An Incestuous Episode: Mike and Jess

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: A fourteen-year-old boy suddenly begins to realize that his sister, a year younger, is growing into a sexually exciting girl. Soon his interest increases to the point where he sneaks into her bedroom. There the incestuous episode takes place.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Brother   Sister   First   .

Special thanks to Hotei for the editing job.

He first became aware of his sister's sexuality on his 14th birthday. Jessica had gotten out of her school early and was waiting outside of his when he got out. She was pacing back and forth. As he approached her, there were a couple of seniors walking in front of him and when they saw Jess, Mike heard part of their conversation.

"Wow, look at that ass, hah?" one remarked.

"What I wouldn't give for a piece of that!" his friend responded.

Mike could not help but to be amazed that they were talking about his sister, who was a year younger than he was and was still in grammar school. The two students made a few more remarks to each other regarding his sister. Mike couldn't hear all of their conversation, but it was clear that they were really impressed with Jess' beauty and her body.

It was from that day three months earlier that Mike suddenly began to take notice of his 13-year-old sister. Jess really did have a great shaped ass and her breasts were already bigger than most of the girls in his freshman high school classes -- and most of them were a year or two older than Jess!

Although Mike was a virgin, he was aware of sex. Now, when he looked at his sister, he often was trying to sneak a peek at her ass or trying to look down her blouse when she wasn't looking. Further, lately when he masturbated, his mental vision was of Jessica. Indeed, there were quite a few nights that he peeked inside of his sister's bedroom after his mother had left for work on her waitress job. He would knock on Jess' bedroom door gently, and when she did not respond, he would open it up and look in on her. She often was lying down with the blanket off her body. When this happened, Mike got to view his sister in only her panties and, if she were lying on her back, he would get a long look at her tits. If she were on her stomach, his eyes would drink in the beautifully rounded ass.

Whenever he looked in, he became hard. In the beginning, he would rush back out of the room and go into the bathroom to masturbate. Lately, becoming bolder, he would walk up close to the bed, and while looking down at his sister's hot body, he would pull out his cock and masturbate until he came into a handkerchief which he would bring along.

More and more he wanted to touch his younger sister but he was afraid that Jessica would awaken. He kept fighting the fear and now he became bold enough that he made a crucial decision. Tonight, he would actually touch her; and masturbate while he did so!

He stayed awake. At about 11:10 PM he heard his mother leaving for work. The front door closed and then her car started. Soon, he heard the sound of her car fade in the distance.

Mike was alone in the house with his sleeping sister.

As he had been doing, he went to her bedroom. Outside of her door, he took a deep breath and then softly knocked. When she did not respond, he gently turned the door handle and pushed the door open. In the dim light, he saw his sister's sleeping body, about ten feet away from him. He silently stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Quietly, he walked to the side of her bed, and, by the time that he reached it, his prick was already rock hard within his shorts, which was the only thing that he was wearing.

Jessica was sleeping soundly. She was lying on her stomach and the blanket was discarded. Mike's eyes riveted onto his sister's tightly fitting pale-blue silk panties. He could make out the indentation from the crack of her ass. His cock was twitching from the erotic sight.

The 14-year-old boy had gotten to this same point the past two nights and each time he had 'chickened out' from going any further. Instead, he had just masturbated and silently left the room.

Tonight would be different; he had made up his mind. He was convinced that if he were gentle enough that she would not awaken, and if she did, he was going to act as if he was sleeping and make up an excuse that he had come in earlier thinking he had heard a noise outside of the house and that he had stayed to protect her.

Jessica's ass looked so beautiful to the boy. As his eyes wandered hotly over the 13-year-old girl's body, his chest was beating much harder than normal and his legs were becoming shaky. He leaned down and reached out his hand; it was trembling. This position was too awkward, he found.

His thoughts progressed. He had to sit to touch her, and to be in a position to feign sleep, in case she awoke. Carefully, the boy moved his body down onto the floor, alongside the bed, until he was finally in a sitting position. Mike was only an arm's length from his goal. In the semi-darkness of the room, he could clearly see that his sister was still sound-asleep.

Slowly, gently, he moved. First, he laid his cheek on the side of the mattress so that he could close his eyes and act asleep, if it became necessary. Then he hesitated. This was the part that scared the youngster the most. Slowly he brought up his arm and moved it, inch by inch, slowly, above the mattress and toward his sleeping sister's body.

Mike's chest was pounding fiercely now. There was a throbbing in his temples as his trembling fingers reached out and remained suspended in the air above the cheeks of his sister's ass. His shaking hand lowered itself, moving excruciatingly slow, until it was a micro-inch from actually touching her. He could actually feel the heat radiating to his hand from his sister's ass. His engorged cock was flipping wildly inside of his shorts. And then, at last, his hand made contact. Ever-so-gently, he lowered it onto her buttocks, and he was touching the silk panties so lightly on the outside that not the slightest pressure reached the girl's ass-cheeks.

Mike was so frightened he thought his heart would push out of his chest, it was beating so strongly.

Finally, he let his hand rest upon the panties, upon the cheeks of his sister's hot ass. He took a deep breath as his hand could feel the heat from the flesh beneath the silk. The roundness of her cheek within the silk panties felt tremendously exciting. When Jessica showed no signs of waking, Mike gently began to close his hand on the wonderful round mound of her ass. He could not believe that he was finally touching her; it felt great. Mike wanted more now; he wanted to touch the flesh. He wanted to actually hold his sister's ass in his hand.

He determined to move his hand again. Gently, he removed his fingers from the outside of her panties and he again moved his hand agonizingly slow above his sister's body. Then, he again was placing it on her body; this time, he was putting it onto her with his thumb at her waist and his fingers extended toward her back, where they gently came to rest with their tips at the elastic at the top of her panties.

Once more Mike waited, making sure that Jessica was not stirring. When he felt confident that she remained in a deep sleep, he gingerly pushed his fingers beneath the elastic. When Jess didn't move, he moved his hand another eighth of an inch within and waited. Still no movement, and he continued his ever so slow advancement onto his sister's hot round buttock. Mike felt his cock twitching and he could feel that his underpants were wet.

Jessica's arm was at her side, only a few inches from his head. He deliberately moved his head. He just wanted to get the smell of her clean girl body.

His fingers advanced further into her panties. Mike was on fire now. After what seemed like an eternity, his palm actually held the flesh of his sister's full ass cheek. He was now desperate to move his hand between her legs. He wanted to feel and finger her pussy.

Then his fingers moved into the area and were finally over the crack of her ass, touching at both cheeks, just above the top of the backs of her legs. Unable to control himself any longer, he pushed his hand gently down between his sister's slightly parted legs. Nervously, his fingers moved gently into the area of her pussy-hole. Suddenly, Jessica seemed to tighten her body. Mike stiffened and remained still. Moments later, she again relaxed. He finally moved his finger at her hole and pushed just the tip within. She felt somewhat moist.

The boy was beside himself with excitement. He was actually touching his sister's cunt and she remained sleeping. With his free hand he reached down and pushed off his shorts, and, with the thought of pussy in his inflamed brain, he grasped his cock. Then, his hand began pumping, while his fingers just touched within the 13-year-old's pussy lips.

Because Mike's hand was so gentle, Jessica didn't wake up. Yet his touch was arousing her insides. She was dreaming, and in her dream, she was masturbating. And then, Leonardo DiCaprio, who had moved his own hand there, was pulling her hand away.

As Mike was shooting his load over himself, Leonardo was exciting Jessica in her dream. She began moving her body about. Mike hurriedly finished jerking off while he withdrew his hand from his sister's ass and cunt. With his hand off his sister, he concentrated on the final pulls on his cock. Finally, the air went out of him and he relaxed.

As he started regaining some of his senses, Mike looked down at himself. Drops of cum were splattered and a small puddle was at the base of his shaft. He was just about to get up and grab his shorts when he heard and felt his sister's movements. He turned toward her in a panic.

Apparently, she was still asleep and her body was moving about trying to find a new comfortable position. In her dream, Leonardo was turning her onto her back. In her movements, Jessica edged closer to the side of the bed ... closer to her brother. She now lay totally on her back.

Mike sucked in his breath. His sister's tits were not far from his eyes. He had never seen them so close-up. He thought of how nice it would be to take them into his mouth. However, he was sure that if he tried that, she would wake up. Then his eyes moved down over his sister's sleeping body. She looked so alluring lying on her back. He looked at the smooth flesh of her flat belly and he began to feel himself begin to become excited again. Then he was looking at her panties and below. Jess' legs were somewhat more parted than before and Mike knew that if he could get his hand inside of her panties again, this time over her belly, that he would really be able to get a handful of her pussy.

The thought rekindled the spark. He also knew that she was now lying in a position to be fucked and this thought excited him even more so. He thought long and hard. In the end, his manhood won out over common sense. He could not control his thinking. He HAD to feel his sister's cunt in his whole hand. Maybe if he could work his finger into her she would want to fuck. Oh yes! He really wanted to fuck her ... to taste her tits.

Mike turned back, almost to the identical position as before, only this time Jessica's arm was up by her head so that his face was at her side, his mouth only an inch away from her bare flesh. His arm again reached over and, after hovering for a moment just above her belly, he slowly and gently rested his hand lightly atop her belly button. As before, she didn't stir. As before, he waited nervously.

Once again, his fingers went beneath the elastic of his sister's panties, only this time he didn't have the same patience he had before. He wanted to possess his sister's cunt. He was much more bold now, yet not so bold as to be rough. This time, with purpose, his fingers moved under her silken panties. His cock was hard again. He almost did not care anymore if she woke up. He wanted to touch her cunt!

Over the softness of her bare mound his fingers traveled, and he eagerly moved it into the area where her legs were parted. His middle finger moved to the hole and slowly pushed into the moistness.

"Mmmmmmmm," Jessica's mouth let out a sound and Mike felt her pussy push and squirm somewhat at his hand.

(Leonardo DiCaprio was at her again and she wanted to cum for him).

Jessica's body began squirming more noticeably. Mike lifted his head off the bed and was now looking at her tit. He wanted to take it into his mouth and suckle it. His finger pushed deeper into his sister.

"Nnnnngggg, ooooo, mmmmm. Nnnnnn ... NO!!!!!"

Jessica finally awoke to find a hand at her privates. She felt a strange excitement within her body, while at the same time a sense of panic overtook her. She clamped her legs closed tightly on the intruding hand and her head turned in panic. It was then that she saw her brother sitting on the floor, his face so close to her that she could feel the gush of his breath upon her skin. She quickly realized that it had been his hand touching her.

"Mike ... Mikey ... What are ... Stop, stop it!" she whispered her demand.

The boy thought quickly. She had caught him anyway. It was too late to feign his story. Besides, he was hornier now than ever -- and he quickly recalled that his sister's body had actually reacted to his touch in her sleep. Even though her legs were clamped tight on his hand, he still had his finger in her cunt. He began to move it about, ever so gently, inside her.

"Stop!" she demanded.

"It's okay, Jess. I won't do anything to hurt you."

His finger continued to move about. Jessica squeezed her thighs shut, as tight as she could in hopes of making him stop, to no avail. His finger moved and she felt a strange excitement.

"No! Stop Mike ... Stop."

She then tried to twist away, but her brother kept his hand at her cunt. Jess was afraid to loosen her legs on his hand for fear that he would push it further into her. Yet unless she loosened her grip, he would not be able to pull his hand away. She was in a Catch-22 situation.

Her brother's finger began a steady movement inside her.

"Mikey no, don't ... What are you doing?"

"It's okay, Jess," he spoke in a whisper. "I'm not gonna hurt you."

Finger movement ... finger movement...

Then he finally threw caution to the wind, raising himself somewhat until his mouth was up to an inch within her tit.

Finger movement ... finger movement...

He saw her breast rising and falling, as her excitement was building in spite of herself. Mike could hear that her breathing had become somewhat labored. Suddenly, his free hand reached out and grabbed at the flesh of his sister's tit.

"No!" she called out, her voice panicky as her brother's mouth opened on the nipple.

Finger movement ... finger movement...

Jessica had been feeling the stirrings in her loins and now she also felt those funny feelings throughout her body as her brother's mouth began to suck and lick on her sensitive flesh. Slowly the fight and the fright were leaving her, knowing that it was her brother ... she knew that he wouldn't hurt her.

She slowly relaxed.

Finger movement ... finger movement ... His finger managed to continue to move within her.

Finally, she gave in to the pleasurable feelings and her legs loosened their grip on his hand. Mike now allowed his finger to move in and out of his sister's hole more freely, but never pushing hard. At the same time, his mouth continued sucking on the hot flesh of her tit.

Jessica began moaning involuntarily. Despite herself, the young girl's body was responding. She was becoming more and more aroused under his touch. She moved her hands to the back of her brother's head and held him in place, suckling at her tit. She was beginning to squirm and enjoy the pleasures running through her body because of his sucking mouth. Her hips were now gently pushing up and down so that his finger could continue exciting her pussy.

"Ooooooo, Mikey. That feels gooooooo..." The young girl was losing all of her inhibitions.

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