Summer School

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: Michelle was a virgin when the summer began, but like so many 15-year-olds in today's day and age, her curiosity, along with the urges of maturity, began to take their toll. With horny cousins and an equally horny brother, it probably could have been predicted that she wouldn't stay untouched.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Incest   Brother   Sister   Cousins   .

Part 1

It was summer vacation and, as promised, 15-year-old Michelle Lynch was allowed to stay at her cousin's house for two weeks. Although Karen was a couple of years older, the two loved being around each other. What the younger girl had no way of knowing was that her older cousin was a latent bisexual and although she had never experienced lesbian pleasure, she really had a thing for Michelle. In fact, Karen thought that she might be able to educate her cousin about sex with a couple of week's worth of teaching her little things and if so, who knew what might happen?

Most of their days were spent in the back yard at the family pool. Usually, just the two of them, but occasionally one or the other or both of Karen's parents and a couple of times her older brother Phillip would wander out and spend some time with them.

Usually, when it was just Phillip alone with the two girls, Karen would whisper remarks about her brother to her cousin, saying things such as how well-built he was, or how handsome. A couple of times she remarked 'what a hunk' he was and one time she even made mention as to how 'hot' he was. Michelle was embarrassed at her cousin's remarks. She was pretty naïve about such things but she wasn't completely unaware of what boys and girls did. From the time that Karen had first called her attention to Phillip, she started to look at him in a different light. He was everything that her cousin said. Yet Michelle was shocked that Karen could talk about her own brother like that.

It was on the Tuesday during her second week at the house, while Uncle Billy was working and Phillip was out with his friends, that Aunt Susan asked the girls if they wanted to go shopping with her, saying that she would be gone until about 3 o'clock, which Karen didn't believe as her mother never came home by the time that she said. Both girls declined, saying that they'd rather spend the day by the pool.

As soon as she was sure that her mother was on her merry way, Karen thought for a final time how she was going to approach this subject. She'd been hoping to get her cousin alone for this purpose. She had even rehearsed what she wanted to say.

"Guess what I found?" she asked excitedly.


"In my dad's ... I, I can't ... Come on ... in the house ... I'll show you."

"What is it?" Michelle asked, curiously.

Karen then grabbed her cousin's hand, saying, "Come on, I'll show you." They hurried together inside of the house, not even pausing downstairs as the older girl. Karen led the way in bringing her cousin up to her parent's room.

"What's in here?" Michelle whispered, acting as if there was someone nearby that could overhear her.

"Wait'll you see these. You're gonna die!" the older girl gushed.

Michelle watched as her cousin dropped to her knees onto the floor of her parent's closet and began reaching in and moving things about, obviously in search of something. Rummaging inside the closet almost frantically, she suddenly let out a cry of success and then, almost immediately, she was backing out and rising to her feet. At the same time, she thrust her hands out, almost in Michelle's face, while her face held a look of triumph.

Michelle saw that her cousin was holding what looked like three DVDs with colorful boxes, indicating that they were movies.

"Look ... Look at these!!!! Do you believe it... ?"

Michelle's eyes widened as she saw the pictures of naked guys and girls on the boxes, and what they were doing with their mouths shocked her. Karen explained to the young girl what X-rated videos were and it didn't take any coaxing for Michelle to agree to watch some of them. Apparently, there was quite a collection hidden in the closet.

That day, and during the rest of the week, Michelle got quite an education about sex as she and her cousin managed to slip away and watch at least one movie a day, a couple of times two. In addition, at some point during each day, Karen would sneak out a video and hide it in her room and at night, when she and Michelle were alone, they'd watch that on her bedroom DVD player with the sound at a minimum. Although there was some fucking between men and girls, almost all of the other sex activity were of girls with girls.

In addition, Karen added to Michelle's education by explaining many of the things that were going on in the videos, even talking to her at the pool about sex. However, as much as Karen wanted to fool around with her cousin, she never got up the nerve to attempt anything. Nevertheless, by the time that Michelle left to go back home that Sunday night, she was as educated as one could be and still be a virgin. She said her goodbyes, knowing that she'd be back either on the following weekend or the one right after.

Part 2

All the talk the prior week by Karen about her brother Phillip, along with the sex education that the young girl had gotten, had started Michelle thinking about her own brother Jay.

It was on the following Thursday night, just as she was about to fall asleep, when Michelle heard her mother call to her brother Jay, telling him to turn off the light in his sister's bedroom. As she often did when she was alone in her room, Michelle was lying in bed, wearing only a T-shirt with no panties. Hearing her mom and knowing that Jay was on his way to her room, she was about to get under the covers, when a thought struck. Swallowing nervously, she decided to pretend she was sleeping to see what her 19-year-old brother would do.

Jay came to the doorway and turned off the wall-switch, which turned off her lamp, but he didn't go away. Even with the light out, the moonlight shining through the window was enough to illuminate the room.

Michelle knew from where Jay stood that he could see her ass, but she wanted to show him more. Slowly, she rolled over onto her back, as if stretching in her sleep, letting her arms go up over her head as her legs fell open. She lay there unmoving, trying hard to keep her breathing slow and sleeplike, knowing that her brother could pretty much see everything below her navel, not just her tiny pubic bush but her little girl cunt lips and maybe even a little of the soft pink flesh inside.

She heard him step closer to her until she sensed that he was right there. Her heart racing, she kept herself in a completely open position. She hoped that her brother, knowing that nothing short of an earthquake could wake her, would take a chance on touching her.

To her nervous delight, he did. A sudden shudder of the mattress told her that Jay had bumped against it. Further movement told her that he had lowered himself gently and was now sitting alongside of her on the bed. Michelle's little heart seemed loud to her. Her brother's hand didn't make contact with any part of her body until it was suddenly touching upon the top of her mons with a feather-like weight. With his hand suddenly between her legs, she caught her breath. Then his fingers were sliding up between her tight little cunt lips and spreading them gently apart. It was all that Michelle could do to keep her hips still. She felt her cunt lips opening and then her brother's finger was slowly and gently sliding inside her. She could feel the slick moisture that her cunt was seeping onto his finger. She was biting her lower lip as he then started stroking his finger in and out of her tight slit.

The young girl had never experienced a finger inside her before, and even though Jay wasn't probing deep into her cunt, it felt like she would melt. It felt so good! She wanted more. But how could she do it with her own brother?

After a few minutes, his finger pulled slowly out of her cunt and didn't go back in. She felt the bed move and heard him stand up and walk to the door. She figured he was through.

However, she then heard him lock the door and turn her lamp back on. She also heard a light shuffling that sounded like he might be walking silently back toward the bed. After that there was silence from the spot where she assumed he was standing. She was so excited that her little heart was pounding in her chest. She had to find out what Jay was doing! Still pretending to be asleep, the 15-year-old peeked through her squinted eyelids. Her older brother was standing less than two feet away, with his long thick cock pointed directly at her cunt; and he had begun jerking off as he stared at his baby sister's naked body.

Michelle, young as she was, knew he was masturbating to pleasure himself, and she was intrigued because that meant he was doing it because seeing her naked and touching her cunt had made him excited. She didn't really know much about guys and sex, though, and she wondered what would happen if he kept it up. Would he really spit out those white juices that she had seen in the videos? She soon found out.

After a few minutes, Jay's stroking hand flew faster and faster, up and down his big hard cock. She could hear his increased, erratic breathing and suddenly, through her squinted eyes, Michelle saw his manhood kind of jump in his hands, while out of the hole at the end shot a stream of white liquid squirting right at her, like detergent out of a squeezed bottle. She felt it land on her leg, high up inside her thigh, close to the little cunt that he was aiming at. It was warm and felt sticky and thick.

She heard a long, soft groan coming from her brother's mouth. She was just wondering what to do when she saw another squirt ... and then another, shooting off to the left and right of her and landing on her bed. She was surprised that it seemed so powerful and plenty, even though she had seen enough in the videos to know a little about guy cum.

Finally, nothing more was coming out of her brother's manhood and his stroking had just about stopped. Michelle assumed he was finished. 'What would Jay do now?' she wondered. Probably just unlock the door and leave, she guessed.

Her eyes still squinting and peeking, she watched as he took hold of his softening cock and moved over to her face. Seeing his approach she squeezed her eyes shut for fear that he would find out that she was awake. Then, to her complete surprise, he rubbed his cock over her lips and smeared the rest of the dripping cum from his cock onto her lips. She could hear him inhale deeply and then heard his heavy breathing as he rubbed his cock onto her cheeks.

Michelle fought the urge to lick her brother's cum off of her lips; she wanted to taste it so badly. She wondered what it would be like if he'd try to force his cock into her mouth, hoping in her heart that he would.

Instead, Jay knelt down next to her and leaned over. She guessed that he was going to wipe his cum off her leg, but then she felt warm soft flesh touching her open crotch.

Lips... !

It was her brother's mouth! Jay was kissing her on her cunt!

With wild feelings shooting through her, Michelle fought the urge to press her cunt up against her older brother's mouth, when suddenly his tongue parted her pussy's lips and he started licking her inside. Although she had seen that done by the girls in the videos, she'd never even heard of a guy putting his tongue inside a girl's cunt, and it shocked her to think her brother wanted to do that to her. But what took her aback even more was the delirious pleasure radiating up from inside her cunt as his tongue moved there. Her hips started moving almost against her will as her cunt rocked with his tongue.

"Mmmmmmmm..." ever so faintly came from within. However, as quiet as this sound was that automatically seemed to come from inside her throat, Jay suddenly stopped. He had to know she was awake, but she kept her eyelids mostly closed over her peeking eyes and she saw him looking up at her as if he wondered what she was going to do. Then, she felt him moving and he suddenly and quickly got up and left the room.

Michelle didn't know whether to be disappointed or relieved. She'd been shocked when his tongue fucked into her but she also loved the way it felt. Part of her wished he hadn't stopped. She knew she wanted more.

She reached down and felt between her open legs. Her cunt lips were swollen and wet and it felt good to touch them. The next thing she knew she was sliding her own finger inside and sinking it even deeper than his tongue had been. A spasm of pleasure wrenched from within her body.

She remembered the cum on her leg and reached down with her other hand and rubbed it off her thigh. She was about to rub it into her hot pussy, but a curious idea came into her head. Eagerly, she brought her hand to her mouth. She licked her lips slowly and then wrapped her lips around her fingers and licked the cum off them and sucked it down her throat. It was thick and sticky with a slight bitterness but it excited her to taste it in her mouth and as she did so, she kept fingering herself faster. Moving her finger as deep inside her pussy as it could reach she wondered if girls ever put guys' cocks into their mouths and if they did, did they let them cum inside their throats?

Then, as she pictured her brother's hard cock jumping inside of her mouth and squirting cum into her throat, she suddenly felt her cunt clutching her fingers and her hips bucking as sharp pangs of pleasure kept shooting around inside her.

Was this cumming? Ohhhh, it was good! Maybe it would be even better if she'd cum with Jay. Would he try something again? Would he try to put his cock in her mouth? What would she do if he tried? Although she knew that it was wrong to have sex with her own brother, she still wondered what it would be like if she could make him finish in her mouth. Would she be able to take all of his cum and taste it in her throat?

Michelle fell asleep with a finger in her cunt and her brother's luscious prick in her mind...

Friday night, which was the very next night, Michelle masturbated for only the second time in her life, and this time the sole thing that brought it on was her body's craving. The feelings and pleasures were so intense that from that night forward her body became more and more demanding.

Part 3

Karen, who had been deliberately piquing her younger cousin's interest in sex, had developed a plan.

On Saturday morning, Michelle was back at her cousin's house for the weekend. Just as it had been a couple of weeks earlier, both her cousin Phillip and her uncle Billy were gone, and her Aunt Susan was on a shopping spree. The two girls decided to stay by themselves at the pool.

They were in Karen's room getting ready to change into their bikinis when Karen told of this fantastic lotion she had found and how it was not only good to protect against the sun but also was supposed to help create a terrific tan. Michelle, in jeans, had taken off her blouse by then. She was just removing her bra, with her back to Karen. As the older cousin talked, she convinced the youngster how good the lotion was and then nonchalantly suggested that she put it on her young cousin before they went out in the yard.

"Lay down, I'll put it on," she said.

Glad to oblige, Michelle lay the bra on the chair and moved atop the four poster. As she positioned herself on her stomach on the bed, Karen came over with the bottle of peach scented lotion. She climbed atop and knelt alongside of her cousin and held the white creamy lotion at the top of Michelle's back. Then she shifted again, moving one leg completely over the younger girl, straddling her body.

"YIKES! KAREN!" The younger girl screeched as her cousin poured the liquid on her back in such abundance that it felt as if it were the whole bottle.

Karen just laughed and began working the lotion into her cousin's luscious skin, her fingers tracing out patterns only to rub them away. Karen shifted, almost uncomfortably, as she became more acutely aware of her attraction for Michelle. Feeling her rising desire, she bit her lower lip lightly and began using a stronger touch, further stoking her passions.

Michelle groaned under her and Karen's hands moved along her sides, brushing the edges of her breasts with a faint touch. Karen shifted slightly on her, unsure of how much longer she could do this or how far she should push things. But as Michelle's next moan was one filtered with a sound of true passion and pleasure, Karen decided she was going to push it as far as it would go.

As her crotch pressed into Michelle's soft buttocks, Karen could feel wetness in her own panties and she realized that this was getting to her. Her fingers kept performing their magic on her cousin's smooth flesh, kneading and rubbing, moving all over her back, down to the top of her tight-fitting jeans, then over to the sides of her narrow waist and then easing up on the pressure to move tantalizingly up the sides. This time when she was at breast level, she summoned up the courage to stop at this spot, allowing her fingers to actually move upon the side flesh of Michelle's breasts. Again a soft groan came from her cousin and Karen could feel Michelle's hips that were beneath her, pushing down, as if seeking some sort of relief for arousing feelings.

Karen sensed that Michelle too was becoming aroused. She had to know. Her own breath was becoming shortened as this whole thing unfolded. She again moved her hands from the side of the breasts and down to waist level, all along the lower back, over to the sides, and then down slightly underneath and upon her cousin's belly before moving back to the waist and lower back.

'This is it, ' she thought.

She took a deep breath and then speaking softly, she said, "How 'bout I do your legs too? That should relieve you." And when she didn't get any objectionable comments from Michelle, she nervously put her fingers to the button and zipper at the side of her cousin's jeans. Feeling no resistance, Karen opened the denims and said, "C'mon, lift up, so we can get these off."

Michelle obeyed, lifting her hips. Pushing her fingers inside the waist of the jeans, Karen grabbed and pulled them down the length of her cousin's long, well-shaped legs. Once she pulled them off of the feet, she tossed them to the floor also. Her eyes ran the length of Michelle's tanned body, naked now except for the cut-short panties.

Karen's mind was racing and her breathing was becoming more rapid. Now positioned at the bottom of the bed, she reached up over her cousin's body, feeling the heat it was exuding, and she grabbed the lotion. Moving back she poured some liquid into the palms of her hand and then rubbed both hands together. Then she moved them onto Michelle's calves and began the wonderful massaging process, mixed with a tantalizing teasing rubbing upon the flesh. As her hands moved past the back of the knees onto the exciting flesh of the upper legs and thighs, her cousin once more moaned.

Karen was becoming so very nervous and excited as she realized that Michelle too was feeling a wild excitement. Neither girl had ever had a female experience before, yet of late Michelle started to think about it too. Strangely, whenever either of them fantasized about doing it, it was often with their cousin, which seemed to heighten their excitement, although for Karen it was much more so. Yet because of their upbringing, they also felt a shame at even thinking of it, so they had never talked about it to each other, even while watching it in the videos. But now it was becoming difficult to deny as both of their bodies were reacting on their own, driven by the passions being developed within their minds.

As Karen's fingers continued to rub ... no it was more like caressing now ... her eyes had become riveted on her cousin's wonderful looking ass, much of it showing because the panties were so skimpy. She was captivated at the sight. She had looked at Michelle's behind many, many times and was always amazed at how shapely and rounded it was. Now as her cousin lay on her stomach beneath her, Karen couldn't help but thinking that the ass looked even more luscious than it ever had before to her. She looked at the near wedgie at the crack and she suddenly realized that she actually wanted to push her tongue in there.

She began to knead at the inner flesh of the hot thighs and another groan was released. To Karen's amazement she saw Michelle's hips begin to rotate and push gently into the mattress, almost as if her lower torso was making love to the bed.

Karen's hands moved up further on the inner thighs. God, her cousin's hot, soft flesh felt so great! She was almost sure that Michelle was of the same frame of mind as her but she couldn't be positive. 'Well, we're gonna find out, once and for all now, ' she thought.

Her fingers were trembling as they moved up the back of the legs and slowly, with palms down, her hands moved under the panties and onto the flesh of her cousin's ass. Karen finally gathered all of her courage, squeezed and held the buttocks and waited. Within a few seconds, a moan, longer than any up to now, came flowing out of Michelle's lips. Karen was on fire now.

She squeezed and fondled the ass-flesh as she watched and felt her cousin's body moving about under her touch. There was no mistaken where this was going to end up now. Although they were both novices at this, it was something that both had secretly wanted to experience, at least once in their life. That it was with their fantasy lover only made it more exciting.

Now her passions were fully aroused and her inhibitions were behind her. She slid her hands out from under the panties and moved them up to the upper outside elastic.

She could hear the tremor in her voice as she whispered, hoarsely, "Let's get these off too."

Michelle showed no hesitation as she lifted her hips so that the panties could be drawn down her body and off of her legs.

Karen discarded the panties and looked down at her cousin's totally naked body. Her eyes zeroed in on that beautiful crack. She didn't know why she was feeling this way, but she wanted to put her tongue deep into that crevice. She bent and lowered her mouth toward those wonderful ass cheeks. Once more she cupped the flesh putting her thumbs right at the crack so that they could part the flesh for her. Her mouth moved in and her tongue pushed out.

"Nnnnnnggggggg." A deep groan came from Michelle.

Karen began to lick and taste within the crack. Occasionally, her tongue pushed at the tiny asshole, which seemed to inflame her cousin, whose groans were becoming louder. The heat emanating up from the naked flesh was totally arousing. Michelle continued moaning and Karen sensed that this was the moment to fulfill her fantasy.

She moved her hand onto her cousin's hip and pulled. At the same time she whispered, "Turn over. Show me Shell ... The real Shell!"

Michelle allowed Karen to turn her over. Totally naked, she should have been embarrassed, but that was the farthest thing from her mind at that point. Her own inner passions were churning within. She rolled softly onto her back, her legs parted just enough to allow Karen the view.

Karen gulped. She couldn't help but to look at her cousin's pussy, which had a Mohawk-like trimming of less than an inch-wide strip of hair. The sight was breathtaking.

"You're totally beautiful Shell. Totally," she whispered.

Her hands reached down and gently rubbed all over her cousin's pussy, from the upper mound down between her legs to where her ass met the mattress and back up. She was only lightly rubbing and probing but never penetrating, pushing back down and sliding back up. Michelle body was automatically moving gently beneath her touches.

As she rubbed, Karen moved her eyes from the pussy up over the taut belly to the wonderful looking breasts which, though not huge, were still a nice exciting looking handful. The nipples were erect and reaching out, inviting her to capture them between her lips. Then she moved her eyes upward until the two cousins were looking directly at each other.

At that point any outsider would have no doubt that these two were related. Of course the beauty of both was obvious, but what was really startling was the completely identical look of lustful abandon on each of their faces. They were lust twins.

Karen started to bend when Michelle put out both her hands to her shoulders to stop her.

"No Kar, not like this. I ... Let me see you too," she whispered, as her eyes ran over her cousin's body. "Take your things off too."

Karen smiled. She was toward the end of the bed, on her knees. She straightened her upper body and moved her hands to her blouse. She watched Michelle's heated eyes move to her fingers at her blouse. She only had three buttons to open but she did them with a slow deliberateness.

After the first button, Michelle's eyes danced hotly over the partially exposed bra. Karen was the shapelier of the two and the youngster wanted to see that body, those breasts that she had fantasized sucking. She couldn't believe that she was going through with this, but if she was, she wanted it to be completely enjoyable.

Another button and Michelle started to become impatient. She was going to urge her cousin to hurry but she realized that this slowness added to the moment. As soon as the third button was opened Karen started to peel the blouse off of her body while Michelle's eyes ran eagerly from her cousin's body to her face and back again.

Then the bra was sliding off of Karen's arms and Michelle looked in wonder at the C cupped breasts with their large areolas and delicious looking nipples. Both girls were breathing heavy and their hearts were pounding in their chests. Michelle's eyes burned into the tits so intently that Karen squirmed nervously.

Karen watched Michelle's eyes follow her hands and she moved them to the zipper of the black mini skirt. The cousins were both hot for each other. Then almost as a last tease, Karen pushed both her skirt and her panties down at the same time to her knees and she watched Michelle's eyes as they burned into her steaming hot pussy. She stayed in that position and each of them savored the view of the other.

Karen couldn't hold back any longer. Hurriedly, she stepped off of the bottom of the bed and quickly shed the skirt and panties. Then, almost frantically, she bent and rushed her knee-highs off of her legs and now she too was completely naked.

As her older cousin stood on the floor at the end of the bed, Michelle raised herself on her elbows and looked down in fascination at the well-curved nakedness.

Meanwhile, Karen's lust had finally reached a passionate peak. Looking at the Mohawked area, she whispered hotly, "Don't hide it. Let me see."

This was the moment. Each girl's heart was pounding. Nervously, but eagerly Michelle spread her legs apart, allowing her pussy petals to unfold, and exposing the pink glistening inner lips, which looked so inviting to Karen. Oh god, she wanted this so bad!

Karen allowed her upper body to fall forward gently, between her cousin's legs. Putting her hands under Michelle's knees, she guided them upward until the inner thighs and pussy were being presented as an offering, one that Karen couldn't refuse. Firmly, she reached out her hands and gently pushed them under her cousin and cupped the cheeks of her ass. Then she moved her mouth inward until her lips were only an inch away. Karen breathed in the aroma and her head spun from the wonderful female odor. She felt the heat from Michelle's spread thighs around her face and ears. Her eyes looked in wonder at the delicious looking pussy.

Unable to stand it any longer, Karen pushed her mouth into her cousin's cunt.

"Nnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhh!" Michelle grunted wildly as she thrust her hips upward trying to force Karen's mouth harder within her body.

Karen's head was exploding. This was even wilder than her wildest fantasy. The aroma was awesome, the taste delicious, and the excitement that she was creating in her writhing cousin was driving her to new heights of passion. Her mouth went right into the lips of the moist cunt and she thrust out her tongue within.

"Nnnnnnngggggg," Michelle moaned.

Karen began lapping at the goodness, moving her tongue frenetically within and using her mouth to suck at the liquids. Pursing her lips she blew gently into the hole and once again Michelle bucked up. More licking and sucking and soon her cousin's body was writhing beneath her oral assault.

Karen couldn't believe how much this taste and aroma excited her. Wanting the ultimate aroma, she suddenly pushed her nose deep into her cousin's hole. Michelle groaned wildly and when Karen's nose sniffed fiercely within the pussy, her cousin's reaction was unbelievable.

Michelle's whole body seemed to bubble within. She bolted almost to a sitting position and grasped frantically at the back of Karen's head, pulling her harder within. The suction from Karen's nose was something that she could never have been prepared for. Her whole inner body erupted in pleasure. As she clasped fiercely to the back of Karen's head, her thighs tightened around her cousin's face and ears, and her legs wrapped around her back.

Karen continued to sniff out with all of her strength, as her cousin rocked and held and bucked and groaned. Michelle seemed as if she were no longer of this world as the nose and tongue-caused spasms continued rocking her insides and the wildest orgasm she'd ever felt overtook her senses.

"Oh-oh-um-oh-nnngggghhh-OH OOOHHHH yeah Kar yeah oooo, do it nice oh..."

Michelle fucked up wildly into Karen's mouth, which was again lapping and tasting the wonderful pussy juices as her cousin completed her orgasm. Her body actually began tremoring with each final explosion.

Thus ended stage one for the cousins. They spent the next few hours experimenting with their feelings and their imaginations as they explored each other. That Saturday morning had been like pure heaven for each, and by the time their afternoon ended, both girls were totally sated, having experienced their first female-female encounter, one that both would fondly remember forever. Although they were exhausted from their experience, they were excited to know they would always be able to do this together.

It was exciting also in that they knew that they would have themselves to each other later in the night because Michelle's parents had agreed to let her stay at Karen's house until Sunday.

That night, with the world of sex exposed to her mind, Michelle's imagination became extremely active. Lying in bed alongside Karen, she turned her head and looked at the sleeping beauty. Michelle's fertile mind fantasized not only of Karen, but she also began to remember the night with her older brother Jay. In addition, she even conjured up a picture of her cousin Phillip.

When recalling what her brother had done to her sent shivers down her spine and brought on wetness between her legs. Michelle kept remembering the way Jay had slipped his tongue inside of her and the way he rubbed his cock on her mouth and cheeks. The memory was now making her wetter by the second. In fact, she was becoming so aroused she actually debated with herself whether she should wake Karen up so that they could have another round.

Realizing that it wasn't sensible to wake her cousin up just so she could be relieved, she decided to masturbate. She slowly sat up on Karen's bed, making sure she didn't disturb her beautiful cousin's sleep. After quietly standing, she then tiptoed out of the bedroom, walking quietly down the hall to the bathroom.

Trying to be as silent as she could, she slowly began to push open the door just a tad bit, not even thinking that the room might be occupied because the light wasn't on.

As slowly as she pushed, she quickly stopped. Maybe it was the slapping sound or the breathing sound that alerted her; as she stood frozen halfway into the doorway, Michelle suddenly realized that she wasn't alone. To her complete surprise, she saw the dark shape of her older cousin in the moonlit room. Phillip was standing in front of the toilet jerking himself off! He was shorter than her older brother Jay but he had almost the same muscular look to his body. His cock was about an inch shorter than her brother's but yet, from what she could see, it was thicker.

Her mind was quickly racing, realizing how angry he would probably get at her for barging in. When he continued to wank, Michelle guessed that he was not yet aware of her presence. Almost in a panic, she backed out silently, leaving the door partially ajar, not wanting to alert Phillip to any unnecessary movement. The young teen was so hot and horny that she put it out of her head that she had needed to use the bathroom and she quickly ran back to Karen's room. That night, the dreams she had were the hottest she'd ever had in her young life.

Fifteen miles away, Jay Lynch was having trouble sleeping for the third straight night. Once more his mind wandered back to that night with Michelle. What he had done to his sister was weighing heavily on his mind and he was actually contemplating telling his mother and father about his act of depravity. His mind was in a tug of war, trying to make sense of what was happening to him. On one side was the knowledge that what he had done was wrong, yet each time the memory came back of how Michelle felt and tasted, he became totally aroused again.

Jay kept telling himself that he could fight his urges and not do anything like that again, but somewhere in the core of his mind, he sensed that his sister was not going to let that happen. He was almost positive that Michelle had awoken that night and he was sure that she knew what he had been doing. Indeed, on the night that it happened, he had even expected that in the morning she was going to rat him out, even though he had sensed that she had been enjoying what he did. The fact that she didn't tell her mother or father scared him even more, because he sensed by her body's excitement that night that Michelle might not object to him doing it again ... and more!

Part 4

On Sunday morning, Michelle's father came to pick her up to bring her home. Accepting his sister-in-law Susan's offer of coffee, he chatted with her and his brother Bill while Michelle gathered her belongings and brought them out to the car.

As they headed back outside, Susan asked, "Any idea what time you'll be here Saturday?"

Michelle suddenly began paying attention to her father and Aunt Susan.

"We should be here no later than 9:30, unless that's a problem?"

"No not at all. We're supposed to go looking at furniture, but I don't think the kid are going to want to come with us anyway. So if we're not here when you drop her off, someone will be here."

"I'm coming here next week?" Michelle asked, surprised because no one had told her yet.

Her father nodded and told Susan, "Okay, but if you need us here earlier, just call and let us know."

"No, it will be fine," his sister-in-law insisted and Michelle got into the passenger's side of the car.

After saying their goodbyes, they were on there way home.

"What's going on next week?"

"Your mom and I have to go to a wedding and Jay is going up to Canada with some friends. We thought you'd like staying with your cousins again, unless you have some other idea."

"Oh no, Dad, that's fine. I always have a great time at Aunt Susan's." Although never as great as this time, she smiled to herself. Michelle was more than happy that she was going to be able to get to hang out with Karen again.

Thankfully, her mom and dad didn't pay too much attention to Michelle that week. If they had they would have noticed a tremendous change in their daughter, who seemed to spend the week continuously daydreaming, her mind jumping from one thing to another, at one moment thinking about her brother's dick, and then next moment thinking of her cousin Phillip's dick or Karen's tight hot pussy.

It was as if she couldn't control her fantasies. Being that she was home, she hoped with all of her heart that her brother would try something with her, she knew that she would be able to convince him to go all the way. With the passing of each day when Jay didn't do anything, she felt disappointment.

When her fantasy strayed from Jay, they thought about Phillip and she wondered if she could somehow encourage him to take his chances with her sexually the following weekend.

Meanwhile, Michelle's brother Jay was having problems of his own. Having convinced himself that it would do no good to tell his mother and father about that night he molested his sister, he had actually somehow had cast off his guilty feelings. Indeed, like Michelle, he too was doing a lot of thinking about sex, but unlike her, he only was fantasizing of one person, his young sister.

In addition to the fantasizing, Jay found himself eyeballing her body whenever their parents were not paying attention. Michelle was truly hot looking. As much as he fought to keep his eyes off of her, he couldn't do it, especially that perfect looking ass. He was perfectly spooked one night when he was looking at her and he turned and saw his father looking at him. Jay stiffened, but to his surprise his dad simply smiled at him. Jay decided that his father didn't really see him ogling his sister.

The following Saturday, Michelle was back at her cousins' house for the weekend. Shortly after she arrived, her aunt and uncle were on their way into town to shop for new furniture.

"Want to go out by the pool?" Karen asked.

"Yeah, let me get straightened out and I'll meet you out there."

After settling into the guest room, she hurriedly undressed and fit herself into one of the two-piece bathing suits that she had brought along. Stepping into her jeweled flip flops, she then went outside to the back of the house. Karen was lying down, and Phillip was swimming freely about the pool.

Michelle walked over to the empty lounge chair that was alongside the one where her cousin was laying on her back, sun-glasses covering her eyes. After tossing the towel she had brought along onto the arm of the chair, she dropped down, also lying on her back.

After about five minutes of silence, both girls were brought back to reality by Phillip diving in the pool purposely splashing water at the both of them.

They both shrieked. Karen sat up totally while Michelle half lifted onto her elbow. Looking out into the water they saw Phillip grinning, while treading water.

Both girls looked at each other. Then Karen nodded before they both shouted in unison, "The fight is on!"

They both jumped into the pool and began to pool fight with Phillip. After about ten minutes of jumping all over him and trying to pull him under, mostly unsuccessfully, with him retaliating by dunking and tossing each of them easily, they decided to calm themselves down, calling for a truce.

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