Joey's Mom Gives Him His Virgin Fuck

by MuffDiver

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Erotica Sex Story: Joey is a young adolescent teen who lives with his mother who has never been married. This story is about how Joey got his first fuck from his mom and their life together after that seminal event.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Mother   Son   Gang Bang   First   Masturbation   Squirting   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Prostitution   .

My name is Joey and I'm 26 just in the beginning stages of what I hope will become a long, exciting, and successful career in the software development business. My Mom and I live alone together as we always have. Mom had me as a very young girl one week after her 13th birthday and has never been married. I have no idea who my dad was and frankly, I could care less.

My Mom has been the very best thing that has ever happened to me. She has always been very honest with me. She has always acknowledged that she had not intended to get pregnant with me and had made a young girl's foolish mistake, but when I was born she said she fell instantly and overwhelmingly in love with me and refused to give me up for adoption in spite of all the efforts of everyone around her that tried to convince her to do that. She hung in there and loved me and raised me all by herself. It hasn't been easy for her, but she never gave up when times were tough and life was hard for us and just kept pushing ahead to make a better life for both of us. Today she is very successful in her chosen business and we have a great life together.

Reader, I don't want to mislead you about what this story is all about. It's more than just about getting my virgin fuck from Mom. You see, I have been fucking my mother since I was about 15 years old and this is really the story about our incestuous relationship since she gave me my virgin fuck 11 years ago. But I have chosen the time when I was 18 just looking forward to my last year of high school to begin our story because that's the point in my relationship with my mother when I think I first began to fully understand the depth of the love we had for each other and started to make the transition from being just a horny adolescent to a man.

Before then, I think I was just a crazy, horny, young kid who couldn't believe his fantastic good luck in having a mom who liked to fuck her son so he didn't ever have to worry about trying to get some young girl to open up her pussy to him so he could get laid with a quickie. He was getting laid almost every night at home by a beautiful woman while most of his buddies were still virgins wondering when they would ever get their first fuck.

So let me take you back in time about *eight years ago when I had just turned 18* seven years to begin this account.

It was about 5:00 pm in the afternoon on a warm summer Saturday night about two weeks before I was to start my last year of high school. Mom had left to keep a very important business appointment about an hour before. And I was lounging on the sofa half heartedly watching some TV movie and smoking a joint, getting mellow and thinking about the wonderful relationship my Mom and I had with each other and how lucky I was to have such a beautiful, loving, fucking Mom.

That was the day that I remember having this wonderful feeling of pride in the kind of first class top flight professional my Mom was. I think that was the moment when I finally really understood the independence, dedication and personal integrity that it took to be a top flight professional in any endeavor and not just her chosen line of work. I was genuinely and without reservation totally proud of the woman that was my mother for who she was and not what she did. Before then I think that I loved having a Mom like mine for all the great fucking and cock sucking she liked to give me, and how lucky I was to be getting laid and sucked off almost every night while a lot of my friends were still virgins still dreaming about some day getting their first fuck. That's the day that I chose to begin this account to share my good fortune with others to give them hope that it could happen for them also.

Ordinarily I would have been looking forward to getting ready to cruise the clubs and other teenage hangouts with my high school buddies to unwind from a long hot week at my summer job of servicing backyard residential swimming pools. By the time the weekend rolled around I was usually extremely horny caused by some of the younger, sexy housewives with dynamite bodies, who liked to wear skimpy bikinis to tease and inflame our lust just to watch our cocks get hard and make big bulges in our swim suits while me and my buddies were cleaning their pools. I had heard stories about some of the guys who actually got to fuck a few of those prick teasers, but I was never that lucky. The closest I ever got was one really pretty redhead who asked me one day if I would like to fuck her. I almost blew my wad in my shorts when I gasped and stuttered out, "Ye ... ye ... yes ma'am!"

"And then she said,

"Well I'm sorry honey, but as much as I would like to, I can't let you fuck me today. I'm not on the pill and this is not a good time for me. My husband would kill me if I got pregnant. But I will suck it off for you. Is that all right?"

Well of course I said yes and whipped it out and she got down on her knees and gave me an exquisite blow job swallowing all of my hot cum when I exploded in her mouth. I was very disappointed when it was time for us to go clean that pool again the next month and it wasn't on the schedule because the people who lived there had sold the house and moved on.

Anyway, even though I was getting plenty of pussy at home with Mom, I still liked to see if I could hookup and score with some of the hot gals from our class at school and maybe get lucky and get to fuck a virgin or, at a bare minimum, just score a good piece of ass or a good blow job. It was a game with me and my friends, and even a lot of the girls we chased knew it was a game, but they enjoyed being chased and from time to time would let themselves be "caught" and fucked.

But I had already gotten lucky that Saturday and had caught my Mom earlier in the day in a very receptive mood right after breakfast when I was feeling kind of horny in spite of the fact that she had had a rather late business appointment the night before and didn't usually want any attention the following day until much later in the afternoon if the previous night's work had kept her up very late.

*Mom was standing up at the sink with her back to me still wearing her Victoria Secret filmy see through stuff rinsing off our breakfast dishes. I was staring at her perfectly symmetrical, round, tight ass buns that were making my mouth water and my cock as hard as a rock. I eased up behind Mom and pressed my huge hard cock into the crack of her ass buns and reached around her body to grab her two luscious tits in my hands to massage them and squeezed her nipples between my thumbs and fingers while I lightly caressed the inside of her ears with my wet tongue and nibbled on her ear lobes. For a 31 year old babe, Mom has an absolutely fabulous body and she began to respond to my attentions and reached back and stroked my big hard-on and purred,

"Oh my, my sweetie. I think I feel a very big and hungry cock trying to sneak into my cunt through the backdoor."

Pretty soon one thing led to another and I ended up spending several hours in her bed fucking her and eating out her juicy cunt and she reciprocated my attentions by giving me several mind bending, cum eating, cock suckings before she had to get ready for her next business appointment later that evening. (She really loves my cock sauce and says it's the best tasting cum she has ever eaten and she's eaten lots of cum).

Now I was enjoying the afterglow of all the great sex I had with Mom and marveling at how lucky I was to have a mother who was both such a fantastic piece of ass as well as a fabulous world class cum eating cocksucker. Of course it was absolutely essential that she be very proficient and accomplished at fucking and sucking off men, because that was her business and our livelihood depended on it. But she was so good at what she does for a living that we were living a very secure and extremely comfortable life style in a fantastic $800,000 three bedroom condo that was fully paid for with no mortgage.

You see my Mom's business is fucking and sucking men for money. My Mom is a whore. But she's not just another common, cheap, sleazy, streetwalking whore who trolls the side walks looking for johns to suck off on her knees in alleys and in the front seat of cars for $25 an orgasm. She is a very high priced, high class whore who only fucks and sucks off men by appointment. I found out by accident that she was a whore a couple of years ago and she and I have been regularly fucking and eating each other ever since.

If you're shocked that I can so casually refer to my Mom as a whore, then don't be. Mom likes to refer to herself as a whore. She says there is nothing wrong with being a whore and that a good, honest whore delivers a fair, quality, service for a fair price just like any other business that sells products or services. She is proud of the fact that the quality of the sex services she sells is so high that her customers are willing to pay very high prices to have her service their hard cocks with her cunt and mouth and on occasion, for those deviants that want it, also her tight ass hole, that they keep coming back again and again and again to experience more of her fantastic fucking and sucking skills.

Mom works very hard at her spa gym working out several times a week keeping her body trim, fit and especially alluring to men because it greatly increases the intensity of their sexual pleasure when they know they're fucking a goddess or when she is sucking their hard dicks and eating their cum. Mom says any woman with a half-way tight cunt can be a whore, but that men get a lot more erotic pleasure out of fucking beautiful glamorous women that might otherwise seem unattainable to them than dipping their cocks into some dumpy overweight fuck slut with stringy, dirty hair and a cunt so loose and sloppy that it feels like fucking a bowl of jell-o. Mom has always told me not to be ashamed of her being a whore because she's not ashamed. And I'm not ashamed of her either. I'm proud of my Mom for being such an expert and successful practitioner of her chosen profession and I'm happy that she is such a top flight whore.

Whores like Mom are sometimes known as call girls or escorts. But even among call girls there is a distinction between those that are just average sex performers and those who are known for always delivering top of the line, out of this world sexual experiences. My Mom ranks right at the top of call girl type whores as a member of the most beautiful, sophisticated, and talented class of professional call girl whores in our extended Washington metro area who are sought after by wealthy powerful men from the worlds of business, government, professional sports and the media and who are willing to pay very large sums of money to be sexually serviced by whores like my Mom.

Mom has a very exclusive list of clients of about 250 men (and even a few women who enjoy Mom's cunt sucking skills as well as some of her other lesbian talents) who she will accept engagements with. She guards that list very tightly and is very careful to always be discreet so that it is not easy for anyone to stumble on to, or guess at how she makes her living, and so be in a position to publicly expose and embarrass any of her group of clients. The members of her group of clients include top executives from many powerful companies, corporations, top government leaders, media celebrities, and well known personalities from the world of professional sports and entertainment.

Her clients are all top notch experts in their chosen fields and the one thing they all have in common is an admiration and appreciation for world class talent in any area of endeavor. And they appreciate my Mom's fucking and sucking talents as being of world class caliber and are willing to pay a lot to have their cocks (and cunts) serviced by her. But if she ever was so careless as to let one of them be exposed as someone who used the services of a whore, her business would be ruined and she would have to resort to becoming just a common everyday street whore spending all her time on her knees and back in alleyways and cheap, sleazy broken down slum hotel rooms scrambling to earn a living fucking and sucking in 30 minute sessions for a paltry $25 to $50 at a time.

Her rate schedule has several parts to it and is divided between charges for appointments that only involve "traditional" sex like plain cock in the cunt fucking and cock and cunt sucking, and another schedule for added charges for sexual services involving group sex with either additional men and/or women, and then an even more expensive charge schedule for extra kinky type stuff like letting a client piss inside her cunt or in her mouth or fucking her in her ass, or tongue fucking her client's ass hole and stuff like that.

It really is amazing how really kinky some of her more well known and powerful clients are. It's almost as if the constant stress that they endure by virtue of their weighty responsibilities drives them to look for more far out, erotic, and exciting degenerate sexual practices to find relief from the pressure and stress that is always part of their lives. She says she has one client who often appears on the front pages of the newspapers who likes her to sit on his face while he eats out her cunt filled with his cum that he just put there by fucking her and then have her piss all over his face and in his mouth while he is eating her cunt.

So Mom is open to a pretty wide range of kinky stuff including being fucked by dogs and sucking off dog cocks for the enjoyment and titillation of some of her clients, but she absolutely refuses to have any thing to do with stuff involving feces, or scat as it is sometimes called, for any amount of money. She doesn't mind tongue rimming her client's ass holes and even sucking on their anus and tongue fucking their ass hole when her client's want that kind of service, but the asshole area has to be washed and cleaned first.

Mom says she doesn't always like some of the kinky and degenerate perverted stuff she has to perform, but that she's learned to accept it because it's part of the business she's in. She knows she has to do them if she expects to keep her standing and reputation as a world class whore who always delivers a superior sexual experience and more than satisfies her client expectations for the best sex available anywhere. That's what enables her to continue charging such high prices for her services.

Her basic rate schedule for traditional type sex begins at $2000 for a basic four hour appointment involving just straight traditional fucking and oral cunt and cock sucking with a single client. The client is guaranteed at least two orgasms from plain cock in the cunt fucking and two good cum eating cock sucking orgasms. Cunt eating is optional. (Some clients have an aversion to eating a whore's cunt— even the cunt of a very exclusive, top flight whore like Mom. But I sure don't have that problem. I love to eat out my Mom's cunt and I especially love it when it's full of fresh cum— my cum or a john's cum— it doesn't matter.) Then it increases to $3000 for eight hours; $4500 for an over-nighter up to 24 hours; and anything beyond that is negotiable.

On average, Mom's average gross take per appointment works out to about $5500 when you throw in the appointments that include extra charges for kinky stuff and group activities. Last year in June, a Saudi prince who frequently comes to Washington on business paid her $55,000 in cash to be his "date" for a week long sexual orgy cruise to Bermuda and back on his yacht with a bunch of his business associates and their personal mistresses, whores, and even a few nymphomaniac wives. She arrived at that price as fair compensation for a week of her time during which she normally would have had at least 10 individual engagements at $5500 each since she normally averages about 10 engagements a week over a year's time.

She said that her average engagements during the summer months is actually about 14 a week and it falls off during the winter, so she could have charged him as much as $77,000. But Mom says she doesn't like to gouge and overcharge her clients because that's bad business and she felt that $55000 was fair and the Saudi prince agreed with her. She said that prince is one of her best repeating clients and it's mainly because she is fair with him. She said being fair is what really keeps clients coming back for more of her talents because the truth is that there are other high class whores they could turn to that deliver pretty damn good sex services also- maybe not quite as equal to my Mom's but good enough.

Mom says that yacht cruise was one continuous fuck fest with multiple men, women, and a variety of dogs all at once for seven days and nights. She lost count after the third night of how many different cocks she sucked and whores cunts that she ate for the amusement and delight of her prince client. But what he really liked the most was when he had her fucked by a big black Labrador dog that had a thick nine inch cock— 10-1/2 inches when his big knot was included— and at the same time, while she was on her hands and knees being fucked from behind by the Lab, she sucked off another dog cock belonging to a German Sheppard and ate up all his doggie cum. She said she ended up performing that double doggie fuck, suck and cum eating act over a dozen times on that trip.

When I asked her how she kept from throwing up when that German Sheppard shot his cum in her mouth and she had to swallow it, she laughed and answered, "Joey honey, look around here real good. Look at that view of the Potomac and the Capitol, and look at all this beautiful furniture and think about that red Corvette of yours and how we live baby. How do you think we can afford to live this way sweetie?

We have three and a half million dollars in the bank and inside of another five years that will grow to more than six million and we will be set for life baby. That Saudi prince paid me $55,000 for that week long cruise. That's more than two thirds of the people in this town earn in a year and all I had to do to earn it was to suck out a few cunts, let myself get fucked a lot by lots of different hard cocks and then suck them off and eat their cum, and to turn that prince on by letting a few of his dogs fuck me and suck off some dog cocks and eat their doggie cum. The real dirty little secret Joey is that I loved doing all of that and had a great time. Baby, I'd have chug-a-lugged a gallon of doggie cum for $55 Gs.

I'm one of the top three professional whores in the metro area sweetie, and what it takes to be a top professional whore is the willingness to do whatever your client desires to maximize his sexual pleasure, and to do it better than any other whore can. Now I'll admit that the first time I sucked off a dog and ate its hot cum when I was 21 years old, I did feel a little nauseous, but not enough to prevent me from doing it and collecting the $1500 I was paid for that service.

But after the 3rd or 4th time you sort of get used to the idea and forget about it being a dogs cock and you start concentrating on tasting the cum and find out that on the whole a dog's cum tends to be about 4-6 degrees hotter than a man's cum and tastes slightly sweet with a more fluid consistency than a man's cum and when you swallow it into your body it spreads out all over your insides giving you a delightful warm feeling all over your body. That's when you realize that doggie cum is actually pretty damn good tasting stuff that makes you feel good and you learn to like it.

So the secret to all kinds of kinky, and what you might sometimes think of as nasty degenerate sex acts, if you are going to be a professional whore, is to just go ahead and do them, and pretty soon you find yourself enjoying them yourself. Some of the best orgasms I have ever had were from being fucked by a big hard dog's cock. Nowadays, I really look forward to my dates with one of my regular repeating clients because he has a big dog that he always wants to have fuck me.

I really enjoy being fucked by that dog, but I don't let my client know that. Instead, I pretend to be horrified and afraid of being mounted by such a big dog with his monster cock, which really excites my client so much, that when he sees his dog ram his big dog cock into my cunt, it drives him to have a massive and excruciatingly exquisite orgasm and he sticks his cock into my mouth to shoot his load of cum down my throat.

My client is extremely happy and satisfied and so am I, because he has really delicious tasting cock sauce. In fact everyone is happy. The dog gets to fuck my tight cunt and have a great orgasm and pump me full of his hot doggie cum; my client is able to get his rocks off on one of his favorite erotic fantasies come true; and I get to have a great orgasm myself from the big dog cock topped off by eating the great tasting cum that my client shoots in my mouth when I suck off his cock. Part of being a good professional whore, baby, also requires some good acting skills once in a while."

On the whole, Mom earns over three quarters of a million dollars a year as a whore, 90% of which is tax free. (She reports about 10% of her earnings to the IRS as a self-employed professional "counselor"). So we do pretty well.

Anyway, as I said, I was lounging on the sofa enjoying some pot and thinking about how lucky I was to have such a sexually experienced Mom who doesn't have any hang-ups about incest and stuff and let's me have a good time fucking her whenever I'm horny and haven't been able to find any hot chicks in my own age group to score with. But the real reason I was staying home instead of going out with my buddies trying to score some strange pussy, was that I was waiting for Mom to get back home.

Ever since I found out Mom was a whore she has gotten in the habit of wanting to fuck me whenever she returns home from one of her whoring engagements. She tells me all about what she did to her john and what he did to her while I have my cock buried deep in her cunt. She says that the best orgasms she has ever had is when she is fucking me while she is telling me how she sucked her client's cock and swallowed his cum and how it felt and tasted as it slid down her throat and coated her insides and she would feel my cock swell and throb in her cunt and begin its spasms and feel my hot cum filling up her cunt when I would have my orgasm.

So I was really waiting for her to get home later in the evening, probably around midnight or 1 am, after she has finished fucking and sucking her client because it meant I would get some more great sex with Mom. While I was waiting I started to think about what Mom had told me about her early life and how she became a whore, and I reminisced in my mind about the night I first found out my Mom was a whore and how she became the first woman I ever fucked and the great sex we had that night when she broke my cherry. I always get real horny when I think about those events and I wanted to be extra ready with a big load of cum when Mom got home.

Mom has been a whore ever since she was about 12 or 13 years old. (But I didn't find out that she was a whore until about three years ago when I was 15 and Mom was 28. (I'll have more to say about that later). When she was growing up her mom and dad were both very much into the "sexual liberation" scene and were active swingers and "wife swappers" who never tried to hide their sexual activities from her.

So she grew up in a home where her earliest memories beginning when she was five or six years old were those of seeing her mom and dad frequently bringing home different men and women to have sex with and it was not unusual for them to fuck, suck, and eat their partners right out in the open on the couch in the living room where mom would be playing with her dolls. She said what she really liked the most, however, was to watch from the top of the stairs whenever her mom and dad's swingers group got together at their house for their monthly group orgies and she got to watch and learn about all kinds of kinky sex play and was especially fascinated with how her mom could easily handle three cocks at once with one in her cunt, another in her ass, and the third in her mouth eating all of it's cum.

When she was about 10 years old her dad's business was having a little trouble (he was an accountant) during a downturn in the economy so her mom started whoring on the side to bring in a little extra money. Her dad became her mom's pimp and the two of them would cruise hotel bars and lounges where her dad would pimp for her mom and find johns for her mom to bring home to fuck and give them blow jobs. And when the accounting business picked up again and her mom didn't need to keep whoring, she didn't stop, but just kept right on whoring because she liked it so much.

Her Dad was really happy when her mom decided to keep on whoring even after they didn't need the extra money anymore. He was always looking for men to bring home to fuck her mom while he watched and beat his meat, and then after the john was finished and left, he would fuck her again and then eat cream pies out of her mom's cunt that was filled up with both her john's and her dad's cum.

Then two weeks before my Mom turned 11 she began her period and soon began blooming into a woman with rapidly developing tits, spreading hips and a filled out pussy mound with full fleshy and tender outer lips. That's when her mom brought her into the sex games her mom and her dad used to play with each other. Her mom helped her dad to gently break her cherry with his big dick and between the two of them they taught her how to really please men teaching her how to be a good cock sucker and how to fuck a man to really intensify his orgasm.

For the next year and a half her dad used to take turns fucking her and her mom and during that time her mom also taught her how to make love to a woman and eat pussy and suck out a cunt and she would alternate between giving her dad cum eating blow jobs and sucking out her mom's cunt. She told me that was actually the time in her childhood years that she looks back on as being the most fun and enjoyable because she was finally getting to participate in all the different kinds of erotic sex that she had been watching her parents engage in with so much energy and pleasure for as long as she could remember.

By the time Mom had turned 12 she had become an accomplished sex performer and had really bloomed into a beautiful young woman with great tits and a luscious body. Even though she was only 12 she said she easily passed for a 17 or 18 year old and it was only natural that she would turn to whoring just like her mother did.

She said she began by accompanying her mother to her whoring appointments to fuck and suck men so she could watch and learn and practice sucking and fucking some of the john's herself. Her mom's johns loved it because she was always an extra treat that came free with her mom. But it didn't take very long before she was soon selling herself on her own at a very good price to men that liked sweet, tender, young, cunt meat. Her dad would find those men for her and would bring them home to fuck his daughter.

But then she got careless and let herself get knocked up with me. She didn't realize she was pregnant and her folks didn't know it either until it was too late because her belly didn't really start to show it until she was almost six months pregnant. By then it was too late to have a simple abortion like she could have had in the first two months, so she went ahead and had me when she was still just 13 years old.

(Mom said she has often wondered which one of her johns at the time was the one that knocked her up but that it was useless to try and guess because she was so popular among men that really got off on fucking young nubile girls with really tight cunts that it could have been any one of 40 or 50 men. The only thing I know is that whoever he was, he must have had a really big cock because my cock is also very big.)

Mom said there was about a six month period before she started to really show her pregnancy with an extended belly where she had so many johns lining up to fuck her every Friday night, and on Saturday and Sunday that her dad would give them numbers and have them wait in the living room for their turn. And whenever one of them got so horny that he just couldn't wait, her mom would take him in to her bedroom to give him a quick fuck or blowjob to take the pressure off until it was his turn to fuck Mom. But even after her belly got big with me, she still had a lot of johns because there were also a lot of men that got turned on by fucking pregnant women. Mom laughed when she told me this story and said she used to worry that I would get poked in the eye by some of her john's who had really long cocks.

After I was born Mom decided to keep me instead of putting me up for adoption and said it was the best decision she ever made. As soon as her cunt had healed enough from delivering me, Mom got back in to her whoring harness again and really capitalized on her milk laden tits. When she found out how much some men really liked to suck the milk (my milk!) out of her plump tits she started using me as a prop so when her next john walked into her bedroom for his fuck and blow job she would be sitting in a chair by the bed with me in her arms sucking milk out of her tits. She would lay me in my crib and almost invariably the john would have been turned on so much that he would quickly latch on to her tits and have himself some nice sweet milk for himself before he fucked Mom.

Some of the johns liked her to suck their cocks and eat their cum at the same time I was suckling her tits and eating her milk and then after they had cum in her mouth they would start to suck her other tit and drink her milk. Mom said that she charged an extra premium for her milk and made a lot of extra money over the next year and a half or so before her tits finally dried up and stopped giving milk.

When she turned 18 she moved out of her parent's home taking me with her and set out to carve out a life for the two of us and to establish herself as a full service professional whore to earn our living.

All during my growing childhood years I always thought that Mom was a cosmetics sales lady who was always giving "cosmetic sales parties" at the homes of married women who would buy their cosmetics from her. That was her way of explaining to me why she was always going out in the evenings dressed up in very sexy clothes and often carrying a small overnight case. She told me that case contained samples of the cosmetics she was selling. Of course I now know that was her traveling whore's kit containing things like dildos, cunt and ass plugs for special kinky stuff, KY jelly for greasing up her ass for ass fucking, special flavored oils for oiling up her cunt for clients that liked flavored cunt juice, and stuff like that.

Up until the time I was about 12 and a half and Mom felt it was safe to leave me home alone while she was out on a fuck and suck appointment, she had an older woman well into her 60's who would come and baby-sit me and spend the night if necessary. My baby-sitter's name was Brenda and Mom had known her for as long as she could remember because she was now a retired whore who used to partner with my Mom's mom whenever they had a john who wanted to be serviced by two whores at once. Mom told me that Brenda had helped Mom break in as a whore teaching her a lot of little sex tricks for maximizing her john's pleasure.

I got my first introduction to sex from Brenda when I was barely 10 when one night when Brenda was reading to me on the couch with me in her arms resting my head on her tits. I could see inside her dress at one of her big nipples and I couldn't help myself and just reached in with my mouth and started sucking on it. Brenda smiled and said something like,

"Well, well ... I see my little munchkin is turning into a man!"

And she shrugged her dress off her shoulders and freed up her tits so I could feel and suck them a lot easier and said,

"You just enjoy yourself sweetie. I like the feel of you sucking on my tits. It really brings back a lot of old fun memories, but let's keep this between us, ok honey"

I quickly agreed.

For the next few months I had a great time sucking Brenda's tits whenever Mom had to go out on one of her "cosmetic calls" and then one night when I was sucking on a tit my little pecker got real hard and Brenda noticed it making a tent in the front of my pants. She reached down and pulled it out of my pants and said,

"I think this is at least a five incher and as pretty a hard-on as I've ever seen. You are going to be a very fine stud when you grow up honey. I bet this pecker will end up as at least an eight and a half incher."

Then she amazed me and reached down with her mouth and started sucking on it. I started to get these wonderful tingling feelings shooting all through my body and after a couple of minutes I had this wonderful feeling in my thighs and felt my cock shooting something into Brenda's mouth.

I said with some trepidation,

"I'm sorry Brenda. I didn't mean to pee in your mouth. It was an accident. Please don't be mad at me."

Brenda said,

"Don't worry honey. I'm not mad. That wasn't pee. It was cum and it tasted delicious. You shot two nice wads of it which was pretty good for your age."

Well for the rest of the time Brenda was my babysitter until just before my 12th birthday when Mom decided I didn't need a babysitter anymore, Brenda explained to me the basic birds and bees stuff while I sucked on her tits and then she would suck my cock for me and eat my cum. By the time I was 11-1/2 I was consistently generating four thick wads of cum for her to eat every time she sucked me off. She told me that someday if I was lucky enough to get to suck my mamma's tits that I could tell her that it was Brenda that taught me how to properly suck on a tit and everything else we did. A couple of years ago I told Mom and she just laughed and said, "I should have known that old whore wouldn't pass up a chance at a hard cock. I'll have to call her and thank her for such a good job of training you honey."

Anyway, as I said earlier, I did not find out that my Mom was a whore until I was 15. I was on the high school soccer team and we were supposed to travel to another town across state for a Friday night game with an arch rival high school. We had two yellow school busses for the three and a half hour trip which included our school cheerleaders and we loaded up and departed at about 4 pm for an 8:30 game time. The team was on the first bus and the cheerleaders were on the second bus. The game would be over around 10 pm and we expected to be back home that night between 2 and 3 am.

About 2 hours into the trip, coach got a cell phone call informing him that the game was cancelled because of a utility power failure and all the lights on the field were out and wouldn't be repaired until the following day at the earliest and the game would be re-scheduled. So we stopped at a roadside fast food joint for some pizza, burgers and soft drinks and then started back home. The coaches were not paying much attention to what bus we all got back on and some of us guys who had girlfriends on the cheerleading squad sneaked on the cheerleaders bus for the return trip.

I had been dating Cindy, one of the new cheerleaders, for about two months and we went all the way to the back of the bus on the long bench seat to make out a little. I was still a virgin and had been trying for the last several months to get her to let me fuck her with no success. The most she would let me do up to that point was to feel and suck her tits and sometimes rub her pussy and clit through her panties. But that night in the back of that bus in the dark we were engaged in some pretty heavy petting and she had let me remove her panties so that I could finger fuck her a little and when she got really turned on she started begging me in a hoarse whisper to,

"Fuck me Joey baby ... oh please fuck me now ... hurry, I want your cock in me..."

I was stunned and surprised as I never expected her to beg me to fuck her, especially in the bus with all our friends sitting up in the front, and all of a sudden I got really nervous because I had not ever fucked a woman's cunt before and wasn't sure of myself. I fumbled around at getting my belt undone and dropped my pants and then fumbled around some more trying to get my hard cock pulled out of my tight jockey underwear and Cindy was getting impatient and said,

"Hurry up Joey ... damn it ... I want to be fucked now baby-not next week!"

Cindy was laying on her back on that long and narrow bench seat and her cunt hole was in an awkward position for me to spear it with my cock in that cramped area. Finally, I got my cock free and leaned over her body and started punching frantically at her pussy with my cock but it wouldn't go in! I kept missing her cunt hole! Every time I would try and punch it in her cunt the damn bus would bounce and her cunt hole would move and I would end up hitting her pussy slit with my cock.

I started to panic and punched at her cunt hole five or six more times with the same result when all of a sudden Cindy started to giggle and then broke out in hilarious laughter and pushed me off of her and sat up still laughing her head off. A couple of my teammates with some of the other cheerleaders came on back to see what was so funny. Cindy told them all in between laughing fits,

"Guys, you won't believe this, but I was finally going to let Joey fuck me and my cunt was all juiced up and ready to be speared by his hard cock, but when he finally managed to get his cock out of his pants he started punching my pussy way up at the top nowhere near my cunt hole. I think he was trying to fuck my clit and make me a new cunt hole!! He just kept poking his cock at my clit! It was just too funny, I couldn't help it!"

I was mortified and embarrassed beyond words. I had made a fool of myself and just knew that I would soon be the butt of jokes all over the school as the soccer jock who tried to fuck his girl but couldn't find her cunt. Well that was the end of any making out that night, and in fact the end of my relationship with Cindy. But as I found out some time later, that was no loss because Cindy had been fucking almost anyone who wanted a fuck since she was about 12 years old and was well known to everyone around school—except to me of course— as a real fuck slut who fucked anyone who asked.

Well somehow I survived the rest of the bus ride back home with all the good natured jokes my friends were throwing at me about not knowing how to fuck a girl. Two of the cheerleaders, Sally and Patty Ann, both of whom were a year ahead of me in school, came back to sit next to me and Sally said,

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