First Liars

by just-this-guy

Copyright© 2010 by just-this-guy

Erotica Sex Story: A high school boy and a high school girl were neighbors forever. They had the perfect platonic relationship. They could share anything with each other and their favorite topic was sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   First   .

I sat with Jenna on her front lawn. We loved to chat in the evenings especially when it stayed lighter for longer.

I'd known Jenna for as long as I could remember. We always lived next door to each other as far as I knew. We were playmates in elementary school and remained friends when we hit puberty and middle school. Jenna and I were both in high school now. We both were sixteen and I was only a month older. She turned sixteen just a week ago.

The best thing about our friendship was we could talk about anything and I mean anything. She talked about her sexual experiences and she was an adventurous girl. I talked about my sexual happenings and I had done a lot of things too. We were also smart enough not to mess up our friendship by dating each other. It was so great to have a girl I could talk to about relationship issues and so I could learn about things through a girl's perspective. I knew Jenna felt the same way about learning about how guys thought and she did it by asking questions to me.

We both had oral sex at age 14. I received with Trish. Jenna gave to Brad. We both lost our virginities at age 15. I did it with Megan. Jenna did it with Tony. Over the past year we've each had various relationships.

"So who are you dating now?" I asked.


"Alex? I haven't seen you together at school."

"We're keeping it hush-hush. His ex-girlfriend would die if she knew he was dating already."

"Oh, that's nice of you. So once she gets over him then you two can go public."


"So do you like him?"

"I sure do!"

"How much?"

"We've already done it if that's what you mean."

It wasn't what I meant but I would've eventually gotten that far and asked.

"You slut!" I joked.

"He's really good," Jenna said with a dismissive shrug. "I know what I like and I go after it."

"I'm happy for you."

"Thanks. What about you? Who are you seeing now?"

"Mia and I have been going out about two weeks but we're keeping it under wraps. Her friend Olivia broke up with her boyfriend a month ago and she still hasn't gotten over it so Mia doesn't want to flaunt that she has a boyfriend."

"A month! I would have dated and broken up with two boys by then!" she joked.

"Three!" I played along.

"So what have you done?"

"Not much," I said. "She likes sucking my cock but we haven't fucked yet. She's not ready."

"Is she a virgin?"

"Mia? No way."

"Yeah, stupid question."

I nodded. There was no way Mia was a virgin. She was too much of a flirt.

She asked, "Did you see Trevor and Sara?"

"No! Are they dating?" I said.

"It sure looks like it."

Trevor was one of the Big Men On Campus. He could go out with just about any girl he wanted. Sara was so ... plain.

"Maybe she's easy," I suggested.

"Every girl is easy when it comes to Trevor."

"So why haven't you gone out with him then?"

Jenna slugged me. I laughed hard and fell back to the ground.

"He just hasn't asked me out if you have to know."

I sat back up.

She said, "You still haven't asked Madison out."

Madison was the female counterpart to Trevor. Everyone on campus thought Trevor and Madison should be an item but apparently the two disliked each other.

"I still haven't received her email giving me permission to ask her out," I joked.

"Alex is way better than Trevor anyway."

"I'm happy with Mia."

"But you'd date Madison if you had the chance."

I shrugged. "Sure. Just like you'd date Trevor."

"I'd keep Alex. Girls aren't like boys. It's not all about how a boy looks."

Too bad for girls. A girl's appearance was all that counted for me. Mia wasn't a knockout but she was pretty. The same could probably be said about Alex.

It was a week later and we talked on Jenna's front lawn again.

"So how's your relationship with Alex going? Getting married yet? Are you pregnant with twins?"

She shot over a glaring look which made my teasing so worth it.

"We broke up."

"Oh, I'm sorry," I truly apologized.

"He wanted to fuck my butt."

"You've done it before. With Ron, right?"


"Jon? I thought you let Ron take your anal cherry?"

"I did but Jon was the last one I did it with."

"Oh, I didn't know that."

"You obviously forgot."

"I guess." I couldn't figure how I could forget something like that. "So why didn't you let Alex do it?"

"Not with a cock as big as his!"

"He's really big?"

"Yeah. It feels fantastic in my pussy but there's no way I want that thing in my butt."

"He doesn't seem that big in the locker room."

"When he's hard, it gets really fat."

"How fat?"

Jenna needed two hands to make the circle. My butt clenched at the thought of something that big in my butt.

"I don't blame you," I said. "I pity the girl who has to experience it."

"I hope it's Samantha."

I laughed. Now that girl was a bitch! I imagined hearing her painfully cry out as Alex's fat cock entered her tight ass.

"So what about you?" Jenna asked.

"I'm still together with Mia. We've done it and now we do it all the time. She is insatiable."

"Why aren't you doing it right now instead of talking to me?"

"She has to eat dinner with her parents. I go to her house after school and we fuck every which way."

"I saw you walking home with Mike today."

"Well, today she had a doctor's appointment. I'm so horny I could jump you. Just kidding!"

"You better!" Jenna said.

"We'll always just be friends."


I gazed at Jenna. In my opinion, she was one of the prettiest girls in school. I wished there were more girls at school as pretty as Jenna.

"What are you looking at?" she asked.

"I was just thinking," I covered.

"About what?"

"You know."

"With Mia or with a new girl?"

"Mia. She's so ... flexible."


"Uh-huh. She can do the pretzel like you can do."


"Yes," I assured. She sounded like she didn't believe me.

"I bet I could show you more positions than she could," Jenna said.

I nodded and looked out toward the street. Jenna told me about some of the positions she was in with her boyfriends. She was amazing.

"What?" I said. I caught her looking at me all happy and goofy.

"Nothing," she said.

It was a strange week. Two times I had a very sexy dream and both times it was with Jenna. I didn't have feelings for her so what was my mind doing to me?

"So who are you dating?" I asked. I hadn't seen Jenna with anyone but I knew her so she had to be seeing someone secretly.

"Alex," she answered.

"Alex? I thought you broke up with him because he wanted to fuck your ass with his big dick."

"I did but we're back together."

"So you let him butt fuck you?"

"Don't be an idiot. He just loves my pussy. So how's it going with Mia?"

"Fantastic. She's the best girl I've ever been with."

"I feel the same way about Alex. The best boy that is." Jenna giggled.

What was going on with Jenna? I knew she lied to me. I saw Alex getting friendly with another girl all week. Jenna and I were best friends. We always told each other what was going on in our lives.

"Who are you really dating?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" she responded.

"I know you're not dating Alex. He's seeing someone else. If you're not dating right now, just say so. I don't care."

"Me?" she reacted and for some reason angrily. "What about you? I know you're not with Mia."

"Yes, I am!"


"She's even talking marriage of all things."

"Marriage?" Jenna laughed. "When she hasn't ever gone out with you?"

"Well, you're going out with Alex is all shit."

"Well, I happen to know Mia is going out with..." Jenna stopped.

I took advantage of her pause. "I happen to know Alex is dating..." I stopped.

"Alex," Jenna said.

"Mia," I said.

Jenna and I stared at each other. She looked emotional and I wanted to crawl into a hole.

I was such a phony. "I ... I need to say something, Jenna."

"I do too," she said. "I haven't ... I never..."

"I think you need to hear this," I interrupted. "It's important."

"I need to talk first." I was going to break in again but she continued. "I've never done anything I've ever said. I've never had sex. I've never given a blowjob. I've never even seen a dick in real life. I'm a ... big liar."

She broke down sobbing and started to get up. I reached out and grabbed her thigh.

"Jenna," I said. "I haven't either. None of it."

She sat back down. "None?"

"Nothing, just like you. I kissed a girl once but we just wanted to see what it felt like. It wasn't a date."

"I did the same thing."

"I've never even touched a breast. I've never been close to having sex. I'm a ... liar too. I guess I wanted you to think I was cool. I wanted you to like me."

"I've always liked you. I guess I thought if you thought I was sexually experienced you'd like me."

My heart was racing as I felt like I needed to say something more.

"J ... Jenna, I think I love you. I know I love you. I think I've known it all along but I didn't think I was good enough for you."

Jenna broke down in more tears. A bad sign.

"I ... I love you, too," she said. Okay, the tears were a good sign.

"Do ... do you want to go out some time?"

Jenna laughed in the midst of her tears. "No," she said, shaking her head.

"Oh," I said and my heart felt unexpectedly painful.

"I want to be with you. I'm ready. I've had dreams about me and you."

"I've had dreams about you!" I said elatedly.

"My parents are going out tomorrow night."

I nodded to show I heard. Tomorrow! Finally! I would do it for real!

I stood nervously in Jenna's bedroom. I just looked at her and she just looked back at me. I expected to feel the excitement I felt but I didn't expect to feel the anxiety I felt too.

"So... ," I said.

"So... ," Jenna said with a weak smile.

I hoped she'd make the first move but I guess she was expecting the same of me. We couldn't just stand looking at each other all night. Well, we could but that wasn't the reason we were here in her bedroom.

"I'll just take off my shoes and socks," I said.


I sat right there on the floor and did so. Jenna watched with a little smile. I got back on my feet.

"Would it be okay if I took off my shirt?" I asked.

"Sure," she said with a nod. I pulled my shirt off. "You look good."

Every time I looked in the mirror I saw a little boy's chest, so I knew she was just being nice.

"Liar!" I said but in a joking manner.

"I mean it," she said. "Can I touch your chest?"

She wanted to touch me? "Su ... sure."

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