The Solitary Cell
Chapter 2

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - An innocent young girl is sent to prison for a traffic offence, and hates sharing with lustful dykes. A male warder finds her a room of her own, the Solitary Cell, but in return she must entertain male visitors and perform other humiliating but sexy tasks.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Enema   Voyeurism   Prostitution  

She woke to find Jeff standing over her, enjoying the shape of her under the thin cover, and the slow movements of her breasts as she breathed. When he saw she was awake, he gently tugged the sheet down to the foot of the bed and stood looking at her naked body. "You are very lovely, Susan. Sit up please, honey, sit on the edge of the bed facing me. Now, let's see how good you are with blow jobs," he said softly, unzipping his pants. Susan reluctantly took his cock in her mouth and felt his hands close around her ears, holding her still while he slowly fucked her face, then releasing her and letting her do more of the work. When he spunked, she tried to spit it out the way she did with her boyfriend, but no, Jeff held her face pressed against him until she had swallowed it all, then pushed her back on her elbows and stood looking down at her bare body as he zipped himself up.

"I will want those pubes shaved off soon Susan, but not yet. We might find a client who would enjoy shaving you." Susan looked shocked, but he ignored her reaction. "You must be hungry, let's get you some food. Have a shower and put on the nightie I brought you, and I will take you for a meal." He sat down and calmly waited for her. She was still shy about being naked in front of him, but when she emerged from the shower she dropped the towel before pulling the skimpy nightie over her head. It came just below her crotch, and was almost completely transparent! She started rummaging through the panties to find one that matched, but Jeff told her "no panties with that, Susan. There's makeup stuff in the dressing table, but for now just brush your hair and let's go."

She was horrified at the thought of walking through the prison in that totally revealing nightie, but had no choice. She just looked down at the path in front of her and tried to ignore the cat-calls from the prisoners as she was led past their cells. The things they said just served to convince her that she had made the right decision; no way did she ever want to go back into a cell with any of them. She was embarrassed to find several male guards in the staff canteen, who leered at her openly as she helped herself to food from the servery then went and sat beside Jeff.

"So tell me how you ended up in prison, Susan," he said softly.

The food was good, and she found she was surprisingly hungry, and relaxed a little as she told Jeff of the relatively minor traffic offence she had committed, and how the magistrate had decided to make an example of her, and had sentenced her to the maximum prison term allowed for her offence. Her lawyer had promised to get her sentence reduced on appeal, but she had no idea how long that would take. Jeff was sympathetic and understanding and she forgot how he had fucked her and made her suck him, and how she was now nearly naked in a room with half a dozen other men. Jeff promised he would ring her lawyer and find out what was going on. Then he stood up and took her back to her new cell. She needed a pee, and went to close the bathroom door while she did so, but found that there wasn't a door, and Jeff calmly stood in the entrance to the bathroom watching her. She found it very hard to pee under his amused gaze.

"There's a gentleman coming to see you shortly, Susan, as I said there's makeup in the dresser, I suggest you keep that nightie on, you look lovely in it. But put on the garter belt and stockings, and be ready in half an hour. Um Susan look this man doesn't want you to see his face, so please wait for him kneeling on the floor bent forward over the edge of your bed, okay? Knees wide apart. I suggest you have a pillow under your face and just keep your head down in the pillow, and don't look round until he has left. Sorry if it sounds a bit unglamorous but this guy is quite well known in town." He bent and kissed her, the first time she had ever been kissed while sitting on a toilet! He grinned at her, and left as she was wiping herself, and she heard the click as he locked the cell door.

She felt she had been kneeling for an hour before she heard that click again, and heard the door opened and a man enter, then the door shut and she heard the click as it was locked from the outside. She wished she could look at her first visitor, know how old he was, was he good looking? But she obediently kept her face down, buried in a pillow. He didn't say anything as she waited with her knees wide apart. She could hear him undressing, then he knelt behind her, and just pushed his cock inside her from behind! Susan was surprised how easily it went in, she realised she had gotten wet while kneeling waiting for him. His hands came round under her and cupped her breasts, quite gently, and his fingers stimulated her nipples rather nicely as he moved inside her.

His strokes became harder and faster, and she moaned softly as her unknown lover fucked her from behind, then he grunted and came, and immediately pulled out and went off to shower. Not sure what to do, she stayed bent over the bed, legs still wide apart, his semen flowing out of her and dripping on the carpet. She hadn't climaxed, but realised she wanted to. Would the man mind, if she put her hand under herself and masturbated while he was in the shower? Not knowing, she didn't, just knelt there trembling until he left.

Coming back into the bedroom, the man again said nothing as he dressed, then he came close behind her and tucked something inside her garter belt. He knocked on the door, which was unlocked and opened, and he left. The door then closed and she heard it being locked. She was grateful that Jeff hadn't come in, she was in no state to talk with him about what had just happened.

Slowly standing up, she reached behind, and found a $50 note tucked in her garter belt, and thoughtfully put it in a drawer of the dresser. She stripped, showered, and got back in her bed. She wished Jeff would come in and make love to her. She wished she had blankets to pull over her, the thin sheet seemed somehow indecently revealing even though she was alone. Of course she didn't know how much Jeff delighted in the shape of her firm body when he came in later while she was sleeping.

She woke immediately when Jeff did come in some time later, and he asked her if she was okay. She nodded thoughtfully, glad he hadn't asked specifically how it had gone, or anything humiliating like that, she wondered what Jeff must think of her. She liked him, and it hurt that he must think she was a slut. She sat up and let the sheet fall away, letting him look down at her naked body. Without being asked, she slipped off the bed, knelt in front of him, and took his cock out of his trousers, not quite daring to ask him to fuck her. This time he let her do all the work. This time she swallowed without being told to. She put him away then slid up his body until she was standing pressed against him, her arms round his neck. "Kiss me, please, Jeff," she whispered. Did he understand how she had hated the impersonal fuck of her first customer, and the wordless way he had paid her by stuffing the money in her belt? Jeff kissed her, surprised at the way her tongue pushed into his mouth.

At last she broke off the kiss, and turned her back to him. "When is the next man?" He said he was expecting one later that day. "I thought you said it would only be one a day?" He apologised. She bit her lip but didn't complain. "Will I be able to look at this man?" Jeff chuckled and said that, yes, this man would want more than just a fuck from behind. Susan flushed, wondering how Jeff knew what that first man had done. Surely he hadn't stayed in the room watching?

As Jeff went to the door, she realised she didn't want to be left alone with nothing to do. "Can I have a television or something? It's awful just sitting waiting."

"I could take you to the library if you like, you could get some books."

"Can I put the shift on? I hated walking about in the nightie."

Jeff relented and allowed her to put the shift on, over the garter belt and clean stockings. As she was about to pull the shift on, he stopped her. "Why don't you try that bra on, see if it fits?"

She was about to explain to him how difficult it was to find a bra that fit her large breasts even with a wide selection in an underwear shop, but to her surprise this one fitted quite well. Except being a platform bra that just lifted her breasts without attempting to cover them, it wasn't that surprising. "Keep it on, you look nice in it." She flushed, very aware that her nipples were engorged, sticking out like thumbs, and Jeff was unashamedly looking at them! When she put the thin cotton shift on over it, the nipples showed through very prominently.

He took her to the prison library, and she selected a pile of books and magazines and he carried them for her back to her cell. There, he insisted that she take the shift off, leaving her in just the bra, the garter belt, and the stockings. He stood looking down at her big breasts, and she could tell he wanted them. She decided to be nice to him, and offer before he demanded. "Would you like to touch them?"

Jeff sat on the edge of the bed and made her stand facing him, her legs apart, her nipples level with his mouth. After teasing them with his hands, he drew her towards him and took a nipple in his mouth. And she moaned! He slid a hand down between her legs, and started stroking her there very expertly, and soon he brought her to a delicious climax. She slipped to her knees, offering to suck him off again, but he laughed and said no, he didn't think he could cope with more of that just yet. He left her. She laid down on the bed, and slid one hand down where Jeff's hand had been moments earlier, while the other hand massaged her tingling nipples, and she gently caressed herself as she fell asleep.

She was woken by Jeff, asking if she was hungry again. She wasn't really, but Jeff said he was hungry and that he would like her to join him, so she nodded, and he offered to take her back to the staff canteen. "Please can I wear the shift?" she begged.

Jeff looked displeased. "If you dress like an inmate, you must go to the main inmates' canteen and eat with the other inmates." She wasn't too happy about that, but having made her request to wear the shift she felt silly changing her mind, so she nodded. Jeff walked with her to the main canteen, which was crowded with inmates, all glaring at her, or lusting for her, and yelling abuse and threats and invitations to lewdnesses she didn't want to think about. Jeff stood back by the door as she joined the queue for food, but hands started groping her and she fled back to him. "Okay I give in," she sobbed, "please let's go back to that other place."

He made her take the shift off, standing there in front of all the women, and when they saw the platform bra, the garter belt, and the lack of panties they howled their amusement and derision. She ran from the room and almost dragged Jeff by the hand to the relative safety of his staff canteen. Of course, now she didn't even have the skimpy nightie covering her, and the platform bra was presenting her breasts to the eager eyes of the other guards, two of whom came and sat either side of Jeff so they could see her better. This time she was too tense to eat, but Jeff refused to take her back to her cell until he had enjoyed a leisurely meal. The two men hardly spoke, and hardly took their eyes off her breasts.

At last Jeff pushed his empty plate away and lent back in his chair. "Guys, you've been looking at them for long enough, I guess you have earned a touch. Go round to her side of the table. Susan, stand up, and let the guys suckle, one tit each." The men eagerly moved around the table and sat one each side of her, and lent forward, each man taking a nipple into his mouth. Susan stood with eyes half closed, watching Jeff. The sensation was almost unbearably erotic!

"Open your legs, Susan, let them finger your lovely snatch." Glancing down, Susan could see both men were masturbating as their fingers explored her labia and her clitoris while their mouths continued suckling her nipples. She suddenly realised she was going to orgasm, and put her hand to her mouth, wanting to bite her hand to stifle her cries. Jeff misunderstood her action and thought she was going to push the men away. "Put your hands behind your back, Susan. Martin, cuff the girl so she can't do anything naughty." Susan moaned as an unseen man behind her quietly handcuffed her, and then started gently stroking her back, his hands moving down to her bottom.

She heard the man behind her ask "has she been caned yet?" and moaned when Jeff said calmly, "no, not yet." The hands on her bum started moving over her ass cheeks, spreading them, a finger moving into her bum crack, exploring, she closed her eyes and turned her head to the side, too embarrassed to complain about what he was doing, unwilling to look at Jeff to see if he was enjoying watching. "Has she been fucked in the ass yet?" the man behind her asked. Now she opened her eyes and looked at Jeff in despair, as he grinned, taking his time before answering.

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