As Told to the Purvv: Vicky

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: Unknown to his son and daughter, this father was home and in his room when they began their sex romp. Instead of interrupting, he instead watched the action because he'd been long having unnatural feelings. Later, alone in the house with his daughter, he confronts the 15-year-old, demanding a piece of the action.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Voyeurism   .

Author's note: A s an author who specializes in incest, I occasionally receive an E-Mail complimenting one of my stories because it is supposedly so similar to the 'real-life experience' of the correspondent. One such writer (who I'll refer to as The Rook) not only insisted that he had been involved in an incestuous relationship, but he went so far as to ask for my help in presenting his tale. For whatever ego reasons existed, he wanted his story posted on the Internet for posterity.

I asked that he send me his story, which he did. Two things immediately struck me. His story was so skeletal that until now he had never intended to write it, yet the fact that it was so basic added to the validity of his tale. ("I caught them fucking and I watched them through the keyhole. Later, when we were alone I told her what I'd seen. She got scared and let me fuck her.") It seemed to me that he was looking for me to write the story based on his facts.

I wrote to him explaining that although his facts were truths, what he was sending me was no more than I could conjure up by myself to write a fictional tale. I convinced him that if he really wanted his factual story posted that he would have to be the one to write it, and in his own words, as best as he could recall it happened.

He asked if I would at least review it and I agreed. He took up the challenge and during the next six months, we corresponded almost daily. Slowly but surely, he was able to put the actions into words. My only contribution was my encouragement and occasional prodding to enable him to recreate his experience, movement by movement, and word for word (ROOK: 'But all I did was eat her.' PURVV: 'How did she look? What did you feel? Think exactly how it was and put it down in writing, etc.')

What follows is the finished story of his first time with his daughter, in his own words. Thus, there is a bit of crudeness to the writing, as Rook does not claim to be an author. I could have cleaned it up but I felt that if he wanted his own words and deeds to be reflected that it would be best that I keep my hands off. - The Purvv

Where do you start with a story like this?

I suppose it all started even before the birth of our first child Victoria. You see I've always liked young girls, although not too young. By that, I mean teenagers, nice young nubile frames with a hint of puppy fat still there ... Lovely! I guess that I've always considered myself to be a bit perverted or something, because of my penchant for youngsters. As I grew into manhood and right through my married life, I still had these cravings for youth.

Anyhow, with the birth of my daughter, and realizing that I had a problem, I vowed to myself that I would never ever do anything to hurt her in any way. I managed to hold myself to my promise until she was fifteen years old, and even with that, I feel that there were extenuating circumstances.

Although I was the one who instigated our incest, I by no means, hold myself solely to blame for the turn of events that followed. Up until then, I had behaved as any loving father would have, and my only concession to my promise was that I allowed myself to look at her as a female and not necessarily as a daughter.

Victoria had always been beautiful (in my eyes) but from about the age of twelve her facial beauty began to mature and physically she began to blossom. By the time she reached fifteen, she was almost into her womanhood. She remained short, measuring only 5'1, but had a nice curvaceous shape, with beautifully shaped 34B breasts. Her blonde hair falling down to her shoulders gave her an angelic look about her.

Vicky wasn't our only child. The year after she was born my wife Laura gave birth again, this time to a son, who we named James.

As far as I was concerned Jimmie was a normal teenage boy, forever getting into scrapes and mischief, and as my wife was fond of saying, he was generally a chip off the old man's block, copying and doing everything that I also used to do as a youngster. Laura seemed to relish in remarking that the boy was going to be just like his father, a bit of a heartbreaker, and that all of the young girls would be falling for his good looks.

Anyway, I've gone slightly off track here in my story, enough with the family history lesson. Let me get back to that fateful day in November of last year.

It started just like any other day. There wasn't anything unusual about it, just the normal bickering by the kids as they were getting ready for school. Not feeling too well, I ignored the bantering and left it all for my wife to handle.

As I prepared to go to work, she packed the kids off to school and then headed off downtown. She was a part-time consultant, and had managed to get work for the day. No sooner were they off than I too left for my job as a gym instructor/coach, at a different school than my kids.

About midway through my morning classes however, I started to lose my voice. I was no good to my pupils without my ability to speak so the school sent me home on sick leave. About noon, I arrived to an empty house and decided that I might as well catch up on some missed sleep. I tucked myself up in bed, hoping that the rest would help me.

The next thing I knew was that I was awakened by the phone ringing and the sound of my daughter's voice from the next room, talking to her mother, saying, "Don't rush back home mom, we'll see you around six, bye".

On checking the clock beside me, I realized that it was almost 4pm and that I had slept most of the day away. I attempted to call out to Vicky but the next voice that I heard was not my own, as I'd completely lost my voice, but that of my son saying, "Great! Mom isn't back till 6pm. Let's go and play".

If you think that I was surprised that my children actually wanted to play with each other (after the near-constant arguing that the two of them generally went through), then imagine my surprise when I heard Vicky telling Jimmie to wait for five minutes before stripping and coming into her bedroom.

Needless to say, I was stunned.

I should have done or said something to intervene, but instead I did nothing. In fact, the only thing that I was able to accomplish upon hearing my daughter's words was to sprout the most enormous hard-on that I had ever had, even though I couldn't be sure at this point, what was happening.

Then I heard Vicky running in the hall and then she entered her bedroom, which was across the hall from Laura's and mine. Adventurism? Voyeurism? Perversion? I can't say why I acted as I did. I was no longer the father; I was now only a male. Helplessly, I found myself moving out of bed and crouching at the keyhole of our bedroom door. I looked across to my daughter's room. Her door was open.

I watched as Vicky peeled off her very formal school uniform, with its three-quarter-length skirt, down to her bra and panties, before she disappeared out of view. When she came back into view again, she returned in front of her mirror. She was completely nude.

With my throbbing cock in hand, I waited with baited breath as I heard my son start his advance up the stairs.

"I hope you're horny," called out Vicky, "because I want to be fucked for the next two hours, little brother".

My complete surprise at what I was hearing and seeing only increased my excitement. By now, my chest was pounding and my breathing had become labored. At the same time, my hands were trembling and my temples were throbbing.

Jimmie entered the room and I watched as the pair of them kissed each other deeply. As they ground themselves into each other, it became obvious to me that this wasn't their first time together. They were quickly working themselves into a mini-frenzy.

Vicky suddenly pushed him away and moved quickly onto the bed and called to him, "C'mon, hurry up."

Before he climbed on the bed to join her, I noticed with some pride, that Jimmie was considerably well-hung for his age, sporting an erection that was nearly as big as my own.

Jimmie slowly went to work on his sister. (I'm getting an erection just writing this down, remembering everything that happened. Watching him work so expertly on his older sister, I became well aware that for him to be so good at this that he had had to have done it many times before.)

First, he slid down and gently starting sucking on my daughter's lovely tits, his tongue and mouth working with such intensity that Vicky's moans could be heard behind my near-closed door. He then proceeded on downwards to her pussy where he stayed (blocking my view but not the sound) and I heard the squishing and slopping as his tongue went to work on his sister's pussy, building her up till she was screaming at him to make her cum, which he did with Vicky writhing about all over the bed. As Vicky screamed and moaned in orgasm, I lost control of myself and all three of us came simultaneously, (my only disappointment being that I was the wrong side of the door).

Vicky was in a pool of glistening sweat as she then adjusted her position, giving me my first view in over ten years of her well-trimmed pussy, before sinking her mouth over her brother's cock, slowly engorging herself on his meaty manhood. I watched in amazement as she slowly took about four or five inches into her mouth before noisily withdrawing with a slurping noise, sucking away before repeating the process, while Jimmie moaned and encouraged her. I was shocked at seeing how expert my daughter seemed as she bobbed her head over him, going faster and faster.

As I said, I was no longer the father. This whole scene was exciting me beyond anyone's wildest imagination. I have to honestly say that I actually felt disappointment because she didn't suck him to completion. I was so aroused, I would have loved to see him cum in her mouth!!! Instead, she withdrew, and to my excited amazement, she moved up onto her brother and slowly impaled his cock with her pussy. As his rock-hard flesh was entering her, they were both moaning and blabbering, because of the wild pleasures that were flowing through them.

At this point I was again stroking away fiercely on my enormous erection, wishing that it could have been me that my daughter was impaled on, rather than my son. She then proceeded to do what she had said that she wanted to do, i.e., "because I want to be fucked for the next two hours, little brother." For the next hour, Vicky rode Jimmie's cock like there was no tomorrow, swapping to various positions and allowing me an excellent view. I think Jimmie actually came three times during that time, while Vicky had numerous orgasms of varying degrees.

The little rabbits continued fucking away. During their frenetic writhing and moaning it seemed like Vicky experienced at least five more orgasms. Even during his final cum, I heard my son cry out in wild excitement and he began thrust in and out of his sister with a fury. Up and down, harder and faster, until finally he exploded, his load shooting deep inside his sister as he emitted a deep guttural moan.

That was it for them. As he lie on top of her while they both caught their breaths, they lovingly kissed like no brother and sister supposedly should, until finally Vicky pushed him off of her and left to go the bathroom for a shower, while Jimmie disappeared into his own room.

I took this opportunity and sneaked out of the house before either of them noticed I had been home. I actually got into my car and took a drive, hoping to calm my nerves.

At 6.30 pm, my regular time for arriving home after baseball practice, I strolled through the front door and was greeted by my wife and daughter. Jimmie, I was informed, was upstairs playing in his room. After hoarsely explaining that I had lost my voice, we all settled down to a family meal, and although I looked for some indication over what had earlier occurred, none was given. All throughout dinner, I maintained a raging hard-on just thinking about what had happened between my son and daughter.

After dinner Laura got ready to take Jimmie to his Monday night Judo class, leaving me alone in the house with my daughter and some very perverse ideas that I had been thinking, which by now I desperately wanted to act on. My vow to myself was history.

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