The Solitary Cell
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2010 by Shani 34

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An innocent young girl is sent to prison for a traffic offence, and hates sharing with lustful dykes. A male warder finds her a room of her own, the Solitary Cell, but in return she must entertain male visitors and perform other humiliating but sexy tasks.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Enema   Voyeurism   Prostitution  


Susan was crying when the guard opened the cell door and told her to step outside. "What's up, girl?" The man gently took her into his arms, loving the feel of her firm breasts against his chest. He stroked her blonde hair, loving the softness of it.

"It's horrible, those women are horrible, please I hate it here, I can't do this."

The man looked back into the cell, where three older women sat on their bunks watching, grinning. He had no doubt what they had done to the young girl to reduce her to tears, in fact he had given them specific instructions on what he expected them to do to her. "I'm sorry honey but hey it's prison, it's meant to be a punishment."

She looked up at him, her lovely blue eyes wide and tearful. "But they made me do things with them, surely they aren't allowed to make me do those things?"

The guard strove not to grin, trying to look sympathetic but loving the thought of this fresh young thing being made to pleasure the greedy women he had, deliberately, put her in with. He knew they would reward him later, with blow jobs given through the bars of the cell late at night, but for now his thoughts were on the trembling 19 year old girl in his arms. His thoughts were firmly on the plan he had formed when he first saw her at the New Inmate counter the day before.

"It's your first time in prison, is it, honey? How long are you in for?" He knew the answers, he had spent most of last evening going through her file, wondering how she had managed to earn such a severe penalty for what seemed to have been quite a minor traffic offence. He knew she was unmarried and lived with her parents, and he wondered if she was a virgin! Not likely, but he could dream. He would know very soon.

Susan answered his questions, then cried a bit more, then with her cheek pressed to his chest sobbed "please, I can't stand this, please can't you find me another cell?"

"Well, there is one, it's called Solitary, just a single cell, would you prefer that?" She clung to him and begged him to take her there, and he grinned over her head at the three hardened women in the cell behind her and took her hand and led her down the dismal corridor.

The cell he showed her into was much larger than she had expected, with thick carpet on the floor and a comfortable looking bed and a wardrobe and a dressing table! There was a doorway that she could see opened into her own bathroom. He stood watching her as she sat on the bed, feeling the spring in the mattress, the clean sheets, the soft pillow. She looked up him, smiling gratefully. She noticed the name on his uniform, Jeffery Dahl. "Can I call you Jeff?"

"Of course you can honey. What's your name?"

"Susan." She walked to him, stook close, looking up into his eyes. "Can I really stay here? Oh thank you so much!" He smiled to show he appreciated her enthusiasm.

"Well it's not quite as simple as that. This room is special, as you can see. It's used for special purposes."

She looked up at him innocently, and asked what it was used for.

"Mostly it's for conjugal visits, when a woman entertains a husband or boyfriend or whatever. They are allowed conjugal rights in return for good behaviour."

Susan blushed, and looked again at the large bed, and wondered how many inmates had made love to their partners here. "So would I have to wait outside, or what?" She wondered how often the room was used for those purposes, and how long a visit would take. She didn't like the idea of having to use the bed afterwards, would they give her clean sheets?

"Well, we would have to think of that, I'm sure we could work out something." She looked so adorable, the torn shift exposing her big breasts, her eyes wide with fear and confusion, trying to understand exactly what he was offering, no doubt wondering why he was being so kind to her.

He decided it was time to break the bad news. "There is another problem, Susan. This is unofficial, and normally you wouldn't know anything about it, but if you are going to live in the Solitary Cell then you need to know that there are others who use the room. We have a very secret arrangement with some rich and powerful men in the local towns, they come here for entertainment, and in return they donate money to various good causes." Like the nice car I drive, he thought, and the Warden's new swimming pool. This cell had been serving those wealthy men for some time, and there were enough women in the prison who were happy to entertain the men in return for ridiculously small rewards. He could tell that Susan still had no idea what he was about to say, and he loved her naivety and youthful innocence. She was going to earn him a fortune, if he played it right.

"But we can hardly have you spending most of your time waiting out in the corridor, can we? Those men would wonder who you were, and might get scared that their confidentiality had been compromised."

Susan was very confused, and looked at him helplessly. "Then what are you saying?"

"I'm inviting you to become the room's full time resident. You are young and very beautiful, and I am sure those men would love to visit you. We could limit it to one a day, if you like."

Susan looked up at him in horror, her face going pale. "No way! No, impossible."

"That's okay honey, I do understand, let's take you back then, to your cell with those three women."

He let her walk in front, partly because he liked watching her bum as she walked, but also because he didn't want her to see the big smile on his face. He was quietly confident that she would not put up with another night in the cell with those horny women. Or if she did, she would be more cooperative by morning! Sure enough, as they drew close to the other cell she stopped and turned to him. "Please, is there no other way?"

He considered offering to look after her himself, perhaps putting her in a cell of her own in the back of the prison, but no, this would be both easier to organise and also more remunerative, there were lots more opportunities for pleasure and reward if he could get her to agree to do as he wanted in the Solitary Cell. He intended to have his turns with her there often enough, but those men from town really were very generous, tipping the guard who brought them if the girl he provided was good, and he was very confident that Susan would be popular.

He also wanted to involve Susan with the conjugal visits, which were of course the official reason for the well-furnished room! He loved supervising those visits. His role included checking both parties before letting them have sex, sitting in the room watching to make sure the guy didn't pass any illegal things to his woman during the visit, making sure the man wore a condom in accordance with the rules for those visits, and checking the girl afterwards, after the man had left. He especially enjoyed making that final post-sex inspection as humiliating as possible. Most of the women hated these conjugal visits, putting up with them only because their partner demanded they did so, needing to keep him at least possibly faithful, and above all hopefully ensuring he would still be there when the woman got released. Jeff often demanded sex or at least a blow job before returning the woman to her cell. Yes, he loved the whole event and wished there were more of them, and his plans for Susan would make the visits much more popular.

He had thought of all sorts of ways to use Susan during those conjugal visits. He could provide her with a very skimpy version of a female guard's uniform, and make her responsible for the security aspects, make her check the man, while he checked the woman, then she could sit and watch the lovemaking! A lot of men would get off on that, although the women would hate it. And those men would tip better for arranging such a sexy supervisor for the visit, and exercise their entitlements to the visits more often! He might even offer the husbands a visit using Susan instead of the man's wife, for a suitable fee, with the wife not even knowing her man had been to visit!

He stood facing her, trying to stop looking at her tits through the gaping tear in her prison shift, trying to look serious as though he were searching his mind for a better solution. Finally he shrugged his shoulders.

"Sorry honey the prison is very full, and the Solitary cell is the only one I can give you where you will be on your own. I could put you in with some other women, but there just are no inmates in this prison who wouldn't want to use you the way those three did. Some of the other women in here are much more violent than those ladies. Girls have been quite badly beaten up just for being un-cooperative." Susan blanched at hearing the three foul women she had spent last night with being called ladies, but said nothing. She glanced back towards the cell he was taking her to, and shuddered, and remembered the hard bunk bed, and the greedy insatiable women in there.

"So exactly what would my um my ah duties be?"

"Just to be nice to those guys when they visit."

"You said it would be just one man a day?"

"Usually yes." He enjoyed tormenting her with the hint of more.

"What sort of men?"

"These are all wealthy men who can afford these visits, not the sort who pick up girls off the street."

"And I have to have sex with them?"

"Some will want full sex, yes, though a lot of men are happy with a head job." And some will want more than just plain sex, he thought, but deliberately kept the bad news from her at this stage.

"What if I don't like the man?"

Jeff raised an eyebrow, inviting her to accept the inevitable without actually saying it. Susan knew what he meant, and bit her lip nervously. She thought again of those three voracious bitches who were so demanding last night, waiting for her just down the passage.


Now Jeff really had to work to keep his face sombre and sympathetic. "Are you quite sure, Susan? Would you like perhaps to spend another night in the cell here before you decide?" He relished the shudder that went through Susan's delightful body at that suggestion. She shook her head, and he stepped aside to let her lead the way back to the Solitary cell. She really did have a lovely ass!

In her new room, Susan stood looking down at the bed, uncertain whether she could do this. Jeff showed her the en-suite, with her own toilet and shower and bath! Clean towels on the rail! My god this was better than the communal showers she had been thrown into yesterday, with the male guard watching lustfully!

"It's lovely, thank you. I think I will have a shower now, okay? Any idea when I might have a visitor?"

This, Jeff knew, was very much a break point. He should just back out and leave her, and phone the visits organiser to tell him of the new girl available, but he was just feeling too horny! He knew he could go back to the girl's earlier cell and get blow jobs from any of those three women, or even fuck them if he wanted to, but Susan was just too sweet and too innocent to pass up. She might even still be a virgin, and no way was he going to pass up that opportunity. He could ask, but knew he would be disappointed if she flushed and admitted that, no, she had had other men before. No, he would take her now and enjoy the thought that, just maybe, this might be her first.

"Susan, I have to tell you something. I am putting my job here at great risk, allowing you to have your own cell. If the warden finds out, he would put you back in with those women, and I would get fired. I'm also taking a huge risk letting you know about the secret visits that take place, I could go to jail myself if the authorities find out about those." Susan looked suitably nervous. "So, honey, I'm sorry but I am going to insist on being your first visitor."

Susan looked down at the ground, biting her lip. She could see his request was reasonable, and didn't quite see how she could refuse. She nodded shyly.

"Take the shift off, honey, I will get you some fresh clean clothes more suited to the occupant of the Solitary Cell." Susan was glad to get rid of the filthy torn shift, but not too keen on being naked before him. But she had just agreed to have sex with him, silly to be coy! She shrugged it off and handed it to him.

"Okay, go have your shower, Susan. I will be back shortly." Jeff left the room, locking the door behind him, and went quickly to the warders' office, to have a beer. Three other guards were there, and asked him how things were going. They cheered him when he told them Susan had agreed. They laughed at the state of Susan's torn and sticky shift, and asked Jeff to describe her body.

"She has a fabulous ass, and great tits. I think it's that ass I like most," sighed Jeff, "I am going to cane it very soon! And sodomise it! I wonder what she is thinking right now," Jeff chuckled as he selected some clothing from a cupboard and finished his beer, then set off for his first go at Susan.

When he entered he could tell that Susan was very nervous. She was sitting on the bed with the towel wrapped tight around her. He put the new clothes down on the bed beside her. "I brought you these, a clean shift for when you have to go into the main areas of the prison, and also some other nicer things to wear here when you are entertaining," he said softly. "You can try them on in a minute. If they don't fit I will get you more, in your size. Would you like to put them away now?"

The lovely girl looked down at the bundle of clothes, she saw a nice short nightie, several panties, a garter belt and packets of stockings, and a bra. No dresses or skirts or blouses! She flushed, but smiled her thanks up at him. She stood and held the towel tightly around her as she took the clothes over to the wardrobe and put them away. Then she turned to face him. Her cheeks were flushed red, her eyes turned away from him. "What now?" she whispered.

"Drop the towel, Susan." And she did. "Turn around Susan, let me see you." And she did. Lovely ass! "You are so beautiful. Come to bed, darling." Jeff watched as she climbed onto the bed, then slowly undressed, watched shyly by Susan. "Lie down baby, let me get a good look at you. Put your hands above your head, and open your legs."

As it happened, Susan was not a virgin. But she had only had one serious boyfriend, and had been with him since she was sixteen. She had started sleeping with him just a year ago, and although she felt she loved him and he did his best to please her, he was, after all, just an innocent and inexperienced young man. Susan had often fantasised about having better lovers.

She soon found that Jeff was indeed a better lover. He took a surprising amount of time worshipping her body, stroking it, licking it, exploring its curvy bits and its inner depths with his tongue and fingers, until she was gripping the headboard tightly and trying not to scream. When he finally slid up the bed and covered her body with his, she didn't even think about whether he was wearing a condom. As he slid his large cock into her, she started to moan, and continued moaning as Jeff ploughed her.

It was only after he had left her that she thought, did he wear a rubber? She wasn't on the pill, her boyfriend didn't mind using condoms, but had Jeff just assumed she was on the pill? Still flushed from her orgasm, she stretched out on the bed, under the thin sheet, and went to sleep. She had hardly slept last night, and was exhausted.

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