Call Me Daddy

by AntaeusQ

Copyright© 2010 by AntaeusQ

Erotica Sex Story: A married man and a young woman share over the phone.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .


"Yes. This is her. Is this Paul?"


"Hi, Paul."

"I'm so glad I was finally able to talk to you."

"Yes. Me, too. How are you?"

"I'm fine. I still can't believe it. Thanks for giving me your number."

"Oh, no problem. You're welcome. I don't usually like to give out my phone number, but I almost feel like I know you. We've chatted enough times, don't you think? But I needed to hear your voice. I'm empathic, I can read a person better when I hear them."

"Wow. I believe you. Speech is the window to a person's soul."


"You have a sweet voice. It goes with everything I know about you. Forms the whole package. The pictures, the stories, what you've told me over chat. If anything, it's making me kind of nervous."

"I'm making you nervous? My heart's beating in my throat."

"I feel a pressure in my gut. This is too exciting. It's getting me all crazy, talking to a young girl like yourself."

"We were getting kind of hot on that online chat thing there."

"I know. I was about to come in my pants."

"Why didn't you?"

"Ha. I take my time. What about you?"

"My hands inside my panties, right now, if that's what you want to know."

"Are you wet?"

"Oh fuck, am I ever. My pussy's a puddle. Thanks for asking. You sound like a nice guy."

"I am. Pervy but nice."

"How old are you, again? I know I've asked you this before, but I can't remember, now. Maybe it's too late, or I've drunk too much, or frigged my cunt a few too many times that I can't think straight. My head's swimming with ideas, and I can't pin any of it down."

"I've told you before. I'm old."

"I know. I can hear it in your voice. Hmmmm. I know you're not gay. You're married?"


"So how old are you? It's not important. I don't care. I do, but not in a negative way. Just curious."

"I'm thirty-six."

"Where's your wife?"


"So what are you doing talking to wet horny girls this time of night."

"Talking to wet horny girls. I'm old, after all."

"Ah, don't say that. That's a nice age for a man. Means you're not immature."

"I don't know about that. Some people would disagree with you, my wife for example, if she ever found out."

"You're funny. What I meant was that you're not a kid."

"Like you, for example?"

"I'll take that the nice way."


"I think a woman's more attractive when she still has her youthful spirit in her, and she hasn't traded away her right to being a girl first and foremost."

"What about a man?"

"A man's more of a man the less of a boy he is."

"I like it. You're a real philosopher. Can I ask how old you are."


"For the record."

"How old do you think I am?"

"I don't know. Eighteen?"

"You can tell yourself that. Don't worry about it. Just don't ask too many questions."

"Mysterious. That's cool with me. You're younger than that, aren't you?"


"You're in high-school."


"You're going to give me a heart attack."

"I know, old man."

"I'm looking at a picture of you right now. Helps me create an image."

"Are you, now? Tell me. Which one?"

"It's a dark one. You're in your bed, there's a computer next to you, and you're wearing nothing but bra and panties. Green bra. Pink panties. You have nice full tits, and it looks like you're wearing braces."

"I am."

"It's my favorite picture of yours."

"Oh, my god. Thanks. That's so sweet."

"Let me tell you, that was a hot picture. I've cum to it tonight already. If you'd like to know. I can smell the rag that I wiped myself on."

"You came for little old me? Was it good."

"It was awesome. I stood up in front of my flat-screen, you're picture filled edge to edge, and I jerked on my cock until it came out shooting in streams of white sticky cum."

"Mmmmm. Yum. That's nice. I love tributes. It's good to know that someone appreciates you."

"Oh, you've been appreciated, alright. Ha, ha, ha. I can't get over it."


"I'm at least twice your age. And here we are on the phone talking about masturbation. I know I'm not perverting you."

"I've already been perverted. Is that a problem?"

"I'm just tripping that I'm old enough to be your dad."

"Hmmm. I miss my dad."

"I'm sorry I brought it up. It's going to be okay."

"I know. I'm still in mourning, though."

"How long's it been?"

"Ten months. He was a good guy. I was his little girl. He was more important than I ever thought possible. It's been crazy with my mom, and my brother. Especially my brother."

"You'll always have him in your memories. All you can do is be there for each other. Which it sounds like you have."

"Yeah. My brother and I are super tight. A shame it took this for us to get together."

"Tell me the story again."

"It happened when we went to stay at my aunt's by the Jersey shore."

"The aunt's rich, right?"

"Of course. She's loaded. Divorcée. No kids. She has a guest house that used to be the maid's but now my mom's the maid. Anyway my brother and I were messed up. I mean, real psych jobs. We went to doctors. Of course they prescribe the pills. My mom wouldn't let us take them. That's one good thing about my mom. She wouldn't let us get medicated. She wanted us to work through it, and not just cover it up."

"Good decision."

"I think so. Anyway, we needed each other. We're young, full of hormones. We ended up alone, walking on the beach together. It was late at night and we were far from the shore. We were in the water. The moon was low. We could barely see. We hugged one another. The cold waves pushed us up and down, up and down. We kept warm with our mouths...

"I licked the salt water from his face, and he pulled my breasts out from my top. He sucked so hard, my nipples were like small weenies."

"Like the ones in the jar?"

"Yes. God. It felt so great. Like nothing I'd ever felt before. My mind went blank except for him. I closed my eyes. I reached between his legs. His balls were drawn up inside of him, the kin was ridged and rough. When I grabbed his cock, I realized we were playing a dangerous game. I looked into his dark eyes and we both nodded. We wanted this. I gripped him by his cock and stroked, then thumbed the end of his penis. I couldn't believe it. I was sexually pleasuring my brother. Mmmmm."

"Go on."

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