Lena; the Laid Sister

by Angel

Copyright© 2010 by Angel

Romantic Sex Story: First cousins fall in love, become a teen couple; then discover they are really brother and sister.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Petting   .

Mom had died and my life changed, I was sent to live with my aunt and cousin Lena. I did not know that my aunt was my birth mother nor that Lena is really my sister. My adopted mom told me the truth as she lay dying of cancer, she was a great mom. I had to learn to call my aunt by a new name, mom and call Lena my sister, it was hard but I did it.

This last year my life had changed, I moved from the suburbs to the city and life took such strange new paths. My aunt and Birth Mother had married a Cuban and Lena and I were both born to him, neither of us knew him, he had deserted mom when she was pregnant with me and I had been adopted and placed with Mother's sister.

Lena grew up, always knew she was half-Hispanic while I thought I was a white kid. Just a year ago every thing had been so different, a year ago I'd been a younger cousin that had just meet and developed a crush on Lena. Mom had been living on the Coast and we moved to Chicago. Our mom's took us to vacation out at the Lakes just a few months ago, such a happy time.

One day our mother's had gone shopping and we were going to spend the day on the lake swimming and having fun. Lena is a little shy and wore a modest two piece bathing suit, that her slender body filled out perfectly! We were there by that old boathouse on the lake when a severe rain storm hit. We sheltered in the old boat house to stay out of the cold rain.

Lena left her towel 30 feet away on the small sandy beach hooking along the lake and I had dumped my towel on the bench next to the boathouse and grabbed it as we saw the storm coming. Lena was laughing and we were there joking when the downpour started, a hard summer rain.

The thunder bothered Lena and I put an arm around her shoulder and she moved into me naturally and frightened. "I hate thunder" she whispered.

I held my pretty, older cousin loosely and all my thoughts of her body and sex came to me in a rush. It had gotten colder and I put my beach towel around Lena and she smiled. Then she opened her arms, inviting me into the towel with her and closed it around me as I entered. Lena is two years older than me and a pretty Hispanic girl.

Just then there was a clap of thunder and Lena literally throw herself into me and her arms around my neck.

"It is ok, Lena, just thunder."

I held my cousin tight to me and was ashamed when I got a boner, and tried to back away. She whispered "it is ok, just hold me."

There I was a 14 year old virgin holding my sexy, 16 year old female cousin and my boner pressed into her mound. This might be heaven, just then Lena looked at me and I looked at her, she had a shy smile on her lips. It just happened, we were kissing softly, one kiss followed another and my hands caressed her silky back, skin like the finest silk.

"I shouldn't have done that Lena" I managed to stammer out.

"It is ok Jeff, I kind of like it. We're kissing cousins now" she joked.

Again I looked at Lena and she looked into my eyes and we were just kissing. Soft gentle kisses, but so sweet. It was like an addiction I couldn't stop kissing her. My hardon pressed into her and it felt like heaven. My mind flew and thought of her tits and her thighs, cousin Lena is slim but so taut, rounded with smooth, silky skin.

It was almost by accident, we were kissing her arms so tight around my neck that my hand slid down the curve of her back and accidently brushed her butt at the top. Lena keep kissing me as though nothing had happened and I kissed her back. Her tongue entered my mouth and mine sought her's. As our tongues danced as my hand slipped into the back of her swimming suit bottom and I cupped an ass cheek and held it.

We were kissing and frenching and she never hesitated even though now my hand held her bare ass. Lena was rubbing her belly into my cock and I was rubbing my cock into her as we kissed. Soon I had my cousin pressed into the wall of the boathouse and we stood there and dry fucked with my hand inside her suit bottom holding her ass. I touched her whole ass and traced the crack with a finger lightly.

Lena was softly crying "I love you Jeff" as we made out and then I started to feel her shake and she went loose in my arms and I held her as she whimpered. Clamping Lena tight to me I continued to kiss her and now I felt totally alive, cousin Lena had just cum for me. I moved Lena over to a shelf that had held boats and sat her on my knee. Kissing and frenching as it rained outside. I caressed her cleavage gently and then slipped a hand under her top and cupped her breast inside the top. Felt the softness of her breast in my palm as we kissed. Lena never pulled away or stopped kissing me.

I looked at her for permission and moved the shoulder strap on her swim suit top off her shoulder and and down, releasing her naked breast and cupping it; Lena leaned her head into me with a kiss. We laid back on the shelf kissing and her naked breast in my hand. I felt her up as we frenched, her titty was so soft, round and firm and her nipple so hard. I lifted up to just looked at her breast.

"You like my boob?" she asked with a "please like it" in her voice. I smiled and gently kissed her nipple. "Your tits are gorgeous" I said with a smile. Lena raised herself to her elbow and shrugged off her swimming suit top. I was kissing my bare breasted cousin now and feeling her up. We kissed for hours and held each other

As we laid there we talked about our dreams and wishes. "Suck my breasts please" she whispered. I tasted her nipple in my mouth as I licked and sucked her tit's until she orgasmed again. I held her as she shook and whimpered.

"Now we're kissing cousins" I joked and Lena kissed me. It was still raining and we heard the car, Lena scrambled and put her top on and we waited for our mothers under the beach towel.

After that we were kissing everyday when we were alone but Lena told me "no more sex stuff except kissing or you might get me pregnant." And the kissing was enough with cousin Lena. Lena said "I never kissed another boy and you'll always be the first boy that made me" then she fell silent, I'd made her cum.

We made plans, Lena would be my girl friend and we'd keep it a secret from our moms. At home we talked on the phone everyday for hours. One night Lena whispered "my titties miss you and I liked when you touched my butt too." We use to laugh about being kissing cousins. We meet every day nearly and our kissing continued.

I went to sleep and dream the most wonderful dream, that I took Lena to the movies and we sat in the back in a double seat. I touched her breasts through her sweater and Lena leaned into me like a girlfriend, she whispered "My bra is in my purse". Lena leaned into me as we sat alone in a darkened theater "when I went into the ladies room I removed my bra and my panties" her voice husky with passion.

We sat that and kissed like always and Lena placed her coat over her front "just in case" she whispered.

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