An Incestuous Episode: Ginny and Vic

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: Upon finding out that the studs in high school are all lusting for his 14-year-old sister, Vic begins to pay more attention to her, leading to their first night of incestuous sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

"I'm just letting you know," said Joey. "I don't know what you can do about it, but that's what Peter told me."

Vic nodded and the two boys parted. He thought about everything that his friend Joey had said that afternoon.

Vic's 14-year-old sister Ginny just became a high school freshman about a month earlier. According to Joey's brother Peter, almost all of the guys on the varsity team had gotten a look at her and they were all more than impressed by her. They were almost unanimous in their feelings about her. In short, they were all wild about her. If a beauty contest were held in the whole town it would be a good bet that Ginny would win hands down. For sure, there wouldn't be any competition in the high school, despite the fact that she was one of the youngest kids there. Ginny was an absolute standout beauty with a maturing figure that already was approaching that of someone 2 or 3 years older.

Joey relayed to Vic that he had gotten the impression from Peter that most of the guys in school were talking about her, and he was afraid that if she wasn't clued in, that one or more of the guys would con her out and try to 'nail' her. (Joey assumed that Peter was telling the truth because he kind of thought that his brother was secretly in love with Ginny.)

Joey and Vic spoke all afternoon of the potential dangers and what could be done about it. They both were well aware how good looking Ginny was and they knew from what Peter had said that they somehow had to alert her.

Although Vic was a year younger that his sister, he nevertheless felt that he was worldlier and that his older sister was a complete innocent. He'd have to talk to her.

That night, the family was in the living room. Vic's mom and dad were on the couch watching television. Vic was on the easy chair doing his homework, and Ginny was on the floor doing hers. Vic's mind couldn't concentrate on his work. He kept thinking of his conversation with Joey, and his eyes kept straying to his sister. He looked down at her, and for the first time in his life he began to look at his sister as a female. Prior to today he had never really given it any thought.

Ginny was stretched out on her stomach, her body long and slender. Vic's eyes went from the back of her head, where he studied the flow of her long, curly-blonde hair falling around her neck, cascading over her shoulders and surrounding an angelic face, and then moved lower. Looking at Ginny in this way, Vic for the first time took notice of his sister's buttocks ensconced in her tight fitting jeans. For the first time in his life he was aware that her body had developed luscious curves that most guys would be drawn to. He already was well aware of her beauty, and now, thinking of how he had noticed how her tits were filling out, he began to absorb the problem that they were faced with. If she weren't his sister he too would be crazy about her. He couldn't help but focus his eyes on the spot between her legs at the bottom of her buttocks. He could feel himself blush as he actually thought of what was under her jeans at that spot. Feeling himself rise in his pants, he tore his eyes off and away from his sister's body.

At other times during the night, when Ginny was on her side or when she got up and walked about, Vic got to look at her face and body with his newfound curiosity. Vic had known that his sister was beautiful, having seen her close-up daily over the years, but he also heard the numerous remarks made in regards to her looks, hearing people remarking about 'how pretty' or 'how cute' or 'she's beautiful' she was. But now was the first time that it seemed to really register on the young boy's mind. He now truly recognized his sister's awesome beauty.

Although her looks had never alerted his male mind until today, he had known that she possessed an awesome body. He and Joey had even talked about it over the summer when they saw her in a bikini. Joey had remarked that Ginny's walk reminded him of the Miss America contestants' feminine stride. Vic himself had made mention of the length and shape of his sister's legs. Even though she was only 14 years old, Ginny already stood 5'6', and it sometimes seemed like more than half of her was from her narrow waist on down. None of her girlfriends' legs were as long and curvy as hers.

As Vic thought back to her body in the bikini and now studied her tremendous good looks, he became even more acutely aware of the problem that they had to confront. Yet he knew that he couldn't talk about it in front of their parents. He wanted to talk to his sister by himself.

As was the daily routine, Ginny said goodnight at 9:45 p.m. and went upstairs to her room and undressed. By 9:55 p.m. she was in the shower. At 10 p.m. Vic went upstairs to his bedroom, which abutted his sister's. He undressed down to his shorts.

At 10:05 p.m. Ginny came out of the bathroom and went toward her room with only her robe covering her. As the robe had no belt, the pretty teen held it closed in case she encountered someone of her family. After closing her door, she did a few little things before sitting in the chair facing the mirror. As she began brushing her hair her robe fell open, but she paid no attention because she was alone. Her brush hand was just starting to move in a downward stroke when her brother opened her door quickly. As they grew up, they had never before had any hesitation walking into each other's room.

As he entered the room Ginny's robe was parted, giving Vic a full frontal view of his sister's breasts. If this had happened in the past Vic never took notice (and if it did Ginny would have simply closed her robe and they would have begun talking.) However, because of Vic's new awareness, his young eyes immediately opened wide and fell on the flesh within his sister's robe. The young boy felt a strange feeling in his shorts.

Ginny saw her brother's gaze and instinctively sensed that Vic was looking at her in an unusual way. She closed the robe from her brother's probing eyes. She was surprised that he actually had taken notice of her, and was even more surprised to see the point sticking far out into his jockey shorts. She knew what that meant. That had never before happened with him.

"Gin, can we talk?" he asked, after his initial reaction.

"What's up?" she responded.

"I ... I, er ... I got to, er, talk ... er, this got to be private; just between me and you, okay?"

Ginny looked at him a little queer but she nodded toward the bed, indicating for her brother to sit. She stayed on the chair and when he sat on the side of the bed she turned to face him.

Vic sat for a long time gathering his thoughts. He didn't know how to begin or even what to say. He hadn't rehearsed any of this. After all, this was his sister. Finally he blurted out, "Do you know about sex?"

She was surprised by his question. "What d'ya mean?" she asked.

"I ... I ... you ... Do you?" he stammered.

"What're you talking about Vic? What's up?"

"Do you know about, you know, sex?" he tried again.

This was her kid brother, a year younger than her. 'What was he talking about? What was on his mind?' she wondered.

"Yeah ... yeah, I ... think I do ... know ... it ... what it's all about?" she said.

"Do you know ... about ... cherries and, er, what happens?"

"I ... I think so. I'm a virgin, if that is what you mean Vic."

"Er ... yeah ... I guess." He was obviously very uncomfortable. Then he suddenly blurted out, "Gin, d'ya know all the boys in your school want to, er, you know what I mean!"

"What ... who ... what do you mean? Who... ?" she started.

Vic interrupted, feeling a little bit more comfortable. "Joey said his brother told him. They -- the guys in your school that he knows -- they're all talking about you. And they all want to, er, get into your, er, 'pants'. Y'know what I mean?"

Ginny face loosened up and she smiled that huge winning smile that Vic had seen so often. "You mean they all want to, er, fuck me?"

Vic was flabbergasted. He had never heard his sister curse.

He nodded his head. "Y-yeah!"

She spoke to him in a conspiratorial tone. "I know ... no, not exactly what you said ... but ... I mean I didn't hear anything about the guys in school but ... I've seen ... it's been happening for awhile now. Guys looking, trying to, er, cop a feel, you know what I mean? Just about all the boys, I think -- At least whenever I pay attention. Like remember when I went to the graduation dance with Billy Tyler? I ... he damn near raped me. I don't know how I fought him off. As a matter of fact ... no, never mind."

Vic could see that there was a problem. "What ... what happened?" he asked.

"Nothing ... forget it ... it's just something, I guess, that girls have to live with. Even Eric Peters ... one night he tried to feel me up, you know what I mean?"

Vic felt a rise of anger surging in him. "The bastards..."

"Yeah. And I guess I just have to be aware, pay more attention."

"Mmm hmm. Otherwise you'll, er, lose your cherry, Gin."

Ginny sat quietly, eyes down. "Vic, I..." she looked pleadingly at him; she just had to tell someone. She took a deep breath and then continued, quietly, "Promise not to tell anyone... ?"

He was afraid of what his sister might say, but he had to know. He nodded and said, "Yeah ... what?"

After a moment she spoke to him, almost in a whisper, "I ... don't have a cherry, Vic."

"But ... Ginny, you just said you did."

The young girl shook her head, sadly saying, "No, uh-uh, I, er said that I was still a virgin. I am but, er ... when Billy almost raped me he ... er ... he got his hands inside my, er, panties and ... er ... well, I was fighting him off and all and ... I kept him from getting on top of me and all ... but, well, he ... er, he hurt me real bad Vic ... with his hand ... his, er, fingers ... I ... I saw stars, it hurt so bad," she continued, as tears now filled her eyes from the memory, "And later, when I got home, I found out that I was bleeding and all and ... well, you know, what that means, right?"

Vic didn't understand and he shook his head. He was furious inside at Billy Tyler and he swore to himself that his would kill him if he ever saw him again.

Ginny continued, "Billy's hand ... actually broke my hymen ... my er, cherry ... and that's why I bled that night."

At this moment Billy Tyler was a lucky person that he had moved out of town. Vic was mad enough right now to actually murder.

"Why didn't you tell me? I would have..."

His sister cut him off, "I know ... and what good would it have done? Everybody would have found out what happened and they would have blamed me. Billy kept his promise. He never told anyone. So, as far anyone knows, I'm a virgin..."

He saw a tear roll down her cheek as she continued, "You know bro, all boys ... guys are alike. They only want one thing. And I guess I'm a little more, er, attractive to them than some of the other girls. I guess because of my looks, right?"

"I ... er, guess so ... You are the best looking girl in the world, you know? But I ... I don't think that all guys are alike. We're not that ba ... we're not like that," he insisted.

Ginny managed to smile again. The worst of her story was told and she had come back to the present. She looked over at her brother, directly in his eyes, and said, "And I say you are ... Even you Vic ... even you."

He shook his head in denial.

She added with a trace of tease in her voice, "Tell me you didn't look at ... me, you know, when you came in here!"

The young boy's face flushed, bright red. "Well that ... that was because ... er, because your robe ... your ... t-tits ... were ... I..."

Ginny was smiling knowingly. "And I saw how you reacted. Didn't you?"

"I, well, I..."

He was flushed and nervous, not really knowing how to respond because he wasn't sure of how he felt. His sister was absolutely right about his reaction when he saw her boobs. He got up and walked rapidly toward the door. "Just, er, be careful, okay? We can talk ... maybe tomorrow?"

As he passed her, she couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants. "Okay, bro, and Vic... ?" she said as he reached the door. He stopped and looked back at her and she added, "Thanks."

He smiled back at his sister and then rushed out to his bedroom, seeking relief. Once he was in his bed he hurriedly pulled down his shorts and grabbed eagerly at his cock. He quickly began stroking his throbbing flesh. This was something that he was doing more and more, now that he learned how, and what had just happened with his sister had caused him to become unusually hard and tight. He closed his eyes and recalled those mounds of flesh under Ginny's robe.

The following afternoon, Vic and Ginny were both hanging out, outside of their house. After making sure they were alone, they talked openly with each other, knowing that they couldn't be overheard. He voiced his concern some more for her and she assured him that she could take care of herself. As their conversation progressed, they spoke more easily about the situation and soon their language reached the gutter level. Vic was shocked by his sister's knowledge. However, she learned still more from him and he added even more words to her vocabulary.

As they were going back into the house Vic asked, "Gin do you, er, ever jerk off ... you know, play with yourself?"

She seemed hesitant but then nodded. "Yeah ... why?"

"I just wondered," he said, recalling his own fantasizing of the prior night.

"Why?" she asked.

"No reason," he said.

"D'you?" she asked.

"Er, sometimes."

"Me too."

She wondered why her brother asked. Was it possible that he had heard her the previous night, when, as soon as he left her room she had pleasured herself? The memory of the night with Billy Tyler, coupled with seeing her brother react to her body, and the thought that 'all' of the boys in school wanted her, had her body heated and in need of immediate relief.

It was from this point in time that little Vic had a problem. He was aware of his sister's femininity and, after seeing her tits, he now had a steady desire to 'really' see her. He continuously snuck glances trying to get a glimpse of her ass or even a frontal look if no one was paying attention to him.

One night, almost a week after their talk, Vic went up to take a shower immediately after Ginny came out. Upon taking off his shorts he started to toss them into the hamper. There on the top lay his sister's panties. He looked for a minute before finally reaching out to touch them. Inquisitiveness ran through him. Nervously, he brought the red silk up to his face. He looked at the inner crotch. It looked stained. His curiosity got the best of him. Vic brought the panties into his face. His nose went to the crotch and he breathed in. His cock enlarged immediately. The smell of raw pussy ran up into the boy's nostrils and inflamed his body. The aroma was fantastic. He was shocked. He breathed in again. This was his own sister's cunt that he smelled. It was great! The smell was having a tremendous effect on his cock. He brought his hand down and grasped his flesh. As he worked himself over, he continued sniffing in deeply as he visually pictured his nude sister. 'Oh I gotta fuck her' he told himself as his hand pulled roughly up and down on his prick. 'Oh Ginny ... Ginny!'

From that point forward Vic began a nightly ritual of going up to the bathroom immediately after Ginny came out of the shower, getting her soiled panties from the hamper, and jerking off while sniffing the wonderful smell of her pussy that lingered in the crotch.

One Friday night shortly thereafter, Ginny decided not to shower. Being that she didn't have school the next day she decided that she would shower in the morning. Vic was upset. This broke a routine that he was enjoying immensely; jerking off every night while sniffing his sister's panties and fantasizing that he was fucking her.

She went to bed at 10 p.m. even though they were allowed to stay up an extra hour on Fridays. Vic stayed up, hoping, to no avail, to hear her go into the shower. Finally, he and his mom and dad all went upstairs to their rooms.

Vic completely undressed and jumped into his bed. He reached down and fingered his cock. It wasn't hard as it normally was when he sniffed on Ginny's panties. He closed his eyes and squeezed. As his mind conjured up a vision of his sister's tits, his prick began to come to life. Instead of pulling up and down on his flesh Vic just softly squeezed and released on his cock. It wasn't as exciting as when he could smell her panties. He missed the smell of her cunt.

Squeezing and releasing ever so gently, but firmly.

Ginny's cunt!

He missed the smell, but this felt so good; squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing.

And then the thought came to him. If she was sleeping maybe he could... ?

Throwing caution to the wind, the 13-year-old boy arose from his bed and went out of his room. Then, ever so quietly, he soft-footed to his sister's room and gently turned the handle. The door opened and he quickly entered, closing it behind him without making a sound.

He could see her lying on the bed on her side, her back to him. She had a blanket over her. Much of her bare back was showing to him in the rear, but the blanket was over her chest in the front.

When he reached the side of the bed, he nervously whispered, "Gin?"

There was no answer. He called softly again and once more there was no response. Vic's cock was rigid in his jockey shorts which was the only thing that he had on. Would he have the nerve to touch his sister? Would he be too afraid that she might awaken? His heart was pounding hard against his chest. His mouth was dry and his legs were wobbly.

Gingerly, he sat down on the bed alongside of her, and waited. Ginny didn't stir. The blanket covered her up to and over her hips in the rear. Then it became bunched, leaving bare the small of her back, and above. It draped along her side and continued covering her front.

The young boy's hand was trembling as he reached out. Trying desperately not to apply any pressure he gently placed his hand on her hips over the blanket. The he waited again. His heart continued to beat heavily as he felt the heat of his sister's hip flow through to his hand. His prick was jumping. Vic looked down at his sister's sleeping body and lust began to overtake his thinking.

He softly moved his trembling hand to the edge of the blanket. His thumb and forefinger closed on the fold and, summoning up all of his nerve, he lifted the blanket a couple of inches off of her hip and then guided it down, trying desperately not to disturb his sleeping sister. He was able to move the blanket down to the bottom part of her hip, before he felt a tautness; her body stopping it from moving further without him having to use pressure. He gently let it lay on her.

Vic sucked in his breath at the sight of his sister. Her panties were now exposed to his hot gaze. They were the white ones; the ones with the mesh at the sides. The same ones he had smelled many times, which were at that very moment absorbing her pussy's odor. He wanted so badly to get his hand inside them, suddenly eager to touch her cunt.

His mouth was totally dry and he was swallowing continuously. He moved his hand back on top of her hip, again resting it down ever so gently. This time he felt the silkiness of his sister's panties under his under his fingers. The heat from her hip underneath was burning his palm.

After waiting a short time to make sure that Ginny was still sound asleep, Vic took a final deep breath and, while silently hoping that she didn't awaken, moved his hand to the top of her panties. His hand then actually rested on the flesh of her hips, just above the elastic. His heart was pounding wildly as his fingers moved, palm down, just inside the elastic and onto the young girl's flesh beneath. He was frantic with a desire to go further, but he didn't know how to proceed. Should he move his fingers down over Ginny's ass and down further or should he push it down over her stomach and try to feel her cunt?

Sitting there, his heart beating rapidly within his chest, Vic suddenly felt his sister begin to stir. He held his breath as she rolled onto her back. His hand on her hip didn't shift its position. He kept it in the identical spot upon her, trying not to exert any pressure so as not to awaken her. As she turned onto her back, the blanket fell. Vic sucked in air as Ginny's bare breasts pushed upward as she laid there exposed to his view. His hard cock twitched.

He no longer could control himself. He had to get to feel her pussy. He was hoping that if he could get his finger on it she wouldn't want him to stop. He would masturbate her however she told him to do it.

Vic then moved his hand that was in her panties over toward her stomach. Ginny's soft flesh felt wonderfully warm. Slowly he moved inward, his fingers lightly touching her skin. He was sweating and trembling. He knew how wrong it was what he was doing but he didn't care at that moment; rational thought had deserted him.

His hand moved lower to the center of her body and then inched downward. Suddenly it was on top of his sister's mound. A soft sound came from Ginny and she shifted slightly; her sleep was being disturbed. Vic's hand stopped immediately. Then, as she again relaxed, he moved his fingers almost imperceptibly over the hairless mound of the 14-year-old virgin. His middle finger suddenly felt her crack.

His tongue was rapidly moving over his lips, and he was continuously swallowing, trying to create some moisture in his dry mouth.

He started to move his fingers lower when he suddenly felt Ginny's hand jam down over his, holding him tight.

"What are you doing?" she hissed.

"I ... er, I ... I'm, I'm er,..." he was desperately fumbling for words.

"Vic ... stop, take ... take your hand out of there!" she commanded in a whisper.

"Gin, I ... please can I just feel you? Please?"

"No!" she again hissed, "Are you crazy? No!"

"Please Gin ... I ... I never ... I've, I want to only touch. I won't do anything else. I just never ... I just want to touch you."

Ginny continued clutching tightly on her brother's hand. The young girl's mind was jumping wildly. She didn't dare scream out; her mother and father would kill Vic. 'What was he doing here? How did he get his hand inside her panties without her waking up?'

As she tried to think rationally, her mind focused on his hand and a strange feeling ran through her. She knew this was crazy, but she wondered what it would feel like to have someone else's hand touching her other than herself. She recalled that when Billy Tyler first touched her that night, she hadn't initially fought him off. It wasn't until he suddenly became so rough that she had to stop him. And she then had to fight him off because he wanted to go all the way. But her brother wouldn't want that. He just wanted to touch her. His hand felt as hot as fire on her mound.

Suddenly, Vic felt his sister's grip loosen on his hand. He was frozen in fear. What should he do?

"Gin ... can I? Can ... I touch you?" he whispered.

"Easy," she responded softly, nervously, "Go easy, Vic, okay?"

Pre-cum oozed from the head of Vic's cock as he moved his hand down into his sister's crack. Ginny released her grip on his hand and pulled hers completely away. Then he felt her legs part slightly, giving his hand ease of access.

He tentatively moved his middle finger into her crack and began moving it over and around her little clit.

Ginny moaned softly.

Vic was beside himself with excitement. His sister's baby-haired pussy was responding to his touch. He felt moisture on his finger and her body pushed up, ever-so-gently at his hand. His young eyes were wild with fascination looking at his sister's tits. As his finger moved inside the young girl, his free hand reached over to her chest and tenderly clasped upon her breast. Another moan escaped her lips. Then the thumb and forefinger of his tiny hand began pinching gently at her nipple while his other fingers caressed the flesh.

"Is this easy enough, Gin ... is this okay???" he whispered.

"Mmmmmmmm," was his sister's response.

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