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Fantasy Sex Story: Older man and young girl meet in chat room and this leads to sex in a most unusual setting.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

They first met in a chat room and then moved to email contact because she told him that she was being watched. He really didn't understand what she was alluding to but he awaited her message. When it came it excited him. It read:

im 14 and i would love to fuck with you and id let you cum in me your story in the chat room made me so horny -

She was talking about the make-believe story that he and others were playing on-line. Now he wrote her back. Was she really serious? He realized that she was much too young, yet the illicitness of the whole thing seemed to excite him. She responded.

i was serious the won with you and your daughter turned me on and yah i would want to no experience tho i would want you eat me oh wel-

Each email was emboldening him more. If this child lived near him, would he dare to try to get together with her? With all of the sting operations that he'd read about police setting up people by pretending to be young girls would he dare to take a chance? He couldn't help himself. Each email brought tremendous heat to his crotch and some rare hard-ons. He had to know more about her. He asked and received this response:

my name is melissa, i live in delaware i do gymnastics and ice skating i also ride horses and starting to do volunteer work at one of our hospitals. Im 5'4" 109 ponds blue eyes brown shoulder length hair and a lot of freckles. My boobs are kinda small but not too small.-

At that email he actually came in his pants. He honestly began to believe that this child would have sex with him. Even if she wouldn't go all the way she would allow him to eat her. Gush!

Another time he asked her what she was doing while reading the chat room interactive story and she responded:

i masturbated while reading them i got verry aroused -

He came in his pants with this bit of news also:

i dont have any storys except once my cousin tried to fuck me and i let him finger me and stuff but i didnt let him shuv his cock into me-

Assuming she was a virgin, he got a shock at another email that read:

i went to blockbuster so i couldnt answer im not a virgin i was 12 when my cousin wanted to do me and i didnt want to -

The final one that made him totally cum in his pants read:

i dont give head but i let boys eat me out ive gone all the way with only one boy and ive been butt fucked and finger fucked and lots more il practically do anything except give head i like to be eaten out best it was verry long -

As crazy as it was, the man wanted the child. And Melissa wanted him too. Neither knew why. Both knew how wrong it was and yet there was a strong attraction that, although they didn't understand it, they both realized how real it was. But the distance between them in real space was too far. He would never be able to get to see her. Yet he wanted so much to lie with her, to bury his mouth into the young pussy.

They may have advanced to one of the messenger services and at least masturbated each other through cyberspace sex, but even that was out of the question. Melissa's parents had been watching her like a hawk and at best, she could barely get to read her messages from the man. It became so dangerous that she reluctantly asked if he would not send her any more emails because someone in her house was always looking over her shoulder and she was afraid that they were going to get caught.

Somehow the many emails that they had sent had forged a bond between them and such a fierce desire that at night they almost began to see and feel each other.

The man sent her an email. She looked it over when no one was around her. She smiled and felt a warmth in her loins and a tingling within her body. As crazy as the proposal was, somehow they both knew that it was going to happen. They were going to have sex through ESP. Both were desperate for the other. The man instructed Melissa what time for her to go to bed that night and 1000 miles away he did the same. He told her to concentrate with all of her being. He did the same.

They both lay in the darkness of their own beds. Their hearts were beating quickly as they thought of each other. The man closed his eyes and concentrated. Soon, Melissa appeared in his head. Her tiny naked body appeared, covered with tiny scattered freckles. Her young flesh looked so alive. It was light-skinned and she looked so dainty. Her face was displaying a look of innocence yet there was almost a sexual hunger in her dark blue eyes. He swept his eyes from her brown shoulder-length hair over her small but so exciting looking breasts and over her white fleshed heavily breathing belly and down into her waiting crotch.

The 14-year-old girl waited eagerly for the man to take her. Her pussy juices were being created as she thought of his hungry mouth, which was going to go into her. She realized how much the man wanted to eat her and she wanted him to do so just as badly.

Melissa had indeed been eaten before but she somehow knew that the man was going to give her more pleasure with his mouth and tongue than she had ever experienced. Her breathing was heavy.

The man raised himself up on one elbow and looked the child's body up and down. His cock was never so hard in his life. She could demand anything that she wanted of him right now. He was completely overcome with his desire for her. At that point, he didn't care if she was 14 or 40. He wanted this child with his very being.

He bent over and leaned his mouth toward her. With her eyes shut Melissa could feel the heat from his mouth and could hear his heavy breathing. When his lips touched upon the young innocent flesh, she felt as if a blast of pleasurable sensations flashed through her. She moaned deep in her throat and twisted about.

At this particular moment, the man was in love. The child was offering her wonderful body to him to do with as he wished. He opened his mouth upon her quivering belly and allowed his circling tongue to taste the exciting flesh, and his nostrils to breathe in her wonderful youthful smell.

'Melissa. Oh my wonderful girl. I want so much to please you; even if it's only this one time.'

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