Forbidden Desires

by A Purvversion

Copyright© 2010 by A Purvversion

Erotica Sex Story: Deserted by his wife and left alone with his 15-year-old daughter, Jason soon begins to turn his attention to young Megan, which leads to voyeurism, then to masturbation, and finally, to the inevitable.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

When his wife Susan took off for parts unknown with some guy she'd apparently been fucking for a while, what seemed to overshadow all logical thinking was Jason's anger. That she broke off sixteen years of marriage, leaving him and his daughter stranded, with only a handwritten note to him and a short letter to 15-year-old Megan was so hurtful for both him and his daughter.

In the note to him Susan said that she was 'unsatisfied' with the life they had, and Jason wondered what the fuck she was talking about. If anyone should have been 'unsatisfied; it should have been him. He did most of the house chores, including the cooking; and it had been years since their sex life actually had any life to it. In fact, it seemed like every time he approached her, she turned him down. He hadn't had a decent piece from her in years. Hell, in these modern times, the best she'd ever do, if at all, was a ride on the tamed missionary horse. Ass fucking and oral were forbidden taboos.

When her mom deserted them, Megan was as hurt and confused as her father was angry. She was also very embarrassed as most 15-year-olds would be if their mom suddenly disappeared from their life. True, she and her mom always had seemed to be at odds, and maybe that was part of the reason her mom left, Megan thought. After all, she and her Dad were always very close and favored each other.

After a few weeks of anguish, Jason was able to adopt the attitude of 'Good riddance to bad rubbish' and buried himself in his work.

With her father immersed in his job, after school Megan would cook dinner and help out with the chores around the house. The house was small but plenty big enough for the both of them.

It wasn't until the immediate months after that Jason began to look at his young daughter as a flesh and blood female; a young beauty budding into womanhood. He began to really take notice of his little girl's exceptionally beautiful face. In addition, she was filling out nicely, with long legs and a tight ass.

To his dismay, Jason soon found himself thinking of the 15-year-old as 'hot'. As he began to almost obsess and fantasize, he actually began to wonder how Megan would be as a lover. He would stare at her lips and wonder how they would feel if he kissed them, and then he' d look away quickly; disturbed by the way his thoughts were going.

He would catch himself trying to get a peek at the youngster's nubile body as she got ready for school, or to go out with friends, or when she got ready for bed. He knew it was sinful, even criminal, but the attraction to his baby girl was too much for him to resist. Megan was so innocent, and so incredibly sexy, he was starting to become fixated on her.

Jason had always known that from his bedroom he could look across into Megan's window. Indeed, he had occasionally caught glances of her in partial and even total undress as she was growing up. When she had reached about the age of eleven, he made sure that he turned away whenever he noticed her nakedness.

However, now as his thoughts of his young daughter began turning in a whole new, darker, direction, he reacted quite different one night when he saw Megan's naked body flash across her room. She had just emerged from the shower.

After a moment's thought, he shut off the lamp and his bedroom TV, throwing his room into total darkness. Then he walked to the window and stayed back enough so that she wouldn't be able to see him if she happened to look over.

Megan was soon sitting in front of her vanity mirror, blow-drying her reddish-brown hair, giving him a side view of her breasts, which stood proudly on her naked chest. As he watched her, his cock was throbbing. That was the first night that he jerked off while looking at his little girl's naked body. During his stroking, the youngster momentarily shifted her position and before she re-shifted, Jason had gotten a look between her legs and had groaned at the sight of his own daughter's pussy; the sight was so arousing he came within seconds after.

After that night, peeping at Megan became his favorite pastime. He made a slight change in his bedroom's décor, moving the easy chair to the side of the room by the window, so that he could turn it to face out after he turned off his light at night.

He'd wait until she had gone to her room each night before he would go up to his room. Then he would turn out the light, undress, turn the chair, and sit and watch his young daughter, changing her clothes or going about her business without knowing he was watching. His hand would stray to his hard cock, and he would stroke it slowly, watching her.

Once or twice a week, Jason would get truly lucky. He would sit in the dark in his easy chair, with legs apart and his dick in hand, watching his daughter pushing her jeans, along with her panties, down her long legs and stepping out of them, and then bending down to pick them up, giving him an awesome sight of her naked ass bending over, and an occasional look at her pussy. Then Megan would stand in nothing but a T-shirt, quite often stretching, sometimes yawning, and he would be in awe in seeing how tight, how slender, how exciting, her body was. Her little nipples seemed to be so sensitive; they were always hard and poking against her tee-shirt. While he jerked off, he would wonder how it would feel to have those little nubbins in his mouth, stiff against his tongue and his cock would throb in his hands.

He would mentally lose it if Megan happened to bend over while he was in full stroke mode. His eyes would strain to zoom in on her wonderful ass cheeks, and he would bite his tongue to keep from moaning out loud and stroke his cock even faster. God help him, he wanted to fuck his own daughter! Badly! He wanted to slide up inside her, and he even thought of shooting his load deep inside her.

All the while he was thinking of these things he watched her and stroked. The thought of cumming in Megan was usually enough to send him over the edge. He would imagine that the thick cum spurting from his cock was actually pumping into his daughter's cunt. A few times he had gotten so worked up that he moaned aloud, though he was sure that she hadn't noticed, even though both of their windows were open.

After his cum was totally spent and he began to catch his breath, he would inevitably fall back into the chair and feel disgusted and ashamed with himself. Megan was so sweet and innocent. He'd always admonish himself with questions such as 'What the fuck am I thinking?' He would feel sickened that he was jerking off while watching his own daughter, and promise himself that he wouldn't do it anymore, but he couldn't stop. The very next night he would be looking at her again.

This went on for a couple of months, when one Thursday night he moaned so loud when cumming that Megan turned her head toward the window. She had obviously heard something, but he wasn't sure she would know it was him. Finished and catching his breath, he continued to look across at her room and Megan continued to look over toward his open window. In fact, if it wasn't totally dark in his room, he would have sworn that she was looking right at him. It was a bit unnerving when what looked like a playful smile crossed her lips.

Finally, she arose and walked to the other side of her room. When the light went off in her room, Jason breathed normally again. In bed afterward, he wondered if it was possible that Megan knew he was watching her. Of course, she couldn't know he was jerking off while doing so, he told himself. Still, the idea that she might know was unsettling.

In the morning, he was awake and making toast for them both when Megan walked into the kitchen, ready to grab some toast and a glass of juice before dashing off to school. Jason was at the counter, making a cup of coffee when she came up behind him and reached up to kiss his cheek.

"Good morning, Daddy," she chirped, and he could feel the heat of her breast as she brushed up against him.

"Mornin', pum'kin," he said, his cock already stirring in his pants. This is sick, I've got to stop this!

As she flit around, his eyes swallowed up the sight of her beauty. He couldn't help but to once again look in wonder at her body, her butt and legs wrapped tightly in designer jeans, her blouse ending at midriff, her belly button looking so tantalizing. The blouse seemed to be opened one button more than usual and when Megan leaned forward on the counter, he was presented with a forbidden view, seeing the flesh of his own daughter's titties.

On this morning, she caught him looking at her and seemed to purposely ignore it, smiling nervously at her father each time their eyes met.

Jason remembered back to the previous night, and once again wondered if she had somehow known he was watching. Was it possible that she knew that he was... ?

Then there was the horn of her girlfriend Betty's mom's car. Megan got up, walked to him, and bent over to kiss him. "Bye Daddy, have a nice day. See you later," she said.

And then their lips met for what should have been a peck, but instead became a lingering moment, almost as if she wanted to kiss him for real. Before he could react, she then pulled away and for a long moment their eyes met and held. Then, she scurried to pick up her back pack.

"You have a good day too, toots," he told her, and then added, "Even though I have the day off, I probably won't be home when you get home."

"Yeah, I remember, you've got to see Mr. McDougald or McDonald or whatever."

"I should be home by seven," he grinned at her. "Before I leave, I'll get you a couple of Bama Babies, and you can heat them up in the microwave."

"You sure you don't want me to have dinner ready whenever you get here?"

"Nah, you eat the 'pizza kids'; I'll grab a bite before I come home."

"'Kay. Bye again, Pops; see you later. Mwahh," she said, and then threw him a kiss before rushing out the door.

When she was gone, he returned to his coffee, and the morning newspaper, which he was now able to concentrate his mind on.

It was about a half hour later that he decided to do the laundry. He gathered all the clothes from the three various clothes hampers and laid them all out on the utility table in the laundry room. Then he began sorting through the items to separate the whites from the colors. Suddenly, he was holding a tiny pair of flimsy yellow panties in his hands. About to throw them in the pile for delicate items, Jason paused. He looked down at what he was holding and all of a sudden became a bit addled. He felt a flush of heat, and felt embarrassment, and there was even a strange churning feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Purposely, he turned them inside out and looked at the slight spot of crusted dried discharge and a yellow pee stain at the front of the crotch, his heart flipping at seeing that slightly discolored area that his daughter's pussy and ass had contributed to. Touching there, it felt a little stiffer than the rest of her panties.

His mind racing now, Jason couldn't resist the temptation. Nervously swallowing, he slowly brought the garment up to his face, tentatively bringing the crotch part up to his nose, pushing his face in and then heavily breathing in the dried girly secretions. He was actually trembling as he held his daughter's panties against his nose and inhaled her wondrous scent. His cock grew instantly hard in his pants. Feeling somewhat dizzy, he closed his eyes, allowing his mind to appreciate the female aroma that his nose was wallowing in. The smell was so sweet, and musky; his mind whirled as forbidden thoughts rushed into his brain. With his eyes still closed, he pictured little Megan lying naked on her bed, her legs parted. While smelling into her panties, he now fantasized his mouth on her pussy, licking and sucking. The combination of that fantasy, coupled with the very real smell of his daughter, which was filling his nostrils, was arousing him more than he'd ever been for his little girl. At that moment, Jason so wanted to taste her; he felt almost obsessed.

Opening his eyes temporarily, he looked once again at the soiled crotch which was permeating aromas to his brain. He just had to taste his daughter!!! Losing all sense of morality, Jason suddenly hurried his mouth into the panty crotch.

As he continued to imagine his mouth on Megan's pussy, his tongue snaked out and tasted the crotch of her tiny panties, savoring her tangy juice on his tongue as his hand moved quickly and grabbed at his throbbing cock which was suddenly reacting. The combination of the thought of his naked daughter lying wantonly and spread, and her taste on his tongue was all it took. His cum squirted from his cock in a gush that soaked his pants. Jason was lost. In his shame, he knew what he wanted, as wrong as that was. He wanted his own daughter. He had now crossed the line into the world of total perversion.

After cleaning himself off, he put on an old pair of jeans and a long forgotten denim shirt, and headed over to Harry MacArthur's house to work on his motor.

It was almost 8 PM when Jason finally got home. Closing the front door behind him, he heard Megan calling out from her bedroom, "That you Dad?"

"Yeah, Sweetie."

He heard her door open and she called out again, "I'll be down in a couple of minutes."

"Don't hurry," he called back, as he walked to the stairs. "I'm grungy as hell from fixin' that car. I'm going to take a shower and get comfy, so I won't be down myself for few minutes."

He heard her door close again and he headed up the stairs.

It was about twenty minutes later when Jason finally sat down on the couch. He had showered and scrubbed himself clean, and then got into his pajamas, before heading back down. He reached for the clicker and turned on the TV.

As the picture came on, he heard Megan coming down the stairs.

"Hi, my handsome father," her voice trilled happily from behind him.

Jason turned his head to smile at his daughter, but caught his breath instead when he saw what she had on. Megan was wearing a tank top with a V-neck front and back that only came down to midriff, where scalloped edges hovered above her belly button. It was obvious to him that she wasn't wearing a bra, because he could see hints of her rosy nipples and budding breasts beneath the skin colored lace top.

As if the top wasn't eye-catching enough, it was accompanied with a blue mini-skirt that seemed as short as any of her cheerleading skirts. Jason had never seen it on her before, and if she had ever wanted to wear it out, they would have probably ended up in a fight because it was too short. It came up to just under her ass cheeks and showed off her long, curvy legs.

His eyes ran rapidly up and down his daughter's body. He had a raging hard-on pressuring inside his pajamas. He wanted to fuck his own daughter, and his cock got even harder as this thought passed through his mind again as it had earlier in the day.

Megan had a hint of a smile on her face, as if she saw the affect that she was having on him.

Jason immediately lost all thought, so much so that he hadn't remembered that she had gone to school in jeans this morning. He quickly became incensed, thinking that Megan had gone to school dressed as she was now, and he began thinking of what those boys and teachers must have been looking at all day.

Megan saw the angered frown and said, "Daddy, what's wrong?" Thinking her father was upset with her, immediately troubled the young teen. Tears filled her beautiful blue eyes and she tossed her auburn hair over one shoulder.

Jason growled at her. "How could you dare wear that outfit to school?"

She froze only a moment, and then slowly a smile began to appear on the 15-year-old girl's face. He was jealous!

"Daddeeee," she whiningly groaned. "Don't you remember I wore jeans to school?"

Jason was silent for about thirty seconds and then it appeared as his entire body let out a breath and relaxed. He was suddenly embarrassed.

"I-I'm sorry Sweetie, I forgot. But what are you ... why are..." He was flustered, not only because of his faux pas, but because he couldn't stop himself from straining to see her boobs within the lace top.

"I-I know you saw me in my jeans, cause I saw you looking at them this morning," she said, then continued, "Th-that's actually why I dressed nice for you tonight, Dad. I-I liked you looking at me."

Now his cock was twitching and even though the pajamas were roomy, he saw Megan's eyes move down to his crotch when his cock jumped!

With his last bit of willpower, he told her, "Well, what do you expect? You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen ... and if I wasn't your Dad, I'd think you were the hottest! But I am and I shouldn't be looking, you know? Do me a favor and go change into something that won't take my attention from the TV."

Megan frowned, obviously disappointed. Still, she didn't dare say anything more than she already had. Slowly, she nodded her head and turned to leave the room. As she walked away, Jason eyes moved to her wriggling little ass and he inwardly groaned.

The next couple of hours were uneventful. After his daughter came back down dressed in her jeans and a T-shirt, she sat on the couch with him. He and her cuddled on the couch and watched a sitcom that meant nothing to Jason but would often send Megan into fits of giggles.

It wasn't long before he began to mentally lose control again. Megan was curled up against him and he was acutely aware of every spot of her body that touched him. Soon, he had no idea what they were watching. He was busy trying to figure out how to get to his room without her seeing the huge hard-on that he was hiding. For a change, he wanted to get upstairs before she did, so he could watch her from the moment she got in her room.

He could not have imagined that what was about to happen would change his whole life.

He nudged his daughter and said, "Let me up Sweetie. It's bedtime for me." As she began to shift, he eased her off him so that he could get out from under her. He stood and immediately shifted so that his back was to his daughter, and then he headed out of the room and up the stairs. "I know it's not a school night, but don't stay up too long anyway, okay?"

"I won't, Dad. I'm kinda tired, too. I'll shut everything off and check the doors; and I'll be up in a minute or two." Jason didn't see the smile at the corner of his daughter's lips or the glint in her eyes as he headed up the stairs to his room.

Up in his room, Jason immediately stripped off his pajamas and underwear. He didn't waste any time, knowing that Megan would be heading to her bedroom momentarily. Naked now, he grabbed his robe from the hook on the door, put it on and then turned off the light. Then he ambled over to his chair and sat, waiting for Megan to come upstairs.

In less than five minutes he heard the youngster humming a tune as she passed outside his door heading to her room. He was surprised to find that his cock was already hard in anticipation of seeing her undressing.

As he looked over to her room, he saw the light come on right after she entered. He tensed automatically when she seemed to glance his way. Then, she walked over to her Queen Anne vanity and Jason's heart started beating harder as she slowly, almost teasingly, began to unbutton her jeans, immediately sliding them down her legs. When they reached her ankles, she bent over and pushed them off her feet, one after the other. He reached down and wrapped his hand around his swollen cock, watching his daughter in a T-shirt and panties as she stepped about looking at herself in the vanity mirror. He first got a great look at the delicious sweet curve of her ass and then, when she turned, he could actually make out the indentation of her pussy lips straining against the silken fabric of her thin yellow panties. He almost moaned aloud; his cock was as hard as a rock.

Megan seemed to be taking extra long tonight, almost as if she were purposely giving a show. With his eyes affixed to his daughter, he began to gently stroke his engorged cock in his hot hand. He had a full view of her, and as she stood in the middle of her room, continuing to undress, he couldn't take his eyes off her. Although Megan was fifteen, she looked younger, with her smooth, flat tummy and a tight, well-rounded butt. Her skin was smooth and olive-colored, her body seemingly near-flawless. She had begun to fully blossom this past year. Her hips had begun to curve and her legs were long and slender. Her breasts, now proudly presented to his view, were not fully developed, but still were a nice sized 34 B. To Jason, his daughter was not only beautiful, she was awesome looking.

As he watched and stroked his hardened cock-flesh, Megan lifted the T-shirt up and over her head, shaking her full head of hair after tossing the shirt aside. Jason's cock throbbed as he looked at his daughter's taut naked tits. His eyes strained to look at those rosebud nipples, hard and puckered. Usually, she kept her top on, so this was a wonderful treat for him. His excitement mounted as he thought of himself sucking and nibbling those proud little wonders in his mouth.

His thumb rubbed over the swollen head of his cock. Already, his cock had begun to drool its clear moisture from the tip and he teased himself with the sticky pre-cum as his thumb circled the mushroom head over and over. By now his mind was conjuring up thoughts of Megan taking his shaft inside her exciting mouth.

Now, with his daughter only in panties, Jason was ready to jerk himself to completion. Usually at this point, the youngster would go to bed and he would escalate his stroking from gently pleasuring to a final hard and furious wanking.

On this night however, to his surprise, Megan apparently wasn't finished yet. Instead of turning off her light, Jason watched as she stepped back to the vanity, and looked at herself in the mirror. His breath caught in his throat when her hands suddenly moved up to her breasts. His heart was racing as he watched her run her fingers over her erect nipples, pinching one, then the other.

Jason's excitement increased as both of his daughter's hands became more active. While one cupped one of her breasts, her other hand glided down her body, moving over her flat tummy, before pushing inside her panties. He was in awe; he'd never expected to see anything like this from his little girl. This was unbelievably arousing to him. Jason could see that Megan's face was flushed and excited and he could see that hand moving within. Watching intently as her fingers moved about, obviously touching her pussy, he imagined that she was rubbing her clit. Jason quietly groaned, wanting to see more.

The speed of his jerking off increased as his hips began a slow rocking motion matching the rhythm of his hand. Gathering all of his willpower, he forced himself to slow down his wanking. As badly as he wanted to cum, he just had to see what his daughter was going to do next.

Holding his cock immobile while squeezing, he almost lost it totally with what came next.

Still standing before her vanity mirror, Megan unhurriedly slid her hand out of her panties. Jason then watched mesmerized as she slowly brought it up to her face. He almost erupted without another stroke. A spurt of suppressed cum spit out of his cock as he watched his daughter lick her fingers, one by one.

Jason's cock was twitching as he watched his daughter then move her hands to the waistband of her panties and hurriedly push them off her hips and down her legs to the floor, where she stepped out of them.

Totally naked now, she stood before the mirror with her legs parted. From his angle, Jason got a full look at his daughter's cunt for the first time since she was a little girl. To his surprise, she was hairless; he guessed that she shaved. Although he wasn't close enough to actually see her clit peeking out from the top of her pretty pussy, he could see the area. The lips were small but swollen, and were glistening with aroused wetness. Hoping beyond hope that she wasn't done yet, he didn't dare touch his cock, afraid that he'd shoot his load if he did so.

Once again, Megan slid her hand down to her pussy. Now there was no panties to hide what she was doing from his view. He watched intently as her fingers moved about her labial lips, spreading the wetness around. Then, he caught his breath as she slipped a finger inside, and in the quiet of the night air, he could hear a small moan coming through the open window. Looking up at his daughter's face, Jason could see the excitement; he could tell she was getting off. Her fingers were gently active, one sliding in and out her aroused slit, while another moved up to touch her clit. At the same time, her other hand fondled her breast, her fingers pinching and rubbing her nipple. 'My god, this is so wild!!! How I wish I could have my face buried down there!'

He was surprised that she remained standing as her passion obviously was much more intent. Megan was now fucking herself with her finger and Jason was just out of his head with lust. With his eyes zoomed in on her finger-fucking movements, he was now stroking his cock in rhythm with her. As his fist moved down on his cock, he was imagining it pushing inside his little girl; pulling his hand up his shaft, his mind imagined him withdrawing his shaft within her tight cunt.

Both of them were now breathing heavily as they both got closer and closer to their climax. Suddenly, it seemed as if her whole body stiffened. As he made his final pulls on his shaft, he watched as his daughter's hips suddenly began to jerk. And then the ultimate shock overtook him when he heard his daughter moan aloud, "OHMMMM, OH DADDY!"

Nothing had ever affected Jason, like hearing those loud words did. Without warning, his throbbing prick erupted in his hand and he experienced an orgasm like never before from a hand job. At the same time, across the way, Megan's orgasm had overtaken her body, her fingers were working furiously, milking every last sensation from her young cunt.

With Jason's eyes glued to his daughter's naked body and his ears still listening to her moans, his mind replayed those words that had passed her lips, as he continued to spurt his hot cum everywhere.

As he sat and caught his breath, he continued to look over at his daughter. His mind was asunder as he kept recalling that she had called out his name when she came. He was trying to put some meaning to why she did that and he was confused.

A couple of minutes passed and then she finally seemed to gather herself. It was here that his mind was totally blown, when he saw his daughter walk over to the lamp, and then look directly across at him through the window. To his shock, Megan then smiled before turning off the light.

'She knows!!! She knows I'm her looking at her. Is it possible that she can see inside here?'

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