Going West
Chapter 3

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Western Sex Story: Chapter 3 - I decided to leave Sweet Home, Alabama two weeks before the Yankees were going to make a push though it. I ran into a few complications on my way to Independence Missouri and even more after that.

Caution: This Western Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual  

I asked Sally and Suzy to get up into the front wagon and then I handed Jim, Jethro, and Bob up into the back. We made collars out of leather belts I'd tanken off dead men and then tied the dogs to the inside of the wagon with some small rope. I asked Suzy to scold them if she caught them trying to chew their way loose and she told me she would. I helped Jane, Mary, and Sally climb up into the wagon's box and sit on the seat and then I did the same and headed our long rig out.

We made good time and weren't molested for the next five days. Thankfully we didn't come across a stream we needed to cross without finding a ferry nearby. On the morning of the sixth day we got up, ate some breakfast and headed out again.

Since we hadn't run into any trouble so far I was a little careless about making sure I had a rifle near me while driving down the trail this morning. Luckily for us we were following a wagon ahead of us and I saw a large tree fall into the road ahead of it, causing it to stop about two hundred yards ahead of us.

Just then four mounted men rode out from the roadside woods near where the wagon was stopped. The riders all had their weapons drawn and they fired into the air a few times. I stopped at once and yelled for Sally to hand me one of the Henrys. I put it to my shoulder and looked forward for a target just as I saw the leader of the mounted men fire toward the front of the wagon. I took aim at him at once and squeezed off a shot. I couldn't tell where I hit him but knew I had since he fell off his horse. The other three mounted men turned their horses my way and took off toward me just then. They began firing in my direction so I returned the favor.

I don't know if they were just piss poor shots or if the movement of their horses spoiled their aim, but none of their shots came close. Of course they were over a hundred yards away and it was extreme range for a handgun anyway. I had a much easier time of it since my wagon was still and I was seated. I emptied the other three saddles with only four more shots and as the riders tumbled off I noticed they didn't jump right back up after they hit the ground.

I kept the Henry in my right hand and picked up the reins in my left one and slaped them across the mule's asses to move out. I set the rifle down and pulled my right side revolver as I approached the last man I'd shot. He was pissing and moaning to beat the band when I reached him and I shot him in his face when I came close. I saw a red hole appear just below his nose and I just kept going and took care of the others I came to in the same manner as I went along.

With all the riders dealt with I unassed my wagon when it pulled up behind the one in front of us. The only rider I hadn't shot twice was lying near the front of the other wagon. I could tell both of his arms were broken in his fall, but he was still breathing.

"Hello the wagon," I called out as I came up beside it.

"What do you want?" a female voice asked.

"I've killed all the attackers out here. Do you need any help?"

"Yes. They shot Tom in the chest. Will you come up and see if you can help me with the bandage?" the voice asked.

"Yes." I said.

I yelled toward my wagon and told them what I was up to and warned them to keep their Greeners in hand and then climbed into the wagon to try helping.

I knew from the first I wouldn't be able to do any real good. She had a formerly white towel pressrd to his chest but the amount of blood soaking it was alarming. His face was pasty white already and he sighed out his last breath almost right away. She realized it at once and she just slumped down, but she didn't start crying right away.

"Oh GOD, What am I going to do now?" she moaned.

"Was he your husband?" I asked.

"Sorta," she said.

"When the yankees started through he bought me from my step father. He said he needed a wife since he was moving to Oregon and they made a deal. He hadn't even had a preacher marry us yet and he was mad at me already since I wouldn't let him do it to me until he married me for real. I don't have any idea what I'll do now." she said.

"We'd better pull the wagons up out of the road first and then we can talk it over after a meal and some coffee," I said.

I told her I'd be right back and then got down and went back to my wagon. I explained things to Jane, Sally, and Suzy and then ask Jane if she thought she could pull our wagon into the woods behind the other one. She agreed to pull it up to the spot and then wait until I came back to drive it into the woods.

It took less fucing around than I'd first thought and soon enough both wagons were in a little pull off spot and I was out int the road again robbing bodies and catching up horses. I took off the assholes gunbelts and picked up the dropped revolvers and put them back in holsters. I hung the gunbelts on the saddle horns and then led the horses back near the wagons and tied then to tree limbs. Last I robbed the bodies of all valuables and then dragged them off into the woods for natures clean up team.

Back at the wagons I took a shovel and started on a hole for the recently departed Tom. I was a little suspicious about all the women being in my wagon now and having a powwow but they came out to put together a meal after I had a fire built.

We ate up and then we planted Tom. Jane and Sally buttonholed me and encouraged me to ask Mary ro marry us. Hell, I'd noticed how good she looked while we were eating and fool for pussy that I was I popped the question post haste.

"Of course I'll marry you. You look decent and even if you didn't I'd only end up taking on every man who could scare up a dollar and wanted me sooner or later. I've learned my lesson though, I ain't about to hold out for no preacher now. You're gonna have to do it to me as soon as possible." she said.

Hell, that was fine with me. The women ganged up on me and told me they'd call me when they were ready for me to get in the wagon. Meanwhile I took the dogs for a walk around and then tied them to the wagon wheels. When the women called me inside I was shocked at what I saw. Everyone of them were buck naked and lying in the bed. They told me to join them in the naked department and they watched me like a hawk while I did it. Since they were naked and plainly visible already my dick was standing tall when I dropped my drawers.

"Oh Moma, it looks so big now," Suzy said and the others agreed with her. There was a little space between Jane and Sally and when I was bare I settled in between them. I turned to Jane first, kissing her and fondling her big titties. Things moved along after that and soon I was pushing my dick up in her. I did my best to keep control and I was able to do it to all of them before I exploded. Suzu was the last in line and she went to town on me, causing me to give up the cream suprise at the last.

I was fucked completely out by then and dropped off to sawing logs pretty quick. I don't know how long I was out but I do know what woke me. The dogs were growling low and it got my attention. I pulled up my pants and buckled on my holsters, pulled up my boots and then moved to the front of the wagon to look outside.

The fire was brighter now and it must have been mended since I crawled into the wagon. I scanned around and saw a skinny young asshole set a coffee pot on the fire. There was another onr leaning back on a nearby tree trunk and he was pointing a revolver at Jethro.

"I wish I could shoot them dogs," he said.

"That would just be stupid. It'd wake them all up for sure," the one manning the coffee pot said.

"I'm already awake," I shouted and then I shot the one pointing his gun at the dogs. It scared the shit out of the coffee pot man and I had time to shoot him too before he could get his gun out.

I jumped out of the wagon and went to the one who'd put the coffe pot on the fire. I'd taken careful aim at the other asshole and had hit him in the forehead, I wasn't worried about him now. The coffee man was on the ground with his gun about six feet from him and with a bullet hole right over his hip.

The women were asking questions by now and I told them what was going on. I asked the wounded one where their other loot was hid out and he kept his mouth shut. I gave the bullet hole and the hip below it a stout kick and he yelped but still didn't say anything.

"Jane, could you bring me that pair of pliers?" I asked her.

"I will as soon as I get dressed." she said.

I just stood over the wounded man with my revolver headed in his direction.

Jane came out of the wagon with the pliers in hand soon and she walked over by me to look at what I was standing over. After a little conversation back and forth with her she called for the others to get dressed and come on out.

"Suzy. bring that Navy Patterson I gave you out here with you please, I yelled toward the wagon and when she got to me she showed me she had it. I asked her to shoot the jackass in the arm if he moved too much and she took careful aim to do it.

I put the pliers in my back pocket and then stooped to remove the pants and drawers from our prisoner.

"Wow, ain't his dick little." Suzy said.

"That ain't all either. It's about to get even shorter," I said.

I took hold of his dickhead with the pliers, stretched his dick out as long as it would go and then pulled my bowie knife and sliced his dickhead plumb off, throwing it to Jethro who gobblrd it up.

He didn't stay quiet any longer and I had to kick him in the head a minute later to shut him back up.

"Now, tough guy. Do you want to tell me where your other loot is hid out or do you want me to cut some more of you dick off?" I asked him.

"It's in another wagon off the road on the right about fifty yards just about a half mile on up the road," he saud.

"Hoe many are watching over it?" I asked.

"None," he said.

I coild tell he was lying by the way he moved his eyes arund.

"You better hope I don't find anyone when I go up there. I'll be back to feed Jethro the rest of your dick and your balls too if I do." I told him

"Just Jim and Frank is all."

I turned him over on his face and tied his hands behind him tightly. Then I flipped him over on his back and ripped his partners shirttail offf and stuffed it in his mouth for a gag, tying it in place with a saddle string.

I took off walking and I could easily tell when I got close since the two were leaning against wagon wheels with a fire going. I slipped into the wooods toward them knowing they couldn't see me since the fire was ruining their night vision.

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