Nude Planet
Chapter 9

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 9 - Kasha, a teenage girl who has lived all her life in the repressed world of space, is moved with her family to the clothing optional, sexually liberal planet of Lupina. As her whole way of life is turned on its head, she meets some new friends and a certain boy who will change her life forever.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow   School   Nudism  

It was more than a week before Kasha felt ready to confront Gene about his infidelity. Her friends did a lot of consoling her during that time, sometimes in mundane ways that involved shopping and ice cream and mochaccinos; other times it was in more ... intimate ways. Though she still enjoyed their sex games when it was just the girls, she began declining to join them whenever they would have guys involved. She still needed some more time to get her head around that.

Still, the little "girl bangs," as her friends liked to call them, were doing wonders to clear her head. Celia was very good with her fingers, and Gillian had an incredibly dexterous tongue. And she had yet to find someone who kissed better than Tatjana. Sometimes a couple other girls from school got involved, like Maity and Toria, which she found made things even more fun, but were just fun, and not so much about consolation.

Finally on a Thursday she managed to break down and give Gene a call. She agreed to come over to his place and listen to what he had to say, but that was it. She wasn't ready to forgive him just yet, but she was willing to listen.

When she arrived at his house, Gene greeted her at the door, brought her to the quieter of his two living rooms, and sat her down on the couch. After a moment of silence, she said, "If you've got an explanation, I'm waiting."

"I'm sorry you had to see that without any warning," he said at last.

"Yeah, I'll bet you are," Kasha scoffed.

"I suppose I can still forget that you've been raised to view certain things differently than most of us here. I know in space you've been taught to value things like monogamy; the fact is that's just not an accepted value here."

"So you're saying that society on this planet makes it okay to sleep around behind my back?"

He paused for a second. "Kasha ... when you get together with your friends, you fool around sexually a lot, don't you?"

Kasha hesitated before answering, " ... Yes..."

"They sometimes get other guys involved?"

" ... Yes..."

"You ever do anything with them?"

"No!" she said with much more conviction. "I was trying to stay faithful to you. If I'd known what that would be worth—"

"If you had done anything with them, it would have been okay with me," he said.

Kasha fell speechless.

"Do you know why?" he continued. "Because it would have been just fun. That's what you're doing when you and your friends fool around, isn't it? You're just having fun."

"Is that what you and Gretchen were doing? Just having fun?"

Gene looked uncomfortable, and took a seat next to her, hesitating for a long moment. "That's ... a little different."

"How? Explain to me what's different about this?"

Gene sighed, pausing again. "Gretchen and I have been having sex since I was thirteen. She was my first, in fact; the one who introduced me to sex. It's just part of our normal routine; just something we always do. And it's not just me, either. She's been with my dad and Paul many times, both of them married men, and both with their wives' knowledge and approval. I guess that was my mistake with you, that I didn't tell you about what Gretchen and I regularly do and let you find out the way you did. I'm sorry it happened that way. I'm also sorry if you expected me to give up that part of my relationship with her when I started seeing you, because I don't think that's going to happen. I know it goes against how you were taught to think, but that's how it is here."

Kasha said nothing. As much as she wanted to remain indignant with him, what he was saying actually seemed to make some kind of sense.

Gene leaned closer, putting an arm around her shoulder. "Gretchen is a big part of my life; she always has been. That doesn't mean I care any less about you."

With that, Kasha felt her anger beginning to melt away. Some part of her thought she should have been trying to remove his presumptuous arm from her, but she didn't. Nor did she try to remove the hand he placed on her thigh and began moving slowly up and down.

Nor did she try to stop him when he tilted her face up and leaned in closer to her.

Nor did she pull away when his lips met hers.

Nor did she fight her sudden urge to put an arm around his neck.

As they kissed, Kasha allowed herself a moment to forget why she had been mad at him in the first place.

Then an interruption came.

"May I join you now?"

Kasha turned to the voice, seeing Gretchen standing across the room. For a second, Kasha's indignant fury came flaring back, but she made a conscious effort to fight it down. Gene made a gesture toward the spot on the couch next to Kasha, where Gretchen came and sat down.

"What is this?" Kasha asked.

"I realized that a few words would probably not be enough to help you adjust to our ways here," Gene said. "I thought this might work better."

With that, Gretchen removed the pin holding her bun of soft brown hair in place and shook it out, before leaning over Kasha with a lustful look in her eyes. Kasha leaned back slightly, a bit overwhelmed by the suddenness of this gesture, but when Gretchen kissed her she didn't try to resist.

Kasha let her mouth open and welcomed Gretchen's tongue into it, as she welcomed the feel of Gretchen's hand reaching across to her right breast, letting it knead her flesh and rapidly stiffening nipple. Then came Gene's hand, reaching across to give the same treatment to her left breast, while his lips planted light kisses on the right side of her face and neck.

Kasha surprised herself then by turning her head to switch to kissing Gene, letting Gretchen have the other side of her face to plant kisses on. She found she was melting into this act much quicker than she would have expected.

As she continued making out with Gene, Gretchen slid down her body, coming to her left tit that Gene was massaging. Gretchen gently removed Gene's hand to take Kasha's hard-pointed nipple into her mouth. Kasha moaned softly into Gene's mouth as Gretchen's lips and tongue made slow, lazy circles about her tit.

Gene and Gretchen each placed a hand upon her thigh and began moving them up and down, both of them inching ever closer on each upward stroke to the growing wetness that lay between them. Kasha began scooting forward in her seat and spreading her legs apart. She wasn't sure which of them touched her nether region first; it might have been both of them. All she knew was that when she opened her eyes and looked down, Gene's fingers were probing deep into her wet hole while Gretchen's were performing a graceful ballet on her clit.

As much as Kasha gasped and cried with pleasure at what they were doing, it was when Gene withdrew his fingers from her pussy and fed them into Gretchen's mouth, letting her taste her juices, that Kasha's excitement really leapt up a level. Before she thought what she was doing, she grabbed Gretchen's head and pulled her into a fiery kiss, tasting herself on Gretchen's lips.

Then Gretchen began sliding down off the couch, maneuvering herself between Kasha's spread legs. The haze of pleasure that consumed her when Gretchen buried her face in Kasha's wet sex was enough to make her completely forget about why she'd ever been angry with Gene; and thus, when he rose up on his knees beside her, bringing his stiff cock up to level with her face, she didn't think twice before inhaling it into her mouth.

Kasha sucked happily on Gene's cock, making happy little "Mmmm ... mmmm ... mmmm..." noises, which occasionally became "mmmm ... mMMM!" as Gretchen's tongue lapped at her clit. Her hips bucked and churned under Gretchen's oral ministrations, and her hand sought out Gretchen's scalp purely by feel, as her eyes remained closed, her attention above the neck wholly focused on the throbbing shaft filling her mouth.

Kasha rode through Gretchen pleasuring her with her mouth, until at last Gretchen brought her to a writhing orgasm, making her squeal around Gene's cock. When she came down from her orgasm, she released Gene from her mouth and sat up, pulling Gretchen up to hungrily French her. The taste of her own juices on Gretchen's lips and tongue thrilled her to no end, and kept her riding the wave of excitement even after her orgasm had passed.

Kasha's hungry lips sought out Gretchen's tit, sucking on her puckered nipple like a greedy baby. Gretchen moaned and stirred her hand about in Kasha's hair. Gene meanwhile reached around and grasped Kasha's breasts from behind her, kneading them in slow circles and pinching her nipples, spurring her on further.

"Lay down on your back," Kasha coolly instructed Gretchen, in a husky, lust-filled voice she hardly recognized.

Gretchen smiled, and obeyed, laying down on the carpet, keeping her knees up and her legs apart, allowing Kasha to kneel between them. Bending down on all fours, Kasha proceeded to return the favor Gretchen had just shown her, putting to work all the skills she had practiced with her friends for weeks.

Gretchen wiggled and moaned happily underneath her, while Kasha's own pussy throbbed with a hunger all its own. Her juices began to drip down her thighs. She wondered what sort of beast had possessed her when her head lifted up from Gretchen's crotch, and she heard three words burst from her lips:

"Fuck me, Gene!"

Gene did not need to be told twice. He steadied himself with a hand on her ass, lined himself up behind her and slid easily into her slick tunnel. Kasha stopped tonguing Gretchen's slit to groan aloud as Gene's pulsing length filled her up.

With that he began steadily thrusting into her. Kasha buried her face in Gretchen's pussy, her lips going as if motorized. There was no coherent thought going on in her mind anymore. She was running on pure animal passion.

She was so out of it in fact that it took her a minute after she looked up and saw the second cock being fed into Gretchen's mouth to realize that there was another guy present.

Kasha suddenly jerked up on her knees, making Gene pause in his thrusting. "Paul?" she gasped, recognizing the face of Gene's brother-in-law. "What ... what are you doing?"

"I'm joining you, what's it look like?" he grinned. Gretchen continued sucking him, making no reaction to Kasha's sudden outburst.

"But ... Jerri..."

" ... Is at the park with little Erica," Paul said. "She knows what we're doing, and she's completely okay with it. She told me to make sure you had fun."

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