Birthday Bitch Blues

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2010 by niteowluk99

Erotica Sex Story: A Woman thinks her husband has forgotten her birthday and is surprised by exactly what he has instore for her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Coercion   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   BDSM   Light Bond   Gang Bang   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Sally was forty four today; married for twenty years and she was more than a little annoyed her useless fucking husband; Roger; had forgotten her birthday. She was five foot eight tall medium build with 42 EE tits, her long blonde hair covering her shoulders and her pear shaped arse always looked great; because she exercised regularly. She had got up at her usual time of 7 am; hot and sweaty she headed for the bathroom. Her desire for a good fucking beginning to build; in the shower she reached down and began to leisurely rub of her large shaven cunt lips; she pinched her sensitive clit as the spray of water cascaded down on to her firm ripe tits. Closing her eyes she seemed to imagine lots of eager hands touching her and as she pinched once more on her clit she imagined a strangers voice telling her to cum but to cum really hard like a whore. Seconds later she came to a good strong orgasm; She maybe be forty fours years old today but she still felt like a horny sixteen year old slut; just then she heard her husband stirring; she hoped and secretly prayed he would come in and demand to fuck her in the shower and give her a good hard birthday fuck.

Unfortunately her wishes were not granted and definitely seemed not to be part of her husband's thoughts; he simply entered the bathroom, almost oblivious to her presence and even he ignored her attempts to discretely attract his attention to the fact she was hot and horny. He simply washed and used the loo before disappearing back into the bedroom; she surmised to get dressed. All the time her desire to feel the thrusts of a good strong virile hard cock was growing stronger and with her eyes tightly shut, she kept thinking of her husband's six inch's going to waste. By the time Sally had showered; donned her short skirt; no knickers and loose fitting tee shirt; he was drinking the last of his coffee and heading out the door. Pausing only to quickly peck his wife on the cheek as he dashed off; even more frustrated now; Sally was beginning to wonder if she did not exist in her husband Roger's eyes or was he having an affair at work and was that bitch stealing her man's virility; she began to hatch a plan to make him regret not taking care of her needs.

He did however yell a goodbye and almost belated happy birthday in her direction; she stormed back inside calling him a fucking wanker and a useless waste of space; instantly she almost regretted her thoughts as she saw the envelope on the kitchen table; quickly she moved to open it hoping it would be a card and a sexy hint for lunch time; like they used to do years ago. She used to dress like a common tart and go meet him near his workplace; making out they did not know each other and then allow him to seduce her and the most intense orgasms always happened to her when she was made to have sex in public; she opened it and instead of finding a card she noticed a folded piece of paper telling her he had to work late tonight and he would make it all up to her later; however she was to be at Candy's wine bar at seven tonight; he had arranged credit for her behind the bar, for her to have a few drinks as it was her birthday. With tears in her eyes she screamed out aloud; he does not love me anymore, she was more convinced than ever that he was having an affair, probably with some much younger woman at the office. She even convinced herself that was why she hardly ever got invited to the office anymore, for it had dwindled down to just the office Christmas party for the last year and a bit; suddenly she decided that if he wanted her to go to a wine bar and drink alone she would but it would not be her fault if some guy picked her up and fucked her; her wimp of a husband had sown the seeds for that.

Instead of his gesture being taken for what it actually was and making her happy; it just added fuel to the fire and she stormed around the house in a furious temper, she rarely swore these days but today she banged cupboards and curse the day she had met and married her useless fucking waste of space of a husband; nothing seemed to pacify her.

She contemplated dragging the post man in and fucking his brains out; for she had had a few fantasises about him after seeing him in their bushes relieving himself; she had only seen a quick glimpse of his cock but it looked powerful and so manly. He would make a great replacement if her useless husband was not going to give her a birthday fucking she craved. This was shelved though when she disappointedly saw the post person was in fact female and a right looking dyke at that. It did not stop her though thinking through the scenario of the postman delivering a large letter to her. Her mood was lightened as she almost chuckled to herself the letter she wanted was French and full of good old fashion male stiff cock; but her frustration soon returned as she fought to keep her hot horny cunt in check.

Her demeanour never changed as the time crept round to lunch time and she again found herself thinking about the sessions she and her husband had enjoyed years ago on his lunch breaks; she was almost tempted to phone his office and talk dirty down the phone to him as they had done in their early marriage; she recalled how they had been almost arrested for indecency when they had been seen fucking behind the rose bushes in the garden of remembrance; just managing to slip away before the police turned up; they had stayed away from there for months afterwards. She was convinced now that fucking another man would pay her husband back for his neglect and cheating ways; only this time with the gardener who was due to cut the grass any time now. As each minute passed her need for a good stiff cock seemed to triple in intensity, she had just about decided to do it with the gardener when fate intervened again. And again any plans she was hatching seemed destined to fall flat because the usual young virile looking gardener; who she had often fantasised about; never showed and instead a young girl of around 18 years showed up and began cutting the grass. Such was Sally's fury that she never even asked what had happened to the normal guy; instead she grabbed her coat and stormed off to do some birthday shopping.

Unbeknown to Sally she had just missed out on a truly magical sexual adventure as the young 18 year old girl was as hot to trot as Sally herself and was actually eyeing her hoping for the chance to sample a little cunt to cunt action. The female gardener even sported a large thick dildo up her cunt as she worked and would have loved to use it on the older more experienced woman. Now Sally was not averse to a bit of womanly love as she used to have a bisexual female friend and had on more than one session which stuck out in her mind been brought to a shattering orgasm by womanly tongue or fingers; but today she desperately needed a strong cock and a rubber imitation one would not do.

Sally smirked to herself that if her husband would not fuck her then she would fuck him, where it really hurt him, in the wallet; she was glad she insisted upon a joint credit card. Soon she hit the shops buying herself new shoes, new dress and spending an absolute fortune and long time selecting a set of sexy underwear ranging from a negligee to crutch-less panties and peek hole bra.

The nearest she got to any sexual action so far was the pervert who seemed to be hanging around the fitting room area of the lingerie shop; Sally almost decided to play along by leaving the curtain open just a fraction so he would see her remove the scant clothing she was wearing before trying on several pairs of bra's. Whether the pervert bottled it or whether he just thought it was a trap she never knew but in the finish nothing happened except the pervert quickly left the shop and disappeared.

An even more frustrated Sally now walked the floors of the mall seriously contemplating flashing as many men as she could just to show she had power over them. However even this turned out to be a wash out; the only man she managed to flash was about 90 years old and nearly had a heart attack as she stroked the hem of her short skirt making ride up. He never even got to see the edge of her cunt let alone anything seriously sexy; before he turned and hurried off. She did however laugh to herself as she imagined his wrinkly hand wrapped around an even more wrinkly cock having a wank in the public toilets at this brazen slut of a woman. Suddenly a strange feeling hit her from out of the blue and it happened just as she thought of herself as a brazen slut, there it happened again as she thought about what had caused the feeling the first time.

Now she closed her eyes and mumbled under her breath I am a brazen slut, a cock hungry whore and wow the fireworks exploded in the pit of her stomach and he cunt juices churned away inside her cunt. Suddenly although her eyes were still closed she sensed someone was watching her and instantly opened her eyes blinked twice as she adjusted to the brightness again. She glanced around her and saw no one obviously staring at her; but the feeling of being watched would not go away. She decided if there was someone watching she would give them a show to watch. She deliberately went up to the railing of the concourse and lifted her right foot up to the second rail and making sure not to close her legs; she began adjusting the strap of her shoes.

Still she saw no one ogling her; but the feeling would not leave her; fuck it she murmured and stormed off towards a shoe shop she had heard; they sold sexy stylish shoes and she was just in the mood to have the shop assistant looking up her skirt at her exposed shaven cunt; to say she stormed off was a slight exaggeration as she still swung her hips as she walk emphasising her pear shaped arse. She began to feel even sexier imagining that men's eyes were drawn to her arse or her tits and they were mentally undressing her; she even wondered what the penalty would be for walking as slow as she was now down the mall only stark naked.

She allowed herself a smile as she thought if it was a fine she was sure enough horny men would volunteer to pay her fine and more besides; she imagined the look of disgust in some of the prim looking women who walked towards her; on more than one occasion she thought she saw one of them give her a look as if she was dog shit on the shoes of society; but she did not care; she thought she had a body to die for and that was all that mattered.

As she walked she idly looked at the shop windows, not really for what they contained but more for the reflections of men eyeing her; when she suddenly came across a blacked out shop window; she paused and admired her own reflection and noted a man in mid fifties was stood by the railings and watching her. As he did so he smiled; no more like he leered; she imagined him uttering a sexy wish; wishing he was banging that, sort of look. Aware of him watching Sally leaned forward keeping her legs straight knowing this would raise the back hem of her skirt and flash her naked butt.

She watched closely as she revealed more and more of her rear; then just as she saw him run his hand over his still clothed cock; she stood back up and had planned to turn and stare him straight in the eye; only as she stood up she now noticed the title of the shop; it was an adult bookstore. She was already feeling horny and frustrated; so he dared herself to go in just for a look around she told herself. She turned her head and stared at the guy making him well aware she knew he had been staring and then stepped inside the shop.

Suddenly she was faced by hundreds and hundreds of adult magazines; she was almost shocked as she read some of the titles, Bondage pleasures; Bdsm world; bound to please. She found herself picking up the last title and could not believe what she saw; she thought to herself do women really allow themselves to be tied up like that and used; the more she thought about it the more it turned her on and the wetter her already soaking cunt got. She was so engrossed she never noticed the man from outside enter the store and having quickly looked round he came up close behind her and had the cheek to start looking at the book over her shoulder.

Flustered and yet so desperately horny she found herself unable to put the book down and his hot breath on her neck notched up her passions even higher; just then she felt his hand on the back of her thigh and she felt it slide up under the back hem of her skirt. The stranger's hand now rested on her panty-less arse as she heard his first spoken words, "Hello sexy, if you're interested in that then follow me right now; we are going to go to the video booths!"

Sally seemed unable to put the magazine down as she silently followed the man as if hypnotised by him; the man stopped by the pay desk to get some tokens and the guy behind the counter pointed to the magazine still held firmly in Sally's hands almost reluctantly the man paid out the five pounds for the magazine and had Sally follow him down a alleyway and then he stopped at a booth and ushered in Sally. Stepping in behind her he closed and locked the door; then he turned to her and told her to strip. He was not requesting she remove her clothes but he was demanding her obedience as he told her to Fucking strip; bitch.

The mere sound of his voice sent a shiver down her spine and the fact he stressed bitch at the end made her cunt tingle further; suddenly she felt a hard slap on her arse and she was just about to turn round and have ago when she spotted he had his ten inch cock out and it seemed so thick and mesmerizing. Instantly her mind over ruled her sense and she went into autopilot and she soon stood naked before a complete stranger who had a rock hard thick cock now pointing straight at her.

She could not take her eyes of his cock; as he reached out and felt her erect hard nipple. Then he reached forward with his other hand and dropped a token into the slot and the TV screen burst into life. Turning Sally round she could not believe it as she watched the screen she saw a young girl around 18 being tied naked to a ceiling hook and the man who was with her was now fingering or rather thrusting several fingers into her open sopping cunt. The clarity and depth of the pictures and the nature of them; seared those images into her brain; she now was unaware of the strangers hand stroking her cunt lips and she barely noticed as his finger entered her hot wet slit.

The stranger's voice rattled around in her brain as he told her to kneel down as she was going to suck his cock; as if in a world of her own she turned and quickly knelt and next thing she realised was his cock was touching the back of her throat. She almost gagged as she feasted on the largest cock she had ever heard about let alone seen on movie or in the flesh. She had just began to wish he would turn her round and ram that fucking monster into her cunt; when he suddenly shuddered and his cock spurted forth its baby making load right down the back of her throat. Suddenly she turned round and leant forward in the doggie position hoping he would take the hint; in this position she never heard him unlock the door and slip from the booth and disappear.

Sally was frustrated even more and was furious when she realised he had used her for a blow job and had in a way paid her like a whore by leaving her the magazine she had chosen and which he had paid for. She slowly got dressed as she watched the last of the film clip before the token ran out and she too had to leave the booth. As she walked back to the front of the shop she spotted the vibrators and walked over to look more closely at them; once more she was drawn to a massive black cock shaped vibrator. She could not explain why but she chose to drop it into her handbag and walk out of the store without paying for the item. The guy behind the counter never noticed her slip it into her bag so she got clean away with the theft which as she walked down the mall made her feel even more horny.

Not only had she been used as a whore but now she was a common thief too; secretly she had hoped the guy in the pay desk; would have seen her and challenged her or maybe even searched her thoroughly obviously then he would have found her soaking wet cunt and he would she was sure have serviced her needs which seen so high now.

It was now six thirty pm and she had not left time to go home and change so she simply headed for the Candy's wine bar. Soon she entered the bar and as she made her way over to the bar she was aware of a small group of people watching her swaying hips. The group comprised of four men aged between twenty-eight and forty years of age and a single woman who she thought was mid thirties in age.

Reaching the bar she gave the bar man her name and he told her she had credit of £75.00 at her disposal; Bastard she thought, he thinks I am only worth £75.00 measly pounds; she ordered her favourite drink of Bicardi and coke, demanding it was a double and slowly began sipping it as the group appeared to surround her. As she drank her drink they were trying to touch her tits or the tops of her thighs which were showing. She turned to one man to tell him off and behind her back another guy dropped a tablet into her drink. Turning back she scowled at the guy behind her and grabbed her drink and almost in defiance she swallowed the remaining drink in one go. No sooner had she put the glass back down on the bar counter than the barman had replaced it with a fresh drink.

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