Pool Pickup

by Sweet Willy

Copyright© 2010 by Sweet Willy

Sex Story: A morning of swiming leads to a hot sexual encounter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   .

I was hanging out at the pool of my apartment complex one morning. Not doing anything fun, just sitting there at one of tables with the umbrella up reading a book. I had the whole pool to myself as everyone else was either at work, on vacation, or something else. Actually, the pool isn't used much as it is but was especially quiet this morning which suited me just fine. I had been reading and enjoying the quiet for a while, when I heard the gate to the pool area open. Looking up I saw a girl who I knew lived in the same building as me, walk in. She was short, probably around 5'5, chunky, not what I would call fat, though she did have a bit of a belly, just some meat on her bones. Long dark blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail, and nice skin complexion. I couldn't see her eyes as she was wearing sunglasses and an oversize t-shirt and a pair of shorts. But what caught my attention and plainly visible even through the overs-size shirt were a pair large, full breasts that bounced nicely as she walked in. They had to be around a 38C or even D cup in size. I had been looking at her through my own sunglasses but had kept my head down as to not appear to be staring. From where I had been sitting, she appeared to have a nicely shaped ass. As I said before, I knew she lived in my building but that was the extent of it. My pool companion, spread out her towel on a lounge chair and arranged her belongings on the little side table. I was still watching her to see what her body did look like under her clothes and didn't have long to wait when with her back towards me, she wiggles out of her shorts and yes she did have a nice curvy ass. Then the moment of truth. She pulled the shirt over her head and much to my enjoyment she was wearing a bikini. The bottom part covered most of her ass and the top appeared to be a string type. She turned around where I got a full front view, and my lord they looked marvelous. Her breasts were even meatier that I imagined as they were puffed up over the top of her bikini top. She quickly laid down on her towel and with my view mostly blocked now, I went back to reading my book.

Sometime later, I heard a splash in the pool and glanced up to see her dive underwater. Damn, I missed seeing her get up from the chair, so I went back to reading. I was just starting to get back into reading when a voice called from the pool. "Am I disturbing you?" I looked up and saw she was hanging on the side of the pool right in front me. "Not at all" I replied with a smile. "I was thinking about getting in myself". She smiled and said that the water was nice. "Well, you talked me into it" I said and placed my book on the table, took off my sunglasses and walked to the pool edge. By this time she had moved more to the middle of the pool. I dipped my foot in when she said "Its nice and cool". It certainly was, so I just dove in and swam for a bit underwater before coming up to the surface. "Yes it is" I said. I swam around a bit aware that the girl kept glancing at me. Finally after a few minutes she said "We live in the same building don't we?" "Yes we do" I replied, "I'm Dave by the way". "Hi, I'm Christy". "Nice to finally meet you Christy". We chatted a bit about the apartment complex and what my job was, the school she went to, just the usual banter. Turned out Christy was 16 years and just finished up the 10th grade.

Our conversation continued when she asked me "Do you come to the pool often?" "Most mornings when the weather is nice" I said. "Is it usually this empty?" she asked. "Most of the time, yes, not many people are home this time of day." " I think I may start coming down in the mornings then" she said with a smile. "You are more than welcome too" I said. While we were talking I started to get turned on by my new pool buddy. In addition to her very voluptuous body, Christy had big, bright blue eyes and a very pleasant smile plus she would occasionally bounce out of the water and splash back down which gave me a good view of her breasts. I also noticed that she seemed to like the attention I was giving her as she kept moving closer to me in the pool. "So, do you have a boyfriend?" I asked. Christy looked down in the water and said "No, I did this past year in school for a little while, but most of the boys say I'm fat, a lot of the girls do too. I don't really like school that much". "Well, first off, you are not fat. In fact I think you are beautiful young woman with a great body as well. Those little boys in your school don't know how to appreciate a woman with curves anyway. As for the girls, they're just jealous that you developed a body better than what they have". My comment lifted up her spirits as she looked at me with her eyes shining and big smile on her face, "You really think I'm beautiful?" "Yes of course I do" I said. "Thank you". "You're very welcome" I said with a smile.

We talked some more and swam around some, splashing each other when deciding to be more bold, I pushed her head underwater. "Hey" she said after coming back to the surface and then splashed me. I had been laughing and some water from her splash went in my mouth and nose and I ended up coughing and sputtering. "Serves you right" she said then started to laugh herself before swimming off. She swam up behind me and splashed me but I swung my arm around sending a wave of water towards her, She turned away fast to avoid being splashed in the face and that's when I moved in, wrapped my arms around her waist, lifted her up and bodily dunked her underwater. Christy let out a quick squeal before going underwater but came back up splashing then got behind me again and jumped up on my back as far as she could go. Her large breasts were pressed against my shoulders as she wrapped her arms tight around my neck. I bent over trying to throw her off going partly underwater but she just held on tight. I must admit that I enjoyed the feeling of her body against my back. She let go somewhat and slid down my back then with her arms wrapped around my waist she tried lifting me up like I had done to her. Of course, it didn't work so I just fell backwards causing both of us to go underwater. She finally let go and swam away and I just came back to the surface and floated on my back. Christy sprang up beside me and pushed down on my head forcing me underwater. I came back up sputtering again and didn't move to splash her again, pretending I was hurt.

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