Timmy's Sister Linda

by Picture Plumber

Copyright© 2010 by Picture Plumber

Erotica Sex Story: Tommy goes to his friend's house to swim on a hot day, and is surprised when the day gets even hotter. Timmy isn't home, but his mother and sister are.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Spanking   First   Exhibitionism   .

It was almost exactly a year ago the McMillans moved into the house across the street. It was summer and school was out, so I hung out and watched the men unload the truck, trying not to be too obvious about peering to see what kind of stuff they were carrying into the old Blackburn house. I saw Molly and Paul McMillan, Molly sort of directing traffic with the furniture, Paul dashing around looking confused. Of course I didn't know their names then. I was happy to see they had a son about my age. There was a girl too. I saw her get out of the car when they arrived and go into the house, but then she never reappeared. The boy's name was Timmy, and he was hanging around outside after the truck left looking totally lost, so I went over and asked if he wanted to shoot some hoops with me. Dad had put a backboard up on our garage a couple of years ago and I was getting pretty good at sinking them. It would be nice to have someone close to play one-on-one against.

Actually, I had another motive. They had a pool. Not much of one, granted, but a pool, with water in it that you could get into on those steamy hot days. It was all full of leaves and algae and dreck, but I figured the two of us could get it sparkly in a day or so, and if I helped with that, of course I would be invited to use it. Smart, huh?

Anyway, Timmy and I hit it off right away. We got to be good buddies and did lots of stuff together. It turned out that both of his parents were on their second marriages. Molly was his real mother, and Paul was his step-dad. Timmy had a step-sister, Linda, who was Paul's daughter. Linda spent all her time in the house, even in the summer when it got hot enough to melt the street. Timmy didn't like to talk about her - he said she was a little weird. Apparently Molly didn't like her much either. Tim said she and his sister fought a lot. "But then," he said with a grin, "She can be really nice sometimes too."

When school started again, I did get to know Linda a little. The three of us all went to MidCentral High School, and we all took the same bus. Linda was really shy and hard to talk to. She always kept to herself and never said anything. As a result, the kids left her alone mostly. She generally had a seat all to herself on the bus, where she sat and stared out the window.

She always wore these old, funny dresses It wasn't like they were really short on money or anything, but she had these long dresses that came to her ankles almost, and that looked like they were a hundred years old. They were flower prints, mostly, but so faded and thin from washing and wearing that it was hard to see the flowers anymore. It was always the same three or four. I wondered if she had anything else to wear at all. She was pretty enough, in a way, or would be if she fixed herself up more. It was like she didn't care.

It was Saturday and hot, hot, hot! By ten o'clock you couldn't walk outside without shoes unless your liked having your feet cooked. I figured I'd go bum some pool time, so I put on my suit and a tee shirt and sneaks and wandered over. Nobody was visible outside so I want in the back figuring they'd be in the pool already. It was weird, but nobody was there either. Then I heard the yelling going on inside. It sounded like Molly and Linda were going on about something, and I didn't want to get involved in a family fight so I started to leave when the back door burst open and Molly came charging out heading for the garage. She spotted me and froze on the spot, staring at me. I could see she was really mad at something.

"Timmy's at scout camp this weekend," she snapped.

"Oh," I muttered. "I'll come back some other time then." I started for the gate when she stopped me.

"Wait a minute..." I paused, waiting.

"Did you ... ah, hear what was going on?"

I could hardly have missed it. On the other hand, I didn't really hear anything except some shouting. "um, well, sorta."

Molly jumped like I had hit her or something. She got this worried look all of a sudden. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap. Linda and I were having a disagreement, but I shouldn't take it out on you. Did you want to use the pool?"

"Well, yeah, that's what I was going to ask."

"It's OK, you can. But you shouldn't be in there by yourself. If you want to wait until I'm finished with Linda, I'll come out and you can have a swim. It shouldn't take too long." She looked at me with an odd expression. "I'm sorry if you thought ... you know, I'm really not a bad mother."

I hadn't thought she was. I hadn't thought about it at all.

"But sometimes you have to put your foot down. You can't let your kids walk all over you. Are you old enough to understand that?"

"Yeah, I guess." I had no idea what she was talking about.

"Well, good. You know, she's really not my daughter. She's only my step-daughter and she can be a handful." Molly paused again, thinking. "I'll be out in a little while and you can swim."

"OK. thanks. Should I just wait here?"

"Yes. In fact..." she paused, and looked at me. She still seemed worried about something... "I've known you now for, what, a year?"

"About that."

"You seem pretty grown up for your age. How old are you Tommy?"

"Fifteen." I thought she knew that. I was the same age as Timmy, almost.

"Fifteen. Hmm. I guess that's old enough to be trustworthy, isn't it?"

What the hell was she getting at? "Sure," I said. "I'm trustworthy."

"And you're really an adult. You're not a little kid anymore."

I nodded. It seemed the thing to do. I couldn't figure out what she was leading up to, but I liked being thought of as grown up. Then she seemed to make up her mind.

"I think I can trust your discretion." she murmured that, more to herself than to me. "It'll liven things up, at the least..." Then to me: "Why don't you come and wait inside."

I wondered what the big deal was. "OK," I said, and followed her into the house.

"I could really use your help with something, Tommy. It's a family thing, and I suppose I'm nuts to get you involved with it, but I got a note from Linda's gym teacher today. She's refusing to change for gym and do the stuff she's supposed to. All she'll do is sit there on the sideline and watch. It's the second time, and I told her she was gonna get it if I got another note like that from school."

"Maybe I'd better wait outside."

"No, I want you to come with me. Linda's got to take her punishment, and I need someone around in case I need help."

"Well, I'm not sure how much help I can be."

"Doesn't matter. She won't try anything if there's a strong man in the room. Molly grabbed my arm and made a show of feeling my arm muscles as she said this "Kind of a show of force, you know? So she knows she can't get away with anything." She put her face close to mine and said, "Will you do it for me?"

She was wearing this loose top, and was she bent forward, it fell away from her and I found myself staring down into it at the tops of her tits. She was a big woman, and so were her tits. I suddenly realized that she didn't have a bra on, and I was seeing lots more than I was supposed to. I reluctantly tore my eyes away and looked up. Oh shit! Busted! She was watching me while I looked down her front like a gork! I waited for the explosion, but for some reason it didn't come. She just smiled a crooked little smile and put her hands on my shoulders. She again asked, "Will you help me Tommy? I'd really appreciate it if you'd help me punish Linda."

"Isn't Mr. McMillan here?"

"No, he's off on the road as usual. He always seems to be away when these things come up. Every time I need a man around, he's gone. Today I don't even have Timmy. There really should be a man around when a girl is punished.

I felt a funny, quivery feeling inside. She was leaning pretty far over, and it was hard not to stare down the front of her shirt. I wondered if she knew what she was doing, if she knew how much she was showing me. I couldn't stand it another second, I had to say something. "Ok, I'll do what I can."

"Good." She suddenly relaxed, like she had been all tense for some reason. "I knew I could count on you. And I know you won't say anything to anybody about it afterwards, will you?"

"What do you mean? What would I say to anybody?"

She seemed to tense up again. "I mean, this is a family thing, and you being here instead of Timmy you're kind of substitute family, see, and we don't talk about these things outside the family. Do you understand?"

"I guess so."

"Then you won't say anything to anybody about what you see here today?"

"OK." I still wasn't sure what she meant, but if she wanted me to keep a secret, I could do that.

"I knew I could trust you. You're growing up to be a real man. You're going to have lots of girls hanging all over you before long, wanting to do things for you."

"I guess. What are you gonna do to her?"

"Linda? She's going to get a spanking. I've tried everything with that girl, but the only thing that really gets her attention is to have her butt walloped." She grinned at my reaction. "What's the matter Tommy? Getting cold feet? Don't worry, you're going to like it. " She peered at me, checking my reaction. "Most men enjoy watching a young lady get taken down a peg. And it makes a bigger impression on her if there's a man watching. Linda won't like having you there, but you'll love it, you just wait and see. Trust me, I know what guys like."

She straightened up and escorted me into the front room. Linda was standing there, waiting,. She had on an antique pair of cutoff jeans. Something had happened to them - there was a badly sewn seam all the way up one leg from the hem to the waist, like it had once been torn all the way up and then badly patched by overlapping the fabric and stitching it together. It made one leg tighter than the other. Her top was a faded blouse which buttoned up the front. One of the buttons was missing entirely, which left a patch of her stomach showing through the opening.

"What's he doing here?" she cried when she saw me...

"Just shut up!" Molly yelled at her. "Tommy is here to help me with your punishment."

"He can't be here!"

"So are you ordering me around now? You know what that gets you."

"Oh please, Molly, I don't want him here. Not for this!"

"You could at least call me mother."

"You're not my mother!" she screamed. You're my father's wife, but you're not my mother."

Molly looked at me with fake grief on her face. "See what I have to put up with" She turned back to the girl. "You listen to me, young lady. Tommy is my guest. He's going to stay for the whole time. He's going to see everything. Do you understand me. Everything! And if you don't shut up about it, I'm going to have him help me beat your ungrateful ass!"

Linda looked at me with murder in her eyes. "All right. I guess I don't have any choice. I hope you get your jollies watching!"

"Linda, that's enough of that! Now please tell Tommy why you're being punished."

"Mamma no! He's a boy. He doesn't have to know."

"Tell him!"

"I can't!" she wailed.

"All right then, I will. But you know it's gonna cost you, young lady." She looked at me. "Linda refused to dress for gym yesterday. She just sat there in her street clothes for the whole period. She told her teacher she had her period and didn't feel well." There was a definite gleam in Molly's eyes as she related this. "Trouble is, she pulled that same scam two weeks ago and her teacher remembered. Wanted to know how her period could last that long." She glanced at the cowering girl. "If it'd been me, I'd have made you take off your dress right there in front of everybody and prove it. But Mrs. Shelby's an old softy.

"Mama I couldn't change yesterday. I just couldn't!"

"Why not. Tell me why not."

"You already know. I told you."

"Tell me again."

Linda looked at me. "Mama, please!"

Molly looked grim. "Tell us, dammit!" she shouted

Linda wilted under her steely gaze. "It was ... I couldn't take my dress off. I wasn't wearing any underwear yesterday and everybody would have seen. I would have just died."

Molly looked at me in triumph. "So. You forgot to put on panties to go to school. That's a funny thing for a girl to forget, isn't it? I've heard of sluts who do that deliberately, just for the attention. You deliberately left your panties off, didn't you? You know what happens to sluts who behave like that."

Linda sniffed to clear her nose. "There weren't any clean. They was all in the laundry and I didn't have time to do it. I don't have enough."

Molly sniffed too, but in disdain. "You have all the panties you need. All you're going to get, anyway. Do you think we're made of money? To throw it away on unnecessary frills for you? I don't ever want to hear this kind of story from you again, do you hear? If your teacher says you are to change for gym, then you change, no matter what. Understand?"


"You're afraid the other girls will see your scrawny body, is that it? Is that what's bothering you, the thought that a bunch of girls will see your naked ass?"

There was a pause, while Linda stared at the floor. Molly let it continue until finally Linda said, "Yes. You know why." in a tiny voice.

Molly seemed to glow. She was totally enjoying this, I could tell. "Yes, I know why all right. Even after all the training I've given to you, you're still totally self-conscious. I had hoped you'd be over that by now. Apparently you need more practice. You need to lose that dammable body pride. You're no different than any other girl. I don't know where you get off thinking you're so special."

"I'm sorry. I try to be what you want."

"Well you're not doing very well." Molly looked at me. "Sixteen years old and she still hates for people to see her body. I keep telling her that's what it's for, she's a girl after all, but it doesn't seem to penetrate. In any event, you're due for a spanking right now.

"Momma, does it have to be so ... public? Can't we..."

"No, we can't! I told Tommy he could watch. He's going to see everything, good and close up, and you're going to be nice to him too. Do you hear me?"


"Nice to him after. Very, very nice. If you cause him any problems, you're going to take care of them. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Momma." Linda was beaten.

"Bring me the hairbrush Linda." The girl looked at her with loathing. "You know the one. The one with the long handle."

"Yes, I know the one you want." she said nastily.

"Well, go get it then. It's going to be very busy shortly." Molly looked at me with a grin. "I used to hit her with my hands, but you know what? That hurts. My hands got all puffy, you know? So now I use something else. The hairbrush, a stick, something else. It's supposed to hurt her, after all, not me, right?"

I muttered something noncommittal.

"So today it's the brush. It's got a long pointy handle. Maybe you'll see what that's good for too. It's a good brush. It has all kinds of uses besides doing hair. You'll see." She had a look on her face that frightened me a little. She was smiling, but there was this undercurrent of something not quite under control. I was glad she wasn't my mother. I don't understand the glee she seemed to feel while thinking about beating her daughter.

Linda came back with the hairbrush. and silently handed it to Molly. She stood waiting with no expression on her face. I got the feeling she knew exactly what was going to happen next.

Molly smiled sweetly at her, reminding me of a cat smiling at a bird. "Come dear, there's no putting it off. Let's have your pants off."

Linda let a flicker of expression cross her face. "Do we ... Does he really have to be here?"

Molly's grin broadened. "Why of course dear. Tommy's our guest. You wouldn't have me put a guest out just because you're embarrassed, would you?

"Momma, please?"

"Absolutely not! And you're going to get extras for suggesting it. There'll be even more if you don't lose those damn pants, and quickly." Molly winked at me. "She's gotten all blase doing it in front of her brother and me. But now there's someone new to watch her strip. Keeps her interest up."

"I guess she doesn't like it." I commiserated.

"Of course she doesn't. That's why I do it. To humiliate her. It's hard to embarrass Linda anymore, but it's an important part of her punishment. It makes her remember it more clearly. Besides, she needs to get used to people seeing her naked." There was that Cheshire-cat grin again. Molly seemed to be totally enjoying the discomfiture of her step daughter. "Here, sit, dear." She pressed me toward the couch. I was in one corner against the arm, and suddenly Molly was sitting right next to me, her leg pressing against mine. She toyed with the brush in her hands. "We might as well be comfortable while Linda gives us her little show."

Linda had unfastened the front of her shorts and run the zipper down, but then seemed to run out of steam. "Come on, come on!" Molly snapped at her. "Tommy can't wait to see your panties. If you got any on, that is." She looked at me with a sort of leer. "Not that it matters. She has to take them off too." She raised her voice slightly. "And don't think you're going to hide what's between your legs either. You're gonna show us everything."

Linda at this point was slowly twisting her hips and pushing the shorts down her legs. Molly leaned toward me as if to speak. The loose top she was wearing fell away from her body and I could see all the way down the front of it to her tits. She watched me carefully to be sure I looked I guess. I was afraid to stare, but the view down her front was gripping my attention. I felt Molly's hand on my leg as she leaned in.

"Do you like to look at naked girls, Tommy?"

"Well, uh..."

"You don't have to answer that. I'm teasing you. I know how men feel about naked girls. Didn't you ever go to a strip show to watch the girls? No," she decided ruefully, "you're too young for that. They wouldn't let you in. Someday we'll have Linda give you the full treatment. She's a good little stripper, she is. When she puts her mind to it. She should be, I taught her. Well anyway, you've got a treat coming." She gave my leg a little squeeze. "Even if you don't get the tease, you're seeing the strip. Come on Linda, don't be all day about it."

The girl had finished removing her shorts, and stood there with them dangling from her fingers. I tore my eyes away from Molly and was vaguely disappointed to see that her blouse was long enough to mostly cover her underwear. I could just see the crotch of her panties where it covered a modest swelling before it disappeared between her legs. Molly was really getting impatient.

"Quit stalling girl, this isn't a show. Shed the panties! Or do I have to get my scissors and go snip-snip? That'll take care of them all right. You know I'll do it too."

Apparently Linda knew. She bit her lip, said, "Oh all right!" reached up under the tail of her top and jerked the panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She stood there holding them while we inspected her.

"Give them to me." Molly's order forced Linda to come close to hand her clothes to Molly. "I keep them so she can't put anything on again until I'm ready for her to. Pull up that shirttail! Show him you're a girl. We can't see you properly with that in the way. Do I have to make you take your top off too?"

Linda silently obeyed. Her face was burning red with humiliation as she stood in front of us, close enough to touch if I'd dared. "Well Tommy, what do you think"

"I thought girls had hair ... down there." I blurted in my amazement.

"They usually do. Linda, tell him why you're bald down there."

She looked at her mother, tight lipped. "She makes me shave it."

"Come on, give him the whole story. Why do you have to shave?"

Linda looked like she'd rather be anywhere else. "She says I look better this way. Without a mop of hair in the way..."

"Go ahead. Tell him everything."

"She came in my room and caught me ... mast ... masturbating. I lied about it, said I wasn't. She got mad and said from then on if I wanted to do that, I had to do it in front of everybody. She made me shave my pussy so everybody could see better. She said it's sexier if there isn't a lot of hair in the way."

"Linda shaves every day to keep her nice and tidy, like a baby. Don't you think that's appropriate? She acts like a baby, so I make her look like a baby. Timmy and I inspect her before breakfast to make sure she does it right. If it isn't right, she has to do it again while we supervise."

"Oh." It was all I could say while I digested that. She was interesting to look at. Right at the place where her thighs joined, there was a little pad of flesh which divided down the middle with a crease. I'd seen pictures, of course, but never the real thing. And there it was, right in front of my eyes.

Molly let me look for a long time, and then interrupted my reverie. "You're looking a little pale. Do you feel all right?"

"Oh yeah, I'm OK.

"I think the heat's getting to you. You need something to drink. Do you like beer?"

"Beer? Well, I don't know. I'm not old enough."

"Oh. that's right, I guess, but this is a special occasion. It isn't every day you get to see Linda with her pants off. Course it's nothing new for us - we keep her naked around the house a lot so she don't wear out her clothes. So what do you say to a beer? Just this once?"

"Uh, OK I guess." I was hoping she'd go and get the beer herself, because it was getting uncomfortable the way she was sitting all pressed up against me like she was. But she didn't. She sent Linda for it instead.

After Linda left, she said, "So what do you think of my little step-daughter? Got a nice little tail, doesn't she?"

"Yeah. She's really pretty."

"Thought you'd like it. It's getting you hot, isn't it?" She stared at my lap, where the thin swimsuit wasn't up to the job of concealing what had happened to me. "You're going to enjoy watching that pretty tail get whupped. I never met a man yet who didn't like to watch a pretty girl get her ass taken care of. One way or another"

"Do you really make her be naked in the house. I mean, all the time?"

"Well, not all the time, but lots, yeah. It's good for children to go around naked. It helps to remind them that they aren't at the top of the food chain. Especially girl children. She beginning to get the idea that she has to use whatever she's got if she wants to get a man, and that means using her body. It's best to start when they're babies and they trust you completely. I've only had four years with Linda, so it was tougher. She was a real hellion at first, wouldn't behave at all. I even made her stand out in the snow naked once until she finally beat on the door and begged to be let in. She doesn't have many clothes anyway. Used to be, she'd misbehave and I'd tell her to strip down to be spanked and we'd have a real donnybrook on our hands, let me tell you! So sometimes her clothes had to get ripped, or cut with a scissors to get 'em off her, y'know? We can't afford to be buying her new clothes all the time, so her wardrobe got to be kinda lean. She's more careful now. When I tell her to undress, you should see how quick she is about it. She knows if she doesn't, pretty soon she wouldn't have a stitch to put on. She only has a couple of pairs of panties left. I don't think anybody knows this at school, but most of the time she goes naked under her dress, 'cause, like she says, she doesn't have enough to go around." She peered down at my suit again. "You like that idea, don't you? Remember that the next time you ride the bus with her. She's naked under that thin little dress."

"Then, what she said was true?"

"'Course it was. I don't let her get away with lying."

Linda returned than, with two cans of Bud. Molly popped the tops open and handed one to me... "Here. Bottoms up."

I drank some of it. I'd had beer before, but I wasn't sure I really liked the stuff, but with Molly pushing, I felt I had to drink at least some of it. I had to admit it did feel good going down on such a hot day. Molly chattered incessantly while we drank, about everything and nothing. Linda just stood in front of us. "So we can look at her," Molly said.

Doesn't Linda get a beer?" I asked, innocently. Molly looked at me like I'd just spat at the Pope.

"She's too young to have beer!" she snapped. I didn't say anything more.

The can was empty sooner than I expected. Molly had already crushed hers and tossed it. She was looking at me expectantly, so I did the same. "More?" she asked.

"No, I'm OK, thanks." Actually I felt a little odd. I'm sure I wasn't drunk - I mean, you can't get drunk on one can of beer, can you? - even a big one. But I was feeling comfortable, and quite content to stay sitting right where I was for a while. Even Molly pressing her tit against me didn't bother me so much. Aside from making me too warm, it actually didn't feel too bad.

Then without warning, she moved over, leaving a gap between us. "All right, let's get the show on the road." She was talking to Linda, and I guess she knew what it meant, 'cause she came over and started to drape herself over Molly's lap. "Not that way," Molly hissed. Tommy doesn't want to see your ugly face. Turn your ass toward him. That's where the action's going to be." She peered at me, gauging my reaction. "At her business end."

Linda looked at me with an unreadable expression and silently turned her back to me. She arranged her self over Molly's lap with her legs falling into the gap between us. Molly tugged her shirt up to make sure she was thoroughly uncovered.

I peered at Linda's ass with interest. I'd seen lots of guy's backsides in locker room and such, but girls were definitely different. She was lots rounder than most guys, and looked softer. Her bottom was wider and curved in more toward her waist. And then, guys don't have a pussy showing between their legs when they bend over. It was peeking out at me, two rolls of flesh neatly blending into her legs on either side, with a deep crease exactly down the middle. She was holding her legs close together, to try to cover up I guess, but it wasn't working. The way she was built, her pussy was bound to show anyway. The lips were puffier than I had expected. I wanted to run my finger down that crease to see what she'd do. And to see how it felt. I bet it would feel real nice. Hidden somewhere down in that crease was the hole that went right into her body. I knew what that was for! The definitive girl-thing.

Molly was watching me stare at her step-daughter, smiling. "She has a nice-looking ass doesn't she?" She brought her hand down and began describing slow circles with her palm over the taut skin. "So nice and firm and smooth and ... tender. Feels good under your hand. All that bare skin just waiting..."

Linda was beginning to squirm a little under Molly's treatment. The older woman's face lit up in a knowing smile. As I watched, she stroking moved lower to the undersides of Linda's cheeks. She drew one finger along the depression where Linda's cheeks joined her legs, making her squirm even more. Then ... I wasn't sure I saw it right the first time, But then she did it again. Her finger slid down the center of Linda's pussy. She was feeling up her own daughter right in front of me! Molly must have seen my expression and commented, "Oh yes. She likes that, don't you my pretty? She just loves to be touched right ... there. Turns her on something fierce. She gets all soggy inside, like a bitch in heat Spread your legs dear, let's see what's going on in there." When Linda didn't respond, Molly swatted her inner thigh, and Linda obligingly opened her crotch to us.

"Ever see one of these before, Tommy? Up close and personal like this, I mean. Nice little cookie, isn't it?"

Molly began stroking the whole length of her pussy from front to back. Linda seemed to be having trouble lying still while she did it. "How about it, girl, warmed up yet?" Her finger disappeared to the second knuckle between Linda's legs. She was putting her finger right inside! "Oh yes!" she said. "This girl's got the wettest cunt." She wiggled her finger around and then oozed it out. "All you have to do is mess around a little in there and she's hot to trot."

Linda started to close her legs but Molly swatted them apart again. "Look here Tommy." She pulled Linda's pussy wide open to show me. "This is a girl's pride and joy. It's like a little cock between her legs." She began stroking the lump and Linda went nuts. Molly had to grab her to keep her on her lap. "See. You try it."

"Oh, that's OK..."

"Don't be a sissy. Give me your hand." She pulled my hand down between Linda's legs. "There. Not so hard, and not right over it. Rub alongside it, that's what she likes. That's right" I rubbed while Linda twitched. "OK, that's enough. We don't want her to get off. By the way, be careful in there. It's really sensitive. You can hurt a girl real bad without much effort right there." She looked at me to be sure I got the point. Then she took hold of the shrouded bud and pinched. Linda let out a shriek. "See? But we save that for special occasions. How about you? This turning you on?" Damned if she didn't reach over and grab my cock through my swimsuit.

I think I jumped half a foot straight up, but she didn't let go, she just squeezed. "I thought so. My, that's quite something you've got in there. How old did you say you were?" Finally, she let me go. "Oh don't be such a fuff. Never had a girl feel your cock before? You don't know what you're missing. That's a man-sized hard-on you've got. You can take it out if you want. It'll feel more comfortable."

I honestly didn't know what to say. "Um ... I really wish..." I began.

"Wish what?"

"Well, that you wouldn't do that. Touch me like that, I mean."

"Oh?" Her eyebrows rose.

"Yeah. I mean, it's not really right."

"I see. Well, I thought you were a mature individual, like my son Timmy. Perhaps I made a mistake..."

"I'm sorry. It's just like, it bothers me a little."

"Having a woman touch your penis?"

"Yeah. well not that exactly."

"I should hope not. What do you think sex is all about? You're not into boys, are you? No, you're not. I can see that from the way you look at Linda. Oh, I see. It wouldn't bother you if Linda touched you like that, right?"

"I don't know..."

She looked me over like I was road kill or something. "Tommy, I think this was a mistake. I think perhaps you'd better go home now. I assume you'll have the sense not to say anything about this. Since you're so personally involved, it would be easy to misunderstand what you were telling someone. Do I make myself clear?"

While she talked, she was idly stroking Linda's sex. I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away from the way her fingers tickled the rolls of flesh surrounding the parts of the girl's core. There was a long pause. Molly was waiting for me to say something. She wanted me to go home, but I really didn't want to, not now! "Um, yeah, ah - can I say something?"

"Go ahead."

"I uh - I'm really sorry. I mean about jumping and everything. I guess you must think I'm a real dork."

"Well, I had hoped you'd be up to being involved in an adult situation. You know, people mature at different rates, and I had hoped that you were ready to be involved, you know, as an adult. If you're not..."

"I'd like to stay. I promise I won't do anything dumb."

She seemed to make up her mind. "All right, we'll try again. I hope you won't disappoint me again.

The last thing in the world I wanted to do was disappoint her. I expected her to grab my cock again, but she didn't. She just smiled this knowing smile. I didn't want to expose myself either, and I hoped she'd forget about that.

"Did I mention that I've never known a man - a real man, that is - who objected to being pet by a woman. She reached over and patted the front of my swimsuit. "You just keep that thought in mind, and maybe we can take care of it one way or another." I managed not to react this time ... I was learning. Besides, it felt good. Being treated as an adult might just turn out to be fun!

"Anyway," she continued, "we were having an anatomy lesson." She moved our attention back between Linda's legs. See here, this is where she pees, right here, and back here is her vagina." She separated the lips to show me. "That goes way up into her belly." She illustrated by sticking her finger in it, all the way in. "God she's wet. See, it goes way in. It's deeper than your cock, I think. Here, want to feel. it?"

I did and I didn't, but I hesitated. I wondered if this was another test. I wondered how Linda felt about it - she seemed catatonic at the moment. I tentatively reached out, and Molly took my hand and put right into Linda's crotch... "Stick out your finger. Right, now stick it in her." I did it! She was right. Linda was all wet and gooey. My finger slipped in with no trouble at all. It felt really weird, the way it sort of gripped my finger like it didn't want to let go. "Put it all the way in. Don't worry, she's not a virgin. We took care of that long ago. With that very hairbrush in fact."

I worked my finger the rest of the way in. "Doesn't that feel good?" Molly demanded.

"Yeah. I like it."

"Imagine what it would feel like if it was your cock in there. Linda likes it too. Linda loves to have things in her cunt, don't you dear? Answer when you're spoken to! Tell him you like it."

"Yes," she whimpered. "I like it."

"Oh, such enthusiasm! She have you believe she doesn't like it, but believe you me, she's hot as a firecracker. She'd love to have something bigger than your finger in there. Did I mention that you seem to be an unusually big man?"

I managed not to jump while she tested my size with her hand. Except for my cock, which jerked a couple of times. She squeezed and gave it a couple of jerky pulls before she let go. "She'd be really disappointed if we didn't pay a lot of attention to her down here. She'll go off like a firecracker before long, if you keep that up. But that's not why she's here now. She's been a bad little girl, and needs to have a little spanking. Give me the brush."

She began to smack away at Linda's ass with the back of the brush. She hit her really hard, seven or eight times, like she wanted to leave bruises behind. She hit her every which way, all over, so hard the I could see Linda's bottom jump just from the force of the blows. I was thinking that it must hurt like hell, to be hit like that. Linda was yelling and twisting her body, trying to avoid it. Molly managed to grab one arm and twisted it up behind Linda's back, in a sort of hammerlock, and pushed her back down.

Then she stopped, and I thought she was finished, but she wasn't letting Linda up. I guess I must have looked puzzled, because she said, "Oh, I'm not done yet. If I stopped now, in an hour she'd be able to sit down comfortably again. I haven't hurt her nearly enough yet." Molly leaned toward me and kind of whispered, "It's better to do it slowly. Take your time. Otherwise, it's over with too soon, and she can start trying to forget it. Besides, her bottom would get numb and she wouldn't feel it. So I'll let her recover a little, let the feeling come back, then do her some more. See?"

I suppose I did. It seemed to make sense, in a warped sort of way. Molly looked at me conspiratorially, "You should know these things Tommy. You never know when they will come in handy."

I was sort of confused. these was too much new stuff going on for me to absorb. "I should?" I stupidly asked.

"Oh yes. You never know." She looked at me with that 'we're both in this together' sort of look she got. "After I get her warmed up, I'll let you practice on her."

I looked away from her penetrating stare and noticed, with another shock, that she was rhythmically stroking Linda between her legs. I guess she saw my expression and followed my eyes. "I always do this. It keeps her excited and draws the blood down. Tightens the skin. Makes it better for spanking. I don't let her come of course, but it keeps her focused on her bottomside. Then when I do this...", she picked up the brush and smashed it down hard against the tight skin causing Linda to let out a howl, "her attention is right there so she'll feel it real good." Molly put down the hairbrush and resumed tickling Linda's vulva. "This is an important part of it. I bring her up with my fingers and then bash her back down with the brush. Keeps her nerves nicely tuned up. It's a far more effective punishment than a plain old spanking." She grinned. "And it's more fun too. At least for us."

She punctuated this with another flurry of shots with the brush. She looked at me ruefully. "Except lately, sometimes she comes while I'm hitting her. She's getting to be so fucked up she doesn't know the difference between pleasure and pain. I don't know what the hell's going on." then she wiggled her finger into Linda's pussy and used it like a handle while she flailed away again with the brush.

At one point she looked at me with a sort-of evil grin and said, "I didn't show you what the other end of the brush is for, did I? What do you think it's for?"

"I guess, to hold onto the brush?" I know it was a stupid answer, but I couldn't say what I was thinking, could I?

Molly wasn't buying it. "You know better than that. You know what something long and hard is good for. Let's see how it fits, shall we?" Linda jumped as her mother began worming the brush handle into her pussy. "How deep do you think it will go, hmm Tommy? Think she can take the whole thing?"

"I don't know."

"Of course you don't know, but Linda knows, don't you sweet? And I know. Here, you push it in a little. See if you can feel if it hits bottom."

"Um..." I didn't know what to say, but Molly grabbed my hand and put it on the brush.

"Now work it in some more. You keep your legs apart, young lady. Your buddy here has to see that thing go into your cunt. Now push, Tommy, get it in there."

I pushed experimentally, and more of the handle disappeared up into Linda. It was really easy — it just slid in with no effort at all.

"Come on, some more. I'll tell you a secret; she can take the whole thing with no trouble. Push it all the way in."

I pushed until the bristles were resting against her lips. I looked up a Molly wondering what I was supposed to do next.

"Twist it around. The handle is bent a little, and that stirs up her insides. It hits all kinds of good spots when you do that. She likes it. Go on, keep turning it around."

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