An Incestuous Episode: Happy Father's Day

by A Purvversion

Copyright© 2010 by A Purvversion

Erotica Sex Story: As with all my stories, this short piece about a horny father and his 13 year old daughter is posted in hopes that it will moisten panties and/or encourage masturbation. And like all the others, there is no redeeming value to it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Pregnancy   .

Father's Day falls on the third Sunday of June and this year it happened to fall on Samantha's 13th birthday. What made this an extra-special occasion was that her older brother had just returned from oversees and was discharged from the service. With the joyous atmosphere, it didn't seem strange that the new teen was allowed to drink wine at the outdoor family barbeque.

Later in the day, after his son had decided to go visit some friends, Stan started to get ideas. After first noticing that his wife was pretty much 'zonked', and that his youngest daughter Maggie was busy with her friends, Stan felt he could allow his eyes to openly ogle Samantha. The alcohol he had consumed had weakened his defenses. Although he didn't purposely intend for her to see him looking, he didn't try to avoid her seeing him either.

It was about 8 PM, when Maggie asked permission from her mom and dad to spend the night at her friend Joni's house, and within a few minutes, the little pre-teen was gone. As darkness was descending, Stan, Martha, and their 13-year-old daughter moved inside the house.

It was only a matter of minutes before Martha had passed out on the couch. Father and daughter kibitzed a bit, and then Stan went back outside to clean up a bit and to cover the grill. When he returned inside, he found that Samantha had started to fall asleep too.

Nudging her shoulder, the youngster's eyes opened, sleepily. "Better get up to bed, sweetie," he told her and she drowsily nodded and shifted to get up. "I'll be up to say goodnight to my birthday girl in a couple of minutes, as soon as I straighten out the kitchen and put out the garbage."

Samantha was standing by then. She smiled weakly, nodded again, and softly said, "Okay, Daddy," and then walked to the stairs barefooted, her designer flops left at the base of the couch. Stan watched her bikini-clad little ass sway and he felt that familiar heat that he had begun to feel months ago when ogling his little girl.

His eyes continued to follow her as she walked up the steps. He no longer chastised himself for looking and yes, even lusting for his little girl. He knew that he would never really do anything, but he also realized that he couldn't help himself. Hell, he'd come to accept that he wasn't going to stop masturbating while fantasizing about her.

Then he set about finishing up in the kitchen and putting out the garbage. It was about five minutes later that he had made his way up the stairs and was standing outside Samantha's door. He knocked gently and waited. There wasn't any response. He knocked again. When she didn't answer, Stan put his hand on the doorknob and gently opened the door.

Once inside the room he saw that his daughter had managed to throw on her two-piece nightie and lie on top of the blankets; but that was as far as she had gotten. When Stan arrived, it appeared as if the youngster was as 'out of it' as her mother, but in fact, she had had only had two drinks. In reality, Samantha was not even passed out, only in a sort of stupor that often happens with first time drinkers.

Stan however, was pretty well under the weather himself, and it didn't take too much for him to decide to lie by his daughter, 'just to be near her, ' he told himself.

It was about five minutes after he had gotten on her bed that Samantha pushed further back against her daddy, and as she did so, she was surprised to feel his semi-erect dick pressing against her ass. Although he pulled back instantly, it was too late to avoid the youngster's recognition. Involuntarily, a tingle of excitement surged through her body and brain.

'God, forgive me for having sinful thoughts right now ... and forgive daddy, too, ' Samantha prayed to herself. Still, her pussy began to ache and her breathing became labored.

Stan had felt his daughter's exquisite ass against his dick and his body immediately and instinctively reacted; and now he was rock hard. He tried to keep his stiff rod from touching her again, but being so near Samantha's female softness was extraordinarily exciting to him. His face was inches from the youngster's delicate neck, where he could see every little hair and freckle. He could smell her perfume. He moved as close as he dared, without being obvious about his desire to be near her.

He snuggled a bit closer to her and Samantha, in turn, pressed back against him. Now Stan was afraid to move. Every nerve in his body was alive and monitoring the sensations of her young exciting body against his. He knew that if he didn't keep his crotch from touching her, that at the very least, he would not be able to avoid cumming; and it was even a strong possibility that he wouldn't be able to control his urges. He knew the potential was there for him to force himself on the child, and of course that would be the last thing in the world that he wanted to do. With all of his willpower, he kept himself back. He wanted to move against his 13-year-old daughter, to touch her, but he dare not. He wasn't sure whether she was asleep or not. He waited and waited for her sleep to become apparent.

After another five minutes, he sensed that her breathing had become deep and regular. Finally, he steeled his courage and took the big chance. Slowly, he moved his hand forward, rested it on the youngster's waist, and then waited for her to react. Samantha didn't move.

The father inched himself closer to his little girl until his dick almost touched her again. Still she did not move.

Stan pretended to be asleep. He even feigned snoring as convincingly as possible. Ever so slowly, he moved his hand up until it touched the under side of his daughter's left breast, which seemed to be generating heat. He froze, waiting for Samantha to react, but still she was motionless. His heart was racing.

Ever so lightly, he then moved his hand atop his little girl's exciting breast. He could feel her little tit nipple pressing in the palm of his hand through the silky fabric of her underwear. Just as slowly, he moved his hand until his fingers rested comfortably about her soft full breast.

Stan thought, 'She has to be fast asleep or she would have reacted by now.' He had been prepared to act as if he had been asleep and had no idea where he was touching, if she complained. Now he savored the experience. He was actually holding his own daughter's breast. It was magic. His cock was as hard as it ever had been.

Samantha's eyes had sprung open when her father first put his hand on her waist. She had started to react, but didn't exactly know how. Thus, her mind was racing and her excitement keyed during the ensuing minute. Now his hand had gone where no other man's had gone before. Daddy's fingers seemed to create electrical charges that started in her breast and ended in her pussy. 'How can something that feels so good be so wrong, sinful, and immoral?' she thought. Although she felt deeply guilty, the 13-year-old girl somehow felt compelled to remain very still so that her father wouldn't stop touching her.

For so long now, the youngster had felt as if she was in love with her daddy. For the last six months, she had actually begun to fantasize about him sexually. Now, as his hands fondled her, Samantha burned with desire. She pretended to stir in her sleep and shoved her ass backwards. Again, a hard cock pressed against her, but this time it didn't pull back.

When Stan moved his hand over to explore his little girl's other tit, he heard a tiny whimper come from the youngster's throat. His cock twitched; the horny father almost came in his pants. He moved his hand down her supple body. He lowered his head gently and then begun kissing the back of Samantha's neck and her ears.

Again, Samantha could not bring herself to put a stop to her daddy's actions. Suddenly, the young teen could not stand it anymore. She moaned aloud. Now her pulse raced and her pussy tingled. The alcohol her parents had allowed her to consume earlier now clouded her judgment, as did the sensations caused by her father's hand moving about her body and caressing her small, taut breasts. She worked at staying still and quiet, so that she didn't attract the attention of her mother, who was passed out downstairs on the couch.

Flames of desire that would not be easily extinguished burned in both of them.

Stan's cock throbbed as he explored more and more of his child's body. His daughter's smell was 100 times more intoxicating for him than the wine they had drunk. Almost convinced that she was awake and not stopping him, he recklessly moved his hand from her breast and caressed his way down her firm abdomen. When he encountered the waistband of her nightie-panties, he smoothly slid his fingers underneath.

'Will she or won't she?' he thought. 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained.'

He inched his fingers further down until he touched the fuzzy pubic hair. He felt Samantha's body become very tense, and then gradually relax.

'She's gonna let me, ' Stan thought. 'Oh my godddd!'

After pausing for a moment at the top of the youngster's pubic hair and receiving no demand to stop, the horny father moved his finger down to her warm, now very moist slit. No man had ever touched there before. Ever so gently, Stan inserted a finger into his own daughter's slit.

Samantha nearly screamed in sexual excitement. Instead, she held it in and she hotly whispered, "Yes, oh, yes ... Daddy ... yes!"

There was no more question as to whether or not she was awake.

Emboldened and hot, Stan probed deeper within the heat of her panties, ever-so-gently rubbing within the slit, then withdrawing and eagerly exploring the heretofore unexplored. His fingers moved tenderly and tentatively over his daughter's pussy, finding most of it bald but a small patch of fuzz at the top of the mons. He was aware that Samantha's lower body was imperceptively moving under his touch. Emboldened, he again probed inside the tight slit, gently but determinately, until he found his child's clitoris. She let out a sudden gasp and Stan's excitement rose. Then he hotly noted that Samantha responded explosively each time that he touched the little love bud. His little girl was hot for him! He gently passed his finger back and forth over it.

Samantha felt an unfamiliar energy force building within her. Each time her father touched her little nub, shock waves surged through her. Her orgasm began to build. She felt as if she would explode or go crazy or both. Finally, one last touch by him and over the brink she went. Her orgasm seemed to sweep her to a new reality. A scream started deep in her throat. She stifled it, but a groan came out anyway. She feared that her mother might have heard and would know what was happening to her, but even that fear couldn't stop her lust at that moment.

"Oooooo, ahhh, daaaaadddd..."

There was no more hiding from each other anymore. Their bodies betrayed each of them and they both knew how excited the other was. Samantha was feeling so wanton that she didn't care that her father could see how much she needed him.

Knowing that she might have experienced her very first orgasm, Stan withdrew his hand. By then his young girl had moved completely onto her back. As the last pleasures slowed, Samantha turned to face him. She opened her eyes to the quiet, darkened room. With that, he turned around to face her. He allowed his hand to caress the side of her face, and then tilted her chin up so he could kiss her. At the same time, he moved half atop her.

Samantha looked up at her father, smiled sweetly, and pulled his face down to hers. She melted again to him and opened her mouth to swallow his kiss. Their kiss was at first tentative, then more insistent, as their passion for each other was continuing to its fullest. Stan felt like a teenager again as he slid his tongue into his daughter's mouth and the 13-year-old responded, unsure of what to do, but responding with ardor. He allowed his hands to run down her back and to her butt, and then back and around. Samantha was soon moaning into his mouth.

She pulled her mouth from his and stared into his face. There was a wild look in her eyes as she seemingly caught her breath. Then she again cupped his face in both of her hands, and pulled him back in close for another kiss. Stan was surprised when her tongue pushed past his lips, forcing its way into his mouth. He sucked gently as she probed him, while his hands again ran up and down her back.

Finally, she tore her mouth from his again and she whispered, "Do more, Daddy. Please..."

It was happening a lot faster than even Stan had dreamed it would. He knew it would be too hard to stop now that he had started.

Once again, he started exciting his child with his fingers. He ran his hand slowly down his daughter's hot quivering belly, and felt the flatness of it all and smiled over at her. He let his hand first slide under the nightie and he ran his fingers over her belly again, this time touching the exquisite skin of his daughter's body.

The young teen took her father's hand and guided it to her breast. After a moment of awkward fumbling, both of them realized that they were entangled in the heap of half on, half off clothes. Samantha sat up and boldly took off her top. Her smallish breasts seemed to glow in the soft golden light from the nightlight. Her father then leaned forward and eagerly took a nipple in his mouth. His tongue darted around the hardened tip. Samantha moaned anew. Fire shot up through her pussy again.

Stan lifted his hips and pulled his briefs past his knees in one motion. His dick sprang forth in front of Samantha. The youngster looked at the hard cock. She felt slightly frightened by it. It seemed so very foreign to her.

She turned her eyes away as her father reassuringly brought his lips to hers again. The 13-year-old's fears melted away with the lingering kiss. Stan's caresses worked down her body until he encountered her panties. Slowly, his hand slid under the bottom elastic and when his fingers explored within the labia, he found a wetness inside that he had not expected to feel. His heart was racing. There was a need in both of them to rid this last articles of clothing. With gentle tugs, he freed his daughter's pussy from those cotton confines. Then he tossed them aside.

As her father was pulling his shirt over his head, Samantha spread her legs slightly; her entire body was reacting excitedly; the youngster had never felt anything like this before in her life and she was eager to find out what her daddy was going to do next. With both of them naked now, Stan ran his hand down over one of her legs. The smoothness of his daughter's skin was making his cock throb even harder.

Although he had fantasized about this before, to now be able to actually do it was quite something different. He had often read that having a fantasy about touching one's daughter was something quite normal, no matter what the relationship or age difference, but Stan couldn't fool himself; he knew that most fathers didn't go through with it and that what he was now doing was wrong, but he couldn't help himself. He also remembered reading somewhere of fathers who admitted to having sex with their daughters, and how they all said that their incestuous affair was the best thing that they ever experienced.

Stan wanted this badly and he sensed that Samantha did too. He ran his hand back up his daughter's slender leg, and felt it quiver beneath his tracing finger. Then he reached her pussy. He ran a finger first up, then down, the slit of her pussy, and heard her gasp and catch her breath. He could feel the slight dampness around her labia. Unable to hold it back, Samantha let out a groan of pleasure that she had been trying to suppress.

Stan looked at his daughter's face and smiled. Normally beautiful, the 13-year-old was downright awesome now, when experiencing pleasure. A small drip of sweat was starting to form on her forehead. Her lips were puckered and her eyes were slightly closed.

He gently ran his finger about his daughter's slit and with his other hand urged the child to spread her legs a little more so that he could explore the inner folds of her tingling and excited pussy. He loved the feel of her mostly bald mound in his hand.

He had been fantasizing of doing things with Samantha for so long and now it was happening. His hands were slightly trembling, his heart was racing and his temples were throbbing. The thing he thought about the most was about to happen. For months, he had wanted to lick this little pussy, often smelling her discarded panties whenever the opportunity arose. Now he was going to smell the real thing; taste his own daughter's cunt. He again ran a finger over the slit of the 13-year-old girl's throbbing pussy and heard her give another gasp. His fingers gently probed at the crack of the cunt mound, tenderly probing about those folds as his little girl gently but excitedly squirmed beneath his touch.

Then he found it! Samantha sucked in her breath and groaned when her father's finger touched her most sensitive clit again. The tiny love-bud was standing straight up at attention, hard and erect. He ran his finger around it; he touched it and flicked it. Samantha let out a cry of pleasure, her legs instinctively squeezing together tightly around her dad's hand.

"Oh my god Daddy ... It's — I never - I — I don't ever want this to end ... Aaaahhh!"

Her excitement only fueled his lust. He hadn't expected such a strong response from her young body but he suspected it was the first time his daughter's pussy was actually being played with. As the first small orgasmic wave crashed inside her churning pussy, Samantha let out a mournful sound, released her thigh-grip on her father's hand, and spread her legs a little wider. She had never felt anything like this her whole life. Her entire being felt as if rays of heat were shooting from between her legs, and exploding throughout her whole body. Her father's every touch between her parted legs increased her excitement. When his finger traced a circle around the virgin entrance to her body, she let out another moan of pleasure. Samantha was totally hot for her own father!

For Stan, nothing else but his little girl's body mattered anymore. He was no longer thinking of right or wrong, or that this was his own daughter. He wanted sex! He wanted to feel every inch of her young pussy, he wanted to know it intimately and completely, and he wanted Samantha to feel the most absolute pleasure that she ever would. He wanted this to be a moment in her life that she would never forget; a moment that they would share forever: her first cum.

"Daddy, I love you," she whispered heatedly as her little hips rolled about.

"I know baby. Me too, sweetheart. Daddy's especially loved you secretly for a long time..."

Those words excited the little girl even more.

Stan now avoided moving his finger on her delicate clit and the surrounding area. He didn't want the youngster to finish her climax just yet. He knew that this was his night to know her fully for the first time and he didn't want to miss anything. He gently rubbed his finger around the small hole of her pussy. He had never had sex when he was a young teen, thus he never realized that a 13-year-old girl had such a tiny hole. He was a bit surprised that he was able to touch it without her complaining, because he expected that her hymen would be there.

He ever so gently ran his pinkie around the entrance to her body and heard her give a gasp of pleasure. "Oh god daddy ... please ... mmmm..."

Seeing her excitement, Stan didn't dare to do anything to break the mood. He was going to fuck his little daughter, but he wanted her to enjoy it as much as could be expected. She was so tight that he knew that he was going to have to start slowly and work his way up to giving her total pleasure. He was hoping to break her cherry using his fingers, but he didn't want to just plunge his biggest finger into her. He slowly and gently pushed his smallest finger into the child's tight pussy slit, and again she gasped. He felt the pressure around the pinkie as he slipped it in a little further at a time. To his relief, it slid into her without any pain, as far as its first knuckle. He guessed it went in so easily because of how wet her inexperienced pussy already was and it seemed as if she didn't have a hymen. He was pleasantly surprised.

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