Carol's Traffic Offence
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2010 by Shani 34

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A woman tries to avoid a fine for a traffic offence, but gets caught out. The man from the authority offers to let her off in return for sex. And he wants more than just one quick poke.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation  

"Mrs Stevens? I wonder if I could have a few moments of your time?"

Carol looked up at the elderly gentleman in the dark suit at her office door.

"Yes of course, please come in, sit down. How can I help you?"

The man took a chair on the other side of her desk, smiled, and opened a brief case. He took out a file, and laid it on her desk. Carol could see her name written in large letters on the file! He smiled at her, then flipped the cover of the file open, crossed his legs, cleared his throat, and sat back in his chair. "My name is James Maxwell, I work for the Road Traffic Authority. It's my job to investigate disputed traffic fines. You recently submitted a statutory declaration stating that a Mister Gordon Green was driving your car when it went through a red light?"

Carol gasped, and felt an unwanted flush forming on her cheeks. She told herself to relax and look confident, and smiled at the man.

"Yes," she croaked, and cursed herself for sounding so stressed!

"Let me explain why I am here. It is my job to investigate these cases, and report to the relevant authorities as to whether the claim seems correct. Unfortunately there are some small doubts in my mind about your claim. You are, I trust, aware of the penalties for submitting a false Stat Dec?"

Carol nodded nervously, actually she didn't know what the normal penalty was, but she had heard just a few days ago of a judge who had some time ago done as she had done and invented another driver, and somehow he had been exposed, and he had gone to jail! She tried to control her breathing, wondering if there was any way this man could have found out that Gordon Green was just a name she had found on the internet! He wrote a blog, and had a series of posts about a holiday his family had spent quite near where Carol lived, and straddling the time Carol had driven through that red light. Looking him up in the telephone directory she had found his address and changed the street number, so any letters sent to him would not find him. It had seemed such a simple way of avoiding the fine! Now she was having doubts.

"You had the man's address wrong, Mrs Stevens, but it wasn't hard to find the correct street number. I take it this is the Mr Green you were referring to in your stat dec? If I tell you that I have been in contact with Mr Green and he denies knowing anything about you, what would you say?"

"Oh god," Carol whispered.

"Not a very constructive response, Mrs Stevens. I was hoping you could perhaps explain the disparity? Or perhaps point me to another Mr Green in the same street?" He pulled a piece of paper from the folder, and pretended to read it for a few minutes while Carol felt her face going red. At last he looked up at her and said "No? I feared that might be the case. You made this up, didn't you, Mrs Stevens? I have to tell you that Mr Green is rather cross with you, he doesn't like it that you have told lies about him and tried to blame him for something he didn't do."

"Oh Christ," Carol moaned, wondering how she could have been so stupid.

Mr Maxwell sat looking at her for a minute, saying nothing, as her face turned red with shame. Finally he lent forward, looking stern. "You've been a bad girl, haven't you, Mrs Stevens?" She gulped, gave a slight nod. "You know you could go to prison for this?" She gulped again, nodded slowly. "If I report it, of course."

He sat back, and Carol now felt her body go cold. She already could guess where this might be leading. "What do you mean?"

"Well, I haven't yet submitted the report on my investigations. I thought I would talk to you first, find out what you wanted to do about it. Is there anything you would like to say, or do, before I go back to my department and tell my superiors what I suspect about your declaration?"

Carol realized he was offering her a way out, if she chose to take it. Did he want money? No, it wasn't money he wanted. His eyes had dropped and he was now quite blatantly looking at her breasts. She sat very still looking at him, but he didn't lift his eyes, so she brought one hand up and slowly undid the top button of her blouse.

James looked up, smiled, nodded, said "go on, Mrs Stevens", and lowered his gaze to her breasts again. Carol undid another button. She shivered, wondering how she could make sure nobody came to her office door and just walked in without knocking!

"An encouraging response, Mrs Stevens, maybe we can find a solution to this problem. Please continue." Carol knew she couldn't screw him in her office, just impossible, with her secretary just outside the door. But she knew she had to give him what he wanted.

"Look, um Mr Maxwell, ah I um think maybe we could perhaps meet somewhere else to um discuss this further?"

"Your place or mine?"

"I'm married. Perhaps a hotel?"

"No hotel. Your place or mine?"

"Okay your place. When?"

"This afternoon. I am quite keen to resolve this. But first take off your panties."

Carol stood, rucked up her skirt, thumbed the waistband of her knickers, and pushed them down, then sat down and lifted each foot in turn to take them off. She put them on the desk. James took a felt tip pen from his briefcase. "Write," he said.

Carol took the pen and smoothed out the panties, then looked up at him for instructions.

He dictated to her. "I lied about Mr Green. I was driving." She wrote the words, and then went to cap the pen. "Sign it". She obeyed, then sat back, flushing scarlet. Mr Maxwell scribbled an address on a piece of paper, slid it across her desk. "One hour from now." He collected his papers, put them and the panties and the pen in his briefcase, and stood up. "Don't be late, and don't tell anyone where you are going."

Carol sat in stunned dismay for some time after the man left. Then, knowing she had no option, she told her secretary that she had a headache and was going home and left the building.

An hour later, James opened his front door and found a very embarrassed woman standing nervously on his doorstep. He invited Carol to step inside and led her through his living room to a study, where this time he sat behind a large desk and she stood facing him. He did not invite her to sit, but told her to undo her blouse. Her hands were shaking as she obeyed, at first just a couple of buttons but when he wanted more she undid it all the way and pulled it open so he could see her bra.

"Very pretty. I take it you are expecting to let me have a quick fuck in return for me tearing up my report?"

Carol flushed, that was exactly what she was expecting. She nodded, reluctantly but blatantly committing herself to having sex with this man.

"I told you that you could go to jail for perjuring yourself with this false declaration. Do you know what happens to women like you in jail? Pretty women like you? Society women?" He looked at her, one eyebrow raised, inviting her response. She was too embarrassed to tell him what she was imagining, so she shook her head. "Well then let me tell you. Other women, big women, cruel women, let me say lower class women, will expect you to give them favours, Mrs Stevens, including sexual favours, in exchange for not beating you up, or worse. Have you ever had sex with another woman, Mrs Stevens?"

Again she shook her head but he insisted this time that she answer. "No, I haven't."

"Do you like the idea? Of being available to them whenever they feel a bit randy?"

"No, Mr Maxwell, I hate the idea."

"Please, as we are going to become friends, you can call me James. May I call you Carol?"

She gulped and nodded. "Yes, of course, um James."

"And of course there would be a court case, publicity, I don't know how your firm would respond but I rather fear that you would lose your job. I'm not sure how your husband would respond."

"Please, um James, um I would like to avoid all that."

"I am sure you would, Carol. Well then perhaps you can see that it's just not appropriate for me to give you a quick poke and forget all about what you have done. I am afraid, Carol, that you need to be punished. Extensively and over some significant period. The only thing I offer you is that I will keep it entirely confidential, and that I will be nicer to you than those women would. Is that what you would prefer? To be punished by me, and have nobody know anything about it. Including your husband, unless you choose to tell him?"

"Yes. Thank you."

"Very well. Let's discuss details. I am required to submit my report on claims like yours within three months, which just happens to match the likely prison sentence you would receive for perjury. So I suggest we set that as the duration for your punishment."

Carol looked at the man aghast. "Three months? Oh my god!"

"Better to spend the time a free person, rather than in jail, surely?" Carol nodded reluctant agreement. "If three months from today you have satisfied me in all the ways that I require, and you have taken all the various punishments that I will administer, and obeyed me in all the things that I demand of you, then I will deem your penalty to have been paid, and will report that the claim appears to be valid. I can absolutely assure you that you will hear nothing more about the unfortunate episode."

Carol nodded and mumbled a reluctant thank you.

"We will meet here, several times a week. We can arrange your visits to avoid your husband being suspicious. You might prefer to visit me during your lunch breaks, if evenings might be difficult. Your spankings will be given early in the day and won't be visible by the time you undress at night."

Carol cringed. "More spankings?"

"Oh yes, Carol, often. And I don't just mean hand spankings, I will be using paddles and straps and canes as well. But I am sure we can avoid your husband noticing."

Carol stood watching him, thinking she would faint. "Paddle? CANE? Oh god!"

"When I intend to strap or paddle you, I will tell you beforehand and you can come here early in the day so the marks will be mostly faded by the time you go home in the evening. We can arrange canings at times when your husband is away, I am sure."

Carol moaned and shook her head, trying to convince herself this was just a horrible bad dream.

"Having second thoughts, Carol? Just remember the alternative, which is that your husband and your friends, and the people at work, would all know about what you did, reading about it in the newspapers, hearing about the sentence, perhaps visiting you in prison to find out how you are being treated. Women can be so catty in that sort of situation, can't they?"

Carol groaned, imagining how Janet and other friends of hers would relish the situation. Catty was hardly the way to describe how Janet gloated over any mistakes other women in their social group made. "The court case might drag on for weeks, months even. Of course you would be out on bail, but I suspect the newspapers would publish all the details, considering your senior position in your firm."

Carol shook her head in dismay, knowing she could never tolerate that.

But James continued. "And then the sentence. If it was a jail term, the papers would make a big thing of it. And then for three or possibly six months you would be living in a prison with hardened criminals who know how to make you do their bidding. Imagine visiting days, your friends coming to see you, and gloating as they ask how you are doing."

Carol shivered, knowing that she really had no choice but to accept his offer. She nodded reluctantly. "Please, Mr Maxwell, um James, I don't want to go through that. I would rather accept your offer."

James grinned, obviously having known all along that she would give in. "Right, let's get started then. Raise your skirt to your waist Carol, we both know that you are not wearing panties, I want to get a good look at this pussy that I am going to own for the next three months. And before you go home I will spank you on your bare bottom, to give you something to think about tonight. We can start the serious punishment tomorrow."

Carol reluctantly tugged her skirt up to her waist, and stood while he blatantly looked at her pussy, shielded by just a thick bush of dark pubic hair.

"You will shave your pussy, Carol, tonight, is that clear? I don't care what you tell your husband; just make sure that it is immaculately bald when you come here tomorrow." Carol gulped, nodded. "Use your fingers to hold yourself open for me." Carol obeyed, hating it, but knowing she must do whatever he said. "Very pretty. How often do you have sex with your husband, Carol?"

"Um well once or twice a week."

"I think we will ration you for that, my dear. From now on, once a week only, alright? I don't want you getting worn out from too much fucking. Tell me when you see me if you have had sex with him since we last met."

Carol gulped and nodded. "Yes James."

"Okay, come round here beside my chair, and bend over my lap. Keep that skirt right up high."

Carol had never felt so humiliated in her life, but knew there would be much worse to come in the weeks ahead. She walked around the desk and slowly lowered herself over the man's thighs. She cringed as she felt his hand rest on her bare bum cheeks, stroking softly. His other hand came up under her and cupped her breast, covered now only by her bra.

The spanking was hard and brutal, and left her throbbing and waving her legs about.

"Now, Carol, are you on the pill?"

She muttered that, yes, she was.

"Please stand between me and my desk, Carol, facing the desk. Nice. Now bend yourself over the desk, and reach back behind you and hold your ass cheeks apart. I want to have a good look at your ass hole."

As she moved up against his desk and started to bend forward, she muttered, "please, not in my ass, please, I've never done that."

The man laughed, and said calmly, "very well, not this time, but hold your cheeks open anyway so I can have a good look at you down there. Legs as wide apart as you can get them." She sensed and heard him unzipping his pants, then he stood up and dropped them to the floor, then he sat down again, close behind her, and ran his fingers in under her and inside her. He kept her lying like that for several minutes, and she realized he was stroking his cock with one hand while playing with her with his other. He was moving his fingers inside her, and finally said "you are quite wet enough, I think."

He stood and came up close behind her and slid his cock into her. "Three months, Carol. An adequate punishment for you, don't you think, and so much less damaging in the long term than you getting a criminal record and losing your job?" Carol found herself torn between dread and excitement! His cock felt good inside her. After a while she began to moan. She was surprised how long he kept moving, and shocked when he brought her to a climax before he spunked deep inside her.

When he was done, he made her adjust her clothing, but not returning her panties. He told her to go around the desk, and he sat her down in front of a video camera, and made her read a long statement explaining her offence and her agreement to her punishment. Then he said "be back here tomorrow at 12 noon, we will have a nice long lunch session. And remember, clean shaven down below."

As Carol drove home, she wondered if she could possibly get through the evening, and the night, without her husband David noticing that something had changed. Would he want sex tonight? If he did, would she be able to hide her new secrets? She would shave in the morning, and not tell him until he noticed and commented. How would she explain it?

She suddenly thought it might be easier just to tell him, and get him to agree that this was the best choice, the only choice. Surely he would understand, he wouldn't want her to go to prison, wouldn't want her to lose her job. Without her income, they wouldn't be able to pay the mortgage on their nice house. He would have to allow her to visit Mr Maxwell whenever it was required, but she wouldn't have to hide, wouldn't have to skulk round to Mr Maxwell's house in the middle of her working day. She could go during the evening, just tell her darling husband that she was popping out to see Mr Maxwell again. To be fucked!

The thought of David knowing was strangely exciting. David watching as she dressed in sexy undies to go and be spanked and paddled and caned! Surely David would want to fuck her when she came home, her bum striped from the cane? She wouldn't tell Mr Maxwell how often she had sex with her husband, she would make love to David every night! Make it up to him for her stupid mistake.

Did she dare tell him? Yes, she would tell him tonight.

That night Carol laid the dinner table and made her husband sit down at it, instead of the normal meal served on his lap watching television. She served him his favourite dish, with a bottle of wine instead of a beer. David was delighted, but guessed that something was up. He just hoped that she wasn't pregnant! They were struggling to finance the mortgage, and Carol earned more than he did in her management job, it would be a disaster if she had to stop work. He wanted a baby eventually, but not yet. He waited nervously for her to tell him her news. He watched her, and could tell she was struggling to pluck up the courage to tell him. Finally he asked.

"Carol, what's up? Tonight's meal has been really nice, but I can tell there's something you want to tell me. Come on darling, out with it."

Carol took a drink of her wine and looked down at the table. "Darling I have been an absolute idiot, I'm desperately sorry."

So, not a baby. What could it be? David waited, smiling encouragement. He loved her and was confident that nothing she said would change that.

"A while ago I drove through a red light."

David burst out laughing. "Is that it? You put on this lovely meal just to tell me that? Come round here, darling, I love you, come sit on my lap."

She did so, thinking it might be easier to explain if she wasn't looking into his eyes.

"That's not all, David. I put in one of those statutory declarations, reported that someone else had been driving the car, an invented name. Like that judge did who was in the papers. It just sounded such an easy way to get out of paying the fine."

"Oh my god Carol, what if they find out? That guy went to prison!"

"They have found out, David. Or at least one man has, a man from the RTA came to see me at work."

David was horrified, the thought of Carol being prosecuted for this was just awful. "What did he say?"

"He offered me an alternative. He said if I let him fuck me he wouldn't report me."

David gasped. There was a long silence, then he asked, "what did you say?"

"I agreed. David what else could I say?"

"When will you be seeing him?"

"I already have. He made me go to his house, he didn't give me a chance to ask you first, I had to leave work and go to his house immediately. Darling he fucked me. I'm so sorry."

Carol buried her face in her husband's chest and waited, too scared to breath, for his reaction.

"Jesus, Carol. Oh my god! And he isn't going to report you? Oh Jesus."

"Can you forgive me, David? I love you so much, please, I had to do it, can you see that? I had to. What else could I do?"

David hugged his wife to him, and tipped her head back so he could kiss her. "Baby it's okay, I understand, it's okay. I love you darling, and I understand that you had to do it. It's okay. Thank you for a lovely meal, let's go to bed."

Carol slid of her husband's lap and shyly started gathering the dishes, but David took her hand. "No, sweetie, I mean it, let's go to bed. Now. I want to make love."

Carol fell into her husband's arms and sobbed with relief. Holding each other tight, they walked off to the bedroom. They undressed and got into bed, and Carol turned off the light. To her relief David immediately got on top and pushed himself into her pussy. As he moved inside her, he kissed her, then asked, "was it good?"

Carol giggled and refused to answer. David moved steadily for several minutes then as he was nearing his climax Carol whispered "I have to go see him again."

David groaned and climaxed.

A few minutes later, as his cock softened and slipped out of her, he asked "when? When do you have to go see him again?"

Carol hugged him, and waited, wondering how David would cope with the full awful details. He asked her again, and she turned her head away. David reached over to the side of the bed and turned the light on.

"Tell me darling, when do you have to see him again?"

"No, Dave, please, turn the light out. Please." He did, and she turned her back to him and her voice was strained as she whispered, "he says I will have to keep seeing him again and again. For three months."

David put his hand on her shoulder, and forced her to turn round to face him. He kissed her, and to her astonishment she could feel his cock hardening again. It had been ages since he had made love to her twice in one night!

"What position did you do it in? Today, when he fucked you? What position were you in?"

Carol realized he was aroused by what she had done, and by knowing that she would be doing it again. She hugged him. "Are you sure you want to know?"

"Yes, darling I want to know everything."

She turned her back to him, and David assumed she was just being shy. But when she said "he fucked me from behind," and rolled over face down, he knew what she was doing. He got up over her, and knelt between her legs and she opened her legs for him and she moaned as she felt his cock enter her. From behind.

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