A Daughter's Rape

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Incest Sex Story: In the eyes of this author, rape is probably the worst crime there is. To rape a young girl who is so much more vulnerable is even worse than if the girl was of age. To do so with one's own flesh and blood surely qualifies the perpetrator to the depths of Hell. That all said, it does happen. If reading of such an event offends, please don't read this.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Rape   Coercion   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

Tonight was different than the typical Tuesday night at the Gallagher house. As usual 15-year-old Joan had her boyfriend Lou over watching TV and also as usual, Joan's mother Paula left to go to work at about 10:30 PM. What was not the norm was that her father Hank wasn't there to send Lou home at 11 PM. Instead, on this night he had already gone to bed by 9 PM. When Paula was leaving for work, she gave Joan explicit instructions to send Lou home no later than 11.

But while the cat's away...

Hank woke up at about 11:30 PM to go to the bathroom. While he was in the hallway at the top of the stairs he thought that he heard a noise from downstairs. Looking down, he saw the reflections of bouncing light and assumed that someone had left the TV on by mistake. He went down to shut it off.

Being barefooted, his approach was not heard by the teenagers.

When he walked into the living room, the light from the TV reflected on the couch where Joan and her boyfriend Lou were passionately kissing. As Hank focused his eyes, his body stiffened as he saw his daughter was under an attack in which she apparently was an eager and ardent participant. Her blouse was unbuttoned and opened wide and her boyfriend's hands were inside her bra. The boy was lying on top of Joan and nestled between her legs. Her skirt was bunched all the way up on her hips.

Hank momentarily stood watching in horror. Lou's jeans were opened and he was grinding his crotch into Joan's while her knees were spread and raised. Frozen to that spot, Hank watched his young daughter as she pushed her hips up to meet the boy's grind. She was clutching his body tightly as their mouths were sucking and moaning in one another's. He watched in awe as Joan writhed beneath her boyfriend. His eyes became riveted on his daughter's panties as he saw that she was desperately dry fucking Lou.

Finally, his authoritative scream put an immediate end to the heavy petting, which was only about five minutes shy of becoming the real thing. As the grinding couple broke apart in fear, Hank couldn't believe the wild flushed wanton look on his daughter's impassioned face. If there was ever a look of someone ready for sex, this was it. He chased Lou out of the house and watched with embarrassment as his daughter stood and pushed her skirt back down to cover her legs and buttoned her blouse. Then he sent her up to bed, telling her that he'd talk to her in the morning.

Joan rushed out of the room without a murmur, thankful to get away from her father in one piece.

Hank went upstairs and went back into his own room. As he slipped under the blanket he realized that his prick was completely erect. He felt somewhat ashamed. Apparently, he had become aroused from watching the two kids.

Hearing water, he knew that his daughter was now taking a shower.

Lying there, he began to reenact a picture in his head of what had just happened. He didn't know what had woke him, but he was convinced that if he hadn't happened upon them his daughter would no longer be a virgin... if she was one! That thought suddenly occurred to him and it frightened Hank.

Seeing how hot and bothered his little girl was would lead one to believe that she may have already lost her virginity. For that to be the first time that she had ever gotten so passionate at the same time that her father happened to come upon them would have to have been a wild coincidence. Joan had looked like a wanton creature moving wildly under Lou.

Hank now recalled the boy's eager hands up upon his daughter's tits and he also remembered those blue panties pushing back tightly into her boyfriend's crotch.

Hank's hand was now on his own flesh as he visualized Joan and her boyfriend. He was having trouble erasing the passionate look of his daughter from his head. And those panties kept invading his thoughts. He remembered seeing the stain of moisture at the crotch while his daughter dry-fucked up at the boy.

Hank had fantasies of his daughter in the past and had always been able to divert his thoughts. However, he now found himself fighting off nasty thoughts more and more frequently. Now, as he slowly and gently stroked his cock, those panties were totally on his mind. A real nasty thought came to him as he heard the water stop. He wanted to smell those panties. He wanted to smell his daughter's cunt in the crotch of her panties!

Once he had heard Joan shut off the water in the shower he stopped stroking on his pulsing cock and waited. A few minutes later, he heard the sounds of a couple of doors opening and closing, which indicated that his daughter had vacated the bathroom and had gone to bed.

Once he was totally sure that she had finished in the bathroom, Hank got up and quietly headed there. He had a single purpose on his mind: to see if she left her panties in the hamper. He had to smell them! The excitement that he felt was unbelievable.

His heart was pounding hard within his chest as he opened the hamper. He wasn't thinking of right or wrong. He just had to smell them. They were there. He pulled them out. He could feel that the crotch was damp. The dampness was from his daughter's cunt. His head was spinning; there wasn't a solid thought there. He had to smell. He HAD to! He brought the panties up to his face and his nostrils flared as the aroma of her young pussy permeated his senses. His cock throbbed.

He knocked on her door and went inside. She was still awake, lying there in the dim light of the night lamp. The blanket was covering her whole body from her toes up to the top of her chest. Hank stood alongside of the bed, looking down at the young girl. A look of fear and sadness was in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Dad," she apologized.

He slowly lowered himself to the bed, sitting alongside of his daughter.

"You, er, came pretty close tonight, you know, kiddo?" he said, softly.

There was no sense denying the obvious, he would only get madder. And, after all, he saw them with his own eyes. She nodded gently, her eyes avoiding his.

"What would you have done if I didn't come down?" he asked plaintively, making it sound as if he had saved her.

"I know, Dad ... I-I'm sorry," she said.

Suddenly, her father asked the totally unexpected, "Joannie sweetheart, are you still a virgin?"

She never thought that her father would ask such a question. She now considered how to answer him. She had been taught never to lie to her parents and she knew that if she did now that he probably would find out the truth, and that would be even worse. The only time that he ever beat her was the time that he found out she lied to him. She found out a long time ago that it was better to tell the truth. Yet she had never been presented with such a monumental question.

With her eyes lowered, she slowly shook her head.

Hank was taken aback. Even with all that had happened that night he had still believed that he was going to find out that she was still intact. The bubble now had burst.

After a few moments of quiet, he asked her directly, "Are you sorry that I interrupted you and Lou?"

Joan didn't know how to answer this. What did he want her to say? She remained silent.

"You were going to have sex, weren't you?"

Suddenly, a sob erupted from the girl's throat and a violent tremor shook her body as she began gently crying, out of fear.

He quietly demanded an answer, "Weren't you?"

"Maybe ... yeah probably, I, er, guess so," she said, hesitantly.

"You like sex?" he asked.

"Dad please! I, er, I said I'm sorry ... I won't..."

He cut her short and asked with his voice rising slightly, "I asked you, do you like it?"

Joan was frightened. Her father's eyes were penetrating. She realized now wasn't the time for silence. He was mad enough. Silence would only fuel his anger.

"I guess ... er, Dad please don't talk like ... I can't talk to you like this ... I..." Her voice trailed off.

Hank looked at his daughter's face for at least a minute and then asked, "You can't face me talking about this?"

She shook her head slowly.

"Then put out the lamp, baby," he whispered.

The young girl was incredulous. She didn't move. Her father looked into her face and saw the confusion. Suddenly she heard his voice roar. That was the sound that she feared the most.

"TURN THE LAMP OFF!" he commanded. "... NOW!"

The youngster nervously jumped and immediately reacted to his voice. As she turned to reach for the lamp, Hank's gaze fell on the length of his daughter's bare back as she clutched the blanket to her front and turned. She reached out and shut the lamp off, plunging the room into total darkness. And then she lay back down on her back, frightened. Her heart was beating hard.

Joan then felt her father moving and she knew that he was rising. She assumed that he was leaving to return to his room. As he stood alongside the bed, she heard a shuffling. She had no way of knowing that her father had come into the room with a hard-on in his shorts and the aroma of her pussy in his nostrils. The conversation and questions had only served to inflame him more. His hands were trembling now as he removed first his robe and then his shorts. His cock was throbbing. Then, to the young girl's total horror, Hank moved back down onto the bed, this time moving his naked body under the blanket as he lay down.

Both father and daughter were breathing heavier. She wasn't sure what was happening but she knew it wasn't good. Hank's cock was rock hard as he moved his body inward and was then pressing against his daughter's near-naked body.

"Dad!" she panicked, "What ... Stop ... What are you doing?"

Joan had tried to jump up at the opposite side of the bed but her father had immediately thrown his arm around her shoulder, holding her down. The youngster was in total fear now. She felt his nakedness against hers. Save for a pair of panties that she was wearing, both father and his 15-year-old daughter were naked.

Her chest was rising and falling rapidly from the fear that gripped her body and mind. Hank's chest was also rising and falling but his was caused from the sexual excitement that had overtaken him.

"Dad, please, what are you doing?" she pleaded.

Her father had one arm over her shoulder while one leg had managed to move over hers. And then he was moving his mouth to her ear and whispering, "It's okay kiddo ... You just got me very worked up tonight hon..."

The young teen was trying to struggle. She was petrified as to where this was quickly heading, as her father continued, "And you were worked up and I interrupted you ... you ... we need to be relieved baby."

"NO!" she shouted and she pulled her body away, almost succeeding in breaking loose before her father's fingers caught her arm and then brought her back to the same position against him.

"Relax hon, it's okay," he whispered, hotly, into her neck.

Terror gripped Joan as she felt her father's tongue and mouth begin an attack on her ear, and his hand pulled back and quickly grasped at the flesh of the youngster's soft breast. She gasped and quickly reached down at his hand, trying to turn away from him as his mouth began creating sensations that she was familiar with.

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