Bedtime Stories: Goldfish

by Nezzracon

Copyright© 2010 by Nezzracon

Science Fiction Story: A young girl, a family hurting, a goldfish, and a happy ending: What more could ask for in a bedtime story?

Tags: Science Fiction  

Molly had been to the zoo many times before. She loved looking at all the animals and had a blast when she could come here with her mom and dad. She always liked to point out all that she knew about the different creatures that lived in such a wonderful place. Every time she had come to the zoo would be a time that she would look forward to and then she would talk about it for days after. Here was the one place she was always excited to come to. But today was different.

With so many things that she wanted to know about that no on was telling her. They kept telling her that she was to young for all the answers for her questions. But she wasn't! They all talked about what was happening like she wouldn't understand and when she asked it was always the same "you'll find out when the time is right." But she already knew some of what was happening and was mad that no matter how hard she tried they would not tell her everything.

But she knew, just knew, that today was different. Her Uncle Tom, that she hadn't seen since Christmas, was taking her to the zoo. He said that today would be her own special day and that he would take her anywhere. When her first place was quickly refused this was the only other place she could think of.

Something was different with everyone's mood today and Uncle Tom had been the first one to say that she needed to get out and do something. Something that would take her away from all those relatives and friends of her parents that kept coming bye with cards and food and such sad faces.

During the entire ride to the zoo and while they were paying to go in he kept looking at his side like he was expecting his phone to ring but like it was something he wished would never happen. On the way there she decided that there was only one place that she wanted to go to when they got in to the zoo and that was the terrarium(at least that was what her mother called it whenever they came here together). That was where she wanted to go to now!

As soon as they were paid, Molly practically dragged her uncle over to the doors on the right side of the entrance inside the zoo. There were two large swinging doors that were solid wood and she always needed help opening them to get inside. Inside, through these two doors, were a set of sliding glass doors that would open when a person stepped in front of them. And beyond that was the most beautiful building of flowers that anyone, as far as Molly was concerned, had ever seen. The trees were so very strange looking and the plants so very green. The flowers seemed to always be in bloom and some were even taller then she was. It was her most favorite place in the world.

But not today. The trees looked somewhat dull and the dark green on all the plants seemed to be faded looking slightly gray. The flowers didn't appear to be blooming at all and no matter how hard she looked the happiness that always filled this place was no where to be seen. There was no laughing, no kids her age playing together, nothing except the sound of her shoes on the pathway and her Uncle Tom scraping his feet some distance behind her.

When she came to the doors at the end of the path she had two choices. One was to an exit that would lead into the rest of the zoo and the other door would lead to the fish pond. The fish pond was where she wanted to go and after that she just couldn't think of anything else. As soon as she entered this room it was as if she had to get to the end of the pond right away. Something would be waiting for her and if she didn't hurry it would be gone.

Molly ran past the waterfall that came out of the wall on the side of the door. She hurried around and down the steps, jumping past the last two at the bottom which she felt now there was never any real need for. And running all the way down the walkway before coming to a almost to sudden stop a persons length from the end of the pond.

Every so quietly she walked to the pond and at the place where the pond came right up to the path she stopped. Something was here but she just had to be careful and find it. Molly got down on her hands and knees and peered over the edge of the walkway to see into the pond. She didn't get too close as her mom had warned her that by doing so she might fall in and that would scare off the fish.

Carefully Molly looked into the dark water seeing all kinds of fish (called Koi her father had said once) of different sizes but nothing that looked out of the normal. She had been here many times and had names for most of the larger ones and even some of the smaller ones that would swim by her (acting like she was their ticket to some unknown stash of food). Saddened that there was no need for the rush or excitement of something important being here she slowly got to her feet. But just as she was turning around to leave she saw it.

She would have missed it if not for the bubbles that came to the top of the water right in front of this strange fish. Not wanting to lose it to the bottom of the pond or it swimming away she kept her focus on it and slowly sank back down to her knees in front of it. Most anyone would have just passed this for a fish that someone came and dropped off into the pond instead of taking it pack to a pet store. But Molly knew differently! This fish felt special!

"Every time you share the place you love with the people that you love, some of that love stay's in that place. It can become something more then just a feeling if that love is strong enough. As long as you believe this in your heart, miracles can happen." She remembered hearing this once but could just never remember where or who had said it.

'"I want my mommy back home! I know she's not on a trip, like what dad told me." Molly whispered to the fish as tears started falling down her face.

"I heard them say that she was in the hospital and wouldn't wake up. I hear dad crying and saying her name over and over again at night when he thought I was asleep," she continued as the feelings that she had been holding were falling from her eyes, "and I know how much Uncle Tom and Aunt Kelly and Grandpa and Grandma miss her.

"I know that if she could see me and could hear me that she would get better! I just know it! So please tell my mommy this for me. Pease just give her this message for me. I love you mommy and please, please, please wake up. I miss you so much!"

Molly tried so very hard to keep her eyes open through all this to make sure that her message was said. And finally, as she could bare it no more, she sat back and quietly wept these words over and over again with her hands to her face rubbing without much help to get the tears to stop.

And then as quickly as it had started the tears stopped. It was as if a sudden pressure that was in her stomach and chest had disappeared and she could think clearly again. She looked into the water and the strange bubble eyed fish was gone but it didn't matter anymore. Molly knew that everything would be okay and that she would be able to see her mommy now. She said a "Thank you" to the water as she was getting up. Turning back to the way she came into the room, she used her shirt and rubbed the wetness from her face, and walked straight up to he uncle.

"I want to see my mommy now Uncle Tom. She's waiting for me at the hospital," Said the little girl standing in front of Tom. He was so confused by this that he had nothing to say to his young niece.

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