Party at the Lake

by falcon29

Copyright© 2010 by falcon29

Erotica Sex Story: First for two young people.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Once there was a girl...

No, that's not a good way to start, because it leaves out a lot of the real story. I'm a sixty-one year old man. The real story begins when I was seventeen. It was my last year in high school and I was looking forward to leaving for college in the fall. I had a part time job at a local grocery store, a car (of dubious value), a few good friends and what seemed like a perpetual hard cock.

I wasn't (and I'm still not) a giant in the penis department, but the girl who had jerked me off and the one who had given me a blow job -- along with some great feels of breasts, that was the extent of my sexual experience at the time -- hadn't complained. What I had learned, though, was that a man with a normal sized dick just had to try harder to please a woman. At least that was what the Playboy Advisor said. Back then Playboy and Penthouse were the major men's magazines and what most guys used as masturbation fodder. The Advisor was the ultimate authority on suave, sophisticated (read "classy") sexual matters.

So, anyway, there I was. It was way too early for me to have any of the concerns that burden actual adults. I had no debts, no mortgage, no car payments, no wife and no kids to saddle me and drag me down. My spare time was my own and my job allowed me spending money. Fortunately, I had already been notified that I would be awarded a sizeable scholarship which, while it didn't cover all the costs of college, made the balance easier to fill in. My parents had told me they would pay the rest, as long as my grades stayed good enough. Though we weren't rich, both my parents worked and their debt load was light enough to allow that.

I was watching the clock one Saturday afternoon that sunny day in May, waiting for 4:00. Saturday was my one full day of work. I had plans to meet two of my buddies and drive up to the lake -- a favorite spot for local teens to meet, play, and play, if you know what I mean. During the spring and summer the lake was used by a lot of families, but they stayed mainly near one end of the lake, where the park was. The county had cleared a few trees and set up picnic tables and fire boxes mounted on steel pipes set in concrete.

Most of the partiers used the other end of the lake where there weren't any such niceties. If we wanted to cook, we brought small grills or hibachis and sat on logs or blankets to eat. The local cops knew we used the place, but they pretty much stayed away. As long as there weren't any complaints about anything we did, they left us alone. There was only one road to the lake from town, though, and there was almost always at least one green and white cop car stationed somewhere along it to check on drivers returning from the lake.

Most of us drank a little bit. A few drank a lot more. I knew there were drugs around -- just pot back then mostly, but I didn't hang out with the crowd that used it. I was still young and naive enough to believe all the "Assassin of Youth" lies they had been feeding people since 1938 when it became illegal, so I wasn't eager to even try it. But things on the drug front were changing. This was the mid-sixties, after all.

As the big hand on my watch crept toward the 4:00 position on its face my eagerness grew. My friend Tom was supposed to score us some beer through his older brother, and Paul was going to steal a pint of bourbon from his parents' well stocked liquor cabinet. His parents were heavy drinkers and they never missed small bottles of booze once in a while. It didn't occur to me that all I was bringing was my charming self. But I had been the supplier before when they brought nothing, so it all evened out. Besides, I was the one with a car and that cut me a lot of slack.

Finally it was 4:00. I hung up my green apron in the staff lunch room and headed for the door. My car was parked out in back of the store with all the other employee cars. I almost ran to it and started it up. It chugged a little bit and I checked the gas. I would have to get some before the drive to the lake. The poor car had never had a full tank since the day my dad had handed me the keys. I had bought it myself, but it wasn't running at the time. My dad arranged for it to be fixed up, mechanically, at a reasonable cost by one of his friends. He stopped and filled it up before coming home.

As I said, that was the last full tank it had before I got it. Even though gas was around 30 cents a gallon back then, $6.00 was a lot of money back then, too, at least it was for me. I made a dollar and a quarter an hour at the store and only worked about 14 hours a week. If you do the math and subtract taxes, you'll see that it didn't leave a lot of cash. Whenever we used my car for things, the guys chipped in a buck or so each and we made it where we were going -- most of the time. But enough of this crap. Sorry, I get sidetracked a lot.

The afternoon was nice and warm without being hot. The sky was clear and I was heading for what I hoped would be a life-changing evening. It was always that way when I looked forward to a gathering where there were likely to be some girls -- especially if alcohol was going to be involved. There was always the anticipation that this time I might go home without my virginity. As at most schools, there were the "good" girls and the "bad" girls at ours. But if booze entered the picture, I'd heard that some of the good girls could be a little bit bad sometimes. Sometimes, too, I'd heard, some of them could be a whole lot bad. But who knew whether to believe the stories?

I unlocked the front door and went down the hall to my room. My dad worked Saturdays until six and my mom had some friends who got together a few weekends a month to -- do whatever they did. I didn't know or care, but I think they played cards or sewed or something like that. Anyway, I had the house to myself, since my brothers and older sister had left home years before. So I stripped off my work clothes and enjoyed the naked walk to the shower. I've always liked being naked, but in my family nudity wasn't really practiced.

Showered and dressed in my "coolest" shorts (with my swimming trunks under them) and shirt, I gobbled down a sandwich (can't drink on an empty stomach!) and a Coke. I called Tom and told him I'd pick him up in ten minutes. I asked him to call Paul and let him know I was on my way. They both lived in town proper, while my house was on one of the hills above town. "Oh, and make sure you bring some gas money. I'm running on empty," I added.

I recombed my hair and examined my complexion. I had one little zit up near my hairline, but was otherwise clear. "All systems go," I smiled at my reflection. NASA had added some great phrases to our language in the previous few years. Locking the door, I headed for the driveway. Just before I was too far away to hear it, the phone started ringing. "Screw that!" I decided and I got into my chariot and backed out of the driveway.

At Tom's house the news caught up to me. "Hey, man, we have a slight problem," he said. His expression was glum.

"What?" I asked.

"Paul's mom has a friend visiting who has a daughter. If we don't take her with us, Paul can't go."

"So? Another girl -- especially one from another school -- can't be bad," I said.

"Oh, but this girl is only fourteen. How does that fit you?"

"Oh, shit! Well ... did your brother come through?"

"Yeah, we have to stop off at his place to pick it up, though."

I thought about the situation. It wasn't all bad, except it meant that we couldn't get too trashed and spend the night at the lake as we had planned. "Aw, what the hell ... can't be helped, I guess. Still, a little whiskey goes good with beer."

We picked up Paul and Tina. Tina looked fourteen. Her chest was nearly flat, but starting to grow bumps. Her hips were almost as straight as mine, only a little flare below the waist. She had on shorts and a tee shirt that left no doubt that she didn't wear a bra yet. Her hair was short and light brown. Looking at her, I could see she'd be a real killer when she got older. Her eyes shone and she didn't seem to stop smiling or grinning as Paul's mom introduced us all.

"Watch out for Bobby, here, Tina," she said, referring to me. She wrapped her arm around my shoulders. "He's gonna be a real heartbreaker someday." I felt my face heat up. Part of the reason I was still a virgin was my shyness. But a part of my blush was because Paul's mom was a few inches shorter than me and the way she was hugging me her soft tit was pressed against my side. And she had some big tits!

"I think I see what you mean, Auntie Jean," she laughed.

"Boys, I need for Tina to be home before eleven," she admonished. "If you're late I'll turn you all into toads!" We laughed and trooped out the door to my car. "Bobby, you drive carefully! Paul's dad is out there somewhere and you can bet he's probably already got a snootful!" As I said, Paul's folks were pretty big boozers. Paul didn't like what she said, though, I could tell. But we -- and he -- were on the path to being just like them.

Tina got into the back seat and the guys sat in front with me. I glanced in the mirror and found her staring back with her grin. "So, Paul," I began, "is Tina your cousin, or what?"

"Nah! My mom and her mom grew up together so she just calls Mom her aunt. I used to call her mom aunt, too, but stopped a while back."

"Hey, 'heartbreaker'," she piped up from the back, "you could have asked me, you know. I can talk." I glanced up and smiled.

"Yeah, but who can believe a fourteen year old girl?" The guys laughed and Tina's grin 'turned upside down', as the song says.

"I'll be fifteen in August!" she grumped.

"Oh yeah? What day?"

"The fourteenth."

"Hey, I'm four days younger than you, then. My birthday is the tenth." I glanced again and saw the news make her brighten again. She really was cute, I thought.

"Hey Paul," I croaked in my imitation of an old man. "You got any money for gas?"

"Yeah," he said, handing over two dollars. Elbowing Tom, he added, "Next time it's your turn, douchebag."

"Hey, watch your language!" Tina yelled. "I'll tell Auntie Jean what a foul mouthed little fucker you are!" We all laughed and I again felt my face go warm. Most girls I knew didn't talk that way back then. Tina was an unknown country to me.

We made our gas stop and then stopped at Tom's brother's trailer. Tina wanted to know what we were doing, but Paul told her it was none of her business. I had parked facing away from the door, and we could only hear Tom and his brother open, and then close the trunk. The brother always loaned us a small cooler when he got us beer. We always carried it in the trunk just in case we got stopped.

There were already quite a few kids at the lake. Somebody had built and anchored a plank covered float about twenty feet out from the shore in the dim past. Some people were swimming and lounging on the float. Others were standing or sitting around laughing and talking. Most people had beer bottles, cans of soda or paper cups with God only knew what in them. I knew from experience that some of the sodas had been topped off with booze once some of the fizzy stuff had disappeared.

So we found a parking spot, not too near the other cars, but not too far away either. Our friends welcomed us. We got some stares from some of them when they saw Tina, but she ignored it. I tossed Tom the keys and he opened the trunk. He, Paul and I got our towel rolls out and Tina just stood there looking around. I glanced at Tina. She had an expression of sadness and ... a kind of lost look that went to my heart. I knew she wasn't wearing a bra, and thus no swim wear under her clothes. Either she didn't have it with her or it was in the good sized purse hanging on her shoulder.

There were no "improvements" on our end of the lake, like rest rooms or cabanas where people could change their clothes or shower. For a long time, the guys and I just wore our trunks as underwear and afterward, if they were still wet, we just went behind a tree and replaced them with our shorts without underwear. I realized then that Tina would have to change in and out of her suit (if she had one) 'au naturel'. A glance at Paul told me Tina had vanished from his mind. He was over at the next car joking and laughing with some other friends.

Tom was all ready for the water but had paused to chug a beer from the cooler. Another reason I haven't had a lot of luck with girls is, I've been told, I'm "too nice". I still didn't understand that, but right then I felt sorry for this cute little girl. "Hey, Tina," I called to her. She looked my way. I motioned for her to come closer. At the time, I was standing with my car between us and the rest of the people. She came around to see what I wanted.

"Did you bring a suit?" I asked her.

"Yeah, but..." her eyes traveled around significantly.

"I know. There's no place to change. Or, when you look at it another way, you can change anywhere you want to." I waved my arm at the thick trees surrounding us. Her eyes bugged for a second or two, but then she smiled a little bit.

"So, I'm supposed to go and get bare-assed out in the woods? That doesn't sound too bad, but who are all these weirdos?"

"They aren't weirdos. They're other kids from our school and some are from other places like you. Did you think we'd have the lake all to ourselves?"

"Um ... no, but I sort of thought you guys were a little more into this century than this."

"You should try to catch a ride to the other end of the lake then," I told her. "Sometimes they even have a kind of snack bar down there where you can get some cake and coke."

"Huh-uh," she shook her short hair from side to side with an evil look. "I saw Paul sneak two bottles from behind the bar and I'll have some of that or I'll tell Auntie Jean!" The little shit! Paul, you're such a stupid shit! Well, that wasn't my problem in any case.

"Well, if you want to change, pick a good looking tree and go to it," I said. I rounded the back and hooked a beer from the cooler. I popped it and leaned against the lip as I began to strip my shorts off. Tina watched me. As I balanced, my eyes traveled again around the clearing. I had my radar set for Angie Michalek, a cute little redhead with big tits who was in my French class. It was my "firm" desire to get as close to her as I could before this school year ended. I didn't see her but maybe she just wasn't there yet.

"Fuck!" Tina's voice wasn't loud, but I could tell she was in new territory for her. At least I thought she was.

"Where do the other girls change?" she asked.

"How the hell do I know?" I was starting to get weary of the girl. Then she surprised me.

"Well, would you go with me? I mean, I don't know anybody here but you three. I don't want one of your pervy friends catching me with my ass waving in the air."

The question stumped me for a few seconds. On the surface there was nothing wrong with it. I was as tall or taller than most of the other guys there, though since I wasn't into football, there were plenty of bigger guys, in weight and in bulk. If she expected me to defend her from them she was shit out of luck. But my mind tried to put a spin on her question, forcing new thoughts into itself. Fuck! I thought. She was only fifteen! What did she have to interest an eighteen year old guy? The answer was right there as the question popped into my head: she's a girl with a pussy, and she was growing up.

"Aww ... you'll be okay," I said, grabbing a second beer. "Just go off over there about twenty feet. Nobody can see you there. Besides, look around. All these guys have their sights set a little higher than on you."

The placid expression disappeared again to be replaced by a frown. Uh-oh. I'd hit a nerve. "Okay, but if I get raped and killed, you'll have to answer to Auntie Jean." She started to stomp off into the trees. The thought popped into my mind that it should be Paul having this conversation. She was his 'shirt tail cousin' (to use one of my mom's expressions), not mine.

I looked again and saw that Paul, as usual, was already beginning to get sauced. I hoped he saved some of those bottles for me. "Tina!" She stopped and half tuned. "I'll come along," I said, pulling the trunk lid down to cover the cooler. I pushed my feet back into my sneakers and followed her.

When I caught up, she turned away again and started walking. From behind she looked a bit more mature. Her butt had started to gain some shape, even though her hips were still so narrow. I glanced back and realized we were almost out of sight from the party. Tom had disappeared and nobody else was paying any attention to us. Another few yards and I called a stop.

"This is far enough," I told her. She nervously looked behind us. The sun reflected on metal through the pine and cedars, and voices were still audible, but we had effectively left everybody back behind us. She looked at me with a strange expression and then she grinned.

"Okay," she said. She squatted down and rummaged in her bag. A pink and blue wad of cloth came out and she stood up. She looked at me. "Well are you gonna turn around or just stand there and voyeur me?" I'd never heard the noun used as a verb, but I liked it.

"Oh, I think I'll just 'voyeur' you," I joked.

"Okay," she chirped and began to unbutton her shorts. I almost choked on a mouthful of beer.

"Hey! What the fuck? Tina..." I blubbered. I'd never been in this exact situation, though I'd fantasized it in a number of other scenarios. By the time I'd started to turn around she had skinned down her shorts and I caught sight of her little blue panties. My dick started growing in spite of my shouting conscience.

"What's wrong, Bobby?" Her voice sounded too close. I turned my head and there she was right behind me, naked from head to foot and looking all golden in the sunlight flickering through the thick foliage. She was fourteen-going -on-fifteen, but her body was girl-going-on-woman. Her walnut sized 'bumps' were topped by tiny pink nips. She hadn't started to 'hair over' yet, so her slit was plain between her thighs. That grin was back and her eyes were glittering. "Haven't you ever seen a naked girl before?"

The truth was that I really hadn't back then, but I wasn't about to admit it to her. "Just put your suit on, Tina, and stop fucking around." My voice was kind of funny because my throat had choked up. She was only fourteen, but she was female and naked. She laughed and she tiptoed back to where she had dropped her suit. I watched -- and she watched me watching her -- as she bent to pick the bikini up and wiggle into it.

The afternoon turned to evening. Angie never showed up. Paul achieved his usual drunkenness and passed out under a cedar tree. Tom was off with some other kids. I sat on a log, my belly holding a few beers and a few mouthfuls of Paul's booze. Back then, after three beers got me feeling buzzed. Tina had spent some time on her own and then started talking to some of the other girls. I sort of kept an eye on her. Paul was in no shape to do it, and I kind of felt responsible to take care of her for some reason.

I rose and began to go find a place to empty my bladder. I hadn't gone far before I heard a voice behind me. "Goin' to pee, Bobby?" I swiveled around to see Tina approaching.

"Yeah, I am, so fuck off, Tina," I said.

"No. I have to pee too," she said when she caught up to me.

"Well find someplace of your own."

"Huh-uh. I need a bodyguard. one of those guys back there was watching me and I think he might rape me."

I just laughed. "Shit! You're a little girl to these guys. They have their sights set on bigger girls."

She punched me in the belly (making my need to go more urgent) and tromped ahead of me between the trees. I hesitated and then just angled a little bit away from her route to get some separation. I was just finishing when I again heard her behind me. "Are you gonna come protect me again, or what?"

My dick was still in my hand as I turned my head. She was right behind me and watching. She still wore the top, but her bikini bottoms were in her hand. It was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen up to then. "Tina! Stop it! Just go find a tree and do your stuff. You don't need protection!"

"You're scared of me!" she said with a grin.

"I'm not scared of you," I protested. "What do you have to be afraid of?"

She did something then that surprised me. She put her hand down between her thighs and sort of cupped her mound. "This is what I have, and it scares you!"

I had forgotten I was standing there with my dick out, but it made its presence known by starting to grow. I tucked it away and turned toward her. "Just go pee and leave me alone!" I said and started back toward the clearing.

She grabbed my arm and stopped me. She came around in front of me. "Come on, Bobby, just come watch me and I will leave you alone."

"Aw, fuck! Okay," I said, giving in. "Let's go over there." I waved my arm toward the woods and we started off. She bent to pick up her bikini bottoms and the action flashed me a clear sight of her little asshole. I shook my head and followed that skinny butt farther into the trees.

After a while she stopped. She grinned at me and simply squatted down right next to me. Closing her eyes, she started to pee. I watched her belly contract and saw the yellow stream squirting from that barely haired little slit. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. I never imagined that watching a girl pee could be sexy, but I learned that day that it was. She squeaked out a few last drops and stood up. Looking into my eyes she half rose from the deep squat and shook, wiggling her butt to shake off the last drops as she giggled at me. I had to laugh too.

Then she just stood there a few seconds. I heard the stream that fed the lake burbling on its way not too far from us. "Is that a river?" she asked.

"Not a river," I groaned. My dick had gotten stiff and didn't give any sign of going away soon. "It's just the stream into the lake."

"Ooh! Show me!" she said. She was still holding her bottoms. I had thought (hoped) she would put them back on after she peed. I didn't think too much, just turned and started toward where the stream cascaded down into the lake. After a few steps, Tina grabbed my hand and we walked that way to a mossy bank. Cool air washed up from the course of the water and it felt great. I collapsed on the moss and Tina sat next to me.

"Aren't you gonna put your pants back on?" I asked her. It made me uncomfortable to have a half naked girl next to me -- at least when she was only fourteen and off limits to anything else.

"I will when we go back," she said. "What's the difference if you see me naked? You already have anyway." She whipped off the top then, so she was completely naked.

"Why don't you take off those trunks? At my house we go naked sometimes. It's no big deal."

Thoughts of Tina and her family running around their house naked passed through my head. It was something I'd always wished for at my house -- not because I wanted to see my parents nude, just because I liked being nude so much. I decided right then that -- if I was ever going to go to one of those 'nudist colonies' (as they were all called back then) -- I'd have to start somewhere.

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