Brother's Girlfriend

by mefag69

Copyright© 2010 by mefag69

Sex Story: When my younger brother finally got a girlfriend I was more than a little impressed that she turned out to be Mariko, the sexy young Asian girl who lived down the street from us. When it turned out he wasn't man enough to fuck her, though, someone had to step up and take charge. What are big brothers for?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Voyeurism   .

"You need to give Chris a good talking to," my mom said.

Two minutes in the car, less than an hour back home in Wisconsin, and already the family drama had begun. "What about?" I said with a sigh.

"That new girlfriend of his."

Oh shit, I thought. She wants me to give Chris the sex/condom/careful talk. Ugh.

"Yeah, he told me about her," I said sheepishly. I hated being the big brother in a house with no dad. "Mariko, right?"

"Yes," she said as we slowly passed two parked cop cars. "He told you?"

"Yeah, the other day I chatted with him online. I think he really likes her. What's the problem?"

"Well, isn't it inappropriate?" she said, sounding upset. "She's only twelve years old!"

I resisted the temptation to roll my eyes and instead pretended to be interested in something we'd just passed by in the busy airport. "She's thirteen," I said. "He's fifteen. Not that big a difference."

My mom took her eyes off the road to glare at me. "He is a Sophomore in high school, Adam. A Sophomore! He's not supposed to be dating girls who are still in Middle School! You never did. It's not right."

Part of me wanted to blurt out the fact that while I might not have officially "dated" Middle School girls back in my High School days that I had, actually, fucked a bunch of them and explain to her how much easier getting into their pants was compared with High-Schoolers. Thankfully I bit my tongue. I said, "Okay, ma, I'll talk to him."

"Tell him she's too young for him," she said. "Tell him it's embarrassing. Do whatever you boys do, you know, give him a hard time. He looks up to you, he'll listen."

"Sure, Ma."

I can't wait until this visit is over, I thought as we finally exited the airport and got onto the freeway. I cannot fucking wait.

Mariko had lived in our neighborhood since as long as I could remember. When my brother told me during an online chat that he was dating her, I'd actually been sort of impressed. While most of my memories of the girl were of her being just that-- a little girl-- one huge memory I had was of the last time I'd seen her the day before I'd flown out to New York for college.

I'd been sitting on my front porch, smoking a cigarette, keeping a careful eye out for my mom's car for fear she'd catch me smoking. While glancing down the street I saw the girl, cute little Mariko, standing in the driveway of her house across the street and three doors down. She was wearing a tight little white shirt, extremely short pink shorts, and tennis shoes.

Now, if you've never had the pleasure of watching a pretty little girl of Japanese descent playing jump-rope in short-shorts on an extremely hot summer day, then I feel sorry for you. Because watching her cute little butt bob up and down while she skipped the rope in her driveway was so distracting that I forgot all about my cigarette. Well after it had burned itself out I was still holding it and staring at the girl in a very ungentle-man like way.

It was the first time I'd ever seen her as anything more than just a kid. Something had changed recently, something important. She'd crossed over the line from "child" to "young woman". Her waist was slender, its babyfat shedding, and her hips were petite and yet suddenly defined. Her tits? Jesus. She hadn't been wearing a bra that day. As she hopped around on her driveway I watched the little things bounce along with her and man, the mere sight of them made me hard. They were small, sure, but no matter how small a breast is it becomes a hundred times more attractive when it strains, bra-less, against a thin white tee shirt.

I remember licking my lips when I saw her hard little nipples outlined in the cotton of her tight white tee and thinking, "There is a god."

Mariko had always been cute. Born in the United States to two Japanese parents, she had silky black hair, olive-oil colored skin, and large almond shaped eyes. So yes, I'd always known her to be a cute little girl. That day, though, the day before leaving for college, I realized she was becoming something more.

She was becoming sexy.

I had no intention of discouraging Chris from dating her. Doing what my mother had asked of me would not only make me the world's largest hypocrite, seeing as I'd lost my virginity to a girl younger than her when I was my brother's age, but I saw it as an extremely good thing for my awkward, geeky brother to finally have a girlfriend. At fifteen he'd never even kissed a girl and barely had any friends. As his big brother, how could I possibly discourage him from dating this little hottie?

Later that day, after I got home from some last minute Christmas shopping, my mom told me she was going to her sister's place. My aunt lived about two hours away, in Minnesota, so she would be gone until at least noon the next day. She told me to watch my brother and reminded me that he needed a good "talking to" about his girlfriend. I nodded, told her what she wanted to hear, and then quickly called a few friends to arrange a clam bake.

I'd been in college for almost three months but I hadn't forgotten my old high school friends and they hadn't forgotten me. With barely a word spoken to my pale faced brother as he played his X-Box I sauntered out the door and was picked up by one of my friends.

"Dude, let's get stoned," I told him as we drove off. Almost immediately I forgot all about my mom, my brother, and his girlfriend Mariko.

Hours passed and much weed was smoked. We clammed in my buddy's '99 Taurus, did bong hits in his basement while listening to Rush, and eventually got a few more friends to come over and make it a decent party. Unfortunately, none of them were women. I'd gotten used to parties being full of drunk college ladies so the lack of pussy sort of ruined everything for me. When someone said it was time to break out the Magic: The Gathering cards, I finally decided to leave.

My friend dropped me off at home at about half past ten. I lit up a smoke and paced back and forth in front of the house, wondering how my friends had gotten so lame. Halfway through the cigarette I realized I could go for a swim. It was a stupid and random idea but I was still incredibly high and we had a pool in the backyard. It was cold out and a light layer of snow was on the ground but I didn't care.

Fuck it, I thought. I wanted to swim.

After stumbling into the backyard I noticed that the lights were on in the living room. That was strange. The rest of the lights were out in our two story house, including my brother's room on the second floor where I would have expected to be holed up playing his X-Box. Curious, I went to investigate.

Peeking through the sliding door window I saw something that I could never, and would never, forget. Little Mariko, the thirteen year old girl next door, was on her back on the very sofa I'd jerked off on about a million times while watching porn. She was wearing a tight little pink shirt and nothing else.

Between her legs was the big shocker, though: my brother's head. He was eating her out.

Way to go, Bro! was the first thing I thought. I watched as his head jived around between her tweenish, slender Asian thighs. He seemed to be doing well based on the expression on her lovely young face.

My throat went dry as the enormity of what I was witnessing registered in my intoxicated brain. This, very likely, was the first time my little brother had ever tasted pussy. He seemed to be doing a good job and watching the thirteen year old squirm around in ecstasy as he probed his face in between her immature legs made my cock harden inside my denim jeans.

I knew I should probably leave, maybe even call my friend and ask him to turn around and pick me back up. But I couldn't take my eyes off of what I was watching. To me there is absolutely nothing sexier than the look on a woman's face when approaching orgasm and cute little Mariko definitely appeared to be getting close to achieving one. She was biting her lower lip and her left hand was on top of my brother's head, tangled up in his thick hair. Her little legs were splayed wide and were it not for my brother's presence I would have had a great look at her immature vagina.

So I couldn't leave. I had to watch. This was the sexiest thing I had seen in a long time, after all.

Just as I began to wonder whether or not I was sufficiently hidden from Chris and his girlfriend to safely take out my cock and jerk it to the action the girl suddenly stopped thrashing her head around.

She was staring directly at me, her eyes wide and her lips parted in ecstasy.

I immediately spun to my right, away from the glass door and out of her sight. My heart was racing and I hoped, I prayed, that she hadn't actually seen me spying on them. Temptation and curiosity won the day, though, so I ended up taking another peek only a moment later.

When I peeked back she was still looking at me and she even smiled. My little brother, his face busy between her slender, naked legs, was totally oblivious. That smile of hers, that cute and beautiful smile, captivated me. Then my eyes went wide when, while I watched her watching me, the pretty little nymph said something to Chris and then began to peel off her tee-shirt.

She never took her eyes off me and it was clear who she was stripping for. My boner doubled at the sight.

Only two days earlier, back in school, I'd fucked the hell out of a real hottie. A big titted, fully developed woman. But with this cute little girl staring at me, touching her tiny breasts while my brother ate her out, the memory of that hottie fell apart.

This was a million times hotter than anything I'd ever experienced before. No big titted sorority girl could compare to the primal sexiness of little Mariko.

It'd been a long time since I'd seen such young titties. I'd spent the last several months at school constantly chasing, and sometimes even catching, fully developed ones. But there was something about the maturing nature of Mariko's, the freshness of them, that beat out even the perfectly firm C-cup's I'd had only a few days earlier.

She kept her pretty eyes on me while my boner grew. She seemed to be gasping and I hated, I just hated, that a glass door and a room were between the two of us. I wished I was in my brother's place. I so, so wanted to taste her young little pussy. Instead I lit up another cigarette and winked at her. She cracked a smile and cupped her right tit with her left hand then threw back her head. Even through the glass door I could hear her moaning as my brother continued his work.

It ended unexpectedly. I saw my brother pull away from her hairless Asian cunt as a look of surprise came over Mariko's face. Her eyes seemed to be begging for him to give her more and I could see, but not hear, her say something to him. I watched as he stumbled to his feet, say something to her, then stagger to the stairway.

Something was wrong with him. It occurred to me that he might be drunk from the way he was walking but that didn't explain why he would suddenly stop eating out the little girl. I watched in confusion as he disappeared up the stairs.

I also caught her looking back at me, for one brief moment, before she followed him upstairs.

It was over. They were going to sleep. With a deep sigh and a huge boner, I realized that if I'd had any chance of scoring with the cute little tween-ager the window of opportunity had passed. Besides, it was probably for the best. I was nineteen, she was thirteen. She might have been an exhibitionist little slut but our moment together was over.

Sort of disappointed and still pretty stoned I made my way back around to the front of the house and entered it through the front door.

I hope you tap that, I thought as I gazed up the stairs inside the dark house. I strained to listen for any sound that would suggest my brother was fucking the girl but heard nothing. After a minute I gave up and made my way to the family room.

There was no way I was going to be able to sleep right away so I decided to watch some TV. After turning it on I was surprised to hear the upstairs shower turn on. I figured that my stupid brother didn't realize it was 11:30pm, not 11:30am and began to surf the channels.

I was halfway through an episode of Futurama, still sort of stoned and still trying to process out the image of my brother between his girlfriend's legs, when lo and behold I heard Mariko's tiny little voice say, "Did you like what you saw?"

I glanced over my shoulder and saw her standing at the base of the stairs. Her dark, black hair was slick and wet and pulled back behind her pretty little ears. A large white towel was wrapped around her chest and legs and the most important parts were only barely covered.

"Hey, Mariko," I said, feeling dumb and a little embarrassed.

"Honesty time," she smiled. "You saw me with Chris, didn't you?"

Holy fuck, I thought.

The little nymph sauntered over toward me. "I saw you watching. That was you, right?"

I had to remind myself that I was the adult in the room. She was just barely thirteen, only a child. I was nineteen, a college man, and I knew I should act accordingly. But goddamn, such a cute, sexy child! And wearing only a towel, now, and only a few feet away from me, too...

"Yes, that was me," I said in as adult a voice as I could muster.

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