Submission on the Subway

by King Wesley

Copyright© 2010 by King Wesley

Mind Control Story: Natalie is captivated by a fellow passenger on the subway.

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mind Control   Lesbian   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   .

As usual Natalie was completely shattered when she got on the subway at Ehwa Yeodae Station. She had been living in Seoul for about six months teaching English at one of the top women's universities in Korea and the daily routine was really wearing her down. She enjoyed the job a lot and it paid very well indeed. However, her final class finished at gone ten o clock and by the time she had finished her preparations for the next morning's classes and was out of the school it was just barely manageable to catch the last tube train home.

Her home was also another problem. It was a good size and she liked it a lot but it was situated in one of the many satellite cities just outside Seoul called Ilsan. Living in such a city meant that it was a near two hour journey on the subway each way and really took a lot out of her. Luckily for her there were not a lot of other people in the city stupid or foolhardy enough to try living the same lifestyle. Therefore the trains were pretty much always empty when she got on them and she could just sleep for the whole journey home.

Today was no exception. The train rolled in, empty as usual and she fell into her usual seat at the very end of the last carriage. Within a few minutes her eyes grew heavy and Natalie was slipping out of consciousness and into the wonderfully welcoming world of sleepy town.

Her slumber was disturbed as the train rattled slightly pulling into Yeoksu Station. She opened her eyes slightly to see an extremely petite young woman get on her carriage. As her eyes began to focus, Natalie couldn't help but pay a little more attention to this girl. Her face was as perfect as any she had ever seen and her figured bested anything she had yet seen on any Korean television show, she had a body that some would pay their life savings to attain. On top of this, she was wearing a skirt so short it was probably illegal in sixteen countries. The girl screamed sex and even though Natalie was a straight as they come, she still couldn't help but marvel at this pinnacle of sexuality that was now sitting across from her.

Although Natalie did think it was odd that this girl had chosen to sit directly opposite her as opposed to choosing any other seat in the empty carriage, she didn't think there was anything sinister behind it. The girl probably just had a favourite place to sit just like she did. She hardly looked sinister or threatening. Natalie just took advantage of the close proximity to briefly admire female perfection and then tried to drift back off to sleep.

Natalie once again felt her eyelids becoming heavy and she was happy to let them have their way and close. Suddenly though, and without warning, her eyes snapped back open, startled by a brief flash of red that had caught their attention. She looked around but nothing seemed to be flashing. There didn't even seem to be anything red in the whole carriage.

Assuming that it was the tiredness playing tricks on her, Natalie once again tried to get back to sleep. However, once again a flash of red woke her back up and she found herself becoming a little more determined to find out the cause. This time her eyes were able to focus more on the source of the flash: it was the girl sitting across from her. The confusing part was that she still couldn't see what was causing it. Natalie knew the flash had come from the girl's direction but she couldn't see or find anything that could explain what could be the cause of the flash. Natalie didn't know why she felt it so important to know the source of this flashing, but it was bugging her. She wanted to sleep and something was stopping her.

For a third time she decided to try and get back to sleep and for a third time she was snapped back alert by the flash of red light. This time however she knew the source, it was coming from between the other girl's legs. The girl's legs were crossed so Natalie couldn't see what was causing it but she knew it was coming from there. She tried to focus her tired eyes on the girl's crotch in order to find the source of the light until she realised where she was staring. Her face flushed red with embarrassment and she looked up to the girl's face to see if she had noticed. Luckily the girl was engrossed in some magazine so Natalie was able to relax about her staring and just try and get back to sleep.

Well Natalie was going to try until another bright flash brought her eyes right back to between the girl's legs. There was definitely something behind those crossed legs that was distracting her and she was now starting to feel compelled to find out what. Without warning the girl then uncrossed her legs and recrossed them leading with the other leg. The brief moment when the legs were parted sent a bright flash of red light that blurred Natalie's vision and once it had subsided, Natalie's eyes once more found themselves trying to zone in on the source of the flash.

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