the wheels turning in the asshole's head, he thought that I was going to try bribing him.

"No more than a minute young man, then out you go."

I followed him into his interior office and as he turned to look at me I let him have it. "Listen here Mr. Asshole, I can have your job very quickly unless you straighten up and fly right. I didn't want to have to do this so soon, but I am sure that you heard about the two largest factories in town being bought out from bankruptcy this summer, well you are looking at the new owner, and if I were to tell the employees that you needed to go, you would. At this point I am the biggest cheese in this little asswipe town and I am not afraid to get dirty. I've decided to go ahead and do your naked week, but if you don't back me up in correcting your mistakes I may last the week but you won't. Now get out there and make the announcement while I get acquainted with the other victims."

Hutton was obviously stunned and meekly followed me back to the outer office and watched as I undressed. I wasn't really worried about being nude; it made no real difference to me. The two girls in the room, on the other hand, were looking at me very strangely. Hutton said ok, he would try it my way, but if I got hurt it was just too bad.

He then went to the intercom and made the announcement.

"Attention students of Madison High. The Naked in School program is intended to foster self worth and ease of interaction with the opposite sex. It is not meant to be a free for all for the young men. If you wish to examine closely or touch a participant in the program, you must first make a reasonable request of them. If they agree, then you may examine or touch them. You must at all times be courteous and gentle with the participants. Any grabbing or intimidation of the participants is grounds for suspension. A second instance will result in expulsion for the year. Teachers are to monitor and report violations. Thank you."

"Very good Mr. Hutton, you should have done that long ago. Hello girls, my name is William Gleason, I am 16 years old and a eunuch. I lost my testicles when I was 11 and so I never entered puberty. That is why I look the way I do. Who are you two?"

The tall one looked startled and then spoke. "I'm Janet Olsen, and this is Martha Thorne. Are you really going to protect us? How can you do that? You're smaller than I am and some of those guys are enormous. I was just hoping to avoid a gang rape this week."

"Yes I am going to protect you. With all of the abuse I received at my previous school I took some martial arts training. My body may not show it but I am very strong and I should be able to handle these morons. The only way you are going to get raped this week is if I am dead or disabled. Now let's get out of here and go to class."

The crowd had left the hallway so we had no impediment to getting to our first class, for which we were already late. None of us had this class together but fortunately their classrooms were right across the hall from mine.

I opened the doors on their rooms and told each teacher that if they had a problem with the lateness, they should talk to Mr. Hutton about it.

My own first class was not going to be so nice. Mrs. White was a cold old bag who didn't like me at all. I'm not sure what her problem was, but it didn't matter because I could flunk this class and still graduate.

"I'm glad that you decided to join us Mr. Gleason. Did you lose your clothes on the way to school?"

"OF course not Ma'am. I was entered into the program this morning and it took a little longer than usual to get ready."

"Very well, take your seat."

I sat down and immediately saw that there was another program participant in the room. She was sitting on the far side toward the back. Even from this range I could see bruises on her tits.

Mrs. White ignored us both and conducted the class the same as normal. Lectures on civics followed with homework from the text book. Class participation was not a part of her teaching style.

As soon as the bell rang I hurried out of the room and went across the hall. I knew that my first confrontation was about to take place.

Janet ran out of the room crying, with a large boy attached to her ass cheek. She was attempting to get away from him and not succeeding. I reached out and grabbed his hand, squeezing the nerves in his wrist causing a momentary loss of sensation in his hand.

He let go and cradled the numb hand in the other. "Hey, what the hell are you doing shorty? Get the hell away or I'll have to hurt you."

"Did you give him permission to touch you Janet?"

"No, he just grabbed me as I went by. He didn't even ask."

"In case you didn't hear the announcement by Principal Hutton, your actions are cause for suspension. I'm willing to overlook it this one time, but no more."

"Overlook this shrimp." The young behemoth swung at me with his good hand. I again grabbed his wrist and using his own momentum swung him across the hall to slam forcefully into the wall. I then felt a large strong hand on my shoulder attempt to pull me around. I obliged and sank my fist about six inches into the beer belly presented to me. I stepped back to avoid the vomit I expected and pushed the large teen across the hall to join his friend.

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