Just Curious, That's All

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My sister caught me. I had her panties in my hand, just about to raise them, when she walked in and started screaming at me. No, she didn't turn me in to our parents, she turned me into her lover.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   .

I really didn't particularly get along with my sister when I was growing up, well, at least until I was fourteen. She had just turned seventeen, a month from entering her senior year in high school. I would be a freshman. Well, we just had a lot of different interests and, yes, I was kind of a pest, I admit it.

Our relationship started to change the day she came home and came in her room as I was holding a pair of her panties, a pair from her dirty-clothes pile in her closet, which I had just picked up.

"What the fuck are you doing? Geez, you fucking pervert, give me those."

"I ... wwwas ... uuuh, just, uh,..."

"Get the fuck out of my room you little bastard, shit, pervert."

I did just that and made myself scarce the rest of the week.

Now, my sister, Nicole, was pretty, a blond with long hair, she was about the same height as I was, had gray eyes, and was really pretty. She was popular in school and had just broken up with her long-time boyfriend when she found out recently that he was cheating on her. I guess with a college girl, that probably made it even worse.

Nicole was pretty, as I said, I can also add that she was sexy. Her boobs really filled out her bikini which I eagerly ogled whenever she wore it. I knew from her bras that she wore a 34-C cup and I knew enough that C-cup was an enviable size, most girls would love to be her size.

Like I said, I tried my best to avoid her after that and it became difficult the next weekend when our parents left her in charge while they went away to a business conference.

So, after our parents drove off to the airport, we were left standing in the driveway.

"Get inside, creep, I want to talk to you."

Oh, shit, I thought, the whole weekend and all I'm gonna get is my sister bitching at me the entire time, what fun.

"Now, I'm basically grounded because of you, you little shit. If it weren't for you, I could go out and do whatever I want. But, no, I've got to stay with my shithead little brother."

"Well, I'm sorry, it's not my fault I got born."

"Well, I'm sorry you were. You're just a pain in the ass," and she left the room, I guess going up to her bedroom.

Whew, that was fun.

Then, later, after I had eaten supper, one of the frozen dinners Mom had left us, she came in the family room and sat down on the other side of the room. We could both see the TV and she had, I guess, showered as she had on a thin, cotton robe and, what looked like baby dolls underneath.

She leaned back in her chair, stretching her long, tanned legs out as I heard her say, "Just what were you doing with my panties the other day?"

Just the subject that I desperately wished to avoid.


"Um, I ... well, it was ... um, I just wanted to, um, see what a girl, well, what a girl might smell like, you know, down there."

There I got it out.

Oddly, a smile crept over her face.

"Why didn't you just ask?"

"Well, I didn't think you'd let me if you thought I wanted to."

"And, did you find out what you wanted to know?"

"No, you came in before I could. Besides I'd tried before and I think they were in your clothes pile too long."

"Maybe you should smell a fresher pair? Like the ones I'm wearing. Wanna smell these?" and she opened her robe and spread her legs showing me her panties underneath, grinning all the while.

Now, I can't just tell you that I sat there bored and disinterested, can I? No, my heart was pounding, no doubt pumping a particular extremity up as much as it could as my brain tried millions of possible answers before I came out with, "Umm, I ... if you ... um, I...".

"You want to smell the pair I'm wearing now, Alec?" she asked with a naughty grin as she stood up, put her hands up under her robe and pulled them down to the floor.

I stared at them as she hooked a toe in them and flipped them across the room, landing at my feet. As she kicked them, her robe flew open just for a second as I caught a glimpse of her bare middle just long enough that I saw that she had no pubic hair, she was shaven. My dick was so hard, I didn't want to reach down for them because I was worried that my pajamas would be sticking out.

"Go ahead, see what they smell like."

I carefully bent down and picked them up, immediately feeling the dampness in the silken crotch. Without daring to look at her I raised them to my nose and breathed in the wonderful, musky odor of my sister's pussy. I wanted to smell them forever.

"You like it, Alec?"

I dared to only nod as I held them to my face. Then, she asked me the question that changed everything.

"You want to smell the real thing?"

She stood there, hands on her hips, waiting for my answer.

I was frozen. Of course, I wanted to, but, well, what might happen?

Then, she turned and walked to the stairs and said back over her shoulder, "Well, if you want to, I'll be upstairs," and she walked up the stairs and I sat there with the biggest hard-on of my life with the wet crotch of her panties pressed to my nose inhaling the richness of her aroma.

I jumped up and ran up the stairs, my heart pounding and stopped in front of her closed door. I knocked and said, "You left these downstairs, Nicole," to which she said, "Well, bring them in," and I opened the door and went in.

Her lights were out but the moonlight was bright coming in the windows. She still had on the baby doll top and was laying on top of her bed, her long, gorgeous legs out in front of her. I really didn't know what to say.

"Are you taking me up on my offer, Alec?" and before I could even answer, she spread her legs apart saying, "Go ahead, see what a female smells like, it's okay."

I came over to the foot of her bed and sat as she spread open even more and said, "It's up here, Alec, you have to come up here," as her hand patted her bare pussy.

I got down and crawled up between her lovely, smooth thighs and as I got close, I could sense the lovely aroma I had smelled in her panties. She reached down and pulled my head to her crotch as I inhaled her fragrance.

"Do you like it, Alec?" she asked as I put my tongue out and licked up and down her damp slit.

"Oh, you must, mmm, why Alec, you're making me hot, Alec."

I kept on licking and tonguing her pussy, I had heard all sorts of tales from the guys I hung around with but this was the first chance I ever had to do the real thing. And, my sister was letting me do it.

"Mmm, Alec, don't bother with my panties, just come get the real thing when you want it, oh, that feels so nice."

I couldn't believe what was happening, I was down between my sister's legs eating her pussy and she was enjoying every lick and suck.

I spread her lips open with my fingers and pushed my tongue up inside and ran it around in circles as she lay there and moaned.

"Mmmm, ummm, Alec, ooh, that feels wonderful, just keep doing it just like that, you're making my pussy feel so good."

Her pussy was making me feel pretty good, too, I thought my dick was going to explode. Then, Nicole began to tremble and buck against my face.

"UUNGH, UUNGH, UUNGH, uh, uh, oh, oh, that's so good, so good, oh, Alec, keep licking me, mmm, oh, that's so hot, so hot."

She reached down and pulled my face into her wetness and rubbed my head around in circles over and over as I tried to keep my tongue out.

"Oh, wow, it's kind of nice having a brother around. Yeah you sure come in handy when I'm horny. And, little brother, your sister is horny all the time."

"Well, that works out good because I am too. All the time," I said looking up, my face glistening with her juices.

"Are you still a virgin, little brother?"

"Well, I might be, why?"

"Might be? You're not sure?"

"Well, why are you asking?"

"What if I said you could fuck me?"

There it was, the words I had always hoped I would hear someday, hopefully before I died. And, here it was, from my own sister. She's talking about fucking ... with me.

"I'd say, yes, that's what I'd say."

"Let's get your clothes off and let's see exactly what you've got, Alec."

And as she pulled off her babydoll top revealing two beautiful full breasts, each one with a small pink nipple, I was quickly shedding my clothes to stand before her next to the bed.

She reached over and took my cock in her hand, just like it was an everyday occurrence, as my heart leapt in my chest.

"Gee, I remember when your dick was such a little weenie, this is more of a Polish sausage now. Very nice, Alec. I think I have just the place for this," as she pats her pussy with her other hand.

She pulled me closer using my cock as a handle, then bent over and I watched as my sister's lips slid over my cock and began sucking.

"Oh, wow, Nicole, that is the best. Oh, man, I've never felt anything so good."

I stood there, my cock in her mouth, drinking in all her nakedness, her perfect boobs, her smooth shoulders, her long legs, her pussy, tucked between her legs, just where my cock was headed for, so it seemed.

She was looking up at me as she sucked, a faint smile on her face, maybe this is a new era in my life with my sister. I sure hoped so.

She pulled off me with a pop and said, "Well, you're sure hard now, little brother, let's give you your first fuck. Wanna fuck me or you want me up on top and fucking you?"

"Gee, I never thought I'd have a choice."

"Lie down, big sister's gonna fuck you good," she said as I got on the bed and she swung a leg up over me, squatting over me as she reached under to grip my dick, then wiggled down onto me. As she slid over me, it was already feeling good.

She took my hands and put them on her breasts and then began rocking back and forth. Oh, the combination of how wonderful her boobs felt along with the slippery inside of her pussy stroking me up and down made me almost delirious with pleasure.

"Oh, Nicole, this is, oh, I've just never felt so good. Omigod, it's better than I'd ever hoped."

"I'm doing okay, am I?"

"Your pussy, oh, man, I never knew anything could feel so good. I'm gonna cum pretty soon, it's just so good."

"You just cum anytime you want, little brother. Your first time is just for you. Everybody should always remember their first time. I know I sure do."

"When was yours, Sis?"

"Heh, I was twelve, can you believe it? Remember Tommy Burke, next door when we lived in Philadelphia? He and I were getting naked everyday after school at his house, I was giving him blowjobs, he was eating me out. Then his older brother caught us, both naked doing sixty-nine."

"His brother? Shit, that must have been awful."

"Well, embarrassing, some, but, well, he was in college and he gave Tommy some condoms so we could fuck. He was going to leave us alone when I asked him if he wanted to stay and watch us do it. Can you believe I did that?"

"Would you be mad if I said that I can imagine you saying that?"

"Ha, well, he did stay and it made me so hot to be doing it in front of him that I had an enormous orgasm on my first time. Lots of girls don't have one the first few times but I was really worked-up with him watching us. He said he couldn't do anything but watch us because he was legally an adult but he did jack-off while we fucked. Pretty cool, huh?"

"Twelve, wow, and I'm fourteen, two years older than when you first did it."

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