Who'd Have Thought?

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2010 by Thesandman

Incest Sex Story: His mother and sister both had told him he should have never married in the first place. And perhaps he shouldn't have... but he had done so for reasons that he couldn't share with either one of them

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Cousins   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Admittedly I was feeling pretty shitty when I walked in and dumped most of my worldly possessions back in my old bedroom. I was just twenty-five, married a little over a year, and already my marriage was over with. My wife, soon to be ex-wife as soon as I could contact a lawyer and start divorce proceedings, was pregnant. Problem was, it wasn't mine. I was nearly one hundred percent sure it wasn't to begin with, though that wouldn't be fully determined until we'd gotten the blood tests back after the baby was born. And why did I think that? Mainly, because I had stumbled onto Christy's diary for one, which had started all this. Even after we started dating, as attractive as she was, high school sweetheart, cheerleader, and the whole nine yards. Even back then ... she was the epitome of the running joke regarding dumb blondes. She had stupidly recorded each and every assignation with the equally dumb-assed ex-star quarterback. A guy she'd been seeing, and sleeping with behind my back almost from the very beginning.

Bad enough that, but then I'd faked going to work, parked around the corner from our apartment, and sure enough ... not fifteen minutes later asshole showed up. I waited fifteen minutes, plenty of time to let the two of them fuck themselves ... literally. And then quietly opened the door, entering our apartment. Seconds after I had, I could hear the two of them going at it like two cats in a burlap bag. I stopped briefly in the kitchen, grabbing a towel, and then walked down the hallway, just short of the bedroom door. They hadn't even bothered to close it, so sure of themselves. Steeling myself, I walked the last few final feet, Christy was sitting on top of him, her back turned towards me, blocking assholes view of the door as I quietly crept closer and closer towards them.

I'd already twisted up the wet towel ... waited, timing the thrust, and then "thwap". I let go with all my might, perfectly timed, perfectly aimed. Christy was so dumb, she actually thought Berferd balls, as I now thought of him, though his name was Bert as I recall, was climaxing. I couldn't even begin to imagine how that must of felt, but I was grinning inwardly as he suddenly bucked up, screaming out for all he was worth, Christy trying to hold on like she was riding a bucking bronco, likewise crying out, only she was yelling, "Yes baby! Yes! Come for me! Come for me! Fill my pussy with your hot creamy juice!"

She didn't know Berferd was shitting himself, the bed and everywhere else. Only then did I make my presence known to her.

"I hope he was worth it," I said. "See you in court."

While numb-nuts, and they sure as hell must have been, reached down trying to find out if he still even had a cock and balls. All the while still struggling to force air back into his lungs, and Christy now, wide-eyed, freaked (especially on discovering what she was now sitting in) jumped up off the bed, running around like a chicken with her head cut-off (and no shit ... pun intended here) actually trying to cover herself with her hands. Like that made any fucking difference at this point. Screaming out "EEEEEEEUWWWWWWW, YUCK! EEEEEEEEUWWWW!" Looking at the bed, me ... herself, the bed again, as I stuffed a few of my more important things into an old duffle bag.

"I'll be back tomorrow for the rest of my things. Just make sure you and numb-nuts, or no-nuts rather, aren't here when I do!" And with that, I left ... heading home, though I wasn't too happy about it, but having no place else to go at the moment, giving me no other choice.

Although I had my suspicions, and was relatively sure the baby wasn't mine now, I couldn't very well dump her out on the street until I knew for sure. How she managed, if she could manage to maintain the apartment on her pitiful income was no longer my concern. She could stay there until the next month's rent was due, and then worry about wherever the hell it was she was going to live. At the moment ... I could have cared less.

You see ... I was still going to school, and working a part-time job, so having kids was completely out of the question. Even with Christy using birth control, I hadn't wanted to take any chances of her getting pregnant, so we had always used ... always, always used ... a condom in addition to that. Talk about fate playing a cruel joke here ... she had indeed gotten pregnant anyway. I had even read the stupid fucking entry in her diary when she wrote about it, wondering even as she put it down, if it was Bert's baby, and not mine. Especially as she also noted, "I'm not sure if Danny and I ever did it without one?" She put a whole row of question marks behind her comment. That's how dumb she truly was. As for the idiot, I noticed in that small split-second of perfect timing, poor old black and blue balls ... hadn't been wearing one.

Thirty minutes later I was standing in my old bedroom, having dumped out what little I'd brought with me onto my old bed. Not too surprisingly, no one was home. Mom would of course be at work ... and my younger sister Kathy would be attending school at a local university, as I knew she was carrying a pretty full course load. She worked part-time as well, so it was rare than she was ever home herself anymore, let alone ... having any kind of a social life. I'd always felt my kid sister of two years was cute, certainly not drop-dead gorgeous, but reasonably attractive. What she lacked in looks if anything, she more than made up in brains, having managed to get an almost full scholarship at the local university, which was helping her pay the way through the courses she was taking. Ironically enough, we could end up graduating at almost the same time together the way things were going. I then walked into the kitchen, pulled a beer out of the refrigerator, and had breakfast. After I'd done that, I figured I owed mom a phone-call, I could almost ... but not quite hear her say, "I told you so."

I knew she wouldn't. She wouldn't actually do that, say that ... but she along with my sister had both tried very hard to get me to rethink my marrying Christy in the first place. I wish to hell I had listened to them.

And I hated dumping all this on mom anyway. She'd more or less been through it herself, the day my old man had walked out on her years ago, dumping mom for a woman half my dad's age. Mom had gotten her "Told you so," on him a year later when she ran off with yet another guy, and basically drained all of dad's accounts. He had tried to weasel his way back in to moms affections, to no avail. She was the one who had given me the idea of the twisted up towel trick. Dad had intended to surprise her, seduce her in a sick twisted way, walking in on her while she'd been in the bathroom taking a shower. He'd stripped off his clothes, stood out in the hallway, jerking himself until he was nice and hard, and then intended to come in and hopefully ... entice her. Mom luckily enough, had caught movement out of the corner of her eye, caught dad in the mirror preparing to sneak into the bathroom, and had just managed to twist up the towel off the rack, wetting it just before hand. He came in, she opened the sliding glass door ... and "Thwap".

He was still laying on the floor when the police came and arrested him for breaking and entering, along with attempted rape, which was clearly quite obvious. But the real surprise came during the trial when his equally idiotic attorney had brought dad's girlfriend in as a character witness. He actually tried using her to show that dad had been distraught, sorry for what he'd done, beside himself with grief. Only that turned into something else as it was revealed that "what's her name," wasn't twenty-one as she had claimed, hadn't even turned eighteen until just a short time ago, which meant ... dad had been having sex and sleeping with an under-aged minor for the better part of a year by this time. It was comical seeing his face as he sat there looking dumbfounded at the Judge, who sat looking back at him, scowling.

He ended up taking a plea deal and got fifteen years, he'd be out in five with good behavior.

He was still serving time. And I could have cared less.

After I finished my beer, I called mom at work. She was doing pretty well for herself by now, working as a claims adjuster for a fairly large Insurance company. As such, her hours were flexible, though she stayed fairly busy, once in a while traveling out of state even. But, she did love her job, felt self sufficient, enough so ... she hadn't gone looking for another man to fill the void. Sure ... she dated on occasion, and no doubt fucked some of the men she did date. On the nights she didn't come home, that was pretty clear what she was doing. But she never once brought anyone home, not while Kathy and I were still living there at least. And so far as I knew, even after I'd married and moved out, she hadn't then either.

"Hi sweetie! What's up?" Mom asked curiously. I very often did call her, just not usually first thing in the morning on a workday. I'd already called in, taken the day off ... figuring I'd need to.

"Just wanted to thank you."

"For what?"

"For the towel trick you pulled on Jack," I told her. She got my meaning, ever since he'd left, I had refused to call him dad. And then I told her ... the rest of the story.

I had tried very hard to dissuade her from coming home, but she wouldn't have it. She was already on her way. Now worried and concerned for her "baby" as she'd called me, which I think to her, I always would be ... no matter how old I got. In a way ... it was comforting. I might very well be my own man at this point, but the truth of the matter was, I was in need of a little TLC myself at the moment. And mom was just what the Dr. ordered.

Except for one thing. It was because of mom that I'd moved out and gotten married in the first place. Not because of anything she'd ever done ... but because of what I was afraid I might do. You see ... I had always had this desire, for her. A desire that try as I might ... for so many years, I just couldn't put out of my head. And the last thing she needed was to have to be confronted with the likes of her own sick, twisted, perverted son. Jack was bad enough, she didn't need another one. And now ... here I was again, right back where I'd started. On the one hand, almost glad to be home again. On the other, scared shitless ... afraid of what I might do or say, or inadvertently let slip out. All I could do for now was bide my time, hope for the best, and eventually move out, and find yet again, another place to stay that would keep some distance between the two of us. Until then, I'd have to be content with my secret, private fantasies and pleasures, and hope to hell she never found out.

She was home ten minutes later. And two seconds after that, she was holding my head against her breasts trying to comfort and sooth me. Which helped immensely, because it did. But ... I was now also standing there with a very painful, hard throbbing erection, trying desperately to keep it from digging into her thigh, or anywhere's else for that matter as she mashed my head against those almost perfect, full beautiful breasts of hers.

Yeah ... I had seen them, on more than one occasion. Nudity had never been a major issue in our house growing up. Mom refused to let the situation with Jack turn sexuality, pleasure, and the rest of that into something less than what it was really meant to be. She didn't openly parade around in the buff or anything, but if either Kathy or I happened in on her while she was dressing, or undressing, she didn't exactly shoo us out of the room either. She always went about her business as though we weren't even there, never making it a big deal, though it very often for me ... became a big deal, later ... in the privacy of my bedroom as I lay there on my bed jerking off, with whatever new images, thoughts ... or fantasies I now had regarding her. Another reason I felt like such a shit for doing so. If mom ever found out how I felt, she'd no doubt find the way to take the blame for it herself, looking back, wishing she'd never been the way she'd been with us growing up. And that was the last thing I ever wanted her to do either.

But there I was now, only a millimeter of material away from having my face rubbing directly against those still gorgeous breasts of hers, and having a hard on to boot, which was going to take some fancy shuffling on my part, to keep her from being aware of.

She then spotted the empty beer bottle sitting on the kitchen table. "It's a bit too early for that Danny, how about I fix you some real breakfast instead?"

"I'm not really hungry mom ... but coffee would be nice," I told her. She relented, and began making it, while it dripped, she announced since she'd taken the rest of the day off so she could be with me, that she was going upstairs to change into her "comfy clothes" as she called them. Once again, I was almost wishing she wouldn't. And then again ... looking forward to seeing her in them again, it had been, after all, a long time since I had.

The coffee was just finishing when she came back down the stairs. I was already pouring us both a cup when she came back into the kitchen. Thank god I'd now had enough time for my erection to have gone down considerably, though upon seeing her ... I knew I'd soon need the protection of the kitchen table to hide a renewed erection within moments of seeing her. Like I said ... it had indeed been a while since I'd seen mom wearing her so called, "comfy clothes."

For mom, that usually meant, and in this case certainly did ... no bra. Usually a wife-beater tee shirt, which she had on now, and which looked painted on truth, be told. She had naturally full "C" cup breasts at least, and at 46 years of age, she still looked damn fine, a hell of a lot better than most women her age. She'd kept herself physically fit, almost daily working out in the downstairs exercise room she'd had put in. So she didn't have a lot of excess fat, if any ... and probably in a lot better shape than even I was. Though while living here, I'd worked out with her most every day as well, though again for me ... I'd let the last several month's get away from me as far as a daily regime of exercise went.

She also wore a pair of my old cut off sweats, wearing them almost too short ... even for her, though she had the ass and legs to pull it off. I had always secretly gotten a kick out of the fact they were my old high school sweat pants. Mom said she enjoyed wearing them because it reminded her of me, and the fact of course, they were nice and big, and still comfortable. Sometimes when she sat, depending on how, and where I was, I could see right up the pants leg. Very often I saw panties ... usually, but ... a time or two, I'd had a glimpse into paradise.

But it was an outfit she only wore inside the house, never out, and always changed out of it whenever anyone came over, even when they'd shown up unannounced. In front of Kathy and I however ... mom just loved wearing her comfy clothes whenever she planned on sticking around the house.

Like my sister, and me mom had dark brown hair, hazel colored eyes. Both Kathy and mom very often wore their hair in ponytails, making them look almost like sisters, as opposed to being mother-daughter. That's how good of shape mom truly was in. Only when she let her hair out full, wore a bit of makeup, did her true beauty and maturity, truly shine through. As much as I loved seeing her like that, I had also come to resent it to. Usually when she dressed up like that, she was going out ... either to attend some function or convention ... or to spend the night in a hotel or motel some place, fucking another guys cock. I hated that I was jealous of that, hated what it did to me ... hated the way I thought, and very often the way I acted around her, or even treated her, when I had no good reason for doing so. Mom eventually sort of caught on. After that, she'd maybe inform Kathy as to what her plans were, which she'd then tell me later ... after mom had already somehow managed to sneak out of the house without having to confront me.

Like I said ... it had gotten to the point that when Christy came along, I jumped at the chance, even knowing as I did ... it probably wouldn't last.

Mom of course now sitting across from me at the table, sipping her coffee. Me ... trying very hard not to stare at her fairly dark, very obvious, dollar sized nipples, which seemed to be already pressing, and poking against the thin material of her tee.

"So, tell me again ... at the beginning, when you walked down the hallway with the towel in your hand..."

Mom always had a way of making a bad situation, into something humorous, as long as it didn't hurt or offend anyone. I knew she was trying to do that now, staying well away from the "I told you so," she must have been thinking. I related the story again, and then we laughed, and cried hysterically as I recounted it, each time seemingly funnier, with Christy dancing around the room, covered in shit, and Bert wailing away like a baby, still rolling around in it himself. I wish I had had a camera with me. One of those "priceless" moments.

And then things sort of got serious again. "Well, I for one ... am glad you're back. And you damn well know Danny, you're welcome to stay here as long as you'd like. There's no reason for you to go rushing out, trying to find someplace else to live. Especially right now, where you need family, need to be with family ... and that brings us to a whole other issue."

"Oh? What?" I asked curiously ... somewhat nervously. Another thing about mom was, was her uncanny ability to seemingly read minds. If not specifics, she knew enough to know when something was festering, bothering ... and gnawing at either one of us ... Kathy or me.

"I know ... you left to get married for reasons other than being in love with her. You'll never convince me Danny, that you ever really were. So ... how about you now level with me? Why'd you run off and marry her in the first place?"

I knew damn well there was no way in hell I was going to tell her the real reason. Jesus, she'd kick my ass out the door the moment I mentioned a single word about the way I truly felt about her. So I quite naturally lied.

"Well, mainly ... because you know, we'd just started having sex, and well ... it seemed like it was the right thing to do at the time, you know ... make it legal and all."

"Ah huh..." Mom said taking a sip of her coffee, peering over the rim of her cup at me as she said that. It had sounded pretty lame, even to me.

"No ... really," I said in my own defense, though I knew damn well my eyes were saying otherwise as she looked directly into them.

"Ok, we'll table this for now," she offered. "Especially under the circumstances. But ... I'm telling you right here and now, and I want you to promise me something..." she paused, waiting.

"Promise you what?"

"When you're ready ... you'll tell me the truth, no matter what, no matter how bad you think it might be. You owe me that much. And I'll promise you in return, I won't judge anything you have to say, or share with me. And that ... I do promise you!"

"Ah huh," I said in kind. And then added, seeing her stern serious look. "Ok, I promise. Really ... when I'M ready!"

At least she had given me that much. In my mind ... I doubted I ever would be.

"Listen honey, why don't you go up stairs and take a nice long hot shower, maybe it will help to relax you."

That sounded like a fine idea on several counts. For one, it would again put some distance between us for a while anyway. And two, I needed to desperately do something about this almost painful erection I now had once again. Seeing mom in her "comfy clothes" had certainly gotten to me, and I'd been sitting there running through a scenario of decadent thoughts almost the entire time we'd been talking. That's how sick and twisted I was. Even a simple conversation between us, didn't detract from the visions I sat enjoying about my own mother.

I really was sick. And I had a hard on. First things first.

I entered the bathroom, got the water going nice and hot, stripped down, and then stepped in. The water felt good on my skin as it pummeled against me, already starting to relax, though still highly aroused. A mixture of emotions now flooding through me all at once. It just sort of hit me, unexpectedly. Wasting the last year of my life, soon to be divorced, home again ... seeing mom again, I suddenly found myself standing there bawling like a baby. So consumed in my own grief, my stupidity, my absurd, perverted, twisted arousal, I hadn't really heard the simple knock on the bathroom door.

Mom had decided I might need some fresh towels and had brought some up to me. I had forgotten what it was like living here. In the past, mom had done that before, a brief simple knock, and then if the door was unlocked, either to our bedrooms, or the bathroom, she'd simply walk in and do whatever she was there to do. Whether that was to deliver towels, or folded clean laundry to our rooms. I should have remembered that, should have locked the bathroom door, though later ... I wondered if I hadn't subconsciously forgotten to do so ... hoping mom would enter the room.

The thing was, she had. And she heard me ... standing there in the shower crying. I wasn't even aware of her presence until suddenly the sliding glass doors opened, and then she did something she had never done before, she stepped in ... fully clothed, spinning me around, hugging her to me.

"Oh baby ... oh honey, it's ok ... mommies here."

Now I had a new dilemma. I was naked ... mom wasn't, though she might as well have been. Standing there in the shower with me, her white, wife-beater tee shirt might as well have been translucent. Still in a bit of shock at her unexpected presence, mom held me against her, more specifically, those same breasts which I could easily see now, staring down at them, seeing the very clear, very dark coloration of her rock hard nipples as they speared through the soaked, plastered tee shirt she was wearing. But even more problematic of course, I could feel my hard firm erection digging into my mother's abdomen. And if I could...

Still hugging me to her, me still slobbering a bit, though the crying was now pretty much under control, replaced quite naturally of course, because now I was frightened, and confused well beyond my ability to cope with it. Mom of course, taking my sudden calmness as having been comforted, relaxing ... which I was anything but. Almost too scared to move ... my cock still digging into her tummy, as I now tried to gingerly back away a bit. And then I got an even bigger shock. I felt her hand surrounding it.

"Danny ... please, don't say anything, don't think ... just, let me ... do something for you. I ... I think, this might help you to relax."

The next thing I knew, mom was stroking my cock, lovingly, firmly ... tenderly. I seriously thought I was dreaming, standing there beneath the shower, the feel of her soft firm breasts pressing against me.

"This ... is silly," she then said, which for a moment made me think that she'd suddenly realized not only how silly this really was ... but how weird, how sick ... how demented it actually was, and that I had perhaps in some way, caused her to forget herself, and realize what it was she was doing ... holding her own sons cock. But what she did was, step back, suddenly reaching down and pulled the tee shirt she was wearing, up and over her head. But she didn't stop there either, she then shimmied out of her now equally wet, equally drenched sweat shorts, and now stood there in front of me, just as naked as I was. Once again her hand came out, wrapping itself around my hard turgid member.

"There, that's better!" she said, as she began stroking it for me once more. I was at a total loss for words. I didn't know what the hell to say ... words would come later perhaps, when we sat down to discuss this, which I was pretty sure we would. But for now, all I could do was reach out, my hands coming up to cup my own mother's breasts as she stood there jerking me off. I was half expecting her to push my hands away, removing them from off her breasts, though under the circumstances, that would have been as absurd as what she was actually doing. Instead, she moaned, leaning into me, her head on my shoulder now as I continued toying with her boobs, fingers now easily locating her hard extended nipples, playing with them, pulling on them. She sighed again, pleasurably. "God baby ... that feels so good."

"Yeah ... no shit," I finally answered back, hearing the catch in my own voice as I said it, still in disbelief at what was happening here. My wildest fantasies coming true, though how they had, why they had ... continued to escape me. But for now at least, I didn't care how, or why ... only that it was. Words indeed ... would come later, afterwards.

I heard her laugh at that, chuckle ... sighing once more. It was the best sound, the greatest sound, and the most comforting thing she could have ever done, aside from her playing with my cock anyway.

I felt my knees buckling, already starting to get the shakes, what she was doing ... the way she was doing it, felt heavenly. All thoughts of her being my mom, playing with my dick, suddenly evaporating like so many raindrops hitting a hot sidewalk on a summers day. All I could think about for the moment was the tightness in my balls, the sensation of what I damn well knew was going to be one mother-loving, earth-shattering orgasm, only seconds from now. That ... and the feel of those god-loving, hot-fucking, incredible tits I held in my hands as it started to happen.

"Oh fuck mom ... Jesus, oh God, oh God! Oh GOD!"

"Let it come baby, that's it ... let it come, feel it baby ... give it to mommy," she told me. And then I did.

It felt like I came forever! Standing there looking down at myself, as we both were now, heads together in fact, watching the semen leap from my cock, spurting upwards, defying gravity as I splurged against her, specifically those same breasts I continued to hold, watching my semen as it covered her, leaving tracers of my spunk splashing against her as she cried out in delirious glee and enjoyment, watching it. And all I could think of to do then ... was kiss her.

I think that one ... caught her off guard. At least for a moment anyway. Obviously I had never ever kissed her quite like that. Not the ole' typical kiss your mom kind of a kiss ... this was full on lips, seeking lips, tongue suddenly spearing into her mouth, without thinking, just reacting, succumbing to the moment. There was only the briefest hesitation, withdrawal if you will as she no doubt involuntarily reacted back to the unexpected, perhaps unanticipated reaction. But then suddenly, as quick as she'd started to move away, she pressed forward. Now it was her tongue dancing with mine, her mouth seeking, and chewing on my lips, her breath coming fast, anxious and as needful as mine was. And my cock continued to throb, somehow continued to drip, if not spurt now at least, still bubbling cum, still drooling out semen onto her hand as she still continued working it, moving it up and down, back and forth, lovingly, still playfully ... squeezing out every single drop.

Only when I was fully sated, did she release me, stepping back a bit, forcing the two of us to break the tongue duel we'd been having. Her face was flushed, as was mine of course. Her hands now coming up around my neck, not so much to wrap them around holding me, as I felt her rinsing her hands off, knowing as she did, she was washing away all traces of what she'd just done to me. What she'd allowed herself to do to me, wondering as she did ... was she now finally having guilt feelings having done so? She then rinsed off her cum soaked breasts as well, only turning then, once again opening the door of the shower.

"I'll give you a moment to collect yourself. After that ... we probably should talk. Come see me in my room," she then added, stepping out, toweling off quickly, her wet soggy clothes still laying inside the shower stall. She didn't even bother picking them up, taking them with her. I heard the gentle close of the door behind her as she left the bathroom. And I stood there, looking down at my still slightly stiff member, trying to convince myself that it had actually really happened. And then wondering ... what the hell I had done, what she was no doubt now feeling. I could only imagine the thoughts she must have been dealing with at this point, what I had somehow confused her into doing.

I dreaded walking into her room.

I took an inordinate amount of time drying off. Slipping into a fresh pair of 'tighty-whities' and a clean tee shirt I had brought in with me. There was no point going back to my room to finish dressing, or putting anything else on, as I'd have to walk by her bedroom door in order to do so, and I could see as I stepped out into the hallway, her door was open. At least I was somewhat dressed now, as I figured she'd be again.

I stepped into the doorway of her room, she was sitting there on the edge of her bed, she at least had a large fluffy bath towel wrapped around herself, so she wasn't exactly naked still ... just naked beneath it, and once again, my stupid prick sort of betrayed me, throbbing a bit with the realization of that, even growing a little, though not enough to once again embarrass the hell out of me, or totally betray my thoughts.

"You ah ... wanted to talk mom?"

"I think we should yes ... there's something I need to say to you," she said patting the bed next to her, inviting me to sit down. Her face was still flushed, though again so was mine as I took a seat, trembling a bit nervously, anxiously. "I need to apologize to you," she said simply, sounding obviously concerned, worried ... no doubt guilty.

"For what? There's nothing for you to apologize for! If anything, I should be the one to apologize to you, for making you do something you shouldn't have!"

She looked at me like I'd just turned blue or something. "Making me ... do?" She seemed to ask, still looking perplexed. "Danny ... I wanted to, it was me remember? You didn't ask me ... I was the one who just got in ... I was the one who ... who, grabbed you, you didn't say, ask..."

She was right of course, that's what really had happened, though in my mind, I had somehow replayed it, using my own fears, twisting things around. Once I realized that, I sat staring at her.

"You ... you wanted to do that?" I said suddenly dumbfounded.

Once again she was looking at me like I had lost my mind, and maybe I had. "For a long time now ... yes. I figured you knew that, and that was the real reason why you felt like you needed to leave, needed to get out of the house, no matter what. Which is the real reason you actually married Christy. That IS the reason isn't it? What you've been so afraid to tell me, honestly, until now?"

This was really fucked up. Now I really was confused. And must have looked like it.

"Since ... since when?" I stammered. "I mean ... I left, but, shit ... fuck, sorry ... I mean ... I married her yes, to, to ... keep from, Jesus!" I said in exasperation. Mom once again was wide-eyed looking at me, trying to let me finish, but now as flustered and confused as I was. "Damn it mom! I left because I wanted to be with you! My own mother! Not Christy!"

There, I'd said it. And whatever else happened now, it was out in the open. I couldn't take it back, couldn't change it, but in a weird way, it actually felt good finally getting it all out in the open.


Once again silence passing between us as we sat there on the bed looking at one another.

"You've ... wanted ... me?"

"For as far back now as I can ever remember mom, yes. I figured that if you ever found that out, you'd disown me. And after what had happened with Jack, well ... let's just say, I have no desire to feel what that fucking towel feels like."

She burst out laughing, and then I did. And then she collapsed back onto the bed, still laughing, and then I rolled over, not quite on top of her, but looking at her.

"We still have to talk, about a whole lot of things ... but not right now," she said, and then put her hands on my face, and pulled me towards her, once again kissing me, this time passionately, not like a mom, not like a mother ... but like a woman. And as I did that, as we kissed, I felt movement, opened my eyes just a little, and watched as she simply undid her robe, parting it.

She was naked again.

"Make love to me Danny ... please," she asked. "Make love ... to your mother! God help me ... help us, but ... please Danny, please. Fuck me!"

I was as naked as she was two seconds later. Not even realizing when I reached down to yank off my underwear that I was as hard as a rock again. But I most certainly was. Now looking down, looking at the very place I had once come from, and was about to go back too ... I felt hypnotized, certainly mesmerized, and didn't just want to go shoving my hard dick inside her without refamiliarizing myself with her again either. Perhaps expecting me to do just that, mom scooted up further onto the bed, opening her legs, allowing herself to so uninhibitedly invite me, vulnerably. Flushed ... anxious, certainly aroused. Still sitting beside her for a moment, looking at her, I could see the glistening dew of her moisture actually seeping out, coating her lips, bathing them in an intoxicating, liquid invitation. Which I accepted of course, but not in quite the way she was at that moment expecting.

I finally rolled over between her legs, and then ran my tongue up her split.

"OH MY GOD!" Was all she said, and then cried out pleasurably, her hands suddenly running through my hair, keeping me pressed against her as I continued to tickle her, tease her, exploring her now with my tongue as I tasted her essence for the very first time.

As much as I hate to admit it, one of the few things I had enjoyed doing for Christy, was going down on her. Mostly because I liked it, though she certainly did. And rarely, if ever, did she actually reciprocate the same for me. Usually nothing more than a brief interlude of what I knew she felt was necessary foreplay, before just climbing on top. Never once had I ever come in her mouth, something that was simply unthinkable for her to do. But I still enjoyed tonguing her never the less. One of the few real highlights of our marriage. But now ... here I was, doing that, and enjoying it even more, oh yes..."far fucking more!" I thought to myself as I lay there between mom's legs, running my tongue up and down that sweet tasting furrow. Shaven, which was a bit of a surprise as even Christy hadn't done that, preferring a 'landing strip, ' as it was called, which I personally found silly. I'd always enjoyed either or ... as opposed to that. And now, here I was, licking my own mother's cunt, running my tongue up to her clit, lapping at it, and then gingerly, softly, sucking it.

Now I knew mom never was a prude. And that there was a down to earth openness about her. Always had been. Not like she didn't cuss, because she did, and threw as many "F" bombs around as Kathy and I called them, as anyone else did, especially when she was frustrated, or tired, or had had "one of those days." So it's not like I hadn't heard her say fuck before. But ... the way she was saying it now, and the meaning in the way she was saying it, was like erotic, blissful, beautiful music to my ears.

"Oh fuck, baby! Baby! Yes! Yes! Oh my god yes! Eat my cunt baby! Fuck me with your tongue, your fingers! Suck me ... suck my clit, suck it ... eat it ... fuck it! Finger it! Make me cum!"

Man ... she ran off a string of erotic, sensual sounding words in a way I'd never heard her use before. And for the briefest of moments, I actually was jealous again. Jealous of any man who had ever heard her say that, speak like that. But then I chased those thoughts away, somehow I knew ... even without asking, she'd never called any one of those guys baby, and meant it the way she said in saying it to me.

"Lick me baby ... lick me ... eat me honey, eat your mothers cunt!"

As worked up as she was, (though I'd like to think it was my now rapidly flicking tongue on her clit!) with the sexual tension in the air, the sudden realizations we'd just both experienced, and the now out in the open knowledge of everything ... mom and I both had just given ourselves over to this unbridled pleasure. Needless to say ... it didn't take long. Moments later, mom's hands were once again pulling on my scalp, literally humping herself up now against me, mashing her pussy against my face, grinding ... humping, me holding on, now sucking her clit, hard, harder still as she implored me into doing so as she came.

"Oh my god Danny! Danny! DANNNNNNNNNNNNNY!" She exploded my name orgasmic in nature, as she wailed out at the top of her lungs, soaking me, along with everything else. As I now discovered something else I'd never known about mom. She was a squirter!

Even after she had finished spending herself against me, I continued to lay there, lapping up all that sweet glorious juice, softly still exploring, drinking, sucking up her nectar wherever I could find it hiding within the folds of her slick juicy pussy.

Finally she reached down forcing me away. I looked up, my face glistening with her juice, I could feel it, sense it, smell it and still taste it.

"Now ... come make love to me," she said as though reciting a prayer. I lifted up, still on my knees, moving into and between her. My cock throbbed, the head more swollen and purple than I'd ever seen it, even in the shower. Mom looked down, gasping as she did. She reached out, taking it in her hand, placing it against the lips of her cunt, rubbing it up and down, teasing herself. "I helped in bringing you into this world, out of this same very place. And now more than anything Danny, I want to be the one to bring you back into it."

I waited, content to do so, enjoying the feel of her hand on me again as she teased me, teased herself, just rubbing the tip up and down her succulent, hot, wet split. I was thankful I had come a short while earlier, not yet fighting for control, even as good as this felt. Enjoying the ride, the tease ... the sensual playfulness my own mother's hand was giving me. I felt her lips suck, caress, encompass and surround the head of my dick, heard the juicy, erotic, decadent sounds she made with it, sounds she made herself. Hot naughty sucking sounds, slick sounds, slippery obscene, vulgar, beautiful sounds as she introduced my cock into her pussy. I felt the head ease inside, her hand still holding, guiding me inch by precious inch until she could no longer continue holding onto it.

"Fuck me now Danny! Fuck me! Spear me with that sweet cock of yours!"

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