Dating Rules for Teenagers

by Sevispac

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: A Parent's Guide to their Daughter's Welfare

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A Parent's Guide to their Daughter's Welfare

The early years of your child's life are tough enough, but with the advent of the teen years a parent has to face the added challenge of sex in a permissive society. Setting strict rules to deal with the situation is your job as a parent, but how can you control the behavior of a horny young teenage girl when her hormones are raging and she no longer listens to a word you say?

First and foremost, make sure your daughter is on the pill as soon as she reaches puberty (by age 13 at the latest). There's no need to risk an unwanted pregnancy today, nor has there been for the last 50 years. You can make her carry condoms, but can you be sure she'll insist that a reluctant lover uses one? Remember, you can count on the pill if you're sure she's taking it. This will also send the message that she will soon be having sex and should behave accordingly.

Pregnancy aside, there's the question of health as young girls expose themselves to dangerous kinds of sexual activity. Perhaps she'll listen to you and insist on protection, but more likely she'll act like most of us, swept away by a siren song of sex. Get her all the inoculations you can, now, while you're still in control.

Ignorance is the enemy. Young girls are naturally curious, and that curiosity is going to be satisfied one way or another. You should start her education while she's still little and open to your influence. Always let her sit on her daddy's lap, especially when he's erect. She'll learn to associate a hard cock with love and safety, and won't be afraid or surprised the first time a boy confronts her with one.

Your daughter needs high self-esteem to deal with the pressure she's sure to encounter from boys and her peers when she begins to date. This brings up the question of body modification. Breast enhancement is not generally a good idea for young teenagers, much as your daughter might want it. Explain to her that many men are turned on by small breasts and the "little-girl" look. Make sure she knows breast enhancement often decreases sensitivity and pleasure as well. Encourage her to explore her body and participate in petting and other sex play involving her developing breasts before she makes any changes to them. Be certain she plays with herself regularly and thoroughly. Look for signs that she's taking it seriously: Her nipples should be hard, her face should flush, and her pussy should be visibly wet. If she's too shy to let you watch she isn't ready for surgery, but. If she shows you she's ready and she's still determined, let her make them as big as she wants!

Body piercing and tattoos are going to pique her interest. Steer her away from visible decorations on her body. If she insists on piercings, let her experiment with her nipples first. Often this is enough to satisfy her wild side and her need to show off for the boys. If metal in her tits isn't enough, let her go to town on her pussy. At least it's not visible to the public. Be careful of letting her pierce her tongue, since that is an open invitation to oral sex.

The Internet can provide a world of safe pornography to assist you in educating your daughter, but how to get her past her natural inhibitions and embarrassment and let her start exploring on her own?

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