Always Wear Your Shoes

by Sterling

Copyright© 2010 by Sterling

Erotica Sex Story: A man snatches a 13-year-old girl from the corridor of a hotel right outside his room. He toys with her as he works up to rape and impregnation. It would be despicable as reality. But as fantasy -- well, as fantasy, enjoy!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Heterosexual   First   Pregnancy   .

It was just after 8pm when I walked out of my hotel room and almost bumped into a girl hurrying by in the corridor. I estimated she was 13 or so, but she might have been younger. She was perhaps 5'4", with shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes, and an adorable round face. She was startled for just a brief moment, then looked down shyly as she skirted this obstacle that had suddenly appeared in her path. A glance at her face convinced me she was intelligent, curious, happy, mischievous, a bit cheeky, and more -- a wholesome blend of all the best qualities of a 13-year-old girl.

She was wearing a simple pink dress that came to mid-thigh. Those thighs were pale, smooth, graceful and a bit on the thin side. Her knees were just knees, but her calves were similarly baby-smooth and alluring. And below that -- bare feet! Instead of seeing the socks and shoes I expected, I saw the flesh they would normally hide: ankles, feet, and toes. Her skin was showing all the way to the very end of the girl. Her feet were delicate, each toe slightly curved and perfect, her nails neatly trimmed. Bare feet! That was her downfall: bare feet, in a hotel corridor. She was exposing a part of her body in an environment where it shouldn't be exposed. It was minor, of course, but just wanton enough to jar me. Yes, her lovely bare feet aroused something sinister in me, and her fate was sealed.

All that perception and reflection consumed less than two seconds. I grabbed her upper arm firmly and pulled. My room door hadn't even closed behind me, and in a flash the girl and I were alone inside and the door clicked shut behind us. The entire kidnapping had taken under five seconds.

She looked startled and confused, naturally enough.

I put my finger to my lips, and she didn't scream, if she had had any inclinations in that direction.

"Shoes, you have no shoes," I said absentmindedly.

"I was just going down the hall a second..."

I wasn't in the mood for chitchat. I wrapped my right arm around her waist and drew her close to me, front to front.

"Excuse me, sir, but I've got to go now!" she said.

"You're not going anywhere," I countered.

"I don't understand," she said in a cheerful, sweet way. Perhaps she was in simple denial; perhaps she was hoping that little girl charm would get her out of this.

Holding her close against me with my right arm, I slid my left hand down her waist, over her hip, and down her thigh. Something was a little off, but I couldn't tell immediately what it was.

"You let me go!" she said heatedly.

"Oh, no," I said. "You're mine now."

Suddenly it struck me what was peculiar. To make sure, I slid my hand back up her smooth, luscious thigh. As it pushed the dress up, it kept gliding over smooth skin from thigh to hip and all the way to the small of her back. She was incensed by my impertinence, and as soon as I removed my hand she tugged the dress down into position to restore her modesty. I smiled at her.

"No panties," I whispered in her ear.

"Well, no, I was just going down the hall for a second to get a Coke!" she said. "See!" she added, showing me the quarters in her hand. I motioned for her to put them on the shelf beside us.

"No panties," I whispered again.

"I'm going to put some on as soon as I get back to my room," she said with a touch of desperation.

"Too late," I said.

I slid my hand up her back and it was immediately apparent that she wasn't wearing a bra either. I pulled away from her to take a peek at her chest. The dress revealed the shape of a pair of breasts. Not large, but definitely breasts.

"No bra either?"

"I told you, I was just going out for a second!"

"I suppose. You could have skipped wearing the dress too, if it was just a second."

She rolled her eyes.

"Eye-rolling, that's sweet," I said, smiling. "How long have you been wearing a bra?"

"Just a couple months," she said. "Just a training bra -- I have to go now!"

"What's your name?"

"Emily," she said. "You have to let me go!"

"No, Emily, I don't think so." With that I tossed her down on the bed.

Her dress rode up, but she quickly pulled it back down into place. She lay on her back where I had tossed her, raising her head to look at me.

"What are you going to do with me?" she asked.

"I'm going to molest you," I said with a simple smile.

Her fate was becoming clearer to her.

"No," she whimpered, then had an idea. "If I let you feel my boobs, can I go then?" Her offer made her nervous, but she knew there was more at stake than a man fondling her boobs. She sat up on the edge of the bed.

I sat beside her and considered the elegant little cones pressing the dress fabric outward. I reached out a hand slowly and touched her right breast through the cloth. She swallowed. I glided my fingers all over the cone, the soft flesh giving way beneath my touch. In the center I could feel the small bump of her nipple.

"Oh, my dear Emily, you have lovely breasts! They're small, but I love small breasts!"

I brought in my other hand too to cup and molest that breast more fully, then gave the other the same treatment. After a minute or so I removed my hands and smiled.

She started to get up.

"No, you're not going anywhere," I said, raising a hand to block her.

"But I let you feel my boobs, right?" she said.

"I never said there was any deal. I just felt your boobs. Very nice."

She frowned, beginning to get a sense of my character. "Let me go, please?" she whimpered.

I motioned her to lie back flat on the bed. I reached down to slide my hands over the not-very-sexy irregular hardness of her knees. Above them began the luxurious, smooth flesh of her thighs. She closed her legs tightly as I started working my hands higher.

"That's private!" she said with a valiant attempt at dignity.

"OK," I said with a smirk, "I won't let anyone else see," sliding my hands up again. She tried to hold her dress down as I pushed upwards, but she gave up when she saw that I was much stronger and willing to use my strength. I also spread her thighs a little.

As the dress rode up and my hands slid over the pale, soft and smooth skin, I knew of course what lay above. Her thighs got smoother and fleshier and warmer as they gradually converged. Watching the hem of the dress rise slowly, it was a bit like a drum roll before a major revelation. My eyes and hands both hungered for what was above.

Finally the spot where her thighs met emerged as I pushed her dress up that last little bit. There were naturally delicate lips occupying the space where the legs joined. There was a distinctive patch of fine hair above her lips -- lips that were just a little bigger than a girl's. Her pubic hair was delicate, innocent and inviting in contrast to the lusty mats of full-grown women.

"Stop looking at me!" she said indignantly.

I smiled sweetly. "If you were wearing panties like a good girl, I wouldn't be able to see anything. But you sure look very sexy down there. I think I've got to touch to see."

"You may not touch me!" she demanded.

"Well, I respect your position," I said, tongue in cheek. "But I want to touch you there."

"They're my privates! You have no right!"

"Maybe not, dear Emily." I said, caressing her sweet face with one hand. "But you see, I am stronger than you."

Her eyes widened as she saw it was going to be very difficult to deter me, if it was possible at all.

"Spread your legs apart, Emily," I said sweetly, "so I can see your lovely young pussy more easily."

"No!" she said, looking decidedly unhappy.

I leaned in towards her face and gave her a look that was persuasive -- well, maybe it was on the edge of threatening. "Yes."

A tear formed in her eye as she spread her legs apart a couple inches.

"Wider," I said. When she gave me another inch or two, I said, "All the way, as wide as you can."

She got the message and as her thighs slid out to the side, her smooth little lips spread apart a little, showing the tantalizing folds of skin inside.

"Stay just like that," I said.

I carefully removed first my right shoe, then the left.

"What are you doing?" she asked with rising fear.

"What does it look like?" I said.

One sock, and then the other. I removed my T-shirt. The trousers were next, leaving me with just a pair of briefs with bulging contents. I pulled off the briefs to reveal my manhood, already quite hard from contemplating the young girl in front of me.

She was transfixed.

"Ever see a man's cock before?"

"No," she mumbled.

It twitched up and down with excitement. "You've never seen a long, hard man's cock?"

She shook her head, and I was excited to realize how innocent she was.

"Let's go back to you," I said, sitting on the bed below her wide open legs.

My hand approached her fully exposed pussy.

She shied away, and I became annoyed. "Don't move!" I hissed. Maybe I added a bit of body language to emphasize my words. For whatever reason, she lay still.

Still, her eyes tried to will my hand away as it approached her pussy.

As my fingers made the first delicate contact with her pussy lips, she looked away in disgust.

I brought more fingers into contact with her and stroked her entire crotch area gently.

"How does that feel?" I asked.

"Bad! Please stop!" she said heatedly.

I kept caressing, then gradually settled on a pattern of sliding my fingers up and down her outer labia rhythmically. After a minute I stopped and relished one of my favorite moments: opening her labia. Skin pulled back from skin wetly to reveal her female parts. Inside she looked like a woman, though everything looked fresher and smaller -- virginal.

I was surprised to see a bit of fluid at her pussy opening. I spread her inner lips open with one hand, then dipped a finger into the fluid right at her vaginal opening. As I brought my finger back, a fine thread came with it. I lifted it to my nose. I knew that smell! The stringy quality to the thin mucus was distinctive too. Young as she was, her pussy was advertising its fertility.

"Emily, dear, did your period end about nine or ten days ago?"

She closed her eyes to think. "Yeah," she said absently, then, "Wait! Why do you care? How do you know?"

"Oh, your pussy told me."


"Never mind," I said. Returning to her alluring girl parts, I pushed my finger into her slowly.

"No, not inside!" she pleaded, but she knew not to resist physically.

She was hot and slick, and my finger glided in smoothly.

She shook her head a little as her eyes became moist, but no words came out.

I felt no sign of a hymen.

"You are a virgin, aren't you? Or have you let some boy have his way with you already?"

"Of course I'm a virgin!" she said indignantly.

"But no cherry?" I said.

"Horseback riding," she mumbled.

She certainly was sexy. A girl with a slick pussy, a girl in heat. Could it be her first heat? Many early periods aren't actually preceded by ovulation, but her ovulation here was unmistakable.

In exposing her pussy, I had pushed her dress up far enough that the hem was lying across her down-covered mound. "Let's get that nice pink dress off you," I said.

I tugged it upward, and she lifted her back enough to start taking it off. She knew that my attention to anything above her waist was less a violation of her privacy than anything below -- and less dangerous for her. Still, she paused. "You'll see my boobs," she said, suddenly shy.

"Yes, I want to see your breasts."

Emily frowned at me, lip quivering, but she pulled her dress off the rest of the way, then lay back, pink with embarrassment.

The whole girl was laid out before me, nothing obscured by cloth.

"You are so beautiful, Emily!" I said with utter sincerity. The breasts I had fondled through the cloth of her dress were no disappointment to the eyes. "Especially your breasts."

She continued looking away, but I could tell she felt a bit of pride to get a compliment from the first man to see her breasts naked. As a girl grows, most of her sexual development is hidden from view, but the bulges on her chest are unmistakable and give a strong clue as to how her sexuality is developing. Little shows but the size, and society has it that bigger is better. But the details of Emily's small breasts were delightful, and blended artfully with the rest of the gorgeous creature.

I began lowering myself onto her, though my cock was well out of range below her pussy area.

"No, stay away!" she said, pushing me weakly.

"Oh yes," I said. "Those breasts -- mmmmm!"

I lowered my head slowly to her right breast, then reached out the tip of my tongue to touch her. At my first touch, she recoiled, but then seemed to resign herself to one more indignity.

I licked a circle just outside the aureole. I then tightened the circle. Finally I got to the little nipple itself, and slowly, luxuriously licked it up and down for nearly a minute.

"Oh, look at this! Now that I've licked it, your nipple is standing up straight. It likes to be licked!"

Suddenly she reached a resolution. "No! I'm leaving! You can't do this to me!" She started to rise but I held her down. She pushed against me with all her strength, but I absorbed it easily.

"I am bigger than you, and I am going to do exactly what I want with you."

"No!" she groaned.

Pausing to really see her, I added, "You're beautiful when you're frightened. Why don't you lie back and relax? I'm not going to let you go, and if you struggle I'm afraid you might get hurt."

She lay back, then sighed with indignation. "It's illegal! You'll go to jail!"

"We'll see about that," I added slyly. "But it would be worth it."

I feasted my eyes on her face. "You are even more beautiful when you're angry!"

I then zoomed in on her chest again. "Let's see what your other nipple thinks." I licked a circle around that aureole as well, spiraling in to her nipple. "It's standing up too! That means you're aroused, you know, your body is getting ready for sex."

"It's not -- I'm not -- please, let me go!" she whimpered.

"Your nipple is just waiting to be sucked." I licked my lips noisily, then gently mouthed her left one, treasuring its erect state, ready to be engulfed. I then gave a full, strong suck. I starting using the little irregular bursts that babies use when they're nursing. Her breath caught, revealing that her body recognized the primal signal.

I lifted my head to speak. "Your body is telling you something," I said. "It wants the baby that's going to suck on those nipples some day."

A tear trickled deliciously down her face.

I continued with my sucking, slurping happily, my saliva lubricating the whole area, switching from breast to breast, sucking and licking until I'd had my fill.

Sitting back, I then returned my attention to that spot between her legs. She had naturally let her thighs come together to some extent, as a fully open position is uncomfortable for long periods. I spread them wider again. Earlier her pussy opening had shown just a touch of moisture, and I had needed to poke in a little to discover the secret of her fertility. There was no secret any more. Lubrication oozed from her slit, and the lips were engorged and reddish. As I rose up on my knees, my cock naturally stuck out boldly. It was very hard.

Her panic returned. "You're not going to really do it, are you?" She thought frantically. "I could rub it for you! Or give you a blow job!" I didn't say anything. "You can come in my mouth!"

"How do you know about all those things?" I asked.

"Kids at school talk," she said.

"I would have thought you were too tender and young to know about those things."

She saw an opening. "I'm too young to have sex! I'm just eleven! Not old enough!"

"You're eleven like I'm 16!" I said, then laughed gently. I was actually 33. "Oh, you're old enough for sex all right."

"Wait! I'll give you a hand job, or a blow job. Let me taste your sperm!" she managed. Her desperate desire to avoid her fate stirred her creativity. It seemed highly unlikely that she had suddenly developed a desire to taste my sperm.

"You've never given a blow job, right? Of course not, you said you'd never seen an erect cock before. That's sweet of you," I said. "It would probably take a while for you to learn to do it half decently, though it would still feel good," I said, shutting my eyes briefly to imagine her perfect mouth engulfing me. "But there is only one part of your body that my cock wants to touch today."

Deflated, she lay back and started to sob gently. But I wanted her attention.

"Emily, look -- look at my cock." She looked up. "Isn't it handsome? Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?"

"Yes!" she said. "It really is very nice-looking! Beautiful!"

I shook my head and chuckled. "I've never heard of a woman who thought a cock looked beautiful -- certainly not a virgin who has never felt what pleasure it can bring."

I slowly started lowering myself towards her.

"No, it really is beautiful! Let me look more."

I gave her thirty seconds and she kept looking, doing a decent job of pretending it really was beautiful. Then I started to lower myself again.

"No, let me look more!" she said.

Addressing myself, I muttered, "What makes me think this is a stalling tactic?"

I lowered myself again until my cock was an inch from her pussy opening. I slowly spread her inner lips with my right hand while aiming my cock with my left.

"It's too big!" she cried frantically. "You're going to hurt me!"

I stopped.

"Oh, I almost forgot! You're plenty slick inside, so my cock would slide in easily enough, but we ought to get you even more excited."

"I'm not excited at all! I hate this! I hate you! You're making fun of me! Why don't you just go ahead and rape me!" she shouted, then started sobbing.

I smiled. "True, I could have just fucked you and gotten it over long ago. But I'm having so much fun! I guess I ought to tell you that I am a bad man."

As she cried, I used vision and hands together to explore exactly how her twat was laid out, and found her clitoris, then found a good pressure. I then lay beside her on her right, my face now close to hers so I could see her beautiful features, all the more beautiful for her grief.

She turned her face away.

"No, no, don't turn away! I want to see your gorgeous face!"

She turned partway so she was looking at the ceiling, and her crying subsided to sniffles. That was good enough. It really would be a bit much to expect her to stare into my eyes, and I wasn't sure I could take that intensity anyway. It occurred to me to kiss her, but kissing a girl against her will wouldn't be any fun, I reckoned. Instead of kissing, I moved my right hand into position between her legs, applied my second and third fingers to her clit, and began rubbing gently. As the seconds went by, I could see her gulping and breathing just a little faster.

"Do you ever do this yourself?" I asked.

"No," she said at once.

"Not even a little? You never wondered what you could feel like?"

"Well, maybe a few seconds here or there, but it never felt like much." She changed the subject.

"I don't want to do this! Please, let me go! Pleeeeease! Why do you want to do this? Can't you find a woman your own age?" she added, nearly spitting.

With a different man that might have been a provocative and dangerous question, but I was not perturbed. "Oh, I can, whenever I want. But I like the idea of making love to a beautiful young virgin. Especially a naughty one who walks around a hotel barefoot, without panties or a bra."

"I told you, I was just going out for a minute -- a few seconds -- for a Coke, just down the hall!"

"Hmmm. I think unconsciously your body wanted to have sex, so it got you to walk the halls half naked. Your body is coming into its own as a woman's body, and it's hungry for a man."

"No!" she said.

I considered. "Back in your room ... if you didn't have panties or a bra on, I would think you must have been totally nude when you decided you wanted a Coke. Why would you be nude in your hotel room?"

She didn't answer.

"Maybe you were alone in the room, looking at yourself in the mirror from every different angle, seeing how you were developing and wondering if boys would find you attractive."

She issued no hot denial, so I figured I was on to something.

"Yes, they would!" I whispered in her ear. "Very, very attractive!"

All through this my fingers were gently but firmly rubbing her clit. The secretions of her sperm-hungry pussy were running down into her butt crack.

After a minute of silence, I said, "Now, doesn't that feel good? Don't you feel a warmth, a pleasure?"

"No!" she said.

"Isn't it right below the surface, a pulsing hunger for my cock? A hunger to have your pussy filled?"

"No," she said, but uncertainly. "Even if there were, I still hate it! I want to go! Stop doing this to me!"

"Nah, I want to, so I'm going to."

At that point I figured her body was as totally hot as it was going to get, so I moved up into position between her legs again.

I had an idea. "I'd like you to hold your pussy open for me."

She looked up suddenly. "Help you? Why should I help you rape me?"

I took her delicate right wrist in my left hand and started squeezing, increasing the force relentlessly.

"It might feel better for you. Not hurt so much." She couldn't miss the pain gradually increasing in her wrist. "It's OK, I know it's still rape. I'd never claim you wanted it just because you helped a little."

She fixed me with a murderous glare, which sent a sudden tingle of excitement through me. But I let up my pressure on her wrist and she dutifully put her hands between her legs. She didn't open her lips right away.

"What about a condom?"

I laughed, incredulous. "A condom, for a rape? You've got to be kidding!"

"But, I could get AIDS! Or get pregnant!"

"I'm clean, sweetie, you couldn't get any diseases from me."

"How do I know? How can I trust you?"

I laughed again. "You don't have any choice about any of this, right? Trust me or not, it's true, I'm clean."

"You could get something from me!" she said, grasping at another straw.

"A virgin?"

"People can get AIDS other ways, right?"

I grinned. "I'll take my chances. Do you look like an IV drug user? Let me look carefully." I took each of her arms and admired the tender flesh at the bend in her arm, perfectly smooth without a needle mark in sight.

"But what about pregnancy?"

"Yeah, that is a possibility. Your body has got an egg all ready to be fertilized; I can tell from your smell and the thread-like texture of your pussy juice. So it depends on whether I come inside you. I haven't decided yet. If you're uncooperative I certainly will."

Emily spread her lips wide and lay back, defeated once more.

I grinned at the girl holding herself ready for me. She was inviting me in! It was under coercion, of course, but the illusion was erotic.

I lowered myself until my glans just barely kissed against her pussy opening. I had touched the first of the precious hot and wet fluid that would ease my passage inward. I pressed until a patch of my cock tip the size of a quarter pressed against her. The insides of her inner lips were hot and inviting. It was a delightful moment, and I paused to savor it.

Then it was time for more. I pressed harder, but nothing gave right away. I could feel that I was right at the sphincter that divided her outer pussy from the part inside her abdominal walls, the part truly inside the girl.

Now, a cock is meant for pressing hard. It is built for violent rape, if a man wants to use it that way. It can exert tremendous force to press through the opening of a girl, no matter how tight or dry she is. I could easily have forced my way into Emily, but I wasn't in a hurry.

"You're holding your pussy shut, Emily," I said. "You ought to relax it to welcome me in more. Build up brownie points so maybe I won't come in you."

"I don't get it," she said with genuine confusion. "What am I doing?"

"Your pussy. You're holding it shut."

"I'm not trying to do anything," she said.

Was she lying? Could she control it? I didn't know a girl's body that well. I had heard that it's hard for a woman to relax her anus to take a guy up her butt, so maybe it was hard here too. I could have pressed in, of course, conquering any squeeze, but I wanted to be let in. I was pretty sure that her pussy couldn't stay tight forever.

So I waited, pressing my tip gently against her sphincter. I felt the ring start to open a little, letting my cock tip nudge in just a touch, but apparently in reaction to the intrusion, it shut again by reflex. That happened again several times, at closer intervals. After a couple minutes of holding myself in delicious anticipation above my gorgeous Emily, it couldn't keep it up any more. The ring of muscle loosened, and my tip surged in.

"There, your loosened up. Could you feel it?"

She looked away

"Answer me, dear Emily."

"Yeah, I could."

As the muscle struggled to recover there were little highly arousing twinges, gripping me right at the base of my cock's helmet.

Now my way wasn't blocked any more, though it was no easier to press in. Her pussy walls were elastic, and in response to my insistent intrusion they gradually spread apart, millimeter by millimeter. That meant the flesh that the tip of my cock touched was gradually sliding apart, caressing me as it went. She was so hot and wet that it was exquisite, and there was a stickiness and graininess to her juices that heightened the pleasure even more.

"No, it's too big! It's going to hurt!"

"If it hurts, you let me know." I was pretty sure that with her hymen gone, with the extreme arousal she had from my long minutes of attention to her clit, and with her peak fertility, it wasn't going to hurt. And she didn't claim it did.

"I hate you! It's ... That's my innards up there! It's my body! I don't want you inside!"

"I'm sure you don't -- or at least part of you doesn't."

"You're violating me! I mean, it's not just that you're up there, but you're stretching me out so wide it's like going up with a truck or something!"

"Mmmmm. But does it hurt?"

"No ... just so much pressure, and I hate it!"

"That's what rape is all about, Emily. You hate it, and I love it. I could ram up in you more quickly, but I'm adoring this gentle progress. I'm going up only as fast as your little cunt is welcoming me in."


"Yeah, dirty word, isn't it? I love dirty words." I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "My cock is fucking your cunt. My cock is fucking your cunt..." over and over.

She shook her head to get me away. "'I'm not welcoming you at all! I hate it!"

"Ah, but your body is welcoming me. Your pussy was wet from the first time I saw it, and it's been getting wetter all the time, as I sucked your lovely breasts, and made love to your little clit, and now that I'm sliding in. It's giving way because what you body wants, above all else, is to get pregnant. That's what it desperately wants right now. "I don't want to get pregnant!" she shouted.

"No, but your body is built for it."

She had a deep pussy, because my seven-inch shaft just kept sliding and sliding, ever so slowly. Finally, I felt my thick pubic hair tickle against her downy hair, then both sets of hair compressed more and more, then the skin came together, and finally skin was mashed tightly against skin, my progress stopped by pubic bone hard against pubic bone.

"You took all of it, Emily! You've got a deep, very hungry pussy!"

She started crying then. "You're filling me half way to my throat! Thick as a baseball bat! It's horrible! Could you please, please, get out now? You've fucked your virgin, you've humiliated me! Isn't that enough?"

"Mmmm, I love to hear you talk like that ... No, the fuck hasn't even begun yet." And with that, I drew back a few millimeters, then forward a few, very slowly. The hot, slick tunnel gave a friendly, enthusiastic hug. I went out a little more with each ebb and pushed back in a little faster.

I watched Emily. I could see in her face that she knew this was something primally satisfying.

Soon I was fucking away in earnest. It was fantastic. I had my virgin against her will, on her back, helplessly spread before me, legs spread wide, alien cock not just touching her private parts, but possessing them to maximum depth, pistoning back and forth in conquest and exquisite pleasure.

Emily looked to the side, crying a little. But I could also see a change come over her. Beads of sweat broke out around her aureole, then on her forehead. She became flushed. She stopped crying and her face was slack for seconds at a time. Her breath came faster.

"Feel that pleasure, Emily? As much as you hate it, it feels good!"

"No, it doesn't!"

"You're lying to me -- or maybe to yourself," I panted.

She had more trouble fighting it.

"I'm still debating whether to cum in you or not..." I mused.

Her eyes shot open. "Don't! Please don't! I don't want to get pregnant!"

"But that would be so exciting! Wouldn't you like my baby?"


"I'd like to give you one so much."

"Oh, please, please, please! I could never get an abortion!"

"Mmmmm. You're exciting me more all the time!" I panted.

Seeing her glazed expression, I knew this girl was going to come soon. I decided to take advantage of it.

"I'll make a deal," I said. "If you don't come, then I won't."

Her face lit up. "OK, it's a deal!" This was by far the best hope she had been offered. Yet the pleasure of gentle fucking kept flooding her brain. She didn't know what coming felt like, didn't know the signs, and didn't know how to hold off.

"You're close," I panted, pistoning into her at a steady pace, making sure my pubic bone hit her clit each time. The stimulation was regular, and her body was attuned to it, knowing the mating was steady, right on target, and all was well.

She looked at me in panic, realizing she didn't know what her body was doing.

"Very close!" I said. "Feel all that pleasure? Feel your mate filling your pussy halfway to your throat? Stretching you wide apart? " I was feeling magnificent, pleasure coursing through me. I could have come in a second if I wanted to, but I knew how to hold back. "The rhythm, the closeness, my big man's body covering you up, having his way with you, up your cunt." I was working hard. "Now think," I said, "of getting pregnant."

"No!" she shouted, panicked but assailed by her feminine nature from every side.

"Growing a baby! My cock is going to fill your cunt with cum, and it will give you a baby! You'll feel my dick get even bigger and wider and harder, then you'll know I'm pulsing it into you! Giving you a cute baby!"

Her breath was rapid, her face a swirl of emotion, the pleasure starting to take a rhythmic form. She fought off the pulses.

"Come for me, Emily!" I whispered urgently.

"No!" she exclaimed.

"Yes!" I said.

"No. No!" she shouted.

"Yes, oh yes!" I moaned. "It will get you a baby inside you!"

"No!" she shouted. She clenched her teeth, fighting it.

She mouthed the word "no" but nothing came out. Then she stopped, eyes wide open, and the rhythmic contractions she had been fighting started. I could feel the squeezes on my cock. She had wanted so much not to come. Her first orgasm was a massive one, and she so very much didn't want to have it.

The pulses went on and on before gradually stopping. It had required a lot of concentration for me to keep from coming myself, but I had done it, and now I slowed my strokes.

"That wasn't an orgasm!" she tried, frantically.

"Gee, if that wasn't an orgasm, when you have a real one, imagine how good that will feel!"

"I don't know, but that wasn't one!" she said.

"Ah, sweet Emily, I'm the referee here, I'm afraid. That was an orgasm."

"But you're not going to come, are you? Pull out, please? I'll still give you a hand job! A blow job! As many as you want! You can do me in the ass!" she pleaded, increasingly desperate.

"No, sweetie pie, we made a deal and you lost. I'm very excited about giving you a baby. You've always wanted a baby, right?"

"Yeah, but not for years! And not... " she stopped herself.

"Finish it!" I said, humping away in her little body, which massaged me so lovingly and urgently, begging for the sperm that responsible Emily so desperately didn't want.

She shook her head.

"And not with your rapist? With a nice husband?"

She looked miserable, as I had obviously hit the mark.

"That's enough talking, OK?" I said. "I'm going to concentrate on fucking you, concentrate on how terrific it feels, and how wonderful it will be to father a child -- with such a beautiful girl, no less! You can pat my back gently, if you want -- hey, it's nice to be good to the father of your child!"

I lowered myself onto my sweetie, pressing her little breasts between us, sliding my arms under her, elbows bent, one hand on each shoulder blade. My head lay on the pillow next to hers. I got ready for some earnest in-virgin baby-making fucking. Dear Emily rested her hands gently on my back in a loose hug, then I felt a tentative pat. Oh, what a darling!

An observer of the scene would first have seen a man's body lying face down, butt pumping up and down fast. He then might have seen some parts of a young girl sticking out from below. There were two knees with calves and feet to match. The position of the knees made it clear that her legs were spread wide, and the man's cock was certainly positioned right to be surging in and out of the young thing's cunt. The mattress absorbed some of the shock of the man's jackhammer thrusts, bouncing them both up and down on the bed slightly instead of the girl's pubic bone taking the full brunt of each thrust. The observer would have seen two delicate arms draped on the man's back, holding it gently, and, just visible over the man's powerful shoulders, a head with beautiful blond hair seriously mussed from rampant passion. If he got a closer look, he would have seen a face betraying mixed emotions.

I didn't see any of that. I saw the girl's gorgeous hair and small ear beside me, if I opened my eyes to look. Mostly I felt. I felt my flesh pressing against young Emily. Her breasts pressed just a bit harder into my chest than the rest of her chest, though her erect nipples were unmistakable. I felt her tender thighs where mine held them wide open. I felt my pubic mat mashing against her young, delicate one, and my balls slapped against her butt now and then. But they soon rose to hug my cock, ready to deliver their sperm cells as part of the mixture my body would concoct.

Mostly, though, I felt the heaven of her cunt, squeezing evenly, slick and wet and just a touch grainy, begging for the full load of cum I was preparing for it. I rammed home over and over into her little box, straining to get in every millimeter I could. Her twat squeezed me back, and gradually I could feel her lifting her butt a little, straining forward to present her cunt so I could get at it even more easily, encouraging me to get in even farther. She started pressing up against me, her body as eager to get the sperm as I was eager to give it to her. In her body's excitement she wiggled her thighs back and forth.

Her breath became irregular again. She moved from stroking my hair gently with one hand to pressing hard on my neck and back. I was delighted to hear her groan loudly as another orgasm possessed her. Her pussy tube gave me a few gentle squeezes that rapidly faded in strength. I looked to see her face contorted with pleasure.

The girl moaned, then spoke. "It feels too good!" And with that, her attitude changed.

"What's your name?" she panted.

I decided an honest answer would do fine, and I was happy to be on a first name basis with my fuckee of the moment, the most beautiful girl in the world, perhaps.

"Dave," I said simply.

I raised myself up onto my hands to better see my changed mate, all the while fucking away into her adolescent snatch with all the urgency I could. I was going to blast my sperm high in her cunt to give her a baby; I was waiting because this pre-orgasmic ecstasy was so delicious. Raised above her, I saw the gorgeous girl, covered with a sheen of sweat, small breasts elegantly displayed, nipples engorged upwards. I saw her face totally vulnerable as it emerged from the second orgasm of her life, and I saw her smile.

Looking below, I saw where my shaft disappeared up between her legs, and as I saw its multicolored veined magnificence slide back and forth I was seeing confirmation of what I felt in every fiber of my being: my cock had punctured this girl's private passage, and then stretched it, filled it, and overwhelmed it with pressure, friction, and pleasure. There was an egg waiting for me, her body was straining in every way to give me the most pleasure it could, to convince me all was well, that my sperm would be treasured, honored, and worshiped when I shot it into her depths. Her body was impatient, hungering for the splats of jis, but also patient. Until that sperm was delivered, it would never tire of getting fucked. Her body was happy to bathe young Emily in orgasm after orgasm as she waited for the surge of sticky cum to complete the mating.

A change had come over her. A mere half hour before she had been a virgin, unaware of her sexuality in practical terms and happy to leave it sleeping. In that mere half hour her entire being had awakened to sex, to fucking, to a hunger to be screwed, an obsession with having her twat pumped with a man's prong, an obsession with his pleasure, with getting him to deliver the sperm. That awakening had turned into a footnote the incidental matter that she was being raped, or at least that these forces had all been unleashed within her by pure rape. No observer of this moment alone could believe she was being fucked against her will.

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