The Horriblest Date

by Rod O'Steele

Copyright┬ę 2010 by Rod O'Steele

Erotica Sex Story: A bad date, an understanding father comforting his daughter, and things just get out of hand

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   .


I got the call about ten on Friday night. It was Jess, my daughter, out on a date. She had been so excited for she was going out with the hunkiest guy in school, Jason. All of her girlfriends thought he was dreamy and were envious to say the least. She had primped for hours before the date. Her flaming red hair and piercing blues, both attributes she inherited from her mother, shone. She had 'borrowed' a dress that her mother had worn. Yes, my little girl was now as big as her mother had been, before we lost her. Seeing Jess in that dress was very hard although I did not tell her that. Off she had gone on the best possible date. That was at six.

At ten my phone rang and I saw it was her. Worried I answered. She was sobbing, "Daddy, I don't know where I am and I'm scared. Please come get me," she pleaded.

I hit the GPS tracking function and the phone told me where she was. "I'm coming baby," as I sprinted out the door. I put the address in my Tom Tom and zoomed off. Ten minutes later, I drove down the street to see her standing under a street light. She jumped in and broke down in sobs. I let her cry as I looked her over. No bruises or marks and her clothes looked fine. Whatever it was it wasn't physical assault and I was relieved. But what had happened?

When Jess stopped crying and looked up I asked, "Sweetie, what happened? How was the date?"

"Oh Daddy, that was the horriblest date!"

It didn't seem like the time to be correcting her English. "Slow down. What happened?" I asked.

She told me, my anger growing in leaps and bounds while I bottled it in not to interrupt her telling. The little shit 'hunk' turned out to be a complete asshole. After dinner, her took her out to this neighborhood and parked. He kissed her, then got grabby. Jess fought him off and kept telling him to stop. He informed her that he knew why she was here and any girl who dated him better put out. That scared her. When he forced his hand between her legs and touched her pussy she was terrified. He had in the meantime, pulled out his cock. Scared to death, Jess took the lesser of two evils, figuring if she got him off he would calm down enough for her to get him to take her home. She started jacking him off, but he nixed that and pulled her face down to his lap. With no choice, Jess had given him a blowjob and he had finished in her mouth. After, she had asked him to take her home. His answer was, no babe, you are going to finish by fucking me. That's when, with his pants down around his ankles, she had jumped from the car and ran off into the dark. She had hidden behind some bushes in somebody's yard until her drove away, probably looking for her. That's when she called me.

I was seething, it had been an assault. I wanted to kill the little fucker. Had he been there right then I probably would have beaten him to death with the arm I ripped off his body. But that passed as it does in civilized folk, and I asked, "Do you want to go to the police?"

"No, Daddy. Please no," she begged.

"Okay," I said. "You don't have to." I drove off. I did know where he lived having learned that earlier and I drove to his house. I recognized the car in the front as the one he had been driving.

When Jess saw the house, she freaked, "No, I don't want to see him."

"Jess, you need to tell his parents what happened. Next time he will rape some girl. How will you feel knowing that you could have prevented that?" Yeah, I was loading a lot on my daughter who was the victim here. But how would I feel if the shit raped a girl later? I didn't want to live with that and I didn't want Jess to have to live with that. I knew in her emotional state she just wanted to be done with it, but if it happened to some other girl because we had chickened out I also knew how both of us would feel.

She saw I was serious and she knew how I felt about doing what was right. "Okay, Daddy." She sat up straight and composed her face. Her eyes were still puffy and red from crying. I was as proud of her in that moment as I have ever been. When his mother opened the door she immediately saw that there was a problem just by Jess's looks.

When we came in, Jason was there and when he saw us his face turned ashen, that look of a kid who knows he is caught and his face just flashes guilty like a liquor store neon sign. His mom saw that as well. "Jason, you better sit down."

"Mom, I need to go..." he started.

She interrupted. "Sit!"

Jess told her story, while holding back sobs.

Jason's father had joined us and I saw him holding back his anger. His mother's anger looked even colder and deeper, not a violent anger but one so full of wrath I almost felt sorry for the little shit. His life was going to be living hell for a while.

We excused ourselves and left. Jess composed herself on the way home. As we got out of the car she asked, "Why?"

"That's a good question, sweetie. Many young guys haven't learned to control the powerful emotions and desires surging through their bodies. Hormones are pouring into them. A few shits, like Jason, have girls fawning over them and they get to feeling like they are entitled and some girls cave in to that, giving him what he doesn't deserve. I have a feeling that little Jason is never going to do that again if the look in his mother's eyes was any clue."

She looked at me inquisitively, "So young guys can't be trusted."

"Let's just say that some young guys haven't learned to control their passions," I said.

She didn't say anymore until we were in the house. I could see she was still shaky. "You want some hot cocoa?"

That finally brought a smile, "Yeah."

I went to the kitchen to make the cocoa putting a little brandy in to settle both of us." Jess had taken off the dress and put of an old t-shirt of mine that served as a sleeping garment. I gave her the mug and we sat in the kitchen drinking and talking. She was still edgy after the mug so I said, "Jess, I can tell you are bothered. Please take this the right way but if you want to sleep in my bed tonight you can."

When her mother passed away, Jess had taken to sleeping in my bed. There was nothing amiss about it and to tell the truth my bed was so empty and cold having her there made it easier for me and her. When she had started to sprout she quit sleeping in my bed. The offer was made in acknowledgement that if she wanted to be pampered like a little girl she was welcome.

"I'd like that daddy," she said smiling.

"It's late, I'm going to bed," I said. I changed into my pj bottoms. It had been a hot autumn day and was still warm though a cooler breeze had sprung up, I still didn't want the tops. I hopped in bed and turned off the lights. A few moments later, Jess came in. "Daddy, are you awake?"

So much for my short term memory, I had already forgotten my invitation. "Yes, sweetie. Climb in if you still want."

Apparently she did because she climbed under the sheets and snuggled up. "I remember when we used to do this."

"I do to, sweetie."

She turned around and spooned up to me, my arms going round her like I did when she was ten, before she turned into a woman.

She sighed, "Daddy, this is so nice. I wish we hadn't stopped doing this."

"You were growing up. We had to stop before you, well, grew up," I said.

Jess giggled. "Daddy, if you only knew. Even then, when you fell asleep, I would turn until your hand was on my tit and I would rub against you. Sometimes, I'd get your hand between my legs and rub against it. That was the best."

"I don't believe it. I'd wake up." I objected.

"Oh no, you make this funny uffing sound right before you wake up. That's when I'd turn on my side," she said.

I was stunned, could it be possible? Her mother had teased me about that exact sound she had said I always made when waking up. When Jess was ten she had used me to masturbate while I slept.

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