Gimme an F

by A Purvversion

Copyright© 2010 by A Purvversion

Erotica Sex Story: Thinking he's alone in the house, he settles down to watch a porno flick and to have a good wank. Imagine his surprise when his 14-year-old daughter, who was supposed to be at cheerleading practice, walks in on him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

I awoke to the sound of silence. Shaking my head, I quickly recognized that it was Saturday morning; and after looking at the clock, I realized that I was alone in the house. My wife Betty had told me a few days earlier that she had to go in to work for a half day on Saturday and told me that I'd be able to sleep late because my daughter Maria had cheerleading practice, and that she'd drop her off at the practice gym on her way to work.

Looking at the clock, I could see that the plan for extra sleep didn't work out because it was only 8:05 AM. Still, I figured, it wasn't too often I got a chance to masturbate in bed; may as well take advantage while I could. My marriage had deteriorated a few years earlier and the only reason Betty and I reconciled after a separation was because of our daughter. Sex was non-existent between us; though I always suspected that my wife was getting some on the side, probably with someone at work.

Sitting up, I slid off of the bed and went to my dresser, opening up the bottom drawer and rummaging about under the sweat shirts and sweat pants that nearly filled the drawer. Reaching to the rear, I felt the DVD boxes. Pulling them out, I looked through them and selected one of my favorites.

Five minutes later I was sitting on the side of the bed with my cock in hand. I had already pulled off my shorts and had clicked the remote to the spot in the movie that I wanted to see. The scene was of a pretty brunette sucking off two guys, and them switching off fucking her and getting a blowjob; a pretty dependable nut-blower for me. My cock sprang to life as it always did. I leaned back and relaxed, and started with nice, slow strokes. After a few minutes I had a nice pre-cum flow going. I took my time, just enjoying myself.

Suddenly, immediately to my left I heard a noise. I quickly looked over to see my beautiful baby girl standing with a towel wrapped around her, still dripping wet from the shower. She had apparently heard the sound of the TV and not realized what it was all about, and just come into my room to let me know that she was home.

Now, standing just inside the room, my daughter was hit with a myriad of images, both visual and aural; images that had to stun the 14-year-old. Maria looked totally confused as her eyes moved from the TV screen to me, seeing and hearing the sex of the DVD and then looking at me with my throbbing cock in my open fist.

"D-dad... ?" Her question was to me, but her eyes were now directed between my legs.

I sat frozen on the spot, my eyes looking at my little girl as my mind tried to come to order. My first thought was to ask her what the hell she was doing home, but then thought better of it. This was no time for everyday conversation.

As I wrestled with what to say, I was about to reach down for my shorts, but I hesitated. I couldn't help but to see that Maria wasn't taking her eyes off my cock. Did I see excitement in her eyes?

I thought back to those two incidents of her kissing me and those many times that our eyes seemed to speak to each other. I thought of the many times that I'd gotten myself hard when we'd been innocently touching, with Maria on my lap, or sitting against me on the couch or even those few times that she snuggled up against me in bed, where I had to shoo her for fear that I was becoming aroused.

Watching her now, I was already crossing a mental line. I knew that my daughter adored me; sometimes seemingly to excess; and the truth is that for over a year now, on those times that I masturbated without the DVD, Maria was my mental image. Indeed, even though that was only a mental exercise, I have to admit that I had started looking at her differently somehow the past few months, and couldn't really put my finger on how until just that moment: Even though she was my own daughter, God forgive me, I wanted to fuck my little girl!

Maria stood silently, her mouth slightly open as if wanting to say something, but not being able to spit out the words. I was caught, plain and simple. I shocked myself by not trying to cover up at all; it was too late anyhow.

The towel she had around her was barely just long enough to cover her perfect round ass and blossoming tits. She was standing not 10 feet away, staring at my big, angry red cock which, although I had stopped stroking, continued to bob up and down with my now quickening pulse.

I felt I didn't have any control over what happened after that. It was like an out-of-body experience. Someone else -- someone evil and dirty who lusted after my pretty baby -- took my body and mind over. No, I certainly wouldn't have done such a sick thing. I knew right from wrong, and I knew this was wrong. But it happened just the same.

When I next looked up, I found myself looking directly into my daughter's face. I can't imagine what would go through the mind of any 14-year-old girl who walked in on her father as he was jerking off.

She murmured, "I-I'm s-sorry, Dad; I should've kn-knocked."

Maria was actually apologizing to me!

I managed to speak, saying, "Sweetie, don't you apologize. I'm the one who should be sorry."

Then to my complete surprise, she looked confused and asked, "For what? You didn't do anything wrong, Daddy. I know guys do that, and this is your room." In a way, I wasn't totally floored, for on those two incidents of the past, Maria had shown her awareness of my wife's lack of love.

"Come here, sweetheart," I softly said, adding, "Unless you're afraid of me."

Maria gently shook her head, and I took this to mean that she wouldn't come, which simply told me that whatever forbidden thoughts were churning inside my brain had better die right now.

"No, Daddy," she quietly announced, then surprised me again by continuing with, "I'd never be afraid of you."

My cock which had started to soften, immediately began to harden again. I watched and waited as the youngster slowly padded over to me. She walked slowly to where I still sat on the bed and stood just a few inches from me. Was I going to try something with my 14-year-old daughter???

Looking up into her eyes, I softly asked, "Never?"

I watched her face as she swallowed nervously. Maria obviously was wondering, like me, if I was going to cross the line. Then, she gave a small shake of her head, and in a voice that I barely heard, said, "Never, Daddy."

My cock was then as hard as it had ever been. My little girl was giving me the green light, though I doubted that she'd ever had sex.

I reached out slowly and gently placed my hands at the spot where her towel folded in. I paused, giving my daughter time to say no. When she just continued looking down at me, I undid the towel where she had tucked it in to keep it on her. Our eyes met and held as the towel fell to the floor and revealed her heavenly, soft, pink, firm young body, naked as the day she was born. I felt my cock begin to twitch of its own accord.

"You know how much I love you, baby girl?"

She nervously swallowed and nodded her head, "I-I know, Daddy."

I then moved my left hand down to feel her stomach. Maria gasped when my hand touched her warm skin. I softly rubbed over her now quivering tummy, then moved that hand around to her back. I felt her soft perfect skin for a few moments before moving down to where I could feel the curve of her hips begin. I was touching my own daughter's naked body and savoring every moment!

"Oh sweetie, I can't tell you how many times I've thought of touching you..." I murmured.

I then pulled the youngster over closer to me and spread my legs, moving her between my knees. My daughter's stiffening nipples were inches from my face and I took a moment to drink in her awesome little tits. Maria was up to a B-cup, and since she took after her mother in every other way, I knew that these would eventually be bigger.

I leaned forward slightly and pressed my nose in between her breasts, closing my eyes and smelling the youngster's flowery body-wash scent, which still lingered from her shower.

"MMmmm ... ooo Dadddddd," she moaned.

I turned my head to the right just a bit, and took her hard nipple into my mouth. Maria took in a quick breath and I felt her legs trembling. The youngster obviously had never had anyone do this with her. I flicked my tongue gently over her nipple, then sucked it hard into my mouth. She gasped once again. At the same time, my hand moved from her hips around to her sweet ass and began cupping, squeezing and fondling her hot ass cheek. My mind raced as I heard her soft moans.

I sucked her for a few moments, then turned to the left and drew her other nipple into my mouth. At the same time, I reached up with my right hand and cupped her left breast, feeling the tender skin on the underside. As I sucked and licked at her right nipple, I took her left between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it gently. I felt it stiffen further. And then, after a few seconds, a little purring moan escaped her lips. My daughter was thoroughly enjoying what was happening.

I released her nipple from my mouth and then moved over to orally take her other tit in my mouth again. My cock was throbbing, almost to the point of being painful. I continued to lick, suck and nibble on my little girl's flesh as I moved my right hand down between her trembling thighs. Maria was obviously very aroused by then. To my delight, the youngster parted her legs just a few centimeters, probably an unconscious physical reaction. My hand moved up her thigh in small, slow circles. Eventually, I got close enough to her pussy that I could feel the heat it generated. Maria had a sparse patch of light brown pubic hair that hadn't grown all the way in yet. Her outer lips were slightly swollen and clearly visible through her bush.

I pressed my hand against her warming little cunt and felt her go a bit weak in the knees. At the same time she softly gasped, "Omigod Daddy... !"

"Is this okay I do this with you sweetie?"

"Oh god yes Daddy..."

As my left hand held Maria's hip in its clutches to steady her, my right hand stroked along her slit, all the way back to her ass and I could feel a little bit of pussy juice lubricating where I rubbed her. She gently pressed her hips against my hand. My 14-year-old was as aroused as any woman could get.

I nudged her upper thighs apart and she obediently widened her stance. Maria's perfect little cunt opened up for me; it was absolutely beautiful to behold. As my right hand rubbed gently between her legs, I reached around with my left hand and again cupped her warm, curved ass cheek. The youngster's breathing was so heavy it was almost as if she were hyperventilating. I rubbed around in circles, growing wider until I reached the lovely little dimple at the top of her crack. I traced the line down very slowly with my finger, pressing it gently into her deepening cleft. I pulled her ass cheeks apart a tiny bit and pressed my finger gently against her asshole.

"Oh god, Daddy..." she gasped.

Maria began moaning intermittingly as both of my hands were doing something to arouse her sexual feelings, while at the same time my mouth was eagerly lapping from one tit to the other.

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