Nude Planet
Chapter 6

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Kasha, a teenage girl who has lived all her life in the repressed world of space, is moved with her family to the clothing optional, sexually liberal planet of Lupina. As her whole way of life is turned on its head, she meets some new friends and a certain boy who will change her life forever.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow   School   Nudism  

Saturday finally came around, and Kasha was itching with anticipation. The little orgy she had witnessed the other day was still playing through her mind, driving her to constantly rub herself. It had been so hot when she saw Tatjana's dad shoot his load over Celia and his wife, and the two of them began kissing and licking it off each other, while a moment later Gillian had proceeded to suck Mr. Blackrock's cum out of Tatjana.

There was still the big question of how much she would do tonight. She wouldn't mind fooling around with the girls some more, but was she ready to lose her virginity yet? She didn't think so, because ... well, who with? She hardly knew any of the boys at school yet. Except for ... Gene? What about him? Good looking, kind of mysterious, that captivating look in his eye, plus he was the only boy on Lupina whom she'd spoken with for more than ten seconds. Was that enough?

She didn't doubt, living here, surrounded by the sexual culture that pervaded on this planet, that she would end up losing her virginity sooner rather than later, but for tonight, she figured she would just watch all the fucking that would be going on, but wouldn't be doing any of it herself.

She had agreed to meet Tatjana at her place before the party. She wasn't quite comfortable yet being naked in front of her family, so when it was time, she donned her wrap and walked out of her room, told her mom she'd be home tonight, and walked the distance to Tatjana's house.

The door was answered by a dark-haired naked girl of about twelve. Kasha remembered Tatjana telling her about her little sister. "Hi, you must be Sonja," she said. "I'm Kasha, I'm here to see Tatjana?"

"Oh, um, okay," the girl said, stepping back to let her in. Kasha stepped inside, removed her shoes, and after only a moment's hesitation, discarded her wrap.

"Hey, you're that girl from space, aren't you?" Sonja said, suddenly looking more excited.

"Um, yeah, that's me."

"Wow! I'd love to go to space!"

Kasha grinned. "You know, if you did, you'd probably have to put on lots of clothes."

"Really?" Sonja said, her expression going from wonder to puzzlement. "Why?"

"That's just the way it is out there."

"Huh ... that sucks!"

Kasha chuckled silently to herself as she headed up the stairs to Tatjana's room. She knocked on Tatjana's door, getting an immediate "Come on in!"

She stepped through the door to find Tatjana with a large smile on her face, and the lights around her standing mirror illuminated. She also noticed that Tatjana had dazzled up her look a bit, adding some faint purple shading to the contours of her body and adding a few more tattoos, including some streaks going down the slope of her crotch to converge on her bald pussy.

"You like?" Tatjana grinned, noticing her gaze.

"It seems a bit odd, actually," Kasha said.

"But it directs your attention right where I want it to go," Tatjana said, touching her cleft.

"So you're advertising to everyone that you're planning to get laid tonight?"

"At least five times, baby!" Then she took hold of Kasha's shoulders and led her over to the mirror. "Now how about you? Let's see what we can do with your look."

Kasha gulped. "Uh, Tatjana, I told you I'm not really planning on..."

"Kasha, it's a party! It doesn't matter if you're looking to get laid or not, you still want to look your best. Now let's see ... I think green is more your color."

The next hour or so was spent with Tatjana leaning over every inch of Kasha's body, spraying her, brushing her, giving a faint but luminous green tint to Kasha's curves. She added a bit more to the now slightly faded gloss on the pink color on her nipples. She worked on her hair a bit, and then looked her over for a moment. "You still think you don't want to add some tattoos?"

"No, I think I like my skin clean and uncovered."

Tatjana stood behind her, looking at her in the mirror as she ran her fingers along Kasha's arms. "Mmm, I can see why," she grinned, and kissed Kasha's shoulder.

Kasha hummed happily, and touched her head to Tatjana's, reaching an arm behind her to put around Tatjana's neck. She shivered as Tatjana's hand began to softly caress her breast. The girls turned their heads so that their foreheads were now touching, and came together for a friendly, tongue-filled kiss.

After a moment, Tatjana's macrolink beeped. She opened it, looking over the holographic message briefly, and brightened. "The girls are here!" she said.

They hurried downstairs and out the door, to where Gillian's car was waiting for them, and hopped into the back seat. Kasha couldn't get a good look at how the other girls were looking from where she was, not to mention it was quickly getting dark, and so had to wait until Gillian pulled up in front of the crowded house and they got out of the car to get a look at them. Gillian's skin had a sort of golden shine tonight, and while she had added a few small tattoos on her lower abdomen and middle back, for the most part was just showing off her natural smoothness. Celia had a few more tattoos tonight, including a tribal pattern wrapping around her waist, and had gone without her usual short wrap.

"You sure you're ready for this, Kasha?" Celia asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

They entered the house into a crowded mass of students, most with drinks in their hands, a few already making out. Kasha noticed that, like Tatjana suggested, all the girls present had dazzled up their bodies to perfection tonight. She also noticed that not a single person present here had a wrap on; absolutely everyone was nude.

The girls got some drinks and met with a couple girls they knew from school: Maity, a heavily tattooed Asian girl with black and pink hair, and Toria, a tall brunette with hair that went up in a swirling tower before letting her ponytail fall down. They found a place to sit down and whiled away several minutes drinking and talking about whatever.

After a while, Kasha spotted a dirty blonde girl across the room kneeling in front of a boy whose cock was deep in her mouth. It looked like the party was officially getting started. A little while later, she could see the backside of a guy who was busy thrusting into a girl on a table whose spread legs she could see on either side of him. Tatjana put a hand on Kasha's breast and began idly toying with her nipple, drawing a brief look from Kasha but not much else.

Eventually they were approached by a short-haired brunette with sparkling nipple rings. "Hey, you're Kasha, the space girl, right?"

"Um, yeah, that's me."

"This is Trina," Celia said. "This is our hostess."

"Say hello, Kasha," Tatjana purred.

"Hel—" Kasha began, but was interrupted by Trina leaning down and pulling her face into a tight liplock. Kasha went stiff in surprise at first, but finally relaxed into it, luxuriating in the softness of this girl's lips.

When Trina finally pulled away, Kasha's eyes slowly blinked open. "What was that?"

"That was me saying hello," Trina said.

"Hello?" Kasha weakly replied.

"Relax, Kasha, it's a party," said Tatjana.

"May I, if you don't mind... ?" Trina put in.


"I'd love to find out what a space girl's pussy tastes like!"

A bit crude, Kasha thought, but too tempting to refuse. "Go ahead," she grinned. She leaned back in her chair and spread her legs, allowing Trina to kneel between them. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back as she felt Trina's warm breath on her wet sex, and then she felt Trina's mouth on her. She gasped sharply, arching her back upward and pawing at her breasts.

"Ooh, Kasha, that's so hot!" she heard Tatjana say, but Kasha didn't respond. She was too busy sinking into delirium. Trina was good. That's all there was to it. Her head rolled from side to side as she felt Trina's soft, moist tongue toying with her clit. Her hands eventually shot out to grab the sides of the chair, her fingers gripping them like vices as her breath came as rapid-fire gasps.

After she had no idea how long, the haze of pleasure Trina had been driving her into finally exploded. She shrieked out her orgasm, sitting up as if she were jet fueled and clutching at Trina's skull. She heard some cheering, but from whom she had no idea.

Slowly Kasha managed to catch her breath, and looked down at Trina, who was smiling up at her from between her legs. Trina rose up on her knees and kissed her suddenly. Her lips had a strange taste to them, which Kasha's brain was too foggy to realize from what at first. But when she realized she was tasting her own pussy juice on Trina's lips, her whole body tingled with further arousal.

Then she started to get her bearings, and realized that her friends had gone while Trina had been tonguing her. Looking around, she did spot Gillian leaning over the back of the couch not far away, with a guy behind her thrusting into her while she held onto the couch for the ride. She also saw Toria straddling the lap of another guy who lay flat on the floor, rising and falling on his cock, while Maity knelt next to her, hefting Toria's breast and licking her nipple. While around them the party seemed to be moving into full swing. A few inches from where Gillian's hands gripped the back of the couch was a boy sitting there, with a girl seated on his lap facing away from him, her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth hanging open as she bounced on his cock. A pair of girls 69ed on the floor, while a boy was busy thrusting into the pussy of the one who was on top. And then Maity turned away from Toria, rolling onto her backside and spreading her legs, beginning to rub her clit as she shouted, "Someone come and give me a cock!" And a guy who had been standing on the sidelines was more than happy to oblige.

"Where did Celia and Tatjana go?" Kasha asked Trina.

"I was a little distracted," Trina said with a suggestive grin, "but I think they went to the other room to find some guys to fuck."

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