Keeping It in the Family

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: The first girl I ever had any kind of sex with, my cousin, told her little sister who wanted the same. And, they told their mother, my sexy Aunt Lisa, who thought she'd get little closer to her nephew. Was I ever happy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Cousins   Aunt   Nephew   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

We're not a very big family, there's my Mom and Dad, my Mom's sister, my Aunt Lisa, her husband, Uncle Don, their two girls, Cheryl and Carol. Grandparents, well, three of them, my Mom's dad died several years ago. I guess there are a few other more distant relatives scattered around, a few on Dad's side, a few on Mom's.

Mom always kidded that we could hold a family reunion in a closet. Not quite true but almost.

I do have a nice-looking family, Mom and Dad make an attractive couple, her figure is not subtle, she's got really big boobs. My aunt, though, is somewhat younger and while she has a terrific figure, it's more in keeping with the rest of her. I really like being around my Aunt Lisa, she dresses to show herself as a sexy woman and, to me, I have to confess, I have a hard-on almost all the time I'm around her.

I remember when I was twelve, just coming into my horniness, jacking-off all the time, I began to really take note of my aunt, I got the hots for her, for sure. Her body was smaller than my mom's but Aunt Lisa's boobs were plenty large on her smaller frame.

She wore the clothes for it, too. Usually a top that was low cut, almost always with a generous amount of cleavage up for inspection. I spilled a lot of my twelve-year old cum fantasizing about her.

My sexual experience at twelve was, as it is with most boys, pretty limited. What I had done revolved around one girl, Sharon Wilkes, who lived down the street from us. She was a cute, saucy blond who was a year older, thirteen, and was beginning to look like a female. She had a chest that poked out some, they looked like there were really two real boobs in there unlike a lot of the girls I knew who were yet to begin developing. I knew she liked me and once when we walked home from school together, she asked me to come in her house for a bit.

She said she needed to change clothes and asked if I wanted to come to her room or stay downstairs. Well, I'm twelve, I immediately got a raging hard-on.

"Um, well yeah, I'll come up with you, sure," I yammered as I followed her cute butt up the stairs.

We got up there and she said, "Now you have to turn away so I can change. And no peeking," so I followed her wishes regretting the whole time that I was being so nice and gentlemanly. Once she had changed, she had me turn around and she was standing right next to me.

"Do you know how to french-kiss?" she asked.

"No, I've heard about it but I've never done it before. Why?" I asked like a dummy.

"Well, I've never done it either. Maybe we could practice doing it?"

"Yeah, sure," I said as she stepped over to me and put her arms around me. We were almost the same height so she only turned her head up slightly as our lips touched. Sharon was the first to use her tongue as I felt it slip between my lips. My dick was already on alert and this sent it into high alert.

My heart was racing, working overtime to pump my lower extremity full of blood as she swept her tongue around inside my mouth. She pulled back and asked, "What do you think, Adam?"

"I think it's great, it's, um, really sexy, you know?" and I leaned over and kissed her, now slipping my tongue in her mouth, running it around, then probing it back and forth like I was fucking her with it. As I did, my right hand was moving from her left arm to her breast where, when it arrived, was not removed.

I continued to kiss her as I gently squeezed and petted her breast. Then, she put her own hand over mine, not to remove it as I first thought, but to press it tighter to her warmth underneath.

As we ended our kiss, she led me to her bed and we sat down. She turned to me for another kiss and gently pushed me over as she lay partially over me, tonguing my mouth as she opened her blouse and moved my hand to her bra. Well, I knew this was my lucky day as I kneaded and squeezed.

Then, she sat up, pulled off her open blouse, reached back and off came her bra.

Oh, wow. So, so pretty. They were even larger than I had thought. The size of oranges with small pink nipples, each one sticking out, exciting as my finger touched one.

"Sharon, you're so beautiful, so pretty," I gasped as she rose over me, dropping a nipple right on my lips as she smiled down on me. As I sucked, I also felt her other breast, rubbing her other nipple between my fingers.

"You make my nipples get really hard, Adam, and they get bigger when you suck on them or play with them. It really feels good when you do that."

Well, it was the first sexual response I ever had and I felt pretty proud of myself for causing it. No matter that billions of guys before me had done the same.

Sharon and I continued to practice french-kissing and playing with her boobs but it never went any further than that.

My next erotic adventure began the weekend that Aunt Lisa and Uncle Don came to visit with their two daughters, my cousins, Cheryl, twelve, and Carol, eight.

I was now at an age where my aunt's main physical assets, like my mom's, were readily apparent and eagerly observed. As Cheryl came in the front door right after her mom, I saw that she was on track to be as endowed as the rest of the women in my family, at twelve, Cheryl had a very nice pair of boobs. Actually larger than any of the girls I went to school with.

It had been a while since I had seen my cousins and, to my great pleasure, Cheryl's boobs, formerly just little humps, were now full-fledged breasts. How nice.

After all the various greetings and such were over, I helped bring in the suitcases and things as people got settled. Cheryl more or less hung around me, I guess being the same age and everything, while her little sister stayed mostly with my mom and my aunt.

It was after dinner that Cheryl and I were actually alone together. We decided to go out in the back yard and were sitting on a bench as Cheryl snuggled up to me, cuddling close. I leaned toward her and gave her a nice kiss which she returned pressed hard against me, her tongue roaming inside my mouth, her arms pulling me tight. Well, well.

After several steamy kisses, I decided to kiss her again, this time bringing my hand up to those wonderful boobs under her shirt. As we kissed and I rubbed her boobs, she moaned and I felt her hand drop right over the bulge in my pants. This was getting hot. We kissed for another few minutes, then she pulled back a bit.

"Here, Adam, let me, uh, mmm, do this," and she unbuttoned her shirt, reached under and pulled her bra up, letting her lovely breasts fall just slightly as my hands cupped them.

"Oh, Cheryl. Your boobs are so pretty, just beautiful. Can I kiss them?"

She didn't answer, she just leaned back a little better exposing herself to my lips as I bent down and drew her small, pink nipple into my mouth and sucked as it rose in my mouth.

"Adam, oh, that is wonderful," she moaned as she rubbed harder across my pants.

"Can you take it out, out of your pants?"

What every boy dearly, usually, vainly, hopes to hear. I quickly had my hard cock out of my pants and into her hand as she began rubbing it up and down. My heart was pounding as all my blood drained to my crotch.

"Is this how I should do it, Adam? Like this?" she asked as she jerked me up and down. I didn't want to take my lips from her nipple but I did quickly say, "Yeah, oh, yeah, that feels great. Awesome," and went back to sucking her beautiful boobs.

As she rubbed me up and down, she said, "I could just never sleep with this next to me, oh, I love this," and soon, I moaned as my cum began spurting up out onto the grass.

"Oh, wow, it goes a long way. Really shoots. Neat. That is so cool. Dicks are fun."

Mine sure was fun, I thought.

"That was really good, Cheryl, really good," and I kissed her hard as she continued to grip my happy dick.

"It feels good when it all comes flying out like that, right?"

"Oh, yeah, really good. I can still feel it. When I do it, well, you know, to myself, it feels good but then right after it fades away pretty fast. I still feel great, Cheryl, you really did it good."

We both knew it was getting late and that we needed to make an appearance before anyone suspected anything. As we were untangling from each other, she bent over and kissed the tip of my dick softly, then licked across it before I, sadly, put it away.

The next morning, they all packed up and we waved goodbye as they drove away. My cock stayed hard most of the day fueled on the memories from the evening before, but, like all memories, they did tend to fade.

In fact, it was four years before I saw my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Don and their two girls again. I had gotten my hands on a few pair of boobs since Cheryl but not much else.

Chapter 2

My mom had to go in for some surgery and my parents decided that it would be easier if I went to stay with my aunt and uncle for a month. Even though I did worry about Mom's operation, I was rather excited about being reintroduced to viewing my Aunt's generous bosom and my older cousin's lovely soft breasts. I did hope she didn't have a steady boyfriend who was attending to Cheryl's breasts as I dearly wanted to take right back up where we had so painfully left off. Oh, and I bet they're even bigger now.

I rode the bus with a hard-on the whole way and was greeted at the station by my uncle and my two cousins as it seemed that Aunt Lisa had her left foot in a cast from a spill she had taken a few days before. Driving home, Cheryl and I were in the back seat and we kept our hands mostly to ourselves as her dad did have the rear view mirror. But, Cheryl did take my hand and move it over to her bare thigh, giving me, not only a hard-on but the idea that Cheryl also wanted to continue where we left off.

If anything, Cheryl was prettier and, yes, bustier, she was a clone of her mother. But, the surprise was Carol. She, now twelve, was just where her sister was four years earlier, small, compact but a nice set of boobs on their way to being real guy-pleasers.

I gave Aunt Lisa a hug when I came in, pressing those big boobs up against me, oh, I could hardly walk. Then, the girls took me upstairs to what was to be my room, their parents' master bedroom was on the first floor, luckily so that Aunt Lisa didn't have to maneuver a flight of stairs. My room was the one Carol generally had, for my stay, they were bunking in together. We got my stuff unpacked, including the box of condoms which I had bought and concealed in some teeshirts I had wrapped around the box, then they had me down to their room.

As soon as we were in their room, Cheryl peeled off her top and slipped out of her jeans as her sister looked on, in some amazement.

"Oh, it's okay for Adam to see us in our underwear, he's our cousin, after all," and in a few minutes, Carol, likewise as down to bra and panties and I had a hard-on like I'd never even dreamed of before. Oh, and I'm here a month.

Not really much happened, the two girls seemed comfortable around me in their underwear and I was taking in every second of their near nakedness.

After dinner and some television, I was in my room reading when my two pretty cousins came to visit. Both were wearing skimpy baby-doll pajamas which were thin enough that I could see their nipples underneath. I was laying in bed, the sheet over me, just up over my waist, barechested, my book tented over my expanding dick.

Both girls were in a playful mood and Cheryl, said, lifting the sheet just enough to see that my hip was devoid of covering, "Oh, look, Carol, Adam's naked underneath" and she jumped on the bed and whipped the sheet away, sending my book flying and my dick springing to new heights.

"Omigod, look, he's all hard. His penis, it's hard," Cheryl said. "Oh, it sticks right up, it's not small and little," Carol added.

They both were ogling my stiffness as Cheryl asked, "Can we touch it, you know, play with it?"

Well, we both knew that she already had four years earlier but now there were two of them and I was more than ready.

I lay back and said, trying to remain calm, "Sure, girls, it's all yours. Have fun."

Who was I kidding, my heart was almost leaping out of my chest when Cheryl's fingers curled around it and began moving up and down. Then, she looked at her younger sister and let go, saying, "Here, you try it, it's fun," and Carol's small hand slowly reached out and, as I watched, her five fingers circled me and she began pulling up and down.

Both these girls, my cousins, were sexy girls, I knew I wouldn't last long with Carol masturbating me.

She looked at me and asked, "This makes your cum spray out, right? All over the place?"

"Just keep doing that and it will. And, how come I'm naked and you two aren't?" I posed, expecting them to giggle and little more. But, no, both girls pulled their tops off and pulled down their panties as Carol resumed her handwork on my erection.

"This is fun. I've heard about boys squirting, I wanna see it. So, come on, Adam, let's see it," and she was going faster and faster.

Two pretty girls, completely naked, naked! Four boobs, two pussies. And look at Cheryl's pussy with blond curly hair around it and Carol's with just a little covering, more like wisps of thin fuzz, also blond. Their legs coming together into such pretty slits, oh, was I hard.

My older cousin was kissing me, her tongue swirling in my mouth as her younger sister continued masturbating me. Oh, it was feeling good, really, really good. I was close.

Then, Cheryl raised up and put a nipple to my lips which I began to suck. That was it, that put me over the top. My whole body went rigid as I was swept up in the most wonderful feelings. Then, the flood of ecstasy as my cock began erupting all over Carol as she giggled. Cheryl had raised up to watch the show being put on by my fountaining cock.

"Wow, oh, look, Cheryl, omigod, it goes like a cannon, really shoots out."

She was holding my dick still as a few more drops came up out of it.

"What's it taste like?" she asked as she bent over and licked off the tip of my dick, sending a shiver through me.

"Hmm, a little salty, maybe, not much else."

Cheryl now took hold of my cock, bent over and started sucking it. Oh, my heart jumped on the first suck, this felt so good. She sucked me a minute more, then, raised up and said, "I'm on the pill now so we can fuck. I am so horny, so turned-on. My pussy is so wet, here, feel," and she lifted a knee and brought my hand underneath her. She was wet, she was very wet and slippery as I began rubbing my palm and fingers back and forth in all her wetness.

"I did bring some condoms, Cheryl. I didn't know if we might need them, but I guess not, huh?"

She bent over me and kissed me hard, jamming her tongue inside my mouth and fucking me in and out with it.

"No, we won't need them, Adam, and I want you to fuck me right now, I am so horny."

I leaned close to her ear and whispered, "What about Carol?"

"You want to fuck her, too?" she asked as Carol's head spun when she heard that.

"No, I mean, yeah, sure, but, no, what I meant was, do you want to do it with your sister in the room with us?"

"Carol, do you want to watch us fuck?" she asked her sister, much to my amazement.

Carol nodded and Cheryl laid down and spread her legs open.

"I'm ready when you are, Adam," and I got up between her knees, looking at the pretty pussy splayed open for me and pressed against her wet slit.

"Go ahead, Adam, it shouldn't hurt. I've used a friend's big dildo a number of times and I can't have much of a cherry left," so I began pressing into her as her little sister watched in fascination.

I was also watching in fascination as I saw my cock slowly work its way inside its first pussy. Why I didn't cum right then, I don't know. Well, I do know, probably because I was just jacked-off minutes before.

I started fucking back and forth, reveling in the mountain of luck that had befallen me, not one horny and sexy cousin, but two. And I'm fucking one of them right now.

"Oh, Adam, oh, it's better than I thought it would be, oh, just wonderful. Carol, just wait until he does you, you'll see."

Carol, she said, I'm gonna fuck her little sister, too? Me? Both of them? Cheryl and Carol, both? Am I in heaven or what?

Speaking of Carol, she's kneeling right next to us, her hand rubbing along my back as I fuck her sister below me. Wow, how did this ever happen to me?

"How do we look, Carol, pretty hot?" her sister asked.

"Oh, you just don't know. You two are so sexy, so hot, I love watching Adam's dick going in and out of you," she said as she rubbed my back with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other.

"Adam, you are making my pussy feel so good, keep rubbing my boobs like that, it really feels good."

"Oh, it feels good to me, too, I mean, really good."

I was taking long strokes in and out of her, my cock almost coming all the way out, then reversing, going deep inside and pressing hard into her at the bottom. She really seemed to like it when I pushed hard because she would twist her hips back and forth making it feel even better.

Well, fucking was everything I'd heard from my friends who had done it. They all said it was the best thing in life and, oh, are they right. I could just do this forever. And, it was looking like I was going to fuck my twelve-year old cousin next. Next! Both girls. I'm the luckiest guy that ever lived. And I'm going to be here a month.

"Mmm, oh, Adam, I'm feeling really good, this is making me feel sooo good."

"Me, too, Cheryl, I'm gonna cum pretty soon, I can feel it."

"Yeah, it's so good, better than anything."

Every stroke was heaven. Once in a while I would look over at Carol who had two fingers in her pussy rubbing in and out. Oh, I couldn't believe she wanted me, too.

"Mmm, oh, Adam, oh, it's feeling really, really good, oh, yes, wonderful. I think I'm ... OOH, OOH, OOH, OOH, oh, oh, oh, yes, oh, Adam, oh, oh, mmm."

I've just given my first orgasm. The first one ever. Wow, she really got off. I knew I was close, oh, it just felt so good. Then, it happened.

"Oh, here ... UUHN, UUHN, UUHN, UUHN, uh, uh, oh, oh, Cheryl that feels so wonderful, oh, so good, I never knew it could be this good."

She pulled me down to her and kissed my face all over.

"Oh, Adam, that was perfect. I've been wanting this, I hope you have, too."

"It's all I've been thinking about since I knew I was coming here. Doing this, with you."

We held each other, kissing, enjoying our sense of oneness, just happy in each other's arms.

I moved to the side of Cheryl, holding her, as I felt her little sister get behind me, her arms around me, one of her small hands taking hold of my cock as she kissed my back. Oh, my. I had cummed twice in the last hour or so, my cock was feeling good as it began to revive in Carol's hand as she petted and rubbed.

We all lay there for quite some time. I would turn over to face Carol for a while, then back over toward Cheryl. I never lacked for having a soft hand on my sticky, hardening cock which was coming back to life, one of the few advantages of being sixteen.

"Adam, I want you to do it to me now. I want you to fuck me like you did Cheryl. You will, won't you? Please, please? I want you so bad."

I turned to her and kissed her, our tongues caressing each other in our mouths as she pulled back and forth on my dick. I was ready.

"You'll need a condom for Carol, here, I'll get you one," Cheryl offered.

I got up between her legs, kneeling there as Cheryl unwrapped a condom and rolled it on my hard cock. I bent down between Carol's thighs and gave her pussy several licks, even though she was quite wet already, then pressed up against her taking care because she was young and her pussy was small.

She spread wider as I pushed, not too hard, but nothing happened. I pushed again, then one more time.

"It won't go in, Carol."

"Damn, okay, try again," she said as she pulled her pussy lips apart.

I pushed one more time and, there, it did go in; not far, but, at least, in.

"I can feel it, Adam, you got inside me, go ahead, push in some more," and I felt my dick go in about halfway.

"Oh, Adam, you really feel big, I mean, really big. Just stay there a minute, whew, it's bigger than I'd expected, I just thought you'd go right in. Um, okay, try some more."

I did and slid right in all the way inside her. Then, I pulled back, then in again, back and forth, back and forth.

"Oh, oh, yes, that's ... oh, it's even better than I hoped. Oh, Cheryl, it's just wonderful. Adam, oh, Adam, just keep doing it, oh, I want more, this is wonderful, just wonderful. Oh, it feels so good."

Wow, both cousins. I bought the box of condoms hoping I'd get to use one or two on Cheryl. Turns out she's on the pill, so we can fuck safely, while now I'm using the condoms with Carol, who, at twelve, I really never thought I'd be screwing. How things change, oh, yeah.

I knew that it would be difficult for my sex with Carol to be as good as with her older sister but it was close. Oh, both of them are wonders. And Carol's little pussy was so tight, she gripped my dick so firmly, oh, it felt so, so good.

"Oh, Adam, oh, go faster, oh, yes, faster, mmm, yes, like that, omigod, it feels good, oh, I'm just on fire. Oh, this is the best I've ever felt in my whole life. Oh, Adam, don't stop, don't ever stop."

Cheryl certainly did enjoy our fucking, she did get into it but, wow, her younger sis, Carol, was going crazy, she just ate it up, wiggling, writhing, thrusting under me.

Then she started moaning, over and over, humping up at me.

"Adam, Adam, I'm cumming, oh, fuck me, don't stop, oh, so good, it feels ... oh, oh, just ... OOH, OOH, OOOOH, OOOOH, OOOOH, uuuh, uuh, uuh, oh, Adam, oh, just keep going, just, oh, it feels so good."

Wow, she really went wild. I just hope no one heard her. That's all we need if for her father to come rushing in here, me in bed with both his daughters, all of us naked. But, I soon forgot about her father and focussed back on the two naked girls I was in bed with. Especially on the smaller one whose pussy I just about ready to cum into, well shielded by a condom.

And, yes, I was just about ready, it felt so, so good. Cheryl was sitting with her back against the wall watching me fuck her little sister as she slowly rubbed a finger or two in and out. Then, it rose up from within me.

"UUHN, UUHN, UUHN, uuh, uuh, ooh, oh, oh, Carol, that was so good, really good."

"Oh, Adam, you took our cherries, both of us, Carol and me," claimed Cheryl.

"Well, mine, too, girls. It was a first for each of us."

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