The Solitary Cell
Chapter 7

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 7 - An innocent young girl is sent to prison for a traffic offence, and hates sharing with lustful dykes. A male warder finds her a room of her own, the Solitary Cell, but in return she must entertain male visitors and perform other humiliating but sexy tasks.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Enema   Voyeurism   Prostitution  

"How did you like your first experience of bondage, Susan?" Susan was sitting opposite Jeff at a dining table in the canteen. She was wearing a new nurses outfit that had appeared in her wardrobe, though no real nurse would be allowed to appear in a hospital dressed like this! Her breasts were spilling out of the top, and her stocking tops were visible when she stood. There were several other guards sitting around listening and lusting, and they all grinned as they waited for her response. She gave a shy grin and admitted that it had been interesting. She tried to ignore the other men and just look at Jeff.

"And what about the lady, did you like playing with her?" Susan blushed scarlet at being reminded of the things she and the unknown woman had done together. She again softly admitted that she liked the lady, and had enjoyed the session with her but Jeff pretended he couldn't hear and made her repeat the sentence louder.

"Excellent. She liked you too, and says she will return for more soon." Susan nodded shyly, knowing that her opinion wasn't very relevant, if that lady wanted to play again it didn't matter what Susan thought. But in fact the idea of a repeat session was not totally depressing. She squeezed her thighs together under the table, remembering the feel of the woman's tongue on her down there. Jeff didn't seem to notice, or at least didn't comment. Instead he continued talking. "Well anyway, now it's time we start the anal sex part of your duties. I think you said you have never done that? Never been fucked in the ass?"

Now Susan really did feel embarrassed. The other men were suddenly perked up and paying very close attention. She shook her head, no, looking down at the table. "Look at me girl. And answer the question, please, Susan."

She reluctantly raised her eyes to look at Jeff, this was just so desperately embarrassing! "No I haven't, Jeff."

"Haven't what? And speak up."

She wanted to die, but finally said as firmly as she could, "I have never been fucked in the ass."

"We need to start getting you ready for that, then, don't want the first man to do you that way to tear you back there. So over the next few days we will fit you with various devices, of progressively larger size, to get you ready for it. Harry, would you bring Susan the smallest plug in the store?"

Susan kept looking down at the table as one of the guards got up and went to a cupboard and opened a drawer and came back with something black and frightening. Jeff took the object from Harry, and laughed, "Now Harry don't be horrible, get the girl some lubricant." Harry grinned and returned to the cupboard and came back with a jar of something. Glancing at what Jeff was holding, she could already tell that it was designed to go in girls!

While Harry was fetching the lube, Jeff showed the butt plug to Susan. Black, sort of cone shaped at one end, then tapering to a narrower bit before a flat plate shaped thing at the other end. "This bit goes into your bottom, it goes in until your sphincter closes around this narrow bit. The handle is to stop it going all the way in, and also so I can pull it out later. If you wear this for a few hours it will stretch you, and tomorrow we can fit a bigger one."

While Susan digested this awful thought, Jeff took the jar from Harry, and Susan saw that it contained a thick white cream. Susan watched in dread as Jeff slowly rubbed the cream all over the black thing he was holding. "Don't get upset, darling, it's the smallest size we have. Okay let's do this, Susan, stand up and bend forward over the table."

"Dear God, Jeff, not in front of everyone!"

Jeff chuckled and sat watching her, waiting for her to obey him. Very reluctantly she stood up and put her elbows on the table. "Harry, would you lift her skirt?" Harry was indeed only too willing to do that, and Susan felt cold air on her exposed bum cheeks. "Right down on the table, darling, and reach behind and pull your bum cheeks apart." Susan obeyed, hating the position, the indignity.

"Harry, why don't you lube Susan's bum hole a bit. Just with your finger."

Susan panted as she watched Harry push his finger into the jar, then draw it out, and go round behind her. She shuddered as she felt his finger moving down her bum crack, poise over her anus, then gently press against it. "She's incredibly tight," said Harry.

"Relax, Susan, or this will hurt. Perhaps I should have you spanked first, to help you relax?" Susan shook her head and said that no, she would be able to do this without a spanking. And indeed Harry very soon had his finger in past the tight sphincter and was moving it slowly in and out of her anus. Jeff told her to lift her head and look around at all the men watching her.

Very softly she whispered, "Please Jeff, no, please, let's go back to my room, I will let you do whatever you want there, but please I hate doing this in front of everyone."

Jeff pretended to look cross. "You will do as you are told! As punishment for arguing, you can go straight to a number two plug. Harry keep preparing her, Alan go fetch a number two and grease that nicely for Susan."

Susan glanced down at the greasy black plug on the table - that had seemed daunting enough, and now as punishment for asking for a favour she was skipping that stage of her training! The new one, that now Alan put in front of her with a grin, wasn't any longer but was noticeably thicker, both at its widest part of the cone, and in the narrow neck. It looked much too big to go in her! Alan sat beside Jeff greasing it while Harry continued sliding his finger in and out of her anus.

"Okay that's enough, Harry extract your digit, and Alan insert her first plug."

Alan eagerly stood up and went around her, and she felt him sliding the pointy end of the plug up and down in her bum crack, teasing her anal ring, before resting the plug against her ring and gently pressing in. She looked up at Jeff's eyes, and realised he was thoroughly enjoying her misery. "Relax, baby, let it in. Okay Alan, push."

Susan felt herself being opened by the expanding size of the cone, it started to hurt and she asked them to go slowly, and Jeff agreed and told Alan to do so. "Just stop moving it for a minute, Alan, let her get used to it". The whole room waited as Susan struggled to relax, trying to control her breathing and to relax her ass muscles. She hated the thought of what Alan must be seeing, as she held her bum cheeks apart for him!

Finally, knowing that there was no way of avoiding it, she nodded. "Okay, thanks." Jeff nodded to Alan, who pushed gently and the plug slipped further into her. She moaned softly as she felt herself opening for it.

"It's nearly in, Susan, nearly at the widest part" Alan said soothingly. "Ahh, there we go," he said, and as he spoke Susan felt the plug go all the way, and she felt her sphincter relax as it shrank around the narrow neck of the thing. She lay there panting, hoping that Jeff wouldn't insist that Alan pull it out again too soon, but no, that wasn't what Jeff wanted.

The men all watched her for several minutes then Jeff said "Stand up, Susan, let's see how well you can walk about with it in you. Go fetch me a coffee."

Susan stood, and tugged her skirt down, and walked slowly to the coffee machine and got Jeff a cup, and walked back to him, all the time terribly aware of the thing inside her, and of the men watching her coming to terms with it. "How does it feel, darling? Can you walk okay? Are you ready to go back to your cell?"

Susan gulped, dreading the walk but eager to get away from all the spectators. "Just say thanks to Harry and Alan then."

Susan knew what was required, and went to kneel down, but instead asked if she could do it sitting down. Even sitting was demanding! The two men stood in front of her as she slowly settled on the chair, the probe in her bottom making her squirm, then they took turns to put their cocks in her mouth. Then Jeff stood up and told Susan to go with him back to her cell. She soon begged him to walk more slowly, and he chuckled but obliged.

In her cell, she found a plastic sheet had been laid over the bed. She asked Jeff what it was for, but he wouldn't tell her. He made her undress then sit on the edge of the bed, with the plug in her ass making itself felt again, and he blindfolded her, and then put himself in her mouth. As she sucked Jeff off she wondered about the plastic sheet she was sitting on. After he came in her mouth, he stroked her hair and said "Okay honey, now lie face down on the bed." He tied her wrists to the bed head, and fondled her bottom and played with the handle of the butt plug inside her. "Get some sleep, honey, there's a guy coming to see you soon."

"Please take this thing out before he gets here!"

Jeff chuckled. "Sorry honey, no, he wants to have it inside you when he arrives. Have you ever had an enema before, sweetie?"

Susan went pale, and slowly shook her head.

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