Pastor's Helper

by wilcoxfun

Copyright© 2010 by wilcoxfun

Erotica Sex Story: Gren loved serving those who served the Lord. She was willing to do so from an early age.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Interracial   .

Gren was a lovely 40 year old. She had brown hair and a pretty good figure for a 40 year old. She felt called by God to come help her pastor and other church leaders in anyway that she could assist them. She found that doing God's work was really fun.

Realize that Gren always was a good Southern Baptist lady. She grew up in a very loving home near Nashville, Tennessee. Tom, her father. would always teach his girls that you do whatever a man ask. Especially if the asking is to help in the Lord's work.

Gren had one time seen her daddy tell Kay, her mom, to kneel before Brother Al. Kay had done so immediately and then Tom said, "Brother Al, I would be honored if you would refresh Kay with the gift of life."

Brother Al then told Kay, "Please open my trousers and bring out the gift that brings life. Open your mouth Kay and suck on this wonderful gift."

Kay did and Gren was sure that Brother Al was well pleased as he moaned. He also shoot something into her mom's mouth. But Gren was not sure what that was as Kay swallowed all of it. But her mother told Brother Al, "Thank you for giving me this wonderful gift of life. Can I do anything else in service for the Lord?"

Brother Al requested that Kay would go with him if Tom approved. Brother Al had need of her services that evening as they searched for lost souls in a project area. Gren was so proud of her father for he said, "Yes, Kay, may go win souls. Remember darling you must use all that you have to help win those that are lost."

Tom was the first man to ask her to come pray with him in his private study. In that study, Tom would pray and Gren would provide him assistance in his prayer. Gren would give her daddy extra assistance by kissing his gift of life. When it rise to a stiffness that her daddy was pleased with then he would ask her to open her mouth. She always did so as she was helping her daddy pray.

Gren liked the feel of her daddy getting that extra strength in prayer that she could provide. It was always a joy that as her daddy ended his prayer his stiffness would shoot a gift into her mouth. It was as if God himself was providing her proof that daddy's prayers had been heard.

Tom taught her that to really assist men to ministry that she should always be willing to provide for their needs. So when her daddy brought Brother Al to visit she was willing to do anything that he needed.

Brother Al requested that she take her clothes off. Gren gladly did. Her daddy and mom were watching and told her how proud they were! Brother Al asked Kay to prepare Gren.

Kay asked Gren, "Honey please lay down on the bed here. Open your legs wide and I am going to help you to accept the gift that Brother Al is going to give you." Kay then began to kiss her insides of her thighs and finally began to kiss and even lick her place where she pee from. Gren was feeling really good and getting a really wonderful feeling that was warm. All of sudden Gren felt like she had just died and went to heaven.

Brother Al then crawled between her legs and placed his gift. The gift was stiff like her daddy's was right now as he watched. Brother Al pushed inside her and it hurt just a little but not too much. Kay had played with her before so it was stretched pretty good. Gren really liked the feeling that Brother Al was giving her. She could feel this wonderful man of God getting assistance from her as he moved in and out. He shared, "I am releasing my stress in doing this so I can an even better pastor." Suddenly her lurched hard into her and Gren felt a wetness and warm shooting deep within her body. It was a wonderful feeling.

After Brother Al had finished his work. He told Kay, "Please clean Gren up so that she will feel once again this gift of heaven."

Kay once again kissed and licked her. Gren was really enjoying this as she could tell all of the wonderful warm stuff was now being licked clean of her body. It was like her mother was now getting to enjoy it as well.

Tom then asked Gren, "Would she feel up to serving him as well as she had Brother Al?"

"Yes, daddy I would love to help you let go of your stress today as well." she replied.

Her daddy kissed her mouth and touch her little breasts as he bent down and sucked on each little one. Gren was giggling as this was a first for her and she really liked it. Then her daddy asked her, "To take his cock, that is what he called his stiffness, and place it into her cunt." She was not sure what a cunt was but her daddy touched it and she knew then what he wanted. She did so gladly.

Her daddy was even bigger than Brother Al and he gave her wonderful pleasure. He kept going in and out of her cunt. It was getting so wet and she was moving once again close to heaven as she felt him plunge deep with her. She was so delighted that daddy wanted to releive his stress within her.

Gren noticed that her mommy was now on her knees facing her and daddy. Brother Al was behind and he seemed to be releasing his stress again. He was smiling at her and she smiled right back at him. Brother Al was very happy and so was her daddy. Both of them said things like, "Yes darlings please us so we can care for those in need of the Lord."

Gren really liked pleasing her daddy and Brother Al. She knew that she would always be willing to please those who serve the Lord.

That evening after Brother Al had left Gren's home. Kay came to sit with her and they visited. Kay shared, "You need to know that now that you have been called by the Lord you will need to provide your body in his work. I do this to help spread the gospel honey. Often Brother Al will ask me to go help in the projects. I will go there and he will invite men to come visit me and listen to him share the good news. I am sure one night he will ask you to come with me to help in this work. It is a very special house. The men are willing to give a gift to the Lord and Brother Al receives this gift gladly."

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