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Romantic Story: All you need is a chance to express and accept your true love.

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Emily has always been the beat of my heart, her always smiling face keeps me cheered up all the day I spent with her and her said words make me dream about her all the night.

The time my mom changed her job and shifted to this new city. I never wanted to leave my hometown but when circumstances put a barrel of chances on your path, you have no other choice. This new city, me and my sister, Allie, never liked and still after one year we are not even willing to adjust in this city.

It's been a complete one year, I saw Emily in the school bus for the first time. It was my second year in the school and first day of the third semester. I was missing all my old friends and environment. These new humans didn't knew I was in the second year and they just considered me as a freshman. Emily was also in the sophomore year with some other majors to which I didn't knew at that time.

I just took the most comfortable seat in the bus and just spent a few couple of weeks not talking to anyone. As the time passed, this not-talking attitude was making me frustrate and this was the time to take a step to get close to the new fellows of mine. I just started with general talks with them. By the time passed, I was close enough to almost all of them, except the ones who still acted like I was in the early phase. Some of the guys had been on their own right from the time college started, not talking to anyone and spending that forty-five minutes journey calmly and in peace. But with us it was different, we were always screaming and excited in joy with each other. No one ever kept quiet and peace was not part of our journey.

I was now in the group with Emily, George, Summer (Emily's elder sister), Donna. George, Summer and Donna had different majors from Me and Emily so all our classes and exams had different dates and timings. The most amazing and exiting group in the bus. This was the group that never had any kind of formalities or complications. All were frank and loyal to each other, so was I.

With the passing time, I was feeling those emotions and burning new feelings for Emily, my friendship was now taking a step forward to love, affection and loyalty. But still I never let her realize the love for her I had in my heart. I don't know what she was having in her mind related to love, but I knew at my side, I had an ocean of love flooding out in form of smiles and care.

After one year, love was at its peak, I spent those two hours of my travel to college with Emily and group. Now, it was time for the fourth semester exams. All exams were going good and Emily was too happy with her exam performances. It was our last exam and was a hot summer day, and just we had an exam that day from our group and we too were lonely in the bus. So we just decided to return to home just when the exam is over and not wait for the college bus. We got into our examination halls and spent the next few hours just moving our hands and scratching pen's head on the paper all that stuff that we crammed from the book.

The exam ended, we both met again with joy, we just decided to return for home in a few minutes. As we walked to the closest bus stop, which was almost one mile from the college, we chatted to each other about exam and the plans for holidays, as we were free now for the next one month.

Our conversation was ongoing just when I realized that Emily was sweating more than normal hot summer day's effect. She was now walking slowly than usual and in a few minutes, I realized that she was fainted, I was in shock that what happened, I was now worried about her that what where am I going to take her in this bright burning sun light. I lifted her up in my arms and carried her to the nearest cafe; she was totally fainted and not even able to open her eyes. I just made her drink some water by opening her mouth and then putting water in it. She swallowed it easily but still her eyes didn't opened. I touched her forehead to check for fever, but she was normal and I didn't get to know what actually the problem was.

I then decided to carry her to the bus stop and then travel 45 minutes to get her to home as soon as possible. I immediately hired a cab and quickly headed to the nearest bus stop. We just got the bus and I made her sit comfortably and gave her water every few minutes, after a few minutes, she was conscious but still was not able to move her body. We reached the city in about 40 minutes, and again I hired a cab to her home. Emily was still in fainted state, I didn't realize what took her so long unconscious.

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