Daddy's Ass-to-Mouth Cockslut

by Stepdaddy

Copyright© 2010 by Stepdaddy

Erotica Sex Story: Sissy, 14, has been taking Daddy's cock in every available hole for months now. Daddy has a plan to advance Sissy towards the teen-slut "Hall of Fame." A bit of a twist involved, which requires the concealment of at least one important code.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Incest   Father   Caution   .

I grunted with satisfaction, and so did Sissy, as my thick meat slid home within the adorable, fourteen-year-old's ass, turned up submissively to receive me. Obviously, I had found a way to become comfortable with — hell, delighted with — my shocking discovery of a few months back, to wit: that my own kid, a mere eighth-grader at the time, was secretly a cock-craving, would-be slut.

At first, I was shocked, and extremely disappointed. At the time, I was to learn, Sissy had not yet done anything to consummate the powerful urges that had apparently been coursing unchecked through that lissome, adolescent body. However, the hunger — the drive to serve cock, by sucking, fucking, and submission — had become an obsession. I had stumbled upon this uncomfortable fact when I accidentally discovered, in my only child's bedroom, a stash of hard-core porn, and then, after a dread-filled search, found a secret file of sex stories on the family computer. The genre of both findings left little doubt as to the diagnosis.

What followed was the obvious — confrontation, recrimination, anger, denial, and so forth, followed by tears, and an insincere promise to straighten up and leave all that nonsense behind. I was glad then that I had been able to keep my discovery to myself, and away from my wife, because it would have broken her heart to see her precious, darling middle-schooler confessing an abject lust for cock.

I was even happier about keeping her in the dark later that same evening when, lying awake with the memories of Sissy's tearful confessions, I slipped out of bed, down the hall, and into the child's bedroom. I had "relented," and decided that a cock-slave was something I could live with, as long as it was my cock doing the enslaving.

That night, Sissy satisfied youthful curiosity and instinctual lust for the first time, and found the experience to be everything hoped for and more. From that evening onward, as I've already mentioned, I became more than merely comfortable with the unusual situation: I relished it!

Since then, I'd tried everything, and exploited each and every one of the teenager's sick cravings, all the while gratifying debased sexual urges of my own that I never even knew I had. Over the past several months, my wife would only have to leave the house and I would jump the kid, for sucking, fucking, bondage, dildo play, you name it. I'd pumped more semen into Sissy's holes since April-last than Sissy's mom had received in the past ten years of conjugal bliss (we'd been married for fifteen — you know how it is).

Clearly, my initial concerns, about what I might be turning my own flesh-and-blood into, were abandoned along the wayside, if not that first night then not long after. Undoubtedly, any lingering regret I felt had vanished by early May, when my eager pupil first experienced ass-to-mouth cocksucking.

At first I had justified my behavior — and the depths of depravity to which I delved — under the self-serving conceit that I was actually protecting my child. God knows what dangers lurk for kids wantonly satisfying their sluttish needs with strangers, classmates, and so on. At home, I could keep things safe and contained. Well, at least contained; after all, I've already admitted to the whole "ass-to-mouth" thing, which is hygienically unadvisable, and sexually so fucking erotic.

Of course, I now knew that even this cosmetic protectiveness was so much bullshit, for that very evening I had plans to subject Sissy to an hour-and-a-half of gang-bang style, non-stop strange-meat cocksucking. It was my surprise for the skinny little slut, as a "reward" for obeying me the previous Saturday, when I had demanded that our dog Helmut start getting his cock sucked regularly, too. Sissy had protested at first and begged to be exempted from this requirement, but had nonetheless dutifully complied. Of course, the humiliation had served as a powerful turn-on for the cock-mad slut, and every day since, without any instigation from me, Helmut had enjoyed unloading his long, slimy dog-cock into a talented teen throat.

Even now, the big German Shepherd lay curled up in the corner of the room, watching us dolefully with liquid brown eyes, a sedate repose that could only mean that the "good doggie" had already been fellated today, during the after-school interval before even I myself had arrived home. Sissy was now clearly a full-fledged dogslut, as well as a cockslut. Perhaps this weekend, if my wife provided us a window of opportunity, Helmut would learn how to fuck, too.

Right now, however, I was doing the fucking, and enjoying it immensely. As I slid in and out of the teen's clutching ass-sleeve, I reveled in the view. Face-down and ass-up, wearing a white-and-yellow pleated cheerleader skirt, flipped up to reveal a delicious set of bubble buns, and my man-meat plowing betwixt them. Sissy, although now a freshman in high school, wasn't really a cheerleader, of course, but that didn't stop a proud — okay, a perverse — dad from buying a regulation uniform in a second-hand shop.

I loved costuming my sex-toy for a good fuck, and as a result Sissy's closet contained a locked chest, which in turn hid from a prying mother's view this cheerleader uniform, a catholic schoolgirl uniform, and even a Japanese sailor suit uniform (purchased online, expensive, but worth it!). In addition, it had slowly filled up a collection of butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, hand cuffs, ankle cuffs, a ball gag, a ring gag, nipple clips, and a stack of data DVDs, chock full of my amateur digital photography and short video clips, which recorded Sissy's sperm-spattered degradation in just about every combination of these various erotic accoutrements.

The more subservient and submissive the session, the more Sissy seemed to savor it.

This afternoon's session was relatively tame. I pumped at a leisurely pace in and out of the faux-cheerleader's welcoming, rippling upturned bottom, which had been subjected on so many other occasions, although not today, to blistering spankings and canings. As I luxuriated in the adolescent body enveloping my manhood, I listened to the throaty groans emanating, partially muffled by the mattress, from my own offspring. I decided to reveal my surprise.

"Sissy, you know what tonight is, don't you?"

"Mmm, no Daddy, what is it?" two buns flexed, and squeezed my imbedded shaft wonderfully.

"It's your high school's big game, against arch-rival Danfield High. You know what a slutty cheerleader would do?"

"What Daddy?" This sounded almost like a purr. In response, I fucked hard for two or three strokes before continuing.

"A slutty cheerleader would sneak onto the Danfield High bus, after the game, and ride it all the way back to Danfield. She'd stay in the back of the bus, so the coaches wouldn't even know she was there, and blow all those fired-up young studs, one after the other. She'd swallow a lot of teen cum. Her jaw would ache, and her sperm-laden belly would protest, as she finally staggered off the empty bus in the Danfield High School parking lot, and into her Daddy's car, where she would thankfully suck her Daddy's meat the entire ninety-mile drive back home. That's what she'd do."

"Oooh, Daddy, don't tease me. I wish!"

"I'm not teasing. That's exactly what is going to happen, tonight, if you want to be that slutty cheerleader."

"What! You're going to share me?"

"Yes, baby. I know you want to be a cock slut, and although you are definitely Daddy's slut..."

"God, yes, you know I am, Daddy!" and another ass-flutter massaged my reciprocating rod.

"And, looking at how calm he is, I suspect that you have also become Helmut's own doggy-slut, even when I'm not here..."

"Oh Daddy, you're not mad, are you?"

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