Bathing With Cherie

by JetBoy

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Incest Sex Story: A woman's bath gets interrupted in a very surprising and enjoyable way by her teenage daughter...

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Lesbian   Incest   Mother   Daughter   .

I was luxuriating in a steamy bath, my eyes half-closed as I savored that wonderful, sensuous feeling of complete relaxation. This was the very best time of the day, when I could shut the world away and let my thoughts drift. After awhile I allowed a hand to casually slip between my thighs, seeking out the tingling center of my cunt.

The tub was carved from a large blue-white block of Carrera marble, shaped into a broad oval bowl that was now filled with hot water, made fragrant with peppermint bath oil. The water spigot is done in silver, cast in the shape of a ram's head. The niche of the room in which the tub was set is studded with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which reflected the image of my sixteen-year-old daughter Cherie as she casually strolled into the room.

"Cherie," I chided her gently, taking my hand from between my legs. "I have told you time and again to please, please knock before you enter my bathroom." She was wearing blue shorts and white t-shirt, and the fact that she had gone without a bra was obvious from the way her nipples stood out against the thin fabric.

"Sorry Mom ... guess I forgot again. You're not fooling anyone, by the way," she added, grinning broadly. "I saw what you were doing when I came in." Her eyes danced with amusement.

"Oh? And just what do you think you saw?" I asked, feeling my face flush with embarrassment. "I'm simply taking a bath, that's all."

"Come on, Mom! You were playing with yourself." Giggling now, she sat down on the edge of the tub beside me, openly gazing down at my naked body. "Geez ... it's no big deal, you know? I do it all the time." She paused for a moment, then jumped to her feet. "Hey, I've got an idea ... can I take a bath with you?"

"Wh-what?" As my mind raced to process my daughter's request, Cherie quickly took off her t-shirt, freeing her breasts. As she slid her jeans off and skimmed a pair of black panties down her shapely legs, my eyes were drawn to the dark tuft of her pubes. It struck me that I hadn't seen my daughter nude in at least five years, back when she had been a gawky adolescent of twelve.

Those days are certainly over, I reflected, awed by the sight of the lovely creature she had matured into.

Cherie nimbly lowered her naked body into the tub to sit facing me, then slowly leaned back, a blissful expression on her face. "Ummm ... this feels nice," she sighed.

The tub was so large that the two of us could sit quite comfortably ... and even though I was still a bit astonished at my daughter's boldness, I was finding it a bit titillating as well. I was puzzled at first by the slight arousal I felt, a ripple of heat that wasn't from the bathwater flickering through my loins as Cherie made herself comfortable, her legs sliding against mine...

Then I shrugged to myself, dismissing these bizarre thoughts. After all, she was my daughter, and what was so terribly wrong about the two of us taking a bath together? Think of it as a bonding experience, I told myself. Reassured, I lay my head back and closed my eyes.

"Mom... ?" My eyes drifted open, and I gazed at Cherie questioningly. She had raised herself up slightly, her rosy nipples barely above the water. "Do you think you could wash my back? I'd really like that."

"Sure," I smiled lazily. "Here, turn around and slide a little closer."

Cherie wriggled herself around and pushed herself back until she sat between my spread legs. I picked up the bar of citrus-scented soap, coated my hands with lather, and began to wash my daughter's back. Shoulders and neck first, then my hands slid down her warm body. Cherie's skin was so soft and slippery that I started to feel a little aroused again, in spite of myself. As my hands moved down her sides she leaned back slightly, causing the tips of my fingers to brush the sides of her breasts. Was it my imagination, or did I feel her shiver slightly?

I scooped up water in my hands to pour down her back, rinsing the soap from her body. There was something so sweet, so sensual about what I was doing ... Cherie's back and shoulders were truly lovely, and I could see enough of her underneath the warm water to appreciate what a sexy ass she had. I was feeling a little flushed, deciding then and there that I would have to finish masturbating in my bedroom later.

"All done," I said, giving my daughter a small pat on the back.

"Thanks, Mom..." she sighed, "that was great." Cherie then surprised me once again — instead of turning around and moving back to the other end of the tub, she slid toward me, slipping in between my legs, allowing her body to rest against mine. She lay her head upon my shoulder, then sighed contentedly.

I was struck speechless ... but the feel of my daughter's soft, naked body was incredible. The mild arousal I had felt a moment ago was suddenly much stronger, and I prayed that she couldn't detect my nipples growing taut against her skin. Her ass was pressing lightly against my vulva, and it couldn't help but feel good.

I'd never actually had any kind of sexual involvement with a woman before, but sitting there naked with Cherie was taking my mind to some very new and intriguing places. It was wrong, I knew, to experience these kind of feelings with your own daughter, and I knew that I should get out of the tub right then ... but it just felt too nice to leave. Instead, I told myself that this was a totally innocent feeling — that I was just happy at the chance to be intimate with my baby girl in a nice, affectionate way.

My heart swelled with love for my daughter, and I wrapped my arms around her tummy. "I love you, sweetheart," I whispered in her ear.

I felt her tremble slightly against me. "I love you too, Mom," she sighed, turning her head to kiss my cheek. "You're so sweet..." Her lips brushed the side of my face. "And so beautiful..." Twisting her body sideways, she placed another gentle kiss on my neck. "And so ... so desirable."

I was tingling all over from Cherie's attention, my heart throbbing wildly ... and that was when I felt her hand touch my leg, just above the knee.

It was only a few seconds later that her fingertips began to dance lightly up the inner side of my thigh. Encountering a complete lack of resistance from me, she let her hand glide higher still, slowly sliding upward until her fingers were resting on my pussy ... her warm tongue emerging to lick her way around my ear.

It was only then that I summoned up the will to lift my head, my eyes fluttering open to stare at her.

"Cherie... ? W-what are you doing?"

"I'm showing you how much I really love you, Mom," she whispered. Her hungry gaze held me in thrall as she began to lightly stroke my vulva with gentle fingertips — and I suddenly knew that my seventeen-year-old daughter was not a novice at touching a woman like this.

I was frozen, torn between the wonderful feel of her caresses, the realization that we were committing a truly forbidden act, and this strange new desire that left me dizzy and frantic with need. I knew that I had to tell her to stop this insanity, to take her hand away from between my legs this very instant ... but why wouldn't the words come?

Cherie then rose up enough to straddle my lap, her fingers now pressing firmly against my womanly center. I could clearly see the lust that smoldered in my daughter's eyes as she leaned forward to kiss me.

Her lips softly slid against mine ... and suddenly something broke within me, banishing my will to resist this insane thing.

I found myself returning my baby's kiss, sucking her tongue into my mouth as she plunged a finger deep into my vagina. I gasped into our kiss, rocking my pelvis to the movement of her hand as she fucked me, my tongue flashing to life to mingle with hers.

Right and wrong had lost all meaning. I was riding a wave of pure, naked abandon where anything and everything was possible, my body aflame with an unimaginable lust ... so much so that I actually uttered a small mew of disappointment when Cherie broke our kiss, removing her fingers from between my legs.

Cherie climbed out of the tub and stood there dripping, extending a hand towards me. Her voice was thick with lust. "Let's go to my room, Mom. I want to make love to you."

Hearing these words coming from my daughter's mouth thrilled me to the core. I gazed dreamily into her eyes, heart throbbing as I took her hand. I let her help me out of the tub, then followed her as she tugged me towards her room, bath water dripping from our bodies and onto the carpeted floor.

Pushing me back onto the bed, Cherie lowered herself full length on top of me, and we melted into a passionate embrace, her tongue spearing into my mouth as she kissed me like a lover.

My hands began to eagerly explore Cherie's bare body, sliding down to cup her ass for a brief moment before she began squirming herself downward. She paused to kiss and suck at my nipples for a tantalizing moment, then trailed her tongue down to my belly and beyond ... until she lay between my thighs, her breath caressing the wet heat of me. I instinctively hooked my legs over my daughter's shoulders as her tongue brushed the swollen lips of my vulva ... then she began to lick me with a passion I had never experienced from any man, burying her mouth in my pubic triangle.

I gasped aloud as her lips captured my clitoris, sucking it for a brief but tantalizing instant before she licked her way back down to my vaginal opening. As Cherie's tongue twirled knowingly into the creamy tunnel, I ground myself against her face, high as a soaring kite on the pleasure she was giving me. It was a pleasure that I suddenly knew I wanted to return to her. Desperately.

"Cherie... baby... I want — I want to..."

She knew what I craved. Her mouth never once losing contact with my sex, she reversed herself about so that we were head to toe, her legs framing my head. My nostrils flared with pleasure at the pungent, musky smell of her ... then for the first time in my life, I was sampling the intoxicating flavor of another woman's pussy. I placed my hands on her ass, fondling her buttocks as I drank of Cherie's essence, going down on my daughter and loving it.

My tongue instinctively found Cherie's clitoris ... and our moans of pleasure combined to form a single chorus of passion as we made love, finally exploding together in a mutual orgasm that left us gasping for air. I lay in a daze as my daughter raised herself from me, twisting around to crawl into my arms.

The two of us lay side by side on the bed, my arm around Cherie, her head nestled on my shoulder. I found it odd — and strangely unsettling — that I was feeling no remorse about what had just happened. Instead, all I knew was a warm, glowing sense of release. I had just experienced the most incredible sex of my entire life. And I knew, deep down inside, that I couldn't give this up — that my daughter and I would share our bodies again ... and again!

"God, Mom..." she whispered, "I've needed that for so long. I love you..." Her lips brushed the hollow of my throat, sending shivers up my spine.

"Mmmmmm..." I sighed, "I love you too, baby. I can't believe we just did this ... but I'm glad it happened." Then I turned to study her, suddenly curious. "So, honey ... how long have you wanted to -- to be with me this way?"

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