Hunter Men 01: Take That! General Motors

by Marc Tremaine

Copyright© 2010 by Marc Tremaine

Erotica Sex Story: What's a minister to do when he comes back to the house to get his wallet and overhears his younger son (Sam, 13) persuading his older son (Mac, 18) to suck him...and clearly not for the first time? Give them a hellfire and brimstone sermon? Or sneak up on them while stroking his own thick and leaking meat? What's a heavenly father to do?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   Incest   Son   Brother   Father   Grand Parent   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

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I wasn't particularly trying to be quiet when I opened the kitchen door. I didn't have a reason to be—on the contrary, I was in a bit of a hurry, which usually means I'm kind of noisy. I'd left my wallet on the counter, and there were some things I had to complete for tomorrow before meeting my father here and taking him and the boys out to dinner. A kind of "guys night out" since all the women in our family—my mother, sister and niece—were out of town for the weekend. I was about to open my mouth to yell upstairs, "Just me, guys, forgot my keys!" when Sam's high voice, not quite soprano, not quite tenor, surprisingly clear and sharp, stopped me cold.

"You know you want to." He was in the living room and there was a tone I hadn't heard before ... direct, commanding.

Who the ... er ... heck (I tried to censor even my own thoughts, but it didn't always work) was he talking to?

"No." There was a slight pause. "No, I don't. Not ... not any more."

Mac? And just what was it that my thirteen-year-old was so certain his eighteen-year-old brother really wanted to do?

Sam's voice changed again, still clear and precise, but softer, more persuasive, more ... seductive? Sam being seductive?

"Sure you do, Mac. I've seen you watching me ... just happening to walk in on me when I'm dressing, having to use the bathroom while I do. Hell, you had a stiffie the whole time you were shaving last Saturday night, while I was in the tub. C'mon, Mac, suck my dick. You're so awesome at it."

"No. Look, kid, we've gotta stop this." He paused again, followed by a gasp. "N ... no, c'mon, Sam, don't do this, put your shirt back on. Uh ... dad'll be back any time now from the airport."

Mac had gone from resistance to acquiescence in about five seconds, about the same length of time it took for my own penis to become painfully erect. Mac was sucking Sam's cock? To hell with forgiveness. I'll kill him. But I didn't move, couldn't have except if the house caught fire, and maybe not even then. It had just hit me. This wasn't the first time, and from Sam's tone, not even a second or third. Even worse, the idea of it was what had me so hard.

"Sorry, bro. Dad has to stop off at the church to finish something on his sermon ... heard him say so. We'll be lucky if he gets back in an hour. Plenty of time. And you like young cock, don't you, Mac?"

I heard my oldest son, my confident, at times arrogant, college freshman son, moan.

"You like boy dick a lot, don't you, Mac? You like this one? Want to put your hand where mine is? Put your mouth on me?"

His brother sighed, gave in completely. "Yeah."

"Strip. Then do me."

There was barely a moment of silence before I heard the rustle of clothes, the double-thud of Mac's shoes dropping on the floor. I had to shift my prick in my briefs, it was painful curved down. I could feel a drop of precum oozing out as I imagined the scene on the other side of the wall. Mac, tall, long dark brown hair, gorgeous eyes, hairy chest, slender, well-muscled; Sam, just over five feet tall, with short light brown hair, still slightly chubby. It had been years since I'd seen either one naked. Now my naked older son was going to give his young brother a blowjob. On his knees? Would he be playing with his dick while he sucked? Would Sam, cute, adorable Sam, hold his brother's head and face fuck Mac's mouth, ramming that little boy's dick between those warm lips? It didn't even occur to me at that moment how my sudden lust had changed my vocabulary.

I had to see. Depending on where they were, how absorbed they were in getting Sam off quickly before I showed up, they might not notice me. At worst, one of them would see me, and I'd still get to see my sons naked and hard ... a consummation devoutly to be wished, I'd suddenly found out about myself ... even if the hard didn't last too long. At best, I could watch Mac exercise his apparently great skills at cocksucking.

The doors to the front hall weren't quite closed, and fortunately for me, my boys were placed just right. Sam was naked, a surprisingly thick little cock, maybe 4 inches long standing straight out over a small, tight ball sack drawn up close to his body. He was hairless at the base of his prick, none on his balls. Mac was on his knees, his butt resting on his heels, his right hand fisting an impressive slab of teenaged meat, while he licked his lips and stared intently at his brother's dick. Sam started jacking slowly, very slowly, and his whispered, "Mac," lifted his brother's head, pulled it up on puppet strings until they were eye to eye, but Mac's body betrayed how much he wanted to look down at that young dick, how much he wanted to stick his tongue out and lap up the tiny drop of precum that had just oozed from the tip.

Sam gave him his wish. "Lick the head of my dick, Mac."

Mac didn't need any urging. He swooped down on that young cock like a hawk dropping out of the sky on a mouse. He licked the drops of precum off the slit, and then swallowed Sam all the way to his plump tummy. Mac's hands, so large compared to Sam's small butt, held onto his brother's ass cheeks, guiding the boycock into his mouth. Sam was running both his hands through his brother's long hair, almost like petting a dog for doing something good. And from the expression on my younger son's face, and the way his breathing increased just a little, Mac was indeed doing something good ... something very good.

The sight was also doing something good to me ... making me hornier than I had been in a long time. It was also going to cause me major problems if I wound up with stained boxers and stained jeans since I leak precum like a faucet when I'm turned on. I dithered for about zero point zero zero five seconds about the obvious: whether to drop my pants and beat off while watching my sons have sex. It took even less time than the dithering to get my shirt tucked up half-way to my nipples, which were very, very hard, and my pants around my knees, and my right hand stroking my cock, while I cupped my left hand under the head, to catch the precum so I could lick it off my palm.

Sam was breathing faster now, and he'd put both hands on the sides of Mac's head so he could control the blowjob. Actually, it was beginning to be more of a face fucking as Mac seemed to surrender completely to his young brother. It was an awesome sight ... that fat little cock of my younger boy sliding rapidly between the eager lips of his older brother. I licked precum off my hand and put it back to get some more.

Sam pushed Mac's mouth away from him, and I could see that hard, spit-shiny boy prick standing straight out and slightly tilted up from the boy's crotch. "Suck on your finger, Mac."

Mac's face lit up with a smile. He quickly put his first two fingers in his mouth, and then loaded them with saliva, open-mouthed and lewdly, lapping at them with his tongue, while Sam's prick jumped just a little. When Mac's fingers were dripping wet, Sam pulled Mac's head back down; Mac pursed his lips, licked them to get them wet, and opened them just enough to give Sam a really tight fit as Sam slid his cock back in. Mac's own cock was still standing up from his hairy crotch, and I could see he was dripping as much as I was.

Mac moved his right hand between Sam's legs. Sam was going to get finger-fucked while he got blown? I thought I'd blow my wad right then, but managed to keep myself a little bit, slightly, barely reasonably calm. I couldn't see Mac's long, callused finger sliding into my little boy's asshole, but I heard the slight gasp that burst from Sam when Mac must have pushed just the fingertip in. And then there was the way Sam's butt thrust out and he spread his legs a little to give Mac access to his hole, and the eager, hot smile when Mac's finger ... fingers? was Mac using two fingers on that little butt? ... bottomed out.

Sam moaned again, telling Mac to switch fingers ... his hole was obviously too tight for both fingers at once ... and I wondered whether it had ever been stretched for ... anything else. "C'mon, Mac, suck me good. Finger-fuck my ass, make me blast a load of boycum down your throat. Do a good job, cocksucker, and if you keep on treating me right, I'll get you some more boycock to service."

Mac bobbed his head on his brother's meat even more eagerly, using his right hand to finger Sam's hole, and his left hand to somewhat awkwardly jack himself off. But Sam put a stop to that, ordering him to stop playing with himself. Mac obeyed ... reluctantly, with one final smear of his dad-like greasy precum around the head of his cock and down the shaft. Sam shifted into higher gear, slamming his fat little boycock in and out of his brother's mouth, breathing harder and faster ... just like his dad, and I was desperately controlling the sound so as not to distract them, and not to get caught. The sound of those little balls slapping against Mac's face was such a turn on. And from the way Sam was wriggling his hips, and rotating his gleaming white ass, Mac must have been really doing a good job on the boy's hole.

Suddenly, though, Sam thrust his cock all the way into Mac's mouth as hard as he could and then just held it there. He wasn't cumming, that was obvious, and I put the mental and physical brakes on, too. What the ... er ... oh, shit ... the hell with the censorship: what the fuck was going on?

Sam pulled his cock out of his brother's mouth very slowly, and lifted his hips so that Mac could slide the current butt-finger out. He looked so adorable with his hairless cock and balls, shiny with Mac's spit, a glistening drop of precum leaking out the tip. Mac was clearly frustrated, but he apparently knew that this oddly in control young boy was definitely in charge, so he didn't say anything as he sat back on his haunches. I got a really good look for the first time at my older son's hard teen meat. Impressive. About the same length as his old man's cock, which runs just a bit under eight inches, but thicker, the shaft almost triangular in shape, with the top of the shaft smooth and flat, forming the base of the triangle, and ending in a fat, almost arrowhead-shaped head.

"Turn around." Sam gave that incredibly adorable, shit-eating little boy leer, and Mac's own face lit up. In a flash Mac was on his hands and knees, head almost on the floor, catching his weight on his forearms. His legs were just slightly bent ... which turned out be just the right height for when Sam dropped to his knees, lowered his head, and dropped his face between Mac's ass cheeks. Mac sighed and then moaned, almost whimpering as he urged his little brother to eat his ass out really good. I squeezed the length of my cock to get the precum out and then eagerly lapped it off my palm, before starting a light stroking again. I didn't dare work my prick too hard or I'd cum ... and the way I was feeling right now, I'd cum pretty damned loud.

Damn, but I wished I was up close, watching my younger son bury his tongue up his older brother's hole. Just then, Sam lifted his face, his lips and mouth gleaming with sweat and his own spit. He grabbed Mac's muscular butt, pulled it down to the right level, and then rammed his boycock in hard and fast.

"Ohhhhhhhhh." Mac's sigh was one of complete contentment as his brother's prick slid in all the way. Sam held still for just a moment, and then began a smooth, steady stroke in and out of his brother's ass. Mac started helping with his own fucking, moaning, and rotating his ass, thrusting it back to meet the inward shoves of his brother's eager young dick. Sam grunted, and picked up the pace.

"God, yes, Sam, fuck my hole, c'mon kid, fuck me raw," Mac begged. Sam eagerly obliged, moving his hips faster and faster, making Mac moan even louder, and then with a couple of very hard quick strokes, Sam plunged all the way in, clenching tight on Mac's hips, and shuddering as he released a load of boycum up his older brother's butt.

Sam collapsed over Mac's back, panting, and Mac wriggled his butt against the young dick that still impaled him. His "mmmmm" was soft and contented.

"Damn, but you're a good fuck, Mac." Sam levered himself upright, and slowly withdrew his cock. "Tommy Stanton didn't believe me, though. So I told him he could fuck you and see for himself."

I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. And apparently neither could Mac. His verbal, "You did what?" echoed my silent one. Mac started to raise himself, too, but Sam reached out with his left hand and pressed down on Mac's shoulder. Obviously, Sam wasn't strong enough to actually stop Mac, but my older son stopped moving anyway.

"Spread your legs a little," Sam told him. Mac complied. Sam got on his back and wiggled under Mac's butt. He put a hand on each hip, told Mac not to cum yet, and then tugged just a little. Once again, there was no hesitation on Mac's part as they went through something that was clearly not happening for the first time. Mac sat on his brother's face!

Mac's eyes were shut, so I took a chance on moving just a little so I could see better. He was so fucking hot with his head thrown back, that long silky hair falling down to his shoulders; his chest and abs covered with a light down of soft hair, which got thicker and darker below his waist. Down there, he was almost as hairy as his old man, and he was stroking that stud prick hard, while he ground his butt down on his kid brother's face. They moaned in unison, and I could tell they were both getting off on Sam eating out his brother's ass and collecting his own cum.

Mac was really panting hard, speeding up his hand strokes like he was going to cum, and then stopping suddenly, remembering Sam's instruction not to cum. "Sam," he whimpered, "Christ, Sam, you gotta let me cum. Dad'll be home soon."

Sam's hands pushed softly on his brother's butt and Mac raised his hips, allowing Sam to wiggle out from under. Mac swiveled around to face his brother, probably getting rug burn on his knees. He stopped playing with his cock, ducking his head to take a quick slurp of his own precum from his fingertips. I guess that's definitely an inherited trait, because that's what I was doing myself right then ... Sam stood up in front of him, and the grin on his face was clearly a satisfied, cum-eating grin. And his little cock was still hard ... if it had ever actually gone soft.

Mac looked down at his brother's leaking prick, and started playing with himself again. "Uh, Sam ... you were just kidding about Tommy, weren't you?"

It didn't seem possible, but Sam's grin got even wider and much more smug. "Nope."

"Aw, shit."

Sam's grin became more than a little wicked. "Okay, Mac, tell ya what. Tell me you don't want Tommy Stanton naked in front of you, twisting your tits like this, and making you suck his dick, before you lay on your back and you feel that nice hard young prick sliding in and out of your eager hole. C'mon, Mac, tell me you wouldn't like hot teen meat besides mine up your butt, 'n maybe suck my dick while he's fucking you."

All through the recitation, Mac was working his cock harder, writhing with the workout his tits were getting, whimpering at the obvious fantasies in his head, which couldn't have been more hardon making than the ones going through my mind. "Please, Sam," he whispered.

Sam twisted Mac's tits even harder in response. Mac bit his lips, then begged again, stretching the word out, "Please."

"Play with your tits, bro'," Sam said as he dropped to his knees, his delectable ass up in the air as he bent over and swallowed his brother's meat all the way to Mac's thick hair. Damn, but my youngest was some experienced cocksucker, too, and Mac was loving every stroke of the plump boy lips wrapped around his dripping prick. He started fucking Sam's face while Sam just kind of stayed in place, and as he started getting closer to cumming, Mac began grunting ... just like his old man was doing.

My cock was slick with spit and my own precum as I jacked myself to a great cum. I knew I was getting loud, but I couldn't help myself, grunting and moaning when I get close to cumming must be something genetic, because my oldest was doing it, too. I tried to hold back but the sight of that cute face getting so roughly face fucked by thick brother cock was too much for me. I figured the loudness of Mac's grunts as he got closer would cover me. But it didn't.

Mac's eyes snapped open as his head turned in my direction. Sam hadn't been paying attention, I guess, because despite Mac's "Oh, fuck," when Mac saw me, and the fact Mac stopped thrusting, Sam just took over and with a few eager vacuum bobs of his head, Mac was cumming before his shock was able to soften his cock.

Mac's eyes widened even further when his mind caught up with what was going on ... as he realized his dad was standing there, pants around his ankles, pumping his thick cock and starting to shoot a thick load of man cream into his own palm ... and all from watching his two sons fuck and suck.

Mac's mouth was moving, a weird combination of trying to speak and moan and gasp, all at the same time.

Like any man with pants and underwear around his ankles, a softening prick in one hand and the other full of warm cum, I couldn't move very elegantly, so I sort of crab-walked over to my boys. The shuffling sound was enough to bring Sam to his senses, and lift his head to stare up at me, a drop of brother-cum at the corner of his mouth. He unconsciously and automatically licked it off with a flick of his tongue, while his eyes took on the expression you see on those drawings of the children who look like they're all sad eyes. Only it wasn't sadness, it was shock and more than a little fear ... despite the fact he was staring at wilting dad-cock and a half-naked father.

I held my cupped hand out to my motionless boys. "You want to try some of this?"

I didn't think the boys could be any more shocked than they already were, but I was wrong. Both their mouths dropped open. Sometimes I despair about how bright these two really are, despite Mac's decent grades and Sam's generally excellent ones. A father who has just finished jacking off while watching his sons fuck and suck, and is offering his boys a chance to eat some dad-cream, isn't exactly a father who's pissed off about a little clandestine incest. In fact, the father is probably more interested in joining the incest than stopping it.

Which is the thought that finally percolated through their heads. Mac was still blushing but he grabbed my hand, bent his head and his long, agile tongue licked up part of the cum. He raised his head to let Sam get close, and when Sam's hot little tongue lapped up the rest, Mac lowered his head again, and started sucking on my fingers. Sam took the hint and began sucking my thumb and index finger, from time to time looking up at me almost cross-eyed to see the effect on his old man. He should have been looking more at his eye-level to see the effect. With both sons getting my fingers slick with spit, sucking on them like a hard cock, I was stiff again.

I pulled my left hand gently back from their mouths, and looked down with a smile at my kneeling sons. They were both just about hard again. With the tip of my index fingers I rubbed each of their mouths, stroking their lips, gently moving inside to caress their gums, their teeth, then softly forcing my way past their lips. I don't think either of them had realized quite how erotic a finger and a mouth can be. But they were quick learners, and even quicker getting stiff again themselves.


"Yeah, dad?"

"You were serious about your cousin's boyfriend..."

"Ex-boyfriend, dad."

"Okay, ex-boyfriend, using your brother?"

I continued to caress their faces while Sam obviously tried to figure out in the very few seconds he knew I'd give him whether to lie, or how little of the truth he thought he could get away with. He finally opted for silence and a nod as the safest response ... not too much, not too little, just right.

"How much?"

"How much?" Mac's voice echoed mine, only the squeak on the "much" was positively stratospheric.

Amazing. Sam's blush was over his whole body. And his hot little cock was still standing out straight; talking about money must be as much of a turn on for him as his brother's mouth and ass. "Uh ... well ... five bucks if Mac sucks him, and ten if he gets to fuck."

Mac's voice was still almost shrill with surprise, dismay, anger ... and a very odd little note of something suspiciously like pleasure. "You were gonna collect money for me?"

"Look, Mac ... uh, dad ... it's just business." Sam stopped, as if that was a sufficient explanation. When he looked up from my hand stroking my hard prick, he realized that wasn't going to cut it. "Well, Mac owes me a bunch of money, and you know how slow he is about repaying, so I figured this way I could get it back a little quicker, and Mac could have a good time paying me back."

I tilted Sam's head up. "And make a little extra profit besides what you were charging Mac?" I glanced down at his stiff cock. "And get your own rocks off, too?"

Both boys seemed to have gotten past hearing me talk so bluntly, especially when my cock was hard and dripping right in front of them. Sam blushed again, a sight which just made my cock a little harder, and nodded. "You remember what I told you about charging interest if you loaned your brother money?"

Sam nodded again.


Mac jerked his eyes away from my cock, and looked up at me. "What do you think we ought to do to ... punish ... Sam?"

Mac grinned, and kept on jerking his meat. "Well, for starters, he could forget about the money I owe him. And split the money from Tommy with me."

I lifted one eyebrow, and it was Mac's turn to blush. "You like the idea of Tommy's dick in your mouth, or fucking your ass?"

He could hardly deny it, so he didn't bother. I bent slightly, stretched out my right hand and twisted his left nipple. "Oh, shit," he moaned. And then looked at me with a weird expression on his face ... he undoubtedly swore with his friends, but he'd never said so much as damn in front of me before. I grinned back at him.

I let go of his tit, and then hopped from foot to foot to get my shoes, pants and boxers off. Standing solidly on bare feet, I asked, "Mac, you think it would be more punishment or reward if Sam sucked your prick?"

"Well, I guess we'd just have to try and see, don't you think, dad?" With that, he put both hands on the sides of Sam's head and pulled that adorable little mouth down to the oozing brother-prick.

I dropped to my knees, too, behind Sam, began running my hands over his smooth, soft, plump, almost hairless body, reaching around his hips to play with his sweet cock. Mac's eyes were locked on mine while he controlled Sam's head, fucking his brother's face eagerly. He looked down to where my cock was pointing straight at Sam's little ass and his eyes lit up. I nodded, and dropped some spit on my fingers. Mac didn't say anything, but he licked his lips lasciviously, looking at my meat and then up at me. I got the message.

I stood up, straddled Sam, and then put my hands on my oldest son's head, burying my fingers in that wonderful long hair, and slid my thick meat quickly, easily, all the way down to my balls into Mac's mouth. He didn't gag or cough, just took it easily. Too easily, if his only experience was with his younger brother's comparatively small dick. To be this good, he had to have been sucking some other older, bigger cock. I'd have to remember to check that out. But right now all I was interested in was getting my prick slick with spit, nice and slimy for splitting the sweet buns of my younger son.

Mac did a real good job of getting me ready, and I rewarded him for his good sucking by leaning down and tweaking his tits hard while he was doing it. From his whimper it was plain my oldest boy loved tit work. Another thing to remember. Fuck, I hadn't even finished having sex with my boys for the first time and I was already planning the next session! Regretfully, I pulled my rod out of that warm wet mouth, stepped back and knelt again behind Sam.

I let Mac get my first two fingers sloppy with spit, too, and then I slid the first one in carefully, just to the second knuckle, letting him get used to it. Sam wiggled his butt, so I slid my finger all the way in, and heard his soft little moan around his brother's cock. Well, from what I'd seen earlier, I already knew he liked being finger-fucked. I obliged him, stroking my index finger in and out slowly, steadily, then alternating it with my second finger, pushing it in deeper. He was rotating that hot little butt on my finger when I winked at Mac who got a firmer grip on Sam's head, and then I pulled my finger all the way out.

Christ, but that was a hot sight, my youngest boy's pink asshole kind of puffy and quivering. I quickly sucked on my own fingers, put the second one sort of on top of my index finger, so the pair wasn't quite as wide ... at least at that moment ... and then pushed at his hole. There was a little resistance, and then they slid right in. Sam grunted, not in pain, but in lust. After a few quick strokes I spread my fingers out, side-by-side, stretching that tight little canal even wider. The whimper this time had some pain in it, but he didn't stop bobbing his head on his brother's cock. Although it wasn't as though he had much choice, not with the grip Mac had on his head.

I think Sam understood that doing what I wanted, what Mac wanted, surrendering the control he so obviously relished, was in a way part of his punishment for breaking more than a few of my rules. He just didn't understand quite yet how thoroughly he was going to surrender control.

He began to get an idea, though, when he felt my hands on his fleshy buns, my fingers gripping his cheeks, my thumbs spreading them wide, and then one thumb shoved inside of him. I yanked it out, shoved the other one in. I was leaking precum like the proverbial son of a bitch as I repeated that a couple of times, and then I just clamped down on his butt, used my thumbs to spread him and pushed the wide head of my cock up against his soft, moist hole.

And pushed.

Sam froze. The gargling sound around his brother's wide cock was probably a "no, please, don't," but from the moment I'd watched Mac finger-fuck his brother I knew I had to have my cock up that hot little ass. And that's where the head of my cock was ... right inside the ass-ring of my thirteen-year-old, which was clamping down tight, as if it had a chance of stopping the rest of my meat from finishing up deep inside that warm, tight tunnel.

"Go, dad," Mac half-whispered. "Bust that hot little cherry butt."

Holy merde and pardon my French all to hell. I was actually going to lose my own butt-fucking virginity in the virgin ass of my younger son. I couldn't help it. I shoved another couple of inches in. Sam moaned louder and his ass muscles tried to clamp down, maybe even shit me out ... which turned out to be a mistake, since all it did was open him up and allow me to slide balls-deep into his hot hole. Fucking incredible. All eight inches sheathed in lava-hot boyass.

I closed my eyes in sheer bliss.

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