A Father's Confession

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Incest Sex Story: After posting a story that told of a father raping his own daughter, the author received this story from an e-mailer. For readers who didn't like A Daughter's Rape, I wouldn't recommend this.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

Dear Purvv:

Feel free to call me any name that you can think of; just be aware that I've probably called myself that same thing already. The only names that I haven't called myself yet are the ones that I've never heard before (which is highly unlikely).

I've heard in the past that there are a percentage of men who have sex with their daughters, but until it happened between Trish and me, I just didn't believe that normal men did such things. I always thought that the only ones that would do that were low class rednecks, ignorant blacks and drunks. How wrong I was.

As a policeman, I work shifts. One week 8 AM to 4 PM, the next week is 4 PM to 12 AM, and finally I then work the 12 AM to 8 AM shift for a week before returning to the day shift and begin the cycle all over.

For years, my wife Martha has had one of the kids sleep in by her when I worked the midnight to 8 AM shift. It was sort of a 'security blanket' to her. Up until three years ago my son Derrick stayed by my wife. At the time he was 18 years old. I know this doesn't sound believable. If I wanted to make up a story this wouldn't be part of it, simply because of its unreal nature. There wasn't anything funny going on; it was simply a routine that had developed years ago and continued up until the time that Derrick signed up for the Marines.

At that time, my then 11-year-old daughter started sleeping with my wife when I worked those midnight shifts. However, within a few months this ritual quickly overlapped and mother and daughter slept together when I was also working the 4 PM to 12 AM shift. When I would get home, I'd usually study the two sleeping figures and grab a spot on whichever side of the bed that seemed to have the most room.

From then on, the only shift that my wife and I slept alone together was when I worked the day shift. Even then, there were sporadic times that my daughter Trish would pop in to sleep with us.

It was on one of these occasions that my whole life changed. At about 10 PM on this one particular night, Martha and I were working ourselves up to a rare 'roll in the hay'. My wife was giving me a most precious blowjob and I was only seconds away from cumming when suddenly we both heard the door handle turn. Martha hurriedly pulled off of me as Trish walked in, unexpectedly. Needless to say, my wife didn't even object to Trish barging in and she simply told our daughter to hop into bed with us.

Trying not to be obvious, my hands frantically scrambled beneath the blanket, locating my shorts and pulling them on. I saw an amused look on Martha's face as she realized what was happening.

When I managed to get the underwear pulled up, covering me, I raised myself to a sitting position and threw my legs over the side of the bed. Then I stood, hiding my front from my daughter, who was in her usual two-piece baby doll pajamas, as she scooted onto the bed to be between my wife and me. Then I moved back down under the blanket next to my daughter. As I normally did, I laid on my side facing Trish, who had her back to me and Martha turned out the lights. That should have been the end of everything. It wasn't.

Unfortunately, I still had a hard-on and hadn't completely calmed down. Of course, up until that time I had never even thought of my daughter in any way other than as my precious little girl. But on this occasion a combination of three things happened to change my thinking.

One was the hard-on that I had. Two was that I had on boxer shorts underwear and in my rush I hadn't been able to prevent my cock from slipping out through the slit. Third and most importantly, was the fact that Trish pushed her body back and suddenly my naked cock pressed against her warm buttocks which were ensconced inside her usual puffy PJ panty bottoms. I believe that she was probably asleep already.

Immediately, I pulled back slightly so that I wasn't touching her, but unfortunately, the damage was already done ... to my brain! Trish's body had felt hot against me and I suddenly was totally aware that my child was female.

On that particular night, I had enough presence of mind and willpower not to try anything truly wild. Nevertheless, I found myself continuously moving into my daughter's PJ panty-covered buttocks and then pulling back, while my cock raged. Once I calmed down, I was right back in against her. Finally, after about two hours of this self-torture, I got up from the bed and rushed into the bathroom, where I pounded my pulsating cock into submission. From that night forward, I was on a slippery slope. What I should have done was to tell Martha to keep Trish out of our bed except for when I was working the midnight shift, but I didn't. The truth is that I was enjoying my daughter being in bed with us.

My habits were such that when I worked the midnight shift or the day shift I spent my nights at home. During this time I found myself secretly looking at my daughter in a way that could not be considered 'fatherly'. Those first two years after my son joined the Marines, I was fascinated with the young flesh of my young daughter's legs and I even tried to sneak peaks up between her legs whenever I could. When Trish was 12, her breasts started to form and her hips began to mold her body with gentle curves that would soon develop into an hourglass shape, and I began taking more and more notice.

During these years, I came to look forward to coming home after midnight during my 4-12 shifts and lying in bed next to the child. Occasionally in the beginning, while she slept, I'd rub my crotch against her buttocks inside her PJ covered panties and then go to the bathroom to relieve myself. I graduated from there to increasing my activity by first rubbing my hand over her hip and later to actually touching her naked belly under her short jammie-tops and rubbing as I pressed my cock against her butt.

That I lasted three years without doing anything more, was actually a great accomplishment because by that time Trish, who was 14, was quite a stunner and she had filled out to the point where I was ogling her as if she was somebody else's gorgeous kid.

Then came the night that Trish suddenly pushed backward in her sleep so that she could lay on her back, and in so doing, I was forced to move my body back a few inches. At the time, I had my hand on her upper hip with my fingertips just under the elastic waistband of her PJ bottoms. Caught off guard, I allowed my hand to remain on her and, as she turned onto her back, my fingers automatically glided over her soft belly skin. Realizing what was happening I was too excited to try and stop it. By the time my daughter was resting on her back, my hand was inside her PJ bottoms, nestled over her wonderful mound and my fingers were all the way down at the bottom of her pussy.

My heart was pounding wildly within my chest.

My hand was actually on my own daughter's pussy, but I didn't dare move it for fear that she would awaken and scream, and wake my wife. As I held it there motionless, I felt a wet stickiness. At first I wondered if maybe Trish had somehow gotten wet in her sleep because of my hand, but I immediately dismissed that thought. I realized that she must have been that way from before she came to bed. I could only hope that the wetness was self-induced, but from copious amount of sticky liquid under my fingers I subconsciously knew what it probably was. With my hand on my daughter's pussy and my cock pressing against her hips, I suddenly began shooting my load inside of my underwear.

How I managed to extricate my hand without disturbing Trish, I'll never know. I don't remember the last time that I was trembling so much. I got up from the bed and quietly got a clean pair of shorts from my underwear drawer and walked softly into the bathroom to change to the dry underpants. I took off my shorts and tossed them into the clothes hamper. Then I wiped myself off and put on the clean pair.

I was about to go back to the bedroom when I suddenly had a thought. Trish had her puffy PJ panties on and her pussy was wet. Was she wet before she came to bed? I had been curious. I went back to the hamper, opened it up, and shuffled some things about and quickly found what I was searching for. I reached in and gently grabbed the panties that my daughter had worn during the day, and pulled them out with my thumb and forefinger. Then I quickly turned them inside out and saw the huge stain. The panties were still quite moist. Obviously, this was a male's output that was staining my daughter's panties; and it was just as obvious to me that Trish was no longer a virgin, although I had no way of knowing for how long.

I'm sure that a psychiatrist could explain my reaction. A normal father would have been furious at finding out that his 14-year-old daughter had been having sex. I wasn't. In fact, I secretly was happy, thinking that as long as she wasn't a virgin, maybe I could have sex with her too. If truth be told, I feel that once I started looking forward to lying in bed with Trish that it was inevitable that some day I would want more.

I had no idea just how I was going to approach the subject, but I now wanted my daughter ... TOTALLY!!!

My lust for Trish only increased from that time forward. Now when I was at home at night, I continuously eyed her beautiful ass and breasts, in addition to her well-shaped legs. Often, I found myself getting hard just from some of the flashes of flesh I had been able to see.

When I worked the 4-12 shifts, I added a new routine. As soon as I got home after work, I would go into the bathroom, and behind the closed door I would remove whatever pair of panties that Trish had worn that day, hoping to find them wet. For the next two months they weren't, but I soon was in a new habit of putting the panties up to my nose and drinking in the wonderful aroma of my daughter's cunt. Then I would go to bed where I would lie next to her and gently press myself against her body. As I became hard I would soon go back to the bathroom and masturbate while sniffing the crotch of the panties that Trish had worn earlier in the day. These were the most explosive cums I was ever able to induce from jerking off.

It was a few months later that upon retrieving Trish's panties from the clothes hamper, I found them wet, just like that first night. I wouldn't dare put them up to my nose as I couldn't fathom smelling some guy's cum, but I did touch the crotch with my finger. Feeling the moist slickness caused my cock to rise to its maximum.

Somebody had cum in my daughter! The thought of what I was going to do caused my cock to get so hard that it actually started hurting.

As was normal, by the time I climbed into the bed I was only in my boxer shorts. Both my wife and daughter were sound asleep and didn't wake at all as I slipped under the blanket behind my daughter. Before I moved in close, I slid my hand down and pulled my cock through the slit of my underwear.

Then I moved slowly against Trish and placed my hand on her waist/hip with my fingertips just barely inside the elastic, quickly allowing it to rest there. Gently, I pulled at her body to bring her onto her back without waking her, but she didn't move. Instead, she leaned forward; it had just the opposite effect than what I wanted. That night was probably the longest of my life as I turned and twisted, trying to figure out a way to touch my daughter's wet cunt without waking her or, most important, without disturbing Martha.

I got nowhere.

About two months later Martha was rushed to the hospital with appendicitis and was operated on immediately. I was working the 8-4 shift. As soon as I finished my daily tour of duty I went and visited my wife at the hospital. Trish was already there.

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