A Tease No More

by Sweet Willy

Copyright© 2010 by Sweet Willy

Sex Story: A family member is taught a lesson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Uncle   Niece   .

She had been teasing for a few years now, getting bolder as she got older. A quick brush of the hand against my ass as she walked by moving up to a full cheek grab later, pressing her budding tits against my shoulders while I was sitting down up to arching her back to showcase them getting bigger. By the time she was fifteen, she had developed into a full fledged hottie. Her breasts weren't as big as her mothers yet but they were still a decent size for her size frame, a good B cup. She had gotten tall, close to 5'8" now, grown her dark brown hair down to her shoulders and then there was her ass. No longer was she like a board, straight down, now her ass curved out and to the sides as her waist slimmed inwards. This she showed off by wearing tighter jeans.

My niece knew she was getting a nice body and thought that gave her permission to act like a bitch. How wrong she was.

I grew tired of her attitude even though she still teased me. At times she acted as though she didn't really know me, even though we first met when she was just two when I married her mothers sister. We used to be close, but now, not so much. But our relationship soon changed.

I had to go to my in-laws house one afternoon to pickup some items. I had the key and they knew I was going to be there and that the house should be empty except maybe my niece would be there if not out with her friends. Well, she was there, in the kitchen fixing a snack. "I arrived just in time. What are ya fixing?" I said, trying to start a conversation. She just looked at me with a typical bitch look on her face, "Just a snack" she replied. Damn teenagers I thought to myself. "There are supposed to be a couple of boxes for me to pick up" I said. "Over by the couch" was all she said. "Fucking bitch" I muttered but not quite silent enough. "What did you call me?" she said quickly. Looking right at her I said in a slow draw "Fucking ... Bitch". She just looked at me with a look of shock and hatred. "Yes I called you a fucking bitch because that is exactly what you have turned into so don't act so surprised" I snapped at her. Her face grew red as she screamed "Well fuck you, don't come into my house and call me a bitch, just pick up your shit and leave." "Don't get your panties all in a bunch" I replied back to her. "Don't you wish you could get in my panties you fucking pervert. I know you stare at me."

"Fucking bitch" was right I thought to myself, "Yes I do stare, especially at your ass, your tits still have some growing to do, but your ass has filled out nicely" I said to her as I moved back into the kitchen. "Just get the fuck out of my house" she said. "Now, now, now, that's no way to talk to your uncle" I said while waging my finger at her. She turned back to the counter to continue preparing her snack and that's when I thought she needed to learn her lesson. Walking quickly up to her I grabbed her hips and pushed my body up against her her, pinning her body between me and the counter. "Wha ... wha ... what are you doing?" she said in a panicked tone. "Teaching you some manners" I whispered in her ear and with that I yanked down the loose soccer shorts she had been wearing fully exposing her dark blue pantied covered ass. Her body tensed up as I pushed my crotch and hardening cock up against her. She grew stiff, not knowing what to do or say. I then pulled her panties down forcefully all the way to her ankles and quickly grabbed hold of her hips pushing her back up against the counter. Then with one hand I undid my pants and pushed them down with my boxers just enough for my now rock hard cock to spring out.

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