Out in the Grape Vineyard

by LuvsItWet

Copyright┬ę 2010 by LuvsItWet

Incest Sex Story: Not everything goes bump in the night. Some things just rustle. Turn a few kids loose out there and find out.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   .


"Wake up. Wake up. They're home." I was being shaken awake.

I just wanted to pull back into my bag and sleep.

"Shhh. Stay down." I was pushed down just as the room was flooded with light.

I cracked one eye to see a figure, backlighted by the bright little hallway, look in on us and then turn, leave, and close the door. Probably my mom. The room was black again.

"Wait until they go to bed." She whispered. I was wide awake now.

It was back in the fifties in a little town out west. My folks, my sister and I, were staying with friends of ours for a couple of days. A real treat for my farm family back then. Breaks in the summer, from the hard work of rural life, were few and far between.

The other family had been our neighbors until they moved to town the previous winter. Not far, but in a different state. It meant that we didn't see them often any more.

The person waking me up and then pushing me down rudely was Judy, my younger sister's best friend. Also my childhood girlfriend and playmate for the past few years. The three of us had been inseparable during the time they lived next door.

This was Saturday night, the second of our stay. Probably more like early Sunday morning. Our parents had all dressed up in their finest and headed out to a country and western dance hall to kick up their heels a bit. By the sounds coming from the kitchen, they must have had a good time. I'm sure they liked to do a little drinking with the dancing. Or maybe a lot.

The sleeping arrangements were OK with us kids. Adults somewhere else and me on the floor in Judy's room. The girls in Judy's bed. Keep the door open and stay where you're supposed to be was the parental instructions.

It wasn't long until things quieted down and lights were turned out. It didn't even seem unusual that all four adults piled into the same bed in that little two bedroom house. They had all frequently slept together when we had been neighbors.

I had just turned fourteen that spring, small and wiry. Hardened by farm work as far back as I could remember, I could throw an eighty pound hay bale higher than my head. I thought I was in charge of the threesome. Hah! Little did I know.

Judy was just thirteen. Skinny and taller than me. Just barely into puberty, she was a wildcat in perpetual motion. I never won a foot race against her. Mostly tomboy but with a nearly nymphomaniacal appetite for sex. Damn close to a perfect woman in my young mind.

Lee Ann, my sister, would be thirteen before the end of summer. Though the youngest, she was always the more mature of the three of us. Mentally, as well as physically. She already had pussy hair. Her caution saved my ass repeatedly when she dragged her feet about getting into some trouble Judy had signed us up for.

The weekend reunion had been bitter sweet for me. I had been told earlier that day that Judy had a new boyfriend. My heart was broken.

Judy had another slant on the deal though. When the grown-ups had left earlier that evening, leaving me in charge, she had immediately dragged me into her bedroom and started stripping off her clothes.

"Well, come on." She said. "What'cha waiten' for? Christmas?" She was already naked on the bed. I was dumfounded.

"What about what's-his-name?" I said as I slowly got the picture and started peeling down.

"I can have two boyfriends if I want to." Judy said, turning up on her side toward me.

"Isn't that right, Lee Ann?" She asked my sister who was looking on from the open doorway.

Just a little history here. When I said the three of us were inseparable, I maybe should have said 'overlapped'. We had went from "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" through playing doctor, to some pretty sophisticated sex, looking back on it.

I had first fucked Judy considerably before puberty caught up with me. Then Judy had cajoled Lee Ann into trying it. Bingo, we were the three muskateers. There wasn't much we didn't try. We had lots of unsupervised time together and we made the most of it.

Lee Ann and I didn't do much together without Judy. But when the three of us got together, look out! I don't know why, but most of our play was sexual. Or maybe that's all that sticks in my memory.

Anyway, our get-back-together fuck the night before, while sis watched the closed door across the hall, had been good for both of us. Then the crushing news of competition. Now this. That girl was learning how to treat my fragile emotions like a yo-yo.

I got naked and, as usual, followed my hard-on where ever it wanted to go. Judy spread and raised her bony knees and wouldn't you know it ... That's right where he wanted to go. I had just got fully inserted into my little lover when she tugged my string again.

"I'm going out to meet Jimmy after the folks go to bed. Wanna go with me." She asked over my shoulder. She may have meant the invitation just for Lee Ann, but I took it to be for both of us. Here I am, rutting like a damn dog and she's planning to meet her new beau.

If Lee Ann hadn't cut me off about the time school got out because her periods had started and mom put the fear of god in her, I would have dropped Judy and fell in love with my kid sister for the night. As it was, I backed out with my wilted weenie and joined in the planning stage of our next adventure.

Now, I'd later learn that my fickle sweetheart had been meeting this Jimmy guy nearly every Saturday night out in the nearby grape vineyard since the weather got good enough to romp in the moonlight.

On this night, Judy had arranged with dick head to bring some friends out for a little party. The trick was to wait until our parents were safely zonked out, then slip out her bedroom window. She hadn't got caught so far, so I was game. My little sis was reluctant, but again, we out-voted her.

Part of my motivation was to whip his sorry ass if he gave me any grief at all. I'd been tossing sacks of feed and hay bales long enough, I figured I could take any city kid in a fair fight.

That fantasy died a sudden death when out of the darkness came the stage whisper: "Pssstt, over here." And I met Jimmy in one of the grape rows. Three years older, seven inches taller, sixty pounds heavier, and nice. Even in the dark, his white teeth showed a huge smile.

"Glad to meet ya'." He said, while trying to crush my work calloused hand in his giant mitt. "Judy's told me a lot about ya'. Says yer the one taught her to fuck. Thanks! Ya' did a great job."

Jimmy became JIm, and went from being my worst enemy to being my best friend right there. Squatting on the fresh ground in the dim star light. How do you stay mad at a guy that appreciates all your hard work?

"Come on." Jim said, turning to lead the way. "We get to use the tool shed tonight."

The 'tool shed' was just a little shack deep in the vineyard. Used for storing all the hand tools it took to tend the thousands of vines, that produced the grapes, that made the grape juice, that we had with breakfast back then. If we were lucky enough to get it. Welch's had hundreds of small plots like that out west back then. Before wineries became the fad.

We crowded into the pitch blackness and Jim put a match to a small kerosene lamp. One end of the shed had been cleared enough to make way for an old iron cot and a straw mattress. The other end had a throw away car seat as a sofa and an upturned bucket for a coffee table. No windows. No floor. The walls lined with hoes, shears, shovels, wire, etc. To my young eyes, it looked like a well furnished apartment.

We hadn't been inside but a minute or two when there was a light tapping on the door. Jim killed the lamp and moments later re-lit it. We had been joined by an older Mexican guy and a little girl.

"This is Juan, he's the boss here." Jim said by way of introduction. "And this is Rosa."

Juan looked to be somewhere in his twenties, maybe early thirties. Hard to tell. He sported a Poncho Villa mustache and goatee.

Little Rosa appeared to be maybe eleven at the most. Big black eyes and long dark hair. Even at her tender age she was wearing dark red lipstick and large hoop earrings. Later I learned she was barely ten.

Jim introduced me as his new buddy and my sis as Judy's visiting friend. Nothing was said about Lee Ann and me being brother and sister. They already knew Judy.

Juan had a brown paper shopping bag that quickly disgorged the evenings libations. Cold Olympia beer in little stubby bottles, Pall Mall cigarettes and brownie cookies. I could get used to this city living, I thought to myself.

It didn't take long to get us all into the beer and smokes. Us guys mostly. I don't think the girls were much into that. They sure went for the cookies though. I had had beer and cigarettes before but didn't remember them ever having that effect.

I had only had one of the cookies and found myself focused carefully on one of the garden rakes hanging nearby. Why did it have so many teeth, I wondered? Did the one at home have that many teeth? I tried to count them but couldn't concentrate. I was seriously fucked up and it wasn't on just one beer.

I kept being distracted by giggling girls or Juan and Jim trying to talk to me. My cigarette kept going out. I realized I needed to piss. Beer does that, you know?

As I focused my attention on getting up off my end of the old car seat, I noticed Juan next to me with Lee Ann in his lap. They were kissing like crazy and his hand was down the back of her pants. I thought that was funny as hell. Too bad she quit putting out.

At the other end of the tiny room, across the flickering light, was Rosa. Sitting at the end of the cot with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other. Behind her, up against wall, was two naked bodies. It had to be Jim and Judy, everyone else was accounted for. They were pretty obviously fucking like bunnies. That was a happy thing to me. I liked Judy and I liked Jim. I was glad to see they liked each other. Damn, I couldn't hit my ass with both hands.

Somehow, I found my way out into the darkness and around the corner. Just as I got my peter out to get some relief, a little voice spoke up next to me.

"Let me hold it. I like that." Rosa said. Startled at first, I thought: "Why not? Everything else is weird, why not piss on her hand instead of mine?" She took over in the dark and I got rid of two or three Olies into the nearest grape vine.

I had to admit that, for a little girl, she had a pretty good touch. After shaking it off, she gave it several very loving strokes. I realized I wasn't dealing with a beginner here. About that time she tucked me in, zipped me up and asked me if I wanted another cookie. My semi hard dick was developing a love interest of its own.

When we got back in the shack, things had changed. Jim and Judy were in my place on the car seat, still naked. Juan and Lee Ann were also naked now and sprawled on the cot. They weren't fucking yet but not missing it by much. He was sucking one of her half lemon sized titties and finger fucking her wildly.

Rosa broke off a cookie for each of us and crawled up into my lap. As she did, she hiked up the hem of the little white dress she was wearing to reveal nothing under it. Her bare ass felt good on my legs. My shorts somehow got opened up and somebody's hand was in there. I was super high and going up.

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