Karen and the Porsche

by Harry Carton

Copyright© 2010 by Harry Carton

BDSM Sex Story: Anyone can look into the Porsche convertable and see her. Karen has instructions from her Master that detail what she's to do. And she doesn't want to disappoint Him.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   DomSub   MaleDom   .

He pulled the silver Porsche convertible into a shaded space at the deserted end of the mall parking lot and glanced again at the sky: clear blue, white puffy clouds and hot sun. With practiced ease, he unscrewed the leather ball on top of the gear-shift lever and put it in the bag behind the passenger seat.

She watched carefully, licking her lips anxiously. She even expected what would come next: she knew her Master well, and now she understood the goal of the last few weeks of training. She said nothing, hands folded in her lap as he spread a towel over the center console and her eyes got large as he covered the naked metal shaft of the shift lever with a rubber phallus-shaped device. It was covered with rubber studs at irregular intervals, and from each of the studs, a small tip of metal was visible. The crown of the phallus was capped in shiny steel.

He plugged a wire extending from the inside of the phallus to a small black box, which in turn was connected to the car's auxiliary power receptacle - it used to be called the cigarette lighter in simpler times.

He got out of the car and walked around to the front. "Mount it." That was all he said. Just two words. But it was enough to make her heart pulse in excitement. His intent was obvious. It would be inside her. There would be electricity at some point. She didn't know if it would be painful or pleasant - she had experienced both from her Master. She didn't care -- she would do what he wanted. She would do what SHE wanted, which was to obey Him. All these thoughts raced through her mind even as she began to follow his simple two word command.

She gathered the long, flowing skirt in her hands as she stood and lifted one leg to the driver's side. She rocked her hips forward and bent her knees. The rubber shaft was at just the right height. Of course, it would be. She knew that he had it made to his own measurements - to her measurements.

She squatted just an inch, so the head of the phallus parted her lips. She looked at him and nodded slightly. He spoke again. "And now down." His hand moved down.

Immediately she began to impale her sex on the penis-shifter. He never wanted her to rush, so she moved slowly, bending her knees, steadying herself with a hand on the top of the windshield.

Under the cover of her skirt, the black shaft disappeared into her sex. Her lips trembled at each steel-tipped nub of rubber passed into her. She could feel the approval in his eyes. This was one of his tests, she knew. One that she desperately wanted to pass. Passing the test meant his approval ... he would say Those Words. She wanted - needed to hear that again.

She knew it was coming: soon the shiny steel cap of the phallus would nestle against her cervix, and the electric shock would come. She dropped lower ... THERE. An arc of energy tingled from her cervix throughout her sex. The metal tipped nubs extended from their position and pressed against every side of her vagina.

The electric current enveloped her. The buzzing trembled throughout her body. She gripped the top of the windshield. Suddenly it was gone. She relaxed and looked for approval from Him.

"Now rise up. Almost all the way. Always go back down immediately. If there is no current, you will rise up again. Up and down until there is the electric touch. Then you wait until it stops." He turned on his heel and walked toward the mall. "I will be back soon."

Karen rose up as if pulled by his words. Then down. Nothing. Up quickly and then back down. This time the shock was sharp, more intense, bordering on pain. Then gone.

She lifted. After ten minutes of up and down, her thighs began to tremble from the exertion, but she did not feel it. The damned electro-shock-penis-thing inside her had captured her attention. Her eyes were locked on the door through which her Master had gone.

The electric stimulation was not there! She pounded up and down. Up and down. 3, 4, 5 times. Thrusting herself down on the black rubber phallus. Again and again. She wanted it now. She was close ... so close. She would not cum, she knew she was not allowed that. But she could get close. HE would expect that.

Her mouth was open, panting. Sweat poured down her face, her chestnut hair plastered to her head.

ZZZZZap. It was back. But it was different. Only the nubbin that pressed against her g-spot was extended. Only THAT only carried current. The electricity pulsed: hi, then almost off. Short sharp bursts that ran from cervix to gspot. Her eyes rolled back in her head. She heard a voice, and her hand fumbled for the pistol He had left on the dashboard for her protection.

"Jeez man. Will you look at THAT!" She struggled to stay down. He had not given her permission to do anything else while the current was on. But she opened her eyes: three teenaged punks were standing perhaps 25 ft away. Watching.

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