Hermione's Deal

by Mike S

Copyright┬ę 2010 by Mike S

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Hermione strikes a deal with Hagrid over Norbert

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Magic   Furry   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   .


Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me. Harry Potter and all the associated characters named in the story are the property of J. K. Rowling and her publishers and have been used without permission. As fan fiction, no money has been charged, or may be charged, for publication of this work.

Hermione Granger had snuck out of the castle that was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because Hagrid, the half-giant game keeper, had finally agreed to show her what she had wanted to see since she had learned he was part giant, his cock. She was, by her own private admission although she'd not admit it, a slut. Since her first year here, 5 years ago, she had given her virginity to Harry Potter on the advice of the Patil twins, and became a regular fuck buddy to Harry, Ron Weasley, and his sister Ginny. Those were the ones she voluntarily engaged in sex with. She had fantasies that she masturbated to of having the Patil twins, Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood. Over those same 5 years she had been raped by Draco Malfoy on a number of occasions and once, in their 1st year when he had finished, he had turned Hagrid's pet boarhound Fang loose to fuck her. Hermione realized Fang had followed his instincts and smelling sex in the air had become aroused and since she was the source of the smell he had fucked her. Unknown to Malfoy she had enjoyed that and on several other occasions while watching Fang while Hagrid was away she had enjoyed that large cock again. She realized Hagrid must have a large one if he was a half giant and had asked to see it. Hagrid had acted embarrassed and mumbled something in his full, bushy beard. When she had reached for his groin area his shout of "NO!" rattled the windows. Now suddenly, he was willing to show it to her. She realized there had to be a catch but was willing to do anything to see, and attempt to have, that cock.

In the game keeper's hut Hagrid was nervously pacing. What had he done? What would Dumbledore, the Headmaster, say? He had gone on a summer trip to Romania to see Ron's older brother Charley, who worked with dragons there. Five years before he had obtained a dragon's egg and hatched a male Hungarian Horntail which he named Norbert, but when Professor Dumbledore had learned of it, he had sent it to Charley Weasley. Hagrid had seen Norbert in Romania and Norbert had seemed to recognize him as he wasn't bathed in flame or clubbed by the spiked tail. When his visit ended he had left but then snuck back after dark, calmed Norbert, climbed on his back and flown him back to England and hidden him in the Forbidden Forest. Unfortunately he hadn't considered the dragon would have no sexual release and Norbert was getting restless. Hagrid had brought him a Hippogriff from the herd, but Norbert wasn't interested. The he remembered Hermione's request to see his cock and, unknown to Hermione, he knew she had fucked Fang on a number of occasions. Maybe, if he would show her his cock, she'd relieve Norbert's swollen balls. He'd show her what she wanted to see if she would give Norbert a hand job or, knowing she loved large cock, he'd let her ride his if she gave Norbert a blowjob. He had the plan but he was nervous she might refuse and turn Norbert in. She had not been fond of Norbert as a baby, what would she think of him now? Would she be enticed by the large cock or turn him in to the Headmaster? Then, could Dumbledore protect him, as he had many times in the past, from the Ministry of Magic? They'd be angry he had brought a dragon to England and Dumbledore, having sent Norbert to Romania himself, might not stand up for him. So he wanted Hermione to give Norbert some sexual relief to calm him down and then he would return him to Romania before he was discovered. At the appointed time there was a knock on the door and Hagrid opened it after extinguishing his lights. After Hermione entered he relit a candle and looked at the 16 year old.

"Well, I suppose you want something in return for seeing your cock," she said to let him know she was willing to trade. "Would you like me to strip from my waist up or totally nude for you?"

"Oh no, nothing like that," he said as he held up his hand. He proceeded to tell her the situation and what he would like her to do for Norbert.

"Let's see if I have this straight, you brought that dragon back after Dumbledore sent him away and now if I give Norbert a hand job I get to see your cock. If I give him oral sex, I can ride as much of your cock as I can handle, is that right?" she asked. When Hagrid nodded and looked down at her to see her reaction to the request, she smiled at him. "What if I swallow?" Hagrid looked dumbfounded, he hadn't considered that.

"I don't know, would you?" he asked.

"Of course, if I suck his cock I'll swallow what results from my action. I'll suck Norbert off and swallow his cum but what do I get in return?"

"What would you like?" Hagrid asked. Hermione didn't hesitate or pause to think.

"I want to ride your cock as you offered and I want Fang up my ass simultaneously. If Norbert's cock is close enough, I'll suck it again at the same time. I checked my sex spell book after you asked me here and I found a spell for my throat and pussy that will allow them to accept the biggest cock. I figured you to have 13 to 15 inches and I wanted to take it all and give you the best fuck you've ever had so I can get it again. When Harry was in the Tri-Wizard Tournament I thought of the cock that Hungarian Horntail he fought could take. I'd guess male Horntails would be maybe two foot when hard. With this spell I can take that entire length down my throat and into my stomach, maybe. He'd cum in my stomach, no swallowing required. But I want to taste it so I'll withdraw and only have his head in my mouth when he starts to cum. You can watch me taste and swallow it. I'll then take every inch of cock you can shove in me and all of Fang in my ass. That's one payment, but I want a second. When are you going to return Norbert to Romania?" she asked.

Probably tomorrow or the next night, why?" Hagrid asked suspiciously. His mind was in meltdown at the thought she'd swallow Norbert's cum and was unable to figure out what else she wanted.

"Norbert cannot return to Romania until you design a belly sling saddle for me. Before you leave you'll help me into this after I've sucked Norbert hard. Then you'll feed his cock into me and I'll keep him relaxed on the trip by fucking his brains out. If, as I suspect, I'm the best piece of ass you've ever had, it's available to you and Fang when wanted or needed afterward. Do we have a deal?" she asked as she looked up at him.

Hagrid considered the offer. If Hermione, the brightest witch in the school in hundreds of years, said she could put a spell on her body parts and then take Fang's entire cock, his larger cock, and Norbert's huge cock, all the way to the balls, she'd not only know how to do it, it would work.

"I have a condition," he said.

"What's that?" Hermione asked.

"I'll agree to your stipulations, but instead of a second blow job, when Fang and I are done, you get under Norbert and prove you can take his entire cock. If you can do that, I'll fashion the saddle and you can keep Norbert satisfied and relaxed on the trip. I'll rip up a tree, you strip it to a large log and then bewitch it so it will fly, and you can ride back to England with my cock imbedded in you, keeping us both relaxed," Hagrid responded. Hermione's cunt twitched violently and she almost orgasmed then at the thought of the large cocks she was going to enjoy over the next few days.

"I agree," she said, "Now let's get into the Forbidden Forest and have some fun." She went to the door and after Hagrid had blown the candle out, she opened it and slipped into the dark forest and stopped as she waited for Hagrid. A minute later he had joined her with Fang and a lantern.

"I want light so I can watch that cock slide down your throat and up your cunt," he said, explaining the lantern's presence. "I told Dumbledore at supper that I needed to check the forest tonight so there will be no wondering why I'm going in." Fang smelled cunt in heat in the air and his cock began to slide from its sheath as he sniffed for the location. Hermione was following Hagrid through the forest and could feel her juices flowing down her legs. She had her school uniform with the short skirt on but had left her panties in her room in the dorm. She wanted nothing in the way of getting Hagrid's cock in her and the knowledge of all the cocks she was going to get had her juices flowing constantly. Suddenly Fang thrust his muzzle under her skirt from behind. He took a sniff of the pussy in heat and took a large lick up her leg, gathering juices on his tongue.

"No Fang, stop!" Hermione said as she tried to push the large dog away and tried to retain her balance. She was knocked off her feet and fell to the ground as Fang took a second lap, this time hitting her clitoris and running all up her cunt and over the rosebud entrance to her anus. Hagrid heard her fall and came back to pull Fang away from Hermione's honey pot. His tongue was shoved up her cunt and was attempting to clean up the juices in there. However, his licks, while gathering juices, was causing even more to flow.

Hagrid jerked Fang back and used his belt as a makeshift leash. Normally Fang was allowed to run free but tonight was different, tonight he wanted to see Hermione suck off and fuck the dragon and Fang was slowing them down with his impatience to get to Hermione's cunt.

After a 20 minute walk Hermione could see flashes of fire, apparently something was bothering Norbert and he was attempting to fry it. When they arrived in the clearing where Hagrid was keeping the dragon there were several unidentifiable burnt carcasses on the ground and Hermione wondered if Centaurs or Hippogriffs had bothered Norbert. He had fried them so much with his fire breath you couldn't tell. Suddenly he noticed the others coming into his clearing and turned a wary eye on them.

"Now Norbert, be a good boy" Hagrid said as he advanced on the dragon. Norbert lowered his head and allowed Hagrid to stroke it. "Hermione, come here" he said as he calmed his former pet. Hermione inched her way forward. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. She reached Hagrid's side and he told her to stroke Norbert's chest between his front legs and then just continue stroking him as she worked her way back along his stomach until she reached his cock. Hermione started to rub Norbert's chest and knelt down to start under him. Her gaze was drawn to the sheathed cock that was her destination and she licked her lips at its size as Norbert released a satisfied sounding grunt and emitted smoke from his nostrils. She stared transfixed as the further she got down his belly, rubbing him constantly with both hands, the more cock crept out of the sheath. Halfway to her goal, her mouth constantly watering and drool running from the corner of her mouth at the thought of that cock, there was at least a foot exposed.

"How are you doing Hermione?" Hagrid asked as he continued to stroke Norbert's snout.

"I'm about halfway there and his cock is now over a foot long and still not fully erect. By Merlin's beard Hagrid, I can't wait to get that in my mouth and then down my throat," she replied, never taking her eyes from the now eighteen inch monster. Hagrid smiled to himself as he thought he was soothing Norbert and allowing Hermione to get into position. Unknown to him, Hermione was the one relaxing Norbert; if she hadn't been there Hagrid might have been Norbert's dinner. That girl he had smelled and her touch on his body was soothing the beast. As the girl progressed down his body, Norbert was hoping his aching cock and balls were her destination. He could smell bitch in heat and hoped she wanted to mate with him. He hadn't gotten any release since Hagrid had returned him to Hogwarts and he missed the female dragons in Romania and his nightly bitch. After thirty days here he felt as if there were gallons of cum swelling his balls and aching for release.

Hermione realized Norbert was finally erect and guessed that there was twenty three to twenty six inches of cock waiting for her and in a minute she'd be there to get it. Hagrid had stopped rubbing Norbert's snout as he realized the dragon was content and Hagrid wanted to get into position to see Hermione's lips s open to accept and then engulf that cock. His own thirteen inch cock was fully hard as he removed his clothes and sat on the ground to watch the first of the three shows Hermione had agreed to perform tonight. Fang padded by him, the scent of bitch in heat making the coward forget for the moment that there was a dragon towering over that bitch. Hagrid saw that Fang was going to go to Hermione and grabbed the end of the belt as it went by him. He forced Fang to sit beside him as they watched the young witch begin to work on the dragon.

Hermione knew that cardboard toilet paper diameter cock would not fit in her mouth but decided to wait on pronouncing the spell that would expand her mouth and throat and instead licked the tip of her tongue up the slit in the head of it. Her tongue penetrated the head and pre cum rolled onto her tongue. Hermione sucked her tongue full of pre cum into her mouth and swirled it around as she savored the slightly sweet fluid. In her cum drinking experience the real cum was better than the pre cum and that meant Norbert's cum would be sweet, like a liquid candy. Hagrid had seen her tongue on the cock and watched her swirl the fluid in her mouth. He couldn't resist grabbing his cock and begin to stroke it as he watched her swallow what she had, open her mouth and begin licking the cock head in earnest.

"Merlin's beard! She's really going to give Norbert a blowjob," he thought as he watched her pull out her wand. Hermione touched the tip to the juncture of her jaw and throat.

"Expando!" she cried and could feel her airway open up further. She opened her mouth and slid her lips past the head of the cock. There she hesitated as her tongue swirled all over the massive head and she sucked on it. Although the pre cum, now in constant trickle down her throat was sweet, the cock itself had a gamey taste to it. Hermione, who had eaten rabbit and pheasant with her muggle parents associated this taste with those other animals taste, therefore it was not unpleasant at all but rather enjoyable. She slid another few inches of cock into her mouth until she felt it at the entrance to her throat. She took a deep breath through her nose and started feeding the monster cock into her expanded throat.

To Norbert, the feel of Hermione's throat was like velvet, like the feel of dragon pussy and he humped forward. He had been gentle with the thrust and only had eighteen inches of cock imbedded in the young witch. Hermione, realizing he was going to fuck her throat, braced herself to withstand the onslaught without being moved or thrown around. Norbert pulled back a little and thrust again, burying the entire twenty six inches of meat down her throat and into her stomach. Hermione felt the cum bloated balls slap onto her chin and since Norbert seemed to be relaxing and enjoying the feeling of his fully buried cock, she stuck her tongue out and licked at the balls. Norbert pulled back, removing all the cock except the head from her throat and then thrust again. He then began a steady in and out, fucking Hermione's throat and preparing to fill her belly with dragon cum. Hermione kept her tongue extended as she allowed the cock to slide over it and get a few ball licks in while they were in range.

Hagrid continued to hold Fang at his side, but had to release his own cock and use both hands to control the large animal. Fang, driven lust crazy by Hermione's juices flowing like a river from her pussy, wanted at the bitch. His eleven inch cock throbbed in physical pain as he strained to get free and relieve that pain by sinking his cock into the bitch he smelled. Hagrid watched in fascination as the dragon fucked Hermione's face and knew the time had come as Norbert looked at the moon and a twenty foot tower of flame shot from his open mouth. He stopped his thrusting and with his cock in Hermione's belly began to unload his balls. Hermione took the opportunity to bathe his balls as much as her tongue could as she felt herself filling up. Hagrid, looking at her belly, saw it begin to swell as if she were pregnant and beginning to show.

Hermione started to back away from the dragon and as enough cock was exposed, grabbed it with one hand and began stroking it as her other hand played with his balls, gently squeezing them as she milked them. Finally, with only the head still in her mouth, she allowed a burst into her mouth, swallowed and pulled off the head, taking the next burst into her open mouth and filling it. She then closed her mouth and the next thick, flour paste looking glob impacted in the center of her face and exploded. It covered her entire face; chin to hairline and ear to ear. A second and third gob ended Norbert's supply but pasted a second and third coat of cum on her face and most of her hair. Hagrid plainly saw her swallow the mouth load she had held and then lick Norbert's head clean. As the cock finally softened and retreated into the sheath, a cum soaked Hermione crawled out from under the dragon. Once clear of Norbert she began shoving the cum from her face into her mouth. Her belly looked like she was about six months pregnant. When she had eaten all the cum she could get, she removed her wand again.

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