Nude Planet
Chapter 5

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Kasha, a teenage girl who has lived all her life in the repressed world of space, is moved with her family to the clothing optional, sexually liberal planet of Lupina. As her whole way of life is turned on its head, she meets some new friends and a certain boy who will change her life forever.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow   School   Nudism  

By the time Tatjana finally left that evening, Kasha had gotten the chance to thoroughly explore the girl's body, and under Tatjana's direction had brought her to orgasm twice. Tatjana had returned the favor by introducing her to the phenomenon of orgasm three more times.

After she was gone, Kasha set about getting some homework done—and took a little thrill from doing it naked. She donned a wrap when it was time to head down to join her family for dinner, but once she was safely in her room again, the wrap came off. That night was the first time she went to bed without putting on the pajamas she brought with her from space. That night she went to sleep wearing nothing but her sheets.

After showering the next morning, she was surprised to find that most of her body makeup from yesterday was still there; it needed nothing but a little touching up with the tools she picked up from the mall to bring it back to its full intensity, and then it was if she had just stepped out of the salon. She remembered them telling her that it would eventually fade after about a month or so unless she actively removed it, but until then she would just need to keep touching it up every day and it would stay like new.

She put on a wrap and got into her mom's car for the ride to school. The whole drive, her mom kept casting side glances at her. "Is there something on your mind, Kasha?" her mom asked.

"Huh? No, why?"

"Something seems different about you today. You seem excited about something?"

Was she? Maybe... "Mmm ... nothing special."

Her mom glanced at her, clearly not convinced. "Okay," she sighed.

They got to the school, Kasha got out of the car, and her mother drove off. As soon as her mom was gone, she pulled off her wrap and stuffed it into her bag. And grinning proudly, she marched onto campus bare naked.

And of course, no one looked at her twice. Ironically she stood out less now than when she had a wrap on. She was just another of hundreds of girls walking the campus wearing nothing at all. She walked into her first class, where Tatjana was already seated, and came to sit next to her. Tatjana looked up at her and smiled ... and as Kasha sat down, Tatjana seemed to notice her state of undress. After a long pause and a knowing gaze between them, Tatjana finally said, "Honey, I'm proud of you."

Kasha realized then that she couldn't imagine why she'd ever been so nervous about this. She felt totally liberated now. She'd never realized until now how constricted she'd been all her life, taught to hide her body, forced to cover herself at all times whether it was comfortable or not. She started thinking about what she'd learned about Tatjana; how the girl had never worn a stitch of clothing since the day she was born, and found herself starting to envy her, and wondering if she would ever want to wear clothes again.

As her classes went on, she let herself stop thinking about it. Just like at the mall yesterday, she allowed herself to forget that she was nude, and just went through the day like any other. At least until just before she got to biology.

"So, you finally decided to conform."

Slowly Kasha began to turn, already knowing who she would find. And of course, there was Gene Arkin, standing there grinning at her. "Disappointed?" she said.

"Not at all," he said more than a little suggestively as he scanned her nude body up and down. "Just intrigued."

"I'm just starting to get more comfortable this way."

"Makes me wonder what else you're getting comfortable with," he said before walking off. And again, Kasha was left standing there very weirded out.

When she met up with her friends at lunch, she noticed that Gillian sat down a little awkwardly. "Something wrong, Gillian?"

"Ah, I'm just still a little sore after yesterday."

Oh, right. "Those three guys?"

Gillian grinned. "Definitely worth it, though. Getting all three of my holes filled at the same time ... nothing like it, girl!"

Kasha just sort of grimaced ... and then noticed the suspicious way Celia was glowing too. "Did something happen to you last night, Celia?"

"Well ... the reason I had to leave you guys yesterday, was because I had a babysitting job."

"Yeah, so?"

Celia grinned wider. "It was for the Holdens."

"The Holdens?" Gillian asked, looking confused.

"Wait," Tatjana perked up, "are those the ones who..."

"Oh yeah," Celia answered her unfinished question with a very wicked smile on her face.

"What is it?" Kasha asked.

"The Holdens have two adorable little rugrats that, by the way, I just love, but that's not the real attraction."

"Then what is?"

Tatjana started getting especially excited. "Tell us everything, full details! I love these stories!"

"Okay," Celia grinned. "So, I put the kids to bed, and I sit down in the den and watch some HV while I wait for Mr. and Mrs. Holden to come home. Then they do, and they ask me how the kids are, I say they're fine, and then I ask them how the party went. And so they start giving me all kinds of juicy details about some of the people they fucked, and so I'm getting—"

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute," Kasha blurted out, "what?"

"They go to parties, you know," Celia said, "They meet up with other couples and have sex with them. Just typical grownup fun. Anyway, so they're telling me their stories and I'm getting horny as hell, and so I asked if they've saved enough energy for one more round. And of course, Mrs. Holden is like, 'For you, always.' So we go upstairs to their bedroom, next thing Mrs. Holden and I are licking all over Mr. Holden's cock, and then I'm riding it while she's straddling his face ... oh, the way Mrs. Holden kisses and sucks on my tits while Mr. Holden has his cock moving in me ... fuck, it's getting me wet again just thinking about it!"

"You and me both, girl!" Tatjana grinned, licking her lips.

"Yeah, mom-and-dad-aged people, I don't think that's my thing," Gillian said.

"Oh, you don't know what you're missing!" Celia beamed. "Older men like Mr. Holden, they really know what they're doing. I've gotten some of the best fucks of my life from the Holdens."

The whole time, Kasha could only stare at Celia in disbelief.

"Hey, speaking of parties," Gillian put in, "did you all get the invitation to Trina's party this weekend?" Celia and Tatjana both nodded in the affirmative.

"Party? What party?" Kasha asked.

"Trina's a girl in our class you probably haven't met yet," Tatjana said, "so she wouldn't have gotten you in her contact list. Here, let me forward you the invitation," she said, opening her macrolink. A moment later, Kasha's macrolink beeped, and she opened the holographic screen displaying a flashing invitation to a big party on Saturday night.

"This looks like fun," Kasha said.

"Hold on," Celia put in, a concerned look on her face. "Kasha, do you have parties in space?"

Kasha's forehead furrowed. "Of course!"

"What goes on at those parties?"

Kasha shrugged. "Eating, drinking, socializing, sometimes a little dancing maybe. Why?"

"No sex?" Gillian said.


"Parties here are pretty much the same except that there's always lots of sex going on," Celia explained.

"And not behind closed doors, either," Tatjana put in.

"Out in the open?" Kasha gasped, wide-eyed.

"That's just the way high school parties are here," Tatjana shrugged. "They're usually orgies."

"If you go, no one's gonna force you to participate," Celia reassured her. "Not everybody who goes to these parties does."

That was something of a relief, at least.

"I know I'm gonna," Tatjana grinned.

"Do you still want to go?" Celia asked her.

Kasha didn't know what to say. Would she be comfortable in that environment? She really didn't know.

"Hey, you know something?" Tatjana said with a wicked gleam in her eye. "I think I know something we can do after school to help her make up her mind."

"What's that?" Kasha asked, suddenly very nervous.


Kasha writhed about on Tatjana's bed while Gillian's talented tongue had its way with her sex. Meanwhile each of her breasts was being similarly attended to, with Tatjana on her left side and Celia on her right. She had definitely loved being eaten out by Tatjana alone yesterday, but this ... the only way she could describe it was to scream some more.


Her mouth hung open, unable to close as all three girls drove her further and further into heights of ecstasy. Her open mouth soon became occupied by Tatjana's, keeping her hand on Kasha's tit while their tongues dueled in a graceful dance. She felt Celia's mouth also replaced by her hand on her right tit, while Celia's mouth moved up to Kasha's neck, moving up to join Kasha's and Tatjana's tongues. In the next moment, Kasha found herself engaged in a lurid, tongue-filled three-way kiss, one which became increasingly difficult to focus on as Gillian kept pleasuring her clit with her mouth.

Kasha broke her tongue war with Tatjana and Celia to press her head back on the bed and moan out loud. "Yeah, make her cum!" Celia cheered Gillian on.

"Come on, baby, we want to hear you scream!" Tatjana grinned, expertly kneading Kasha's tit.

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