Kissing Kate Walsh

by Jennifer O'Donnell

Copyright© 2010 by Jennifer O'Donnell

Erotica Sex Story: just a fantasy I have about sharing a night with Kate Walsh and what fun we girls could have

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This is one of my fantasies. We move back to California in November and I'm finally able to become an actress. It's been one of my dreams and since my husband sold his business we have enough money that I can peruse my acting career.

Finally I got my big break. I was to play the next door neighbor to Kate Walsh's character on 'Private Practice', and after my character goes through a bad break up, Kate comes over to console me. We end up in my hot tub, share a bottle of wine, and then in my bed. Needless to say, I've been on cloud nine ever since my agent told me about the part. The part also meant a fat paycheck and that my bills would be paid for the rest of the year. Talk about taking the pressure off. Which was a good thing, since I was going to be working with Kate Walsh.

The director could sense that I was nervous. After all I think Kate is a goddess. Her long legs, toned body. Well she always looks amazing. Guess I was nervous that she would discover I had a secret crush on her and that she would freak out. Secondly, this was my big chance and I didn't want to make any mistakes. Since this role was kind of naughty, the director and producer asked Kate to spend some time with me so that we could build up some chemistry.

My part was a little racy and the script read like something from Cinamax. Yep, ABC was pulling all the stops out for this show. They wanted to spark some interest and what better than to have a "normal" character have her first lesbian experience. We were to wear bikinis in the hot tub and be "nude" in bed. Not really nude but in a nude body suit. I'm pretty comfortable with my body and love to show off, but have never been nude on camera before. Needless to say that added a little stress as the camera can find all those little trouble areas. Our bodies are pretty similar. Kate has a very athletic body, while I'm bigger busted than she is. In fact, I think that I've caught her checking me out a few times.

I'll spare you all the details, and jump to the director's meeting.

There I was, my first big time TV show, on set, and only wearing a barely there body suit; almost sheer and selected to match my skin tone. Just in case the director wanted to be sure that nothing stopped our shoot. He knew that Kate was not happy with this shoot and he feared having to make her do it over again.

Please, look at what "Wild Things" did for Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. Oh and if you can remember all the attention that "Basic Instinct" received. I knew we had nothing to worry about. But my career was just starting and Kate has been a pretty conservative actress.

Anyway I was pretty excited about this opportunity but could tell that Kate was a little resistant. The day of the shoot I took my time getting ready. First item on my list was to make sure my legs and pussy were smooth. Even though I was getting ready for work my body started to come alive. I decided to shave everything just to be safe. After all it would be quite embarrassing if I had hair showing under my bodysuit. My mind started to drift. How would she kiss? What if she freaked out? What if she was okay with the shoot but upset with how I kissed her? What if she responded and started to enjoy it?

With so many thoughts racing though my head I had to stop thinking about that and get to work. I quickly dressed and raced down to the studio. There the girls would take care of my hair and makeup and if I had to wear something wardrobe would take care of me. If only I could bring these people home with me!

Luckily for me traffic was moving and I made excellent time to the studio. I raced over to hair and makeup and then finally to where we were shooting. Kate was just coming out of her trailer and the first setting was ready for us.

We did the first shoot in three takes and everyone was in a groove. Things were just flowing and everything felt natural. I think that settled me down and Kate was looking pretty relaxed. Granted she is a goddess and a professional so what did she have to worry about? She always looks amazing!

Next shoot: the hot tub!

We went to our dressing rooms. Well I had a dressing room but Kate had a large motor home that was her private area. I wasn't too jealous but wow that must have been nice. Some day I will have my very own motor home.

Still, this was a pretty great job. After all I'm starting to earn a ton of money, and money that we needed. If I played my cards right, well I could become the next naughty hottie. Then after a few movies I can retire and we can move to the mountains, own a small plot of land and have a nice cabin and there we can live off the land. Well the land and the money I'm earning today.

Anyway enough about that, I'm working with the sexy Kate Walsh! And in ten minutes we will be in skimpy bikinis and in a hot tub together sharing our first kiss! Now it was time for hair and makeup. The girls were very chatty and wanted to know how I felt about the next two scenes. All I could say was that I was nervous but looking forward to the challenge. Once all that was done I walked to the set and waited two minutes for Kate to appear.

The butterflies really started to stir in my stomach when Kate walked in. Her perfume quickly filled the room and her scent was soft and sexy. The room started to warm up.

It was now or never. Kate didn't look at me, just some last minute makeup touch ups and the director barking orders. As she was preoccupied I slipped into the hot tub and waited for my on screen lover to come to me. Well she was going to be my on screen lover. I have to say, we both looked hot in our little bikinis, and feeling her body touch mine started to get me aroused. She felt so soft even though she has a toned body. We did our scene and I really think she enjoyed the tease. Yeah, I did my best to tease her and pique her interest. Kate looked amazing and I've had a crush on her for a few months so it was pretty easy to kiss her. I was so happy to be the first woman she kissed.

Once the director was satisfied with the hot tub scene we moved on to the bedroom.

The director yelled, "Action!"

I pulled Kate closer to me; this was my one big shot. Slowly we kissed with everyone watching us. I knew this was going to draw attention for prime time TV and I wanted to take advantage of my one shot. As the passion grew between us Kate started to become a little aroused. I poured my heart and soul into this shot giving everything that I had.

The crew gasped as we started to French kiss. Oh yeah, this was totally hot! We were not supposed to French or even open mouth kiss but the director asked us to make it hot. In other words, French kiss.

The room became very warm as Kate started to respond. Between takes I could see the effect that our scene was having on the staff. Seeing others feeling our passion only made me more aroused. To know that others were getting off watching us, more importantly I could tell that Kate was aroused. Her face was flushed and her nipples were rock hard. The director wanted to redo our first kiss and we did as he requested.

Kate started to kiss me back and now we both were touching each other. I became lost in the moment and forgot about everyone watching and slid my hand down her body. What others were not able to see was that my hand was on her pussy. Kate was a professional and there was nothing that could stop her. Plus I think she wanted to get this shot over. However, when I felt her panties become wet, I knew she secretly was enjoying our kiss. That is when I opened my mouth, and touched her lips with my tongue.

Then something happened. Kate's mood changed. I could sense it but she didn't say anything. The director yelled that our shoot was a take and his bark freed people. People raced off, doing different tasks. The director came over and told Kate how amazing the shoot was and he even thanked her since he knew she was worried about the shoot. As he talked one of the staff came over with robes and we both dressed. Kate did her best to hide her body but I could see her arousal. By that point, I didn't care who saw me as I put the robe on. Kate was cold and a little distant.

Once the director left Kate gave me a look, grabbed my hand, and led me to her trailer. She looked pissed, and didn't speak or look at anyone. She rushed me to her private trailer. Once in there, the door locked, she vented, "What the hell was that?"

Kate followed me and both of us sat down.

Taking a chance, I grabbed her hand and walked over to the sofa. "Kate I'm so sorry but please allow me to explain."

I looked into her eyes, "You see, you've already made it and I'm still trying to break in. This kiss is going to set the entertainment world on fire. Kind of like the Britney and Madonna kiss. I never meant to upset you but it just felt so right. Please, please forgive me. Plus, you're so beautiful and I've have had a crush on you for so many years."

She was taken back, "Really a crush? But you're married?"

I slowly touched the back of her hand, "Yes I am married." I kissed her hand, "I'm married to a great man but every now and then I crave the touch of a woman. The commercial you did for Cadillac really turned me on."

Time to go for broke as Kate's defenses were down. I knew she was open to experiment, "I've wanted to kiss you for a long time."

I leaned forward to kiss her, softly at first with our lips just barely touching. Her perfume teased my mind with her sexy scent. I watched as Kate closed her eyes and surrendered herself. We were still wearing the bodysuit and robe. Somehow I had to get her nude, to feel her body against mine!

Kate opened her lips allowing out tongues to touch, softly at first. We kissed and touched for what seemed like hours slowly allowing our bodies to come alive. The heat between us could have melted steel.

I'm a very visual person and love to look at the person I'm in bed with. Kate's hard nipples were clearly showing though the sheer body suit. Our legs were intertwined and I could feel her arousal against my thigh. Kate was pressing herself against me, grinding her clit into my thigh to give her some relief.

Kate was mine but was she ready for more? Would she be upset if I went down on her? Oh how wonderful she would taste, I bet she would be so sweet. I imagined how she would look between my legs, her nose resting against my pelvic mound as her tongue danced over my clit. Oh how I wanted to brush her hair to the side so that I could see her enjoying my nectar.

She never broke the kiss nor did she open her eyes. Tight, she kept herself against me. Moaning and grinding Kate was feeling sensual and sexy and her trailer filling with our scents.

Slowly I reached down, sliding my hand down her body, under the little panties to find her very wet. Kate didn't pull back but bit my lower lip. Tenderly I cupped her pussy to which she pressed herself down on my hand. Kate was still on top and I hoped that she would roll over on her back. Instead she started to rock her hips, moving her pussy to allow my fingers to find her clit.

She was ready and I became a little aggressive with her. I guided her to lie on her back and looked down at her, "You're so beautiful and have an amazing body."

For the first time Kate opened her eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her chin, then slowly started to kiss and lick down to her hard nipples. Leisurely I kissed all around her areola making sure not to touch her nipple. Kate just sat back and enjoyed the attention. After a few minutes I took her nipple in my mouth, slowly twirling my tongue around it.

Kate started to moan and her hips started to rock, "You're killing me."

"Good," I gave her nipple a nice soft bite.

Time to taste her. Oh how I wanted to taste the beautiful Kate Walsh for so long and now, I was about to! Kate kept her red bush neatly trimmed. I moved down, between her legs. She responded by opening up for me, her lips parted and glistening with arousal. Her scent was intoxicating.

As I moved between her legs, I could see just how wet she was. Whether she would admit it or not she was aroused, when her lips parted like a soft flower reveling her hard clit. Kate's mind might have been telling her one thing but her body craved my touch. I wanted to tease her a little and made sure that she could feel my breath against her pussy.

With my left hand I slowly moved my index finger in her. Just the tip at first, touching all around teasing her. I watched how her body responded to me touching her. This time my index and middle finger entered her wet pussy. I pushed them deep inside her causing her to gasp.

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