Belated Birthday Present

by A Purvversion

Copyright© 2010 by A Purvversion

Erotica Sex Story: Student arrives home unexpectedly from university only to find the house empty; his parents away for the weekend. He finds that out from his little sister who was out in the pool tanning her fifteen year old body. The reader should be able to guess what's going to happen; read to see if you're right.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

My 15-year-old sister Linda came bounding into the kitchen wearing her black bikini. I had little time to react before she jumped up and wrapped her arms and legs around me. She squealed loudly in my ear and I had to grab onto the counter to keep from falling over.

"I'm sooooo happy to see you big brother! It's been so long!"

"Uh, good to see you too, Lin. Mind if I catch my breath?"

"Oh sure!" she smiled and unwrapped her lithe body from my frame.

I turned back to the counter and grabbed the wooden spoon I had been using to stir the iced tea. A half-hour earlier I had come home to an empty house early for summer vacation. Linda had apparently been out back by the pool catching some rays.

"Where's mom and dad?" I asked, sipping the tea.

"Pour me a glass! They went up to the casino for the weekend. We thought you wouldn't be home until Monday."

"Those were the plans, but Jerry got called to work with his dad and so our final bash was canceled. Guess I'll just have to find my fun here instead." I smiled and drank some tea.

As she sat at the table and began to flip through some magazine of hers, I took the time to lean back and admire my baby sister. Linda is about 5'4" and from the looks of it, had lost most of her baby fat and was turning into a toned body. Obviously, she'd been tanning.

I gazed at her long tan legs up to her flat tummy, then across. My god -- her breasts! It seemed Linda was just a sweet little girl when I left for college two years ago, and now she was all grown up, complete with a budding set of tits, surprising to me because she was only fifteen. The bikini top showed just the right amount of cleavage. From there, her neck and shoulders smoothed out. Just then, as I was admiring her, Linda looked up at me with deep brown eyes and smiled. Dimples showed on her cheeks, and her short brown hair framed her face perfectly.

"Can I help you with something?" she smirked, obviously aware my evaluating.

"Wow. No, it's just that I haven't seen you in two years. I wasn't, er expecting you like that."

"Like what? I'm fifteen now, you know. And by the way, you didn't make it home for my birthday that weekend, like you promised!"

She now stood and bounced over to me again, this time wrapping her arms around my neck and laying her head against my chest.

"I was so bummed that you missed out on my becoming a teenager. You owe me, Roy."

"I'm sorry," I said, taking the time to stroke her hair. "Really Lin, I wanted to come up for the big day, but I couldn't find the time between midterms. But now we've got the whole summer and I'm sure we can celebrate. I'll take you out to eat or something, just me and you, how's that?"

"Really?" she looked up into my face, and that's when I felt the first pang in my heart. It was almost a physical reaction, making eye contact with her and feeling something more than just 'brotherly love'. I had the insane urge right there to just lean down and kiss those lovely lips of hers.

"You bet. We can hit Chucky Cheeze and play some skee-ball. You're still in the birthday club, right?"

"Shut up!" She stepped back and hit me on the shoulder. "I love that place! But I want something more than that from you! I know you can do better."

"Can do. Right now though, I think I might find my trunks and relax a bit in the pool. I guess it's been getting some use already?"

"Oh yeah!" Her eyes lit up and she smiled that magnetic smile again. "Tash and Glenda and a bunch of other girls have been over a few times already. By the way, that's another reason you shoulda been here on my birthday. Tash was looking for ya."

Tash was Tasha Cameron, Linda's little friend who's had a crush on me for a couple of years. As far as I could remember, she was a thin, tall blonde kid with straight blonde hair, freckles, and emerald green eyes.

"Yeah? Maybe we can party together again," I smiled devilishly.

Linda just shook her head and headed back out the sliding door. "Hurry up and change, I'll meet you in the pool."

I nodded and finished my tea, setting the empty glass in the sink. I walked out through the living room and down past the guest bedroom to my room. I looked inside and sighed. All my bags were still unpacked and tossed on my bed. All of my old posters still hung on the walls, and I finally felt like I was home again. I searched and found my blue swimming trunks, then tugged off my clothes and donned the trunks.

Stepping out onto our deck, I spotted Linda relaxing in a beach chair, sunglasses covering her eyes. I once again was stunned by her development. Though I'm not an expert, I swear she was at least a 34B. She now had a thin sweat sheen on her body, causing all the highlights to glint in the sun; her long legs, her cute tummy, and then her chest, which was by far the best I had ever seen on a fifteen-year-old. Her iced tea was set down next to her, and I sneaked up and poured the contents on her stomach.

"Hey!" she screamed, then saw me laughing as I cannon-balled into the pool. The water felt cool and refreshing. When I came up laughing, I looked at the chair and was surprised to see it was empty, and before I had time to understand, my sister suddenly jumped on my back and tried to dunk me! As I tried to catch my balance, Linda had her arms laced around my head and her legs tightly wrapped around my torso. In defense, I reached back and inadvertently grabbed her ass.

She squealed and covered my eyes, so I started pinching and grabbing in an effort to get her off (Oh boy, would I have liked to have gotten her off, but that's not what I mean here, lol).

She squirmed and giggled, and once again I was reminded of all the times my baby sis and I had fought and played and wrestled and yelled and laughed together. Enjoying our playing, I suddenly stopped struggling. She dunked me under, and I came back up in her arms.

We were standing in the middle of the pool, and I stood in the chest-deep water with her snug-up against me.

She looked into my eyes then and asked, "Surrender?"

"To you? I do."

As soon as I spoke those words, she leaned forward and kissed me, her lips on mine, gently at first, but after a pause of about five seconds or so, there began a change. My little sister was soon kissing me firmly on the mouth. At the same time she was moving even tighter against me.

I was shocked! This was more than we'd ever done before, and although I used to fantasize about doing things with her, I'd never imagined ever doing anything for real.

My sister's eyes were closed and as she continued to kiss me, my heart beat began to quicken. It was a bit crazy what she was doing, but within the next ten seconds or so, I then did something that shocked me more. I began to return her kiss. Linda began to whimper and moan as I closed my eyes and our lips began gently suckling each other.

I then felt her tongue brush against my lips, and I opened my mouth and immediately her tongue snaked in and began to explore mine. I let her tongue play around a bit, and then mine started to eagerly retaliate, first licking about her lips and soon moving deep into her mouth. My little sister began to breathe heavily—pant, actually—as did I. It was then that I realized that I had a throbbing hard-on and my mind began to race wildly. Where was this going? Was she serious about kissing me? Did she want to play around more? How much? All the way? Would I actually do it with my own sister???

Finally, she broke the kiss then held me tight.

"Oh God Roy, I've missed you so much. I really wanted you here on my birthday."

"I'm here now," was all I could whisper back.

Our eyes were searching each others. She clung tightly to me, her arms around my shoulders. My own hands were then rubbing her back, and without even thinking about what I was doing, they slowly found their way to her ass. They just rested there at first. Linda raised up at the contact and began to kiss along my neck.

No girlfriend for months, no sex, no action besides my hand and some porn flicks, and now my gorgeous little sister was kissing me while I held onto her delicious looking ass! This was so much for me to grasp that my mind couldn't, but my body did. The erection that wedged itself between our two bodies was throbbing fiercely. Linda must have felt it sticking up and pushing out at my trunks.

She then shocked me once again, sliding her body up and down against me, as she began softly moaning. She was wordlessly answering my questions.

"Lin-" I began, and she reared up and wildly began soul-kissing me. She may have been only fifteen, but it was pretty obvious that she was an experienced kisser. And she was aroused and willing!

Right then I lost all reserve, and squeezed her ass tightly, hearing her squeal again inside of my mouth. My hands roamed all over her firm ass cheeks, and she flexed her thighs, nearly squeezing the breath out of me. Accidentally, my hand brushed a little lower between her ass crack and she jerked in my arms as I hit a sensitive spot. Our motions slowed but our hearts didn't. As I tentatively returned to that spot again, Linda jumped again, then pushed back down onto my hand. I followed her lead and stroked my fingers along her ass crack, down to her sweet, sweet pussy. I rubbed along her slit until she gasped and raised her head.

"Roy, take me inside right now. Roy I want you so bad, I've wanted you so bad for so long. Please, take me inside with you, I need to be with you now."

This was my own little sister. She was only fifteen. It was so wrong.

I said nothing and walked with her in my arms to the side of the pool. I set her on the edge and hoisted myself up out of the water. As I did, her hands ran along my rippled stomach and snagged onto the waistband of my trunks. I froze as her eyes locked onto the protruding bulge of my trunks. I held myself up and her fingers lightly danced across my navel, and she looked up at me with questioning eyes. I felt my heart melt again looking in her eyes, and wondered why I had never loved my sister this way. I've loved her so many ways, but now there was this.

"Let's go inside." My voice was hoarse with emotion and I filled my hand with hers.

We walked back through the doors and she took over the lead, taking me into her room. I now stood by her dresser, my wet trunks plastered against my thighs. My erection had started to droop as the consequences of what was about to happen hit me.

I could see uncertainty in her eyes as well, and I said, "Lin, do you know what we're doing?"

Linda sat on the edge of the bed as I stood a few feet away.

"Roy, I—I don't ... All I know is that I've had such strong sexual feelings for you since I had my first period. I've l-loved you long before that. I know that I'm only 15, maybe not an adult like you, b-but I er I been thinking at night a lot about you and er ... when I saw you in the kitchen standing there, my heart just leaped into my chest, I was so happy to see you."

"Lin, I'm happy to see you too. God, I haven't seen you in two years! I came back expecting to see my cute little Lin with her big brown eyes and silky hair. Instead I was blown away to see such a sexy, grown woman in my own kitchen! Lin, you've grown up so much, you're so beautiful..."

She was blushing furiously now, and lowered her head.

"Roy, f-for my birthday I wanted to ... well, well I thought you m-might be here and..."

"Lin, God I am so sorry I missed—"

"Roy, I'm a virgin. I want you to be my first," she blurted.

My eyes nearly popped out of my sockets as I stood there looking down at this amazing creature.

"Lin, are you serious?"

"There've been boys, Roy. Boys that I have been with in other ways. I've given hand-jobs and blow-jobs, an-and they've gotten me off too, but those were boys, Roy; and I didn't love them. N-not the way I love you, bro, I've saved myself because I love you and I want you. Roy, I'm so sorry," she babbled. And right before me she just crumbled and tears spilled down her cheeks.

"Lin!" I moved to the bed and sat alongside her and ran her hair back, trying to look into her eyes.

"I know you must hate me now! I feel so stupid, I just thought that if I loved you so much and you loved me, we could just be together! Like a man and a woman and we could make love, not just have sex. Ohhhh, Roy I feel so stupid."

"Lin, you are not stupid; I love you too."

Linda wiped her eyes and looked up at me. "Do you -- you r-really mean it?"

"Linda, I love you more than anything, and I would do anything for you."

Our eyes met again. Our faces closed in together and slowly, our lips met. She shuddered as I reached a hand up to her neck. We sat there on her bed, two first time lovers, not brother and sister, kissing deeply and lost in the moment.

I began to kiss along her neck, and Linda reached up and pulled aside the strap of her bikini top to help direct me. I kissed along her shoulder and down her arm. I raised my head and she unhooked the top, slowly pulling it away to reveal her breasts; those beautiful breasts which had captivated me since I'd first seen them that day. A small gasp escaped my lips as she arched her back and grabbed my neck, lowering my mouth to her nipple. Just before I reached it, I breathed in deeply, smelling the suntan-lotion, sweat, and chlorine mixed with her skin. It's a smell I'll never forget to this day.

When my lips encircled her left nipple, Linda gasped out loud, holding me tightly as I began to suck. I licked and nibbled and rolled her nipple until it stood out predominately on its own. My right hand came up and filled itself with her heaving breast. I slid my hand along the entire breast, under, around, on top, over the nipple. She moaned and tilted her head back in ecstasy. Quickly, I filled my mouth with her right tit, MY OWN SISTER'S TIT! sucking in as much flesh of her breast as I could. I loved the sensation, the feeling, and then I got another jolt of pleasure as her searching little fingers pulled back the elastic waist of my trunks and her left hand dove instantly inside. I gasped as her fingers eagerly grasped the shaft.

It was my turn to squirm, as my sister mashed her lips onto mine and pulled on my cock. I moaned back into her mouth as she tugged on the meat. I needed more! I pulled her hands away and she looked up at me.

"Lay down; I need to adore you."

She lay back on her mattress, her breasts jiggling with each breath. I took in the glorious sight and peeled my wet trunks off. She simply stared at my straining cock, my balls now dangling loosely. Linda was mesmerized and her nervously jumping eyes gazed in awe at my throbbing shaft. The veins stood out and pre-cum now topped the tip.

"Oh Roy, it's beautiful."

I blushed now at her comment, and she smiled up at me.

"Roy, it is. I want you to make love to me."

"I will Lin, but be patient; I want you to remember this."

I leaned down over her body and licked along her nipples once again. I slowly dragged my tongue down her stomach and tickled her sides. She giggled and I laughed too. My sweet baby sis, still so ticklish. My sweet baby sis, who I was about to make love to.

My hands grabbed onto her wet bikini bottoms, and I tugged at them as she raised her hips. I rolled the bottoms down and off her sexy tanned legs, my eyes locked on the small faint thatch of brown pubic hair, with a fuzz no longer than a quarter inch.

Seeing me staring in wonder between her legs, Linda's hand passed over her pussy and covered it, but I reassuringly took it away and smiled down at her. I started to kiss above her knee, up her thigh, and I swear I heard her breath become heavier. Suddenly, she spread her legs and raised her knees as her body instinctively sensed where I was going. I leaned in close to her soft vaginal lips, seeing the moisture from the pool and her own sex juices now flowing. I delicately licked my way up one labial lip and then the other. Linda gasped over and over again as I licked the entire outside, then dove my tongue in.

I kissed and allowed my tongue to flick out and knew by the change in Linda's breathing pattern that she was entirely enjoying what I was doing. Then, moving a little lower, I was shocked to find that it was soaking wet. I knew my little sister was worked up, but she wasn't just moist, she was wet!!! The aroma from her pussy seeping through my inflamed nostrils was an awesome experience.

"Oh God!" she moaned.

I love being cheered on! I threw her left leg over my shoulder and pulled the labial lips gently aside. I dove in with gusto and licked deeply inside of her.

"Mmmmmmm," she murmured as her excited body writhed beneath my oral assault.

As I pushed my face gently further between my little sister's spreading legs, she seemed to reach a bit and then I felt her hands suddenly on my shoulders. I slowly lowered my mouth a little further to her most private parts, at the same time reaching my hands and arms under and up over her thighs. My shoulders prevented Linda from closing her legs. Soon, her hips started to buck a little.

"Roy! Ohhhhh, Roy. Shit that feels soooo gah--!"

The smell of my sister's sex was strong! I lowered my mouth to her slit and found how truly wet and turned on the youngster was! She was absolutely pouring with pussy juice! It was running down my face. Her pussy seemed to be somewhat swollen, the labia very large.

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