Uncle Wayne Moves In

by A Purvversion

Copyright© 2010 by A Purvversion

Erotica Sex Story: A man gets discharged from the army and his sister and her husband set up a place for him to stay. Over a period of a few months, an attraction develops with his 13-year-old niece, which leads to the inevitable. The reader should be warned that this is a slowly developing story, with no sex until the last third of the story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Incest   Uncle   Niece   .

Wayne Kendall's original intention wasn't to have an Army career and then retire; that thought came a few years after first joining. Unfortunately, for him, the commitment required of him was too much. After only a year in the continental US, he was sent to Bosnia, where he spent two years, and although he wasn't there during the conflict, he found he was not happy being stationed overseas, especially in that part of Europe.

About the only advantage to overseas duty was the easy availability of young pussy, which was something for which he soon acquired a strong taste. During his ten plus years in service, he had sex with more than a dozen underage girls, including a few preteens. His age preference seemed to be 14 or so. Their bodies were still developing by then, with breasts that were enough to take into the mouth and be a handful, yet not too overwhelming, and even if the girl was still a virgin, by that age the childishness was gone, yet the innocence was still there.

His initial enlistment was in 1995. By 1998, when he was due to be discharged, he made the decision to be a career man. For most of the next eight years, he was stationed in a foreign land. After Bosnia, there was a year in the US before being sent to Korea. Then it was back to Europe and two tours in Iraq. By then he was disillusioned with the Army. The only good thing for Wayne during most those years, was the availability of young twiff.

He still had three months remaining on his latest enlistment when he decided to quit and join civilian life.

His sister Judy was delighted when he told her the news, and she and her husband Carl offered Wayne a room in their house until he was able to establish some new roots. The convenience of the whole thing made it a no-brainer for Wayne. Not only were they allowing him to move in, but they also were willing to convert their two-car garage into a two-room set-up for him, saying they never used it anyway. The most attractive thing of all was that they weren't going to charge him any rent unless he found a job and decided to stay; and there wasn't any rush for him to find a job.

By the time he was discharged, the conversion was complete. It was a nice little set up, with a bedroom and a little living room. It allowed Wayne to have the privacy that he wanted, too.

After he moved in with his sister and her family, they all fell into a routine, where Wayne spent some time with them at dinner and sometimes afterward, but then would retire to his own 'apartment' if he didn't have other plans.

There were more than a few reasons that Wayne and his niece Cheryl ended up involved in an incestuous relationship. Of course, there was his penchant for younger girls; and when he first moved in with his sister and her family, Cheryl was only 13 ("I'm almost 13 and a-half," she declared). The fact that he had only seen her a few times over the years when she was younger seemed to take away the sense of closeness that makes up a family, and to Wayne, she was a girl first; she almost didn't seem like a niece because he hardly knew her.

Further, the young girl was at that age of being impressionable, curious, and always fantasizing about love. That her uncle was only 32 and a hunk made her vulnerable because of how she perceived herself as 'not a child'. That he took notice of her, almost from the moment that he stepped into the house, was noticed by the girl.

It was probably inevitable that once Wayne detected that young Cheryl liked his attention, he often looked at her in ways that were intended for her to notice. Of course, he was careful that Carl and Judy weren't around when he blatantly ogled the youngster, and he always made sure that his young niece noticed him doing so.

Cheryl couldn't help but to develop a crush on her 'favorite uncle'. Soon after he started looking at her body, she started to feel flashes of heat if she caught him looking at a 'girl part' of her body. What with her being in school all day, and her parents being home afterward, she and her uncle weren't alone in the house that often. Yet when they were, she frequently saw her Uncle Wayne's eyes looking at her small boobs, or her butt, and sometimes even up between her legs if she was sitting with a skirt up past her knees. She couldn't count the times that she turned pink from seeing him look down her blouse or between her legs, maybe even seeing her panties. It got so exciting at times, that the young girl occasionally found herself becoming wet 'down there'. It was only a matter of time before her instincts finally led her to masturbation; fantasizing that her hand was her uncle's as she rubbed her aroused pussy.

Soon, eyes met eyes, and before long, Cheryl was flirting with him, accidentally-on-purpose showing those girl areas where she knew her uncle couldn't stop himself from looking. There was no doubt that although she was only 13, Cheryl was an instinctive female. She had all of the tools to attract; smiles, eyes, and body movements; and didn't hesitate to use them on her uncle.

Although Judy and Carl were home almost all the time on weekends, Wayne found that if he stayed in his 'apartment' to watch TV, rather than join them, that Cheryl always seemed to find a way to make an excuse to spend some time with him. At first, Judy forbid her daughter from bothering Wayne, but when he said that she was no bother, the mini visits were allowed. To be sure, Wayne usually shooed the youngster within a half-hour, lest her parents become suspicious or even worse; that he'd get so mentally involved that he'd lose control with the girl. However, he did everything in his power to show his niece his interest in her, wanting her to feel that he secretly loved her. He suspected that would be a key if he were ever to take advantage of the 13-year-old beauty.

Wayne had come up with a scheme to assist in the seduction of his little niece, but because of the dangers, he hesitated implementing it. Each time there was a further flirtation on either his part or Cheryl's part, it encouraged him. Finally, one Saturday, he decided to put the plan into action.

He purposely brought up a 'gallery' of pictures of a beautiful young girl in various shots with an older man on his computer screen. In some shots, the girl was sucking the man's gooey cock and in a few others, he was fucking her. It was one of the best series he'd ever found on the internet, being especially exciting because the girl in the pictures actually looked very young; she was also extremely pretty, and in each scene the look of pleasure displayed on her face was awesome.

Once that gallery of pictures was on his computer screen, he simply went about his business, reading a book with the TV on. After fifteen minutes of the computer being idle, the screensaver came on the screen, camouflaging the sex pictures. All that would be needed to bring the pictures back onto the screen was a touch of the mouse.

Because his little niece usually came into his room two or three times every Saturday and Sunday, he kept an ear out, listening for her footsteps.

It was shortly after 11 AM when he heard Cheryl's steps approaching. Hurriedly, he got up and then moved to the computer seat. As soon as he sat down his hand flicked the mouse; the gallery was instantly back in view. He had been hoping that she wouldn't knock, which often happened, and happily, he heard the door open without her doing so.

Acting as if he didn't hear her, Wayne stared intently at the screen. It was then that he realized that his cock was hard and throbbing in his pants and his excitement had him all but trembling. With his back to the door, he was seemingly intent looking at the screen in front of him. He heard Cheryl behind him but acted as if he didn't. Then he detected that she sucked in her breath and suddenly there wasn't a sound behind him. His niece had froze up on the spot, and obviously was looking at each picture from behind him.

Finally, she let out her breath and, almost as if she was afraid that her uncle would hear that and think that she was spying, she managed to whisper, "U-uncle Wayne?"

Wayne turned around with his seat, not immediately hiding the gallery. Cheryl's eyes were racing from the computer screen to him. Her face was flushed, as she obviously understood what was happening with the girl in the pictures.

After staring into his niece's eyes for about 15 seconds, Wayne suddenly acted as if her presence was a surprise and he spun back around and closed down the pictures.

"I, er, I..." He fumbled for words as he then turned back to his niece. This time when he faced her, he purposely allowed his eyes to look at her chest and then bore into her crotch, before once more looking up to her face. Her light blonde hair fell straight to just between her shoulder blades and her beautiful unblemished face, with bright blue eyes and full, sensuous red lips, was angelic. He estimated that she was about 5 feet tall and not over a hundred pounds, and it was in all the right places, from those perfect legs to the gently flaring hips and firm, tight, round bubble butt ass, to her narrow waist, which led to her budding orange-sized breasts. Almost 14, Cheryl was just coming into her sexuality.

Her face was scarlet and her eyes had a strange wildness to them. It was at that moment that Wayne knew for sure that he was eventually going to be fucking his little niece. He wasn't sure if she even knew she wanted it, but that look on her face told him the whole story. His little niece was aroused!

"I'm sorry, Cher. I, er, didn't hear you come in."

Cheryl had never felt so flushed in her life. She had seen the look on her uncle's face as he looked at his computer with those sex pictures. She knew enough to know what was happening in each picture. At the same time, it was almost as if a light bulb went off in her head. Even though she had been teasing her uncle by letting him look at her and trying to entice him, the 13-year-old never really grasped things. Now, upon seeing her uncle's attention captured by 'fucking' pictures, Cheryl suddenly realized that he too must be doing things to get some relief. Did he... ? Yeah he had to, just like her. She swiftly grasped the implications that her uncle must masturbate. She also was keenly aware then that he never seemed to go out on dates; and knowing what grow-ups did, Cheryl recognized that he had to be extremely horny.

In her fantasy world, she rationalized that he was being faithful to HER.

At that point, she was shaking so much that she simply muttered, "I'll er see you later..." and rushed to her room, where she eagerly relieved those feelings.

After that, Wayne waited to see if anything was said. He knew that if Cheryl told her mom, Judy would ask him what had happened, at the very least. When, after a couple of days, his sister never said anything, Wayne knew that his young niece had kept it to herself. Indeed, Cheryl's flirting seemed to increase from that moment forward.

Wayne had no way of knowing that sleep dreams and real time fantasies began for real after that for Cheryl. Often her mind's eye saw that young naked girl who was in those pictures. She also would remember the cock from those pictures and soon her mind would think of her Uncle Wayne. All this often merged together with her internal feelings.

In the next few weeks, the looks that passed between uncle and niece were almost real communication. The flirtations and looks continued during the week and even increased in intensity.

On the weekends, they both became bolder. When she came to his room, Cheryl now would sit right next to her uncle, even sitting on his lap a few times; offering up her cheek for a kiss, her lips for a peck, and allowing that to last longer than should be allowed between them. Wayne was now purposely breathing on her neck; occasionally giving her neck little kisses whenever she sat on his lap. On a few occasions, when she sat alongside him on the couch, he put his hand on her knee and very slightly rubbed her thigh.

It was a month after he had displayed those pics on the screen for his niece to see that Wayne unexpectedly found himself alone with the youngster. Earlier in the week, his brother-in-law was offered two free tickets to the Vikings playoff game. Being a huge fan, Carl was thrilled. He wanted to take Judy, but they needed someone to look after Cheryl. Because it was an early Saturday game and they lived 300 miles away, they wanted to leave on Friday night, after taking off early from work.

They asked Wayne if he would mind watching over his niece and it was all he could do to contain his excitement. What was really dangerous was how Cheryl was acting after hearing the news. If Carl and Judy weren't themselves so excited, they just might have noticed the hidden excitement bubbling beneath the surface between their daughter and Wayne.

As Friday approached, Wayne did a lot of thinking. Even after everything that had happened since he'd moved in, he wasn't completely sure if his little niece would really be willing. Maybe she was simply a tease. As much as he wanted to bury his prick into the youngster, he warned himself to go slow, don't take it for granted that it's a sure thing. Obviously, he couldn't force himself on her. Cheryl would have to be willing. He was almost 100% sure that she would be, but he had to be cautious.

On Friday, when Cheryl came home from school, her mom and dad were getting ready to leave. About 4 o'clock, Wayne came home from his job hunt. He spoke a bit with Carl and Judy, encouraging them to have a good time and not worry about Cheryl and then headed to his 'apartment'; after telling the youngster to do her homework and that he'd be taking her out to Mickey D's for dinner.

As parents typically do, Carl and Judy gave their daughter instructions to be good, obey her Uncle Wayne, make sure she does her homework and don't mess the house. Telling the youngster they'd see her Sunday, they were on their way after the hugs and kisses ritual.

It was about 20 minutes later that there was a knock on his door. Wayne smiled.

"Yeah babe -- come on in, toots," he called out from his seat on the couch.

Cheryl opened the door and paused. It was that pause that caused him to take notice. His little niece didn't do anything fancy or obvious, but still, she had managed to somehow make herself more grown-up looking. Maybe it was the skirt and blouse combo, or maybe it was the hint of makeup, he couldn't tell.

Once she saw that she had gotten his attention she walked into the room. For all his fantasizing and looking, until now, Wayne still hadn't been sure that he could go through with fucking a girl barely a teen; especially his own flesh and blood. Overseas, things were different. Here in the states it was far more dangerous. Although he had planned on doing so, he was never fully convinced that he would be able to ignore the dangers.

Now, looking at her gorgeous blushing face and fine young body, he knew for sure. His mind was made up. He was going to do it. He was going to fuck this gorgeous young teen and make her scream in pleasure. He wanted to feel her tight cunt squeezing his cock for all it was worth. He was almost positive that she was a virgin; she certainly acted like it. Still, it was hard to tell these days, even for a girl so young.

"Maybe we don't have to go to McDonald's yet?" she said, demurely.

He looked intently at his 13-year-old niece and saw that look that he was becoming familiar with, the one that he figured she must have practiced before her mirror, in which her face loses that innocence and is suddenly mysterious and come-hither. Wayne suddenly realized that his little niece had even snuck a blush of light pink lipstick, for his benefit, he was sure. That added to that grown-up look that he had taken notice of.

His eyes ran over her little body, paying particular attention to her little boobs which seemed more prominent that usual.

"Aren't you hungry?" he asked innocently, hoping that the youngster would make the initial approach so that he couldn't be mistaken that she was a willing participant. Still that was probably too much to hope for, as she was so young.

Cheryl took a tentative step toward him. The youngster couldn't keep her excited body from shivering now. This was something that she had been fantasizing about happening and now that the day was here, she wasn't so sure that her uncle really wanted to be more than just her uncle. He wasn't saying anything to encourage her, and she wanted so badly to find out what he really thought.

"N-no, not yet," she spoke softly as she took some more steps until she was in front of the couch, looking down at him. She put one hand on his shoulder and the other on his chest. At the same time, she bent forward, until her face was near his ear, her body leaning over his seated form.

"I was thinking..." she said, almost in a whisper. "I — I er was thinking maybe I could - er - look at pictures on your computer with you, maybe... ?

Wayne's cock hardened in his pants at his niece's closeness and the 13-year-old's obvious attempt to get him involved. This was the first time she had ever spoken of what she had seen that day on his computer screen.

Little Cheryl was surprised to see how tense her uncle was. Maybe she had guessed wrong in thinking that he would be willing to do things with her if her parents weren't home? Maybe he was even now thinking of how wrong this was. Yet she knew that his breathing had become harder. She had to push on so that he didn't think of her as a child. She needed to get him to touch her or kiss her or both.

Wayne was fighting all his urges. His cock was throbbing in his pants and he wanted so badly to reach out and grab his little niece, yet as she continued trying to make a move on him (he smiled at the thought) he realized each move by her made her all the more committed.

"I er was er thinking that maybe you could er teach me ... other things," she whispered as she rubbed her cheek against his; the warmth from his face was thrilling her.

Cheryl lowered her face until it rested against her uncle's neck, her lips pressing against his flesh, the smell of him intoxicating her. The 13-year-old was trembling uncontrollably now -- she had done it, she said it all. She waited, fearfully, excitedly, for him to react, not really knowing what she wanted him to do.

Wayne was as excited as he'd ever been. Dazzling sensations erupted throughout his body as his little niece's soft, full lips pressed against his neck, her hot breath teasing his nerves, making his cock try to grow more than it was able, thus hurting him. His hands were sweaty. He took a deep breath, and moved his hands slowly to her hips, struggling for control. Then he drew his hands away, amazed at the excitement this young teen was showing toward him. Then he raised his hands to her head and moved so that he was holding her frightened, excited face between them. He looked into the youngster's nervous eyes, her face just inches from his, her upper lip quivering. He could feel the trembling in his niece's young body and see the excited confusion in her clear, beautiful blue eyes.

He answered her by pulling her face toward him and softly kissing the youngster on her lips.

A soft mewling noise came from Cheryl's throat as her uncle's lips met hers, sending increased shivers throughout her body. Her mind was overwhelmed by the sensations swirling through her, from head to foot. When his lips pressed harder against hers, her mouth opened instinctively, but amateurishly. Feeling her uncle's tongue in her mouth, her excited little body began shaking uncontrollably as electric pleasures raced through her being.

As their mouths explored one another, the youngster's hands rested on his shoulders to keep her weak knees from letting her fall. Slowly, she seemed to melt onto his lap, her legs straddling his, her breath coming hard from her nostrils as unbelievable sensations burst throughout her young body.

Wayne hugged her small, hot body against his, his mind jumping about furiously. As his tongue searched her mouth, his little niece squirmed in his lap, her groin rubbing against his hard cock through his jeans, driving his lust higher. Cheryl was moaning intermittingly, though she probably wasn't even aware that she was doing so.

Wayne regained a bit of control of his actions and, with some effort he broke their kiss, sliding his face around to the youngster's goose-bumped neck, laying kisses along the tender white flesh, loving the way little Cheryl quivered in his arms. The 13-year-old girl was holding herself tight against him now, her breath coming in tiny gasps of pleasure as he sucked at her neck, his hands moving to pull her blouse from her skirt.

Feeling her uncle's fingers pulling her blouse from inside her skirt, Cheryl clamped her eyes shut; the excitement she was feeling couldn't be described.

Wayne tentatively moved his hands beneath the blouse and onto the warm flesh of his little niece's belly. They then paused there, he was waiting to see if the 13-year-old was going to object or if she seemed to want more. She had to know what he was going to do next.

At his touch on her bare skin, Cheryl caught her breath, and when she squirmed excitedly, he started to move his hands again, up along the hot flesh of her sides and all about her quivering stomach.

Her uncle's mouth on her neck and his hands on her smooth flesh were driving her crazy. She never imagined she could feel like this. Every nerve in her body seemed to tingle as he caressed her back and sides.

Anticipation ran through the 13-year-old girl's body as her uncle's hands began running over her bra, purposely moving to the hook. Cheryl's whole being tightened, knowing he wanted to touch her boobs. Her heart started to pound even harder in her chest as her uncle deftly released her bra. The youngster knew that in a few seconds Uncle Wayne would be able to feel that pounding heartbeat, because his hand was heading up to move over her breast.

She again clamped her eyes shut tightly as she felt her nipples rubbing against his strong body; they felt so sensitive. Her mind was asunder, the excitement was more than she could have ever anticipated. Uncle Wayne wasn't going to stop; they were going to go all the way! They were lovers. They were going to have sex, and she shivered violently in pleasured anticipation.

She unconsciously rolled her hips, pleasure arching from her loins as she drove her yearning cunt against her uncle's groin. It was an unbelievable feeling. She was gently thrusting against him now, her hips humping against his cock.

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